America’s Toughest Jobs: Episode 1

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As a career connoisseur, I was eager to watch “America’s Toughest Jobs,” which started this week on NBC. 

The show is part reality show and part game show. Thirteen contestants were selected to participate. All of them had comfy desk jobs or safe jobs in “real life.”

Episode one has the contestants crab fishing in the Bering Sea.  According to this article, commercial fishing in Alaska is one of the most dangerous jobs around, with an injury rate close to 100 percent.  The contestants had to do a lot of exhausting, strenuous work.  They also have to bite the heads off of raw fish as a good-luck ritual before heading off to work. Talk about extreme sushi!

The episode introduced all 13 contestants, and a few of them grabbed the spotlight. The clear leaders of the challenge were Michaela, a recruiter from Boston, and Sandy, a schoolteacher from Texas. These two women prevailed in a challenge that requires a lot of stamina and upper body strength.

Amy, another contestant from Boston, emerged as a bit of an oddball. She refused to bite the head off of her fish and shared some odd facts with the crew, including the fact that she uses her oven at home to store books! (Sounds like a fire hazard to me!)

I thought Amy would be voted off. But Senta, an administrative assistant from California, was the first to get the boot.

Did you like the first episode? What do you think of the contestants? Did they make the right choice in sending Senta home? Let us know!

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