Is your boss more like Michael Scott or Oprah?

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OprahOn the bookshelves of most bosses are books by or about great leaders and notable minds like  President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jeffrey Sachs and Sam Walton. Managers and supervisors want to emulate the qualities that made these people revered figures. Decisiveness. Innovation. Passion.

Many bosses are falling short, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey. Thirty-one percent of workers in the survey said they could do their bosses’ job better, and 60 percent of workers said their bosses couldn’t successfully perform their jobs. Not exactly the stuff of great biographies.

The survey gave workers a chance to compare their bosses to some of TV’s famous bosses. The top 10 answers suggest an average workday is more like a blooper reel than a prime-time show.

According to workers, these are the 10 TV bosses their bosses resemble:

  • Jacob from “Lost”: You’re never really sure where he is, what he wants and what he has in store for you. *
  • Judge Judy from “Judge Judy”: No-nonsense and fair when making decisions.
  • MacGyver from “MacGyver”: Resourceful and can fix any situation.
  • Jack Donaghy from “30 Rock”: Likeable and a corporate guy, through and through.
  • Oprah Winfrey from “Oprah”: Very influential and informative.
  • Simon Cowell from “American Idol”: Judgmental and insulting.
  • MacGruber from “Saturday Night Live”: Terrible with managing projects and deadlines, causing everything to blow up around him.
  • Michael Scott from “The Office”: Bumbling and idiotic.
  • Leslie Knope from “Parks and Recreation”: Believes her job is more important than it probably is.
  • Donald Trump from “The Apprentice”: Demanding and powerful.

All’s not lost, as some of these responses aren’t so great, but others are admirable. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to work for Oprah? She takes her staff on vacation, gives away free cars and likes to talk about a good book.

In fact, the survey proves that employees have favorable opinions about certain qualities of their bosses. When it comes to being flexible, 72 percent of workers say their bosses do a good job. Flexibility includes being open to different work arrangements (flex schedules or working from home), taking time to listen and providing resources. Other positive feedback for bosses includes the 69 percent who say their bosses listen to their ideas and concerns. Also, 68 percent say their bosses provide them with the resources needed to do their job effectively.

If the survey can teach us one thing, it seems to be that many bosses are good people. Workers say that their voices are heard and that they have support. These bosses might not be the best leaders, but hopefully better communication can fix that. If your boss is perplexing like Jacob or a lackluster organizer like MacGruber, you can try to be open about your needs. Although you can’t change a person overnight, letting your boss know what you need to do your job well can help him or her become a better manager. Both you and your boss want you to do a good job, so everyone wins.

So how about your boss? Let us know what TV character your boss – past or present – reminds you of. Have you ever had a Basil Fawlty or a Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson signing your paychecks? Let us know.

(*Breathe a sigh of relief, bosses: At least it’s not The Man in Black, who was a shape-shifting smoke monster, because there’s really no good way to interpret that one.)

  1. My boss is more like Michael Scott… this morning I came in to work to find him getting ready to celebrate 401k day as a holiday giving everyone 2 minutes off today.

    • last year duing our office secret santa our boss gave a few copies of this hilarious politically incorrect cookbook called.. well I can’t tell you the name of it but if you google “whipped and beaten culinary works” you can find it.. anyway.. it really brought a bunch of laughs to the whole office and showed us that levity in the office is really a good thing.

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  9. I get the double whammy…..My supervisor is EXACTLY like MacGruber and his boss is Michael Scott. Its like working for Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb-A**!

  10. My boss is a cross between McGyver & Judge Judy. He is a problem solver and figures things out but he is fair when making decisions. He is also a computer savvy guy. The best part is he’s real nice.

  11. My boss is a mixture between Jacob from Lost, MacGruber, Michael Scott and Leo from That 70′s Show (but he thinks he’s Donald Trump.) i get no direction or influence just “uuuuuhhhh i don’t know” or “uuuuuuhhhh call [this person] and see if they can tell you what to do”

    • My boss besides being very sophmoric and disruptive at times is a bit like all the famous people listed above. The problem is not ever knowing who or when any one of the listed charactaristis will pop up at any given moment.

  12. My boss is like Oprah, MacGyver, Judge Judy mixed together with a splash of Trump. Of course the company I work for has been in business 104yrs under the same family name. Everyone in our company respects and likes our boss.

    • My Boss is so bad that he actually has a framed picture of Michael Scott on his desk in his office. The man also has the nerve to have Homer Simpson as his hero!(What a Waste!)

  13. My boss, company president, is definatly Jacob from “Lost” what he wants changes mulitiple time a day, sometimes durring the course of the same converastion.

    Luckily I’m not in sales, because our Sales Manager is Micheal Scott through and through.

    • In what part of the office do you work, Jen? I ask because your spelling, punctuatioin, sentence structure, typing and grammar are not up to par to be in a professional office. Get a dictionary and use it.

                • Actually it is grammatically correct in a list before the word “and” to not use a comma. English is full of these little things that make it impossible for anyone to be perfect. I had a boss that used to attack my grammar all the time. It drove me nuts. Especially, since he also had bad grammar. Stop attacking other peoples’ grammar, it only shows that you have way too much time on your hands.

          • Sounds like Tabby had a bad day at work flipping burgers. I have added you to my prayer list… Sounds like you need a friend and a prayer!

        • Tabby sounds like the kind of person I WOULDN’T want to work for . . . a little narcissistic maybe . . . this kind of comment is NEVER helpful but demeaning .

            • I guess it was Tabby after all . . . see when a mean person with narcissistic characteristics gets into the mix . . . people become less productive . . . I don’t even know her and I had a slight slip there. Shame on you Tabby!

        • I agree with Tabby. Jen your puncuation, grammar, and spelling are atrocious. I do agree with you though. If your were in sales, you would inevitably bankrupt the company and ruin the lives of others.

          Tabby, why did you feel it was necessary to bring Jen down and correct her? Your own sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling and your attitude are not “up to par” for a professional office either. Take a minute next time and think before you speak.

          To everyone else that has left a comment today, you all have succeeded in proving that your are all morons. Not a single one of you were able to construct an error-free message. Especially you peakclover. You have turned a clean, public message forum into nothing more than a page of smut. That was a completely retarded thought and had no resemblence to a sentence whatsoever.

          Thank you all for taking the time to read this. I hope that you have a great day at work tomorrow. Happy Holidays!!

          • “you all have succeeded in proving that your are all morons” – Josh

            Want to try that sentence again? Before you play spellcheck and grammar police, please check your own work.

            • DelightedToBeAnAmerican :


              And I suppose I should make a comment about my boss on here, too. I work in retail to pay the bills while I attend college. My boss is an old, cranky ex-Marine who thinks that the correct way to motive employees is to constantly berate them and threaten their jobs. He constantly flip-flops on what tasks he wants you to complete.

              For example : “Jane, take these registers to the back and count them.” Later, once Jane is in the back counting the registers, he gets angry. “Jane, why are you back here? You’re supposed to be at the register, ringing sales!” If Jane should point out that he told her to count the money, he insists that he did no such thing.

              It’s very infuriating!

                • Wikeni,
                  Your example about the ex-marine made me think of a friend who described a similar situation; where being picked on and not being able to do anything right is causing her to look elsewhere for employment. The difference between being hounded or picked on vs. corrected or given constructive critism should be obvious, however most employees don’t seem to be able to distinguish between the two, unfortunately.

            • I read on another site about “The Tabby Punkshoeashun Show” so I had to come over and check it out. I heard she’s getting a book deal and TV show from this.

          • Josh,
            I agree with both you and Tabby. Grammar and spelling are SO very important, especially if you are putting something online on behalf of your place of employment. Everyone who responded to this discourse should keep in mind that it is out there for the world to see. It is so very easy to make a spelling or grammar error, and we all do. For instance, in your email you wrote “proving that your are all morons” when it really should have been ‘YOU are’… Proofreading goes a long way, and none of us seem to have enough time to do it. When you supervise someone it is you RESPONSIBILITY to correct the person you are supervising. I don’t understand why employees don’t get that, and then they want promotions and more money. Where has the pride in wanting to do a good job gone to?

            • Case in point: I ‘proofed’ what I wrote at least 3 times, and still missed “you” instead of “your” and I think it should be “grammatical errors” instead of “grammar errors”.

          • “That was a completely retarded thought and had no resemblence to a sentence whatsoever.”

            Speaking of Michael Scott and political incorrectness. josh, you should really work on your leadership and professionalism. A good leader doesn’t throw insults and a professional would never use the word “retarded” to describe someone’s thought. Have a great day!

      • I agree with you Tammy, regarding Jen’s atrocious spelling, grammar and sentence structure. Still, she has a job and I remain unemployed.

        • Hey Joy, you dummy, you can’t get the name right, even though its right in front of you? Maybe thats why you don’t have a job because you make careless mistakes.

      • Tabby:

        What a bitch you are. I have a dictionary and I looked in it and I found your picture next to the word Bitch.

        Tabby is a bitch.

        How is that for a complete thought and sentence ?

      • You say you like Simon or you are like Simon? Cut some slack to fast thinkers who see a deliniation between times of exactitude (the professional scene) and the casual (such as answering a blog…gee…like this!)

    • I wasn’t going to respond because none of the choices given came close to describing my last boss. But when I read Tabby’s response, I thought, OMG, this is something my last boss would have done. She is so insecure that she has to judge everything someone does and call them out on it. The most minor thing she can escalate into almost a life and death situation. She is more concerned with micro-mgmt that anything else. I’ve worked in Corp. American for the past 20 years, and had a wide variety of bosses, but this last one would have won the prize for being a biaatch. She made it personal with me, to the point where everyone in our organization could see what she was doing, but out of fear, no one would or could stand up for me. She went out of her way to “scold” me on a daily basis, but the part that I couldn’t deal with was when she rated me “did not meet ANY expectations”. I think the drastic rating shows that she didn’t care what I did or how I did it, it was wrong. In my mind, if someone shows up for work everyday in a good mood, works their butts off, works overtime, is flexible, completes 99% of deliverables on time, they have done more that “did not meet ANY expectations”. I don’t work there anymore, and have recently been sent a paper on “bullying in the workplace”. I’m so glad that this is finally being recognized. In my 20 years at the same company, I had one other person that came after me like that and did everything they could to get me fired. In that case, I didn’t report to her, and executive level knew me and saw what was going on, so she was just a pest I had to be ready for. I stayed with the company, got a promotion and very nice raise, and she left the company. So I do know first hand that there are some very abusive managers out there, and when you identify one that has an impact on your career, find another job.

      • This is my story! I worked for a major corporation for 25 years with great appraisals before being assigned to my last boss. She completely ignored me from Day 1. After being there six months, she called me in and asked to see the appraisals I had written for my “staff”. Only problem with that, she never told me any of these people reported to me! When I questioned her about it and told her that the corporate organizational chart didn’t show anyone reporting to me, she responded “I don’t go by that, I go by this”. She pulled out a loose leaf sheet of paper she had written her own organizational chart on! In the 5 years I worked for her, she had maybe 10 face to face conversations with me but would give me assignments based on conference calls and meetings she and my other co worker attended. I was laid off due to a “reduction in force” but I knew it was because she hated me.
        My physical and mental health are so much better. It really isn’t worth risking your health working for an idiot. Get out if you can!

  14. My boss is more like Simon Cowell from “American Idol”. She’s evil, a few weeks ago she told someone she was disgusted in her work.

    • Is that all??? Our boss calls business associates (who work for other companies) and reprimands us in front of them. She assumes everyone is lying and even goes behind your back and verifies your story with your CHILDREN! Yes, you’re own flesh and blood! She’s the epitome of evil and never has a kind word to say to anyone in this office. She pits employee against employee because she makes us spy on each other and forces us to point out the mistakes of our colleagues in staff meetings. She loves humiliating you. I work in a terrible environment and cannot find anything comparable to my salary here. It’s horrible because I can’t take this home with me so I keep it bottled up inside.

      • She sounds less like Simon, and more like a Miranda (was that her name?) from The Devil Wears Prada.

        Also I hope you can find some way to escape these feelings and flush them out later, like a quiet morning with a nice cup of tea looking out a window at something beautiful and listening to a nice song.

      • I’m not sure if its the same in all states, but my husband was working in a similar environment and when he quit he received unemployment. There comes a point when enough is enough. The initial unemployment claim was denied but he won the appeal. Hopefully he will find a job soon paying the same as before. He put up with it for a long time because the hours and pay were good.

      • This boss would not be named Gloria would it? Non-profit organization? The last one she “left” staff offices across the country scheduled a conference call and played The Witch Is Dead…Ding dong!

      • This is in response to “Wilbur88, I had a store Mgr. for Costco in CA. she was a total bitch Hitler, she did everything that you spoke of and more, when I refused to play her game she eventually got me fired after working for the co. for 5 1/2 yrs. it took her approx. 1 1/2 yrs. to get rid of me once she decided that was her goal. She harassed me over and over again, and I was losing my mind… I had been seriously injured in a car accident and was in severe pain coming back to work, and she just kept beating me down, my recovery from severe injury was hampered by the stress of all that was going on, I complained to upper Mgmt., and they told me oh, she can’t fire you you have been here too long, she has to go through us… They signed off on my termination even though I did nothing wrong and was a great employee, and I had the numbers to prove how good I was at my job… That really sucks!!! One year later I am just now letting go of the anger and bitterness I felt during the last couple of years… I now have to take a huge paycut because my field doesn’t pay as much anymore… But, at least I am getting my sanity back…

        Oh yes, for all you crazy people who complain about grammatical errors etc., I have some as well, but I am writing on the fly and don’t care about my grammar at the moment… Don’t be so evil though and think you are so much better than anyone else… I pray that what goes around comes around, evil people deserve nothing less…

        • Your story sounds so much like mine. I transferred into my job from out of state, and the day I reported, my hiring mgr told me she was retiring. So the b**th that was promoted, sounds a lot like yours. I was injured in an auto accident about 3 weeks into the job, and had serious back and neck issues. We were coming back from a work recognition luncheon and I was stopped for a light. I had 3 co-workers in the car. I already had nerve damage in my feet so I had inside parking with a disabled pass. This witch saw the accident that totalled my car, and as the EMT’s were loading us into the ambulance, she came up and wanted to know if we could go back to the office after the emergency room and finish our shifts. Now I was in a lot of pain from that, so had to buy a new car within 30 days, and also find a place to live. The company was paying for an apt for my move for 30 days, so I was under an extreme amount of stress. Plus learning a new technical job that was under a microscope. When I took the job, I was told their was min. overtime required, and found out that wasn’t even close to to truth. The job required appox. 60 + hours per week, and because of the nature of the job, you were pretty much required to work somedays overnight to meet deadlines. HAD I known that, I never would have taken the job. My days of working schedules like that are gone, I don’t mind some overtime, but my life does not consist of just my job. Add the physical issues and then the stress from this boss, and I don’t know how I survived for 2+ years. Finally one day came, and I left, went to the doctor and had decided that either take me out for stress, or I would quit. Luckily for me, I was put on disability and things have turned out much better than I had expected. My only regret is that I subjected myself to the level of disrespect, personal attacks, flat out lies, etc. before I said “enough”.
          I hope things are doing well for you now, but I know firsthand the devastating mental abuse can cause. A dear friend of mine, is working on her dissertation for her PHD, and is doing her research on “bullying in the workplace” because of what she watched me go through. She sent me a report she found, that describes physchologically what goes on in that kind of a situation, how a manager can turn the team against you, the spying on each other, the fear in the workplace, etc. When I read it, it helped me so much to realize that I wasn’t alone, that it really had nothing to do with me, it was her sick game, and I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Who knows what I did, say, that set her off, I’ll probably never know, but I would be glad to provide it to you if you would like to read it. It’s about 12 pages long, and very clear, and well written. It helped me so much to know that this is a real “situation” and it goes on all the time.

      • You boss sounds like bosses from Wolfram & Hart from Angel, like Marcus Hamilton, yes he was a demon, a child of the Senior Partners.

      • My boss’ tenure started out with hands that ruled fairly. We were able to adjust and educate ourselves with extended opportunities and life chances. After a few years, he became dictatorial, authoritative and a downright bully. I am the only one he does not insult because I stand up for myself and find myself doing the same for others who run to me for support. When that is done he does not speak to us for days on end and then much later, he would have an about face with an idiotic joke or another. I am appalled at some of your stories but take heart that we will soon be the new faces of management..then what will we do? Will we become our bosses or will we make clarion calls for change.

  15. My boss is the high school mean girl jealous type. She fired any woman who she was threatened by, she attacked people’s characters with a viciousness that was astounding (all behind closed doors, of course)….Her boss is her husband. Makes for good times…
    But in my state there are no laws to protect employees from people like this. There should be.

  16. My boss is a jewel. Her husband, who was my boss, left her with an overwhelming amount of work and responsibility with minimum preparation when he passed away. She works hard and is honest, generous, fair, understanding, appreciative, good humored and a pleasure to work for. She is a true classy lady and I would crawl through broken glass for her if she asked it.

      • Do you not ralize Tabby is the same dedicated person as before? She chooses her area of loyalty based on a high need for perfection. It’s the same reaction–judgementalism and zealous loyalty. Take a big breath Tabby, and back down before your boss falls of her pedistal. She will, you know, because she is human. Allow for errors, okay?

        • Well now–why such a skeptic. Can you not just let it remain positive and see that a boss can be awesome and great to work for. The comments in general are quite judgemental. No one is all these things. People are a mixture and this article itself is rather ridiculous.

    • It’s great to see other bosses that get into power positions that are not control freaks. A past boss I had was so far into my business as all the employees that a few had tougher lives, because they gossiped behind their backs and had nothing ever good to say about the employees as if they owned our rights to succeed in the profession off their moral code, which in their persevrse obsession was to live vicariously, after he got caught cheating on his wife, but used a double standard to judge his workers. Both him and his wife were invovlved in the gossip and it made middle town america damning as small town backward mentality.

      • so I guess it would be as the world rotates around them and if you are in their way, they will clip you right off, who cares about the financial damnation they placed upon their workers. That is far too much to ask from an employee. Didn’t pay enough either..

  17. My supervisor is a cross between Sue Sylvester on Glee (mean, spreads vicious gossip and creates division among our non-team) and Brittany Pierce on Glee (doesn’t have a clue most of the time)!

  18. I would like a combination of Oprah and Macgyver. I love to learn and want a leader who will teach and direct me to be come a leader and the greatest employee possible without harrassment and craziness

    MacGyver from “MacGyver”: Resourceful and can fix any situation.
    Jack Donaghy from “30 Rock”: Likeable and a corporate guy, through and through.
    Oprah Winfrey from “Oprah”: Very influential and informative.
    Simon Cowell from “American Idol”: Judgmental and insulting.
    MacGruber from “Saturday Night Live”: Terrible with managing projects and deadlines, causing everything to blow up around him.
    Michael Scott from “The Office”: Bumbling and idiotic.
    Leslie Knope from “Parks and Recreation”: Believes her job is more important than it probably is.
    Donald Trump from “The Apprentice”: Demanding and powerful

  19. The qualities of the “boss”we had
    1. Evil
    2. Non-comunicative
    3. Hateful
    4. Self-righteous
    5. Does not speak to you
    6. Divisive
    7. Disrespectable
    8. Immature
    9. Racist
    10. Evil

    We prayed her away! Thank God!!

  20. My Boss is like a coach he gives you all the help to do your job right. He gives you the resoures to get the job done right the first time. I am dissabled and can only work a certain amount of hours due to my health there are some things that I am unable to due like lifting 30lbs or standing for a very long time. I said all of that to say this my Boss gives me all the support I could ever want or every hope for. I would describe him as no one on the list because not one of them to my knowledge have had a dissabled person as a employee. He is the best!!!!
    thanks Kevin

  21. Micheal Scott: He sends messages in hyroglyphics (&^%$%^$#$@). When the messages are in English, you must try to figure out what words are missing and where the punctuation needs to be inserted.If you looked at all the things he does, it would serve as an excellent script for “The Boss.”

  22. My (now old boss) is definitely like Leslie Knope. I’m relatively young and she’s younger than me and has no clue how to do her job. She’s been overheard telling people outside of work that when she was gone on maternity leave, our whole department practically fell apart without her….yet in all actuality, we worked the best we had and morale had never been better.

  23. My boss if like Jimmy from Good Fellas – all smiles to your face, but you never know what he is scheming. It really is a drag working with people you can’t trust.

  24. My boss is Mary Butler, RN. She is the nurse manager of ICU at Regional Hospital in Jackson TN. She has been a floor nurse. She is willing to help wherever and how ever needed. She is great to work for and I think fair. All the staff like her. i have worked several places and this is by far the best. She makes all the difference in our work environment and her staff know it. I couldn’t ask for a better boss.

    • you may get fired when everyone on line, calls the hospital up to ask to speak to her! All 40 of my friends are calling the hospital right now just to congratulate her! She will surely go down in the Guiness World book as the most phoned woman at work!

  25. my boses are insane, maybe like” Miranda Priestly” extending hours without telling anyone, expecting everyone to jump when they say go, and you’re supposed to know everything, yet told nothing..
    time to play lotto, i’f i win, i wound’t show up to work, maybe callin dead.. lol

  26. My Boss, is the most respectful, refined, polite, man. He knows about the computer, and is fair.
    I don’t think there is anyone listed that is like him. He’s much better than all of them!!!

  27. My boss actually IS the Smoke Monster with a lot of Leslie Knope and Simon Cowell thrown in there. I’ll give her that she can be like MacGyver, though. She is evil and pretty sure undiagnosed bi-polar.

  28. Well,
    It was interesting reading what was written about bosses, I am sure that if they were told what the world was saying about them they would try to make a change. However hearing what was said lead me in this direction. I would like to know how I was thought of as a Boss. I will post my name below.

    Anstey Andre Harewood, I was the Hotle Director onboard the Vessel where I work. I got sick and had to leave. I would really like to know how I was thought of. I worked for Carnivale Cruise Lines.


    • I worked with you in Carnival Cruise Line and must say that you were the best boss I ever had. You were always fair and to the point and taught me a great deal and was an insperation to me. Thanks.

  29. Oh, my boss sort of knows what she’s like, yet she doesn’t quite understand it. She complains to us about her personal and company problems all of the time, so I know. She says that people think she’s a bitch, but that’s ok because it means she’s doing things right and doesn’t back down, etc…but then she literally cries because she wonders why people, even her own family, don’t like her.

  30. Boss discription: Dr Jekell/Mr Hyde. Not sure how she does it, but she can change personalities walking through a doorway. No one knows how to react to her.
    Boss before her: Perfect idea for better employees- hire them away from other competitor companies. Sit in parking lot and approach them when they get off work.
    To keep control over employees- Make sure everyone has 2 write ups in first 30 days, this way she can constantly say ” One more and your out of here”- So Happy to be out of there.

  31. My boss is a combination of Judge Judy, MacGyver, Jack Donaghy & Simon Cowell – in the best way possible. He speaks his mind & shows no favoritism, is good at coming up with last-minute solutions in emergencies, has a great personality & sense of humor & dishes out criticism freely – but only when needed & constructively so. It probably sounds too good to be true but largely because of him, I couldn’t be happier with my job.

  32. My boss is a principal at a school who is more like the boss on Mad TV, who calls everyone a “sneaky snake”. This guy doesn’t call us names, but when I saw the skit on Mad TV, I thought of him immediately! Sad, but true, this is the way teachers are treated nowadays!

  33. Wow, some of you just need to calm down. We are all entitled to our own opinion and there is no need to verbally attack anyone over this silly, little article.

  34. Why on earth wasn’t Vince Mcmahon mentioned? He’s the greatest “boss” tv personality in the history of television. He’s been the boss on TV from 1997-2010. God forbid, we acknowledge WWE!

  35. My boss doesn’t bother any of us and leave us to do our own thing, but… if you get on his wrong side……you might end up in the hospital….. :P

  36. my boss just sits in his sweet buns on his desk and no cares in the world but his assistant is an ass…..that runs the show. he creates issues that pisses everyone. no matter how you report him to our human resources that jerk is still there. i think harassment at work is a normal thing where i’m at.

  37. Don’t realy care, I work hard and provide results.
    What is this? Just another publicity stunt to enhance your income from advertisers? Give me a break, Oprah, HLN and your local channels are all falling into the publicity trap. Don’t go for it!! They are soliciting and advertising, nothing more.

  38. My boss is actually pretty cool. She’s a nice, well-informed, and resourceful woman. Almost an Oprah.
    My ex-supervisor on the other hand was a (DOUCHE) Cowell + Trump- any actual power or idea of what the hell he wanted. Lucky the boss was really cool (when he was around). So happy I left

  39. my boss is like Simon Cowell/Sybil/deer hunter you never know what he’s going to be like once he hits the door, he also loves to tell you it’s his company and where the Unemployment line is! you could be working there for years and once you leave he’ll make out like you never did anything!

  40. My boss is spineless and an a**kisser. During last year’s Christmas party we actually heard him say to his boss, “Nice socks boss! Argyles?” I hate to see people make fools of themselves and it is particularly difficult when it is your boss.

  41. My boss is the kind of person who wants profit no matter how, but never delegating what you really are suppose to do. The last time he went on a trip, before departing, he simply told me; be careful. I still don’t know what that meant honestly. I have written him several emails, since we can’t seem to be able to meet face to face, about what needs to be done in order that my office can be more productive. Most of the time he simply doesn’t respond at all, and other times, he just sends remarks that have nothing to do with what I had previously conveyed to him. Working for a person who reminds you, you have a job and a salary because of him, is stressful and demeaning. At the same time I have to be clairvoyant to read is D*** mind.

    • I forgot to mention that having my boss’ two kids “work” for the company is the worst. Having his son just out of college, with no work experience at all in any field and no interpersonal skills, is like Robin Williams said in his show; Having him talk about business ethics, is like e leper giving you a facial, it doesn’t really work.

  42. My direct manager is very fair and very reasonable. He is easy to deal with and I like working for him.

    His boss, however, is a complete horse’s ass. I’m seriously still not sure how to exactly describe what is wrong with him, but to give you an idea, two days ago I was threatened with unemployment for formatting a phone number wrong when I emailed him. He will threaten to fire everybody for anything but does not actually write out any policies or follow any himself. The office feels extremely unstructured and lax until he has an interest in getting somebody fired, and if you try to change or improve things at all that is grounds for going on his bad list.

    I try to keep to my immediate manager as much as possible :)

  43. a dont know what all about and i dont beleive that there are still good boss, thay are fair.

    i worked in several industry and never ever they deserve their position, every one look after his advantage

  44. My boss is dictator,isolated man who doesn’t know about organizational managment and better leadership. Actually, i feel very dishonesty to adhere him because he is not delegating works to motivate me neither he does allow to do something with mental discertion.

  45. “Wisdom” from my stupid boss:

    Last Tuesday was my company’s Thanksgiving lunch. Before eating my boss said a few words to remind us to be thankful. He told us to be thankful for our family, friends, health, having a job and to thank Christopher Columbus for inventing Thanksgiving.

  46. My stupid boss ignored the signs on the front door of the building and a reminder from the receptionist that the water would be off for several days. A construction crew broke the water main and there is no water coming into the building. We were told to use the bathrooms in the office building next door. This didn’t stop my stupid boss from using our bathroom and letting loose what sounded like 10 gallons of diarrhea. Of course, he couldn’t flush it away because there’s no water. His excuse…”I thought they just meant the water fountain was out.”

    Guess whose cubicle is three feet from the men’s room?

      • There are tons more at

        This morning my boss presented the company 2011 pro forma in powerpoint. The first slide should have had the title “Charting Our Financial Future Through 2011″.

        Since my stupid boss knows everything and NEVER listens to anyone’s advice, I guess I should expect him to ignore the advice of spell check too. Ever notice how close the C and S keys are on a keyboard?

        His plan is for us to be “Sharting” our way to financial success next year.

  47. My office has a nice policy of buying birthday cards for the employees. There’s only about 30 of us, so it’s not overly complicated. We get a card, pass it around and everyone signs it.

    One of my co-workers recently lost her father after battling a long illness. We got her a sympathy card. My stupid boss used a red marker and signed it, “Have fun on your special day. You deserve it!”. Idiot.

  48. After years of having all the bosses listed above from Simon Cowell to Michael Scott (his real name was actually Michael as well) I finally get to work twice as much and as hard. But now, I work for myself with no idiot hovering over me.
    freedom has finally rang!

    • My former boss was like a snake in the grass, tiny little squirrel man who thinks he is Donald Trump. Knows nothing about the job, expects everyone to read his mind and won’t accept any phone calls when people ask for him. Glad I’m gone.

  49. My boss is a combination of Donald Trump and Simon Cowell… Insulting, judgemental, powerful, and controlling… Love the guy but he about put me in the grave of late…I have been with him for over 30 years hoping one day when his Mom & Dad gave him the company he would be the guy I once remember.. Generous, kind, and at least open to some disucussion… HELP

    • Can anyone say “Ari Gold?” He’s conspicuously missing from the above list. I feel like a Lloyd most days after work. Dying one day at a time lol.

  50. My boss is a cross between Simon Cowell and Donald Trump. Cut my hours to 16 per week because he couldn’t afford to keep me full time ( he’s a doctor) and the next week bought a $1.2 million piece of LAND only in Tahoe.

  51. I like to be like the Time Warner Cable CEO in San Antonio. An Evil man who only care about number and make money. This guy don’t care about you or your mother. I guess been like him, people will like me and serve me as a GOD.

  52. !st. Excuse my grammar, & spelling.
    My boss is very lacksidaisy. Everything & anything he’ll always put on the bottom of the pile. And when push comes to shove. He can’t find it. DRIVES ME CRAZY…

  53. In 1984 I had a boss who decided she would not accomodate me leaving work two hours early twice a month, to go to a medical center for chemotherapy treatment for metastic cancer…this was in a healthcare setting where the clinic was closed on the afternoons I would be leaving early…I managed to handle it so she was able to back down without losing face, but I was astonished that she would be so controlling when it was a matter of my life.
    I have a friend who a couple of years ago passed her boss in the hallway when the boss told her to go to the bathroom and flush the toilet for her. The boss said she had just had a BM but “didn’t have time to flush the toilet”…as improbable as this sounds, it is true…needless to say every employee simply refused her order and she ended up having to flush the toilet herself! Where does the universe find these fools?

  54. Michael Scott in a heartbeat! My husband called it last year when over half our staff was getting pink slipped from our district and our principal through a happy hour at his house to “cheer us up!”

  55. Even bosses have bosses. I am a supervisor and I am responsible for employees under me. I am fair. I’m not abusive. Yet, however, sometimes I have to lay down the law becasue if they don’t do their job, my job isw on the line because I to have a bosss who also has a boss.

  56. Previous boss was similar to Michael Scott. Current boss is fabulous, witty and I thoroughly enjoy her company. (Currently self-employed!)

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  58. Well the ciomments are great but check out the security and see what you get no perks no sick days little flexibility. Just as long as a body is present for a shift. Really I don’t know what person that emulate. Very Little on comments that can be made about williingness to change. I think I could use one day of sick day with pay. Just one person opinion They must be talking about careers not jobs.

  59. I cannot believe how Winfrey has fooled so many people; if one were to actually step back and analyze her one would find that she is more of a controlling personality that only does certain things when it puts her in the best light possible. Most of the books she has selected were average at best with the exceptions of her recently adding some of the classical literature which go beyond pale. Winfrey’s PR machine even successfully deflected the disaster of her all girl school in Africa (one may wonder why she did not do the same for the underpriviliged in the United States; oh that’s right she would have had to use real teachers instead of the criminals she staffed her African school with).

  60. In my experience, it is not a lack of leadership, but a lack of character that defines a bad boss. A good leader uses the cardinal virtues, known since the Ancient Greeks, to guide their actions whether they are at work or not:

    Prudence – know your subject area, know what you are talking about as a boss

    Justice – give to others thei due respect as human beings and co-workers

    Temperance – control yourself and your emotions. No temper tantrums

    Courage – back your people and your core principles.

    do these things and you can be a great boss… One other thing as I read through this thread… look in the mirror honestly: Are you the right kind of employee? Have you done all you can to help your boss be the best they can be? Are you practising the Cardinal Virtues?

  61. Jacob from Lost…never saw the show but, Geez describes him to a tee…We never know if today he will talk all about himself and how is athletic training is coming along or how he cleaned the stovetop over the weekend and OHH today lets look into Groupons and write all his close friends on facebook…ridiculous…we just smile and cater to him and feel blessed we have jobs…

  62. My ex-boss is more like Simon Cowell and Judge Judy – cold, crass and could care less about you, just cares if she is going to look good for the big bosses and gives no credit to anyone .

  63. I am extremely fortunate to have an Oprah/MacGyver hybrid for a boss with a little Jack Donaghy thrown in. He is extremely influential in his line of work, generous to his employees (He gives me concert tickets for my birthday & usually a spa getaway for Christmas or gift certificate to one of my favorite shops. For our last holiday party he gave away a pair of his own V.I.P. baseball tickets and a chunk of his airline miles.) and will work with the entire company to fix a problem. I can be honest with him regarding my position and the work of the company. Many bosses could learn from him.

  64. my last boss thought he had so much power and was in so much of control he came in storming 1 day walkin really fast threw the returant and as soon as he steped foot in the kitchen he took the biggest spell.. fall. I ever seen then had the nerv to get up and try to get mad at me for not makin sure all the water was not fully dried up and u kno wat i told him …… YOU SHOULDA WHORE YOUR NONE SLIP ISSUED SNEKERS lol and walked off

  65. Oprah is a joke. She is a bitch as a boss. If you ever saw her character in “The Color Purple”, that is what she is like in real life. I worked for her and she is a nasty ass bitch!!!

  66. You all have it made. I work on an Indian Reservation (casino) and that status allows them to treat ALL employees like it was the 1900′s. No employment laws apply – and they are happy to take advantage of it. Harassement, discrimination etc. are the norm, and they are proud of it. Someday the economy will improve….and I look forward to working in AMERICA again. Until then I would be happy with a boss that could just read and write, and an employer that didn’t spend all the profits paying off the politicians and putting it up their noses. Certainly NOT spending their tax free billions on their employees or the customers………

  67. Reading these comments just brought back so many memories of the job I lost and the stress I suffered every single day. I worked for years at a large for-profit health care organization, first in the admin area and then transferred to a clinical setting because I was tired of the office politics. I knew this was more or less a lateral move (pay grade); however, during the interview process was shown the “new” job description. Little did I know this job description would never make it to the appropriate people; you know, the ones who would have final word on yearly evaluations, pay grades, etc. After two years of evaluations of “5″ (highest) and only COL pay raises, I was just about ready to speak to the department head.

    An unexpected, immediate surgery came up, meaning I had to be out of work about eight weeks. However, since I was never, ever out of work, I had over six MONTHS leave time in my bank. About four months after I had returned to work, this department head and her assistant (who had been crying) literally slammed me with a write-up that was impossible to achieve. The write-up (of my job “duties”) in no way resembled anything I had ever seen. The department manager then left for the day. Protocol called for three verbal warnings before being “written up”; I had never even had a verbal warning, let alone being written up. I went to HR; nothing but glowing reviews. Since I was entitled to a copy, I made them myself.

    I took them home, read through this information like a crazy person. I called up an unbiased friend (who works in HR at another firm). I had already typed up my three-line resignation letter. To be on the safe side, though, I did ask my friend to look over the whole file; “paper trail and a very poor one at that” were her first words; won’t stand up, but your resignation letter is very nice.

    I knew that I couldn’t stand it; too many secrets and things I really, really didn’t want to talk about (things that were said behind those closed doors about other people in the department). I’m not that type of person.

    Two days after I left, I started getting calls, job offers. The one I accepted, the one I thought would be my “dream” job turned out to be even worse. Part-time, the hours I chose around the kids’ school hours, great money. Yeah, that’s how it started. In a physician office; all women; the gossip; the affairs. I ended up having a stroke and haven’t worked since. The hubs and I firmly believe the stroke thing was completely stress related; my current doctors have no other explanation.

    Sorry for the long post, but I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. It’s not worth it at all. It’s like, well, I do remember how I used to be and now I don’t want to run into anyone that I used to work with because I may or may not remember their name that day. I can’t tell anyone to quit their job because of the economy, but it sure can’t hurt to keep your eyes and ears open. Money isn’t the end all.

  68. Today my boss began screaming and cursing at his new Droid phone. He was browsing the internet before lunch and when he came back his “internet was half the size”. I asked him what he meant and he told me his phone was broken because his screen was half the size it was before lunch and now he can’t see anything online.

    I told him to turn his phone sideways. Problem solved.

  69. I spent 1/2 the day in the dumpster. Last night my boss stayed late and waited until all of us left. He was pissed because so many of us “wasted company time on those damn IPods!” Keep in mind my boss is ancient and was probably born before the phone was invented. He went to each cubicle, pulled our “Ipods” out of our computers and threw them in the trash. Unfortunately, what my idiot boss thought were IPods are actually #^#&$&$@ THUMBDRIVES which ALL of us use to take stuff home with us to work on at night or the weekends.

    Not only did I have to dumpster dive to get them all back and then figure out whose is whose, my $^%#^# boss didn’t even apologize. I hope he suffocates on his own toxic farts and dies.

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