Fun at your job: the power of play at work

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I’m always interested in hearing different ideas and different approaches to making work fun – or at least more tolerable!

Writer Kevin Carroll has written a series of books that approach work in a unique way.

His “Red Rubber Ball” series have addressed professional development and workplace issues over the span of all three books.

The first two books, Rules of the Red Rubber Ball and What’s Your Red Rubber Ball? discussed Carroll’s own professional path, as well as ways to identify your own path.

His new book, The Red Rubber Ball at Work, profiles a number of people, from tech gurus and business experts to actors like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and writers like Paulo Coehlo and captures their ideas about play and imagination, and how those translate into personal and professional innovation.

The book outlines 5 major areas of focus in the workplace – innovation, results, teamwork, leadership and curiosity.

In addition to the testimonials of the people profiled, Carroll’s book also features action plans where the reader can implement these ideas in their own lives.

Kevin Carroll’s blog can be found here.

  1. What really gets me through the day @ work?

    I have several beautiful calendar pics. of tropical island retreats placed in strategic locations… All where I can glance @ them periodically throughout the manic day & take a 60 second mini-vacation… Ahhh! a 60 second slice of pure paradise! Between those & a few of my favorite cd’s… included in the mix some Spanish Flamenco and Brazilian Jazz… I am good to go!

  2. Nice post – Kevin has been opening people’s minds to new possibilities for years. Play equates with new thinking and innovation. Incredible ideas don’t just happen in the lab or in the cube.

    At one Silicon Valley company, the top R&D guy said he regularly got his best ideas doing grocery shopping or taking a shower. We need to open up to new ways of getting the thought that takes us to ‘the next big thing.’

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