Bereavement time

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Sorry that I’m not exactly a ray of sunshine this morning with the subject matter….but I was reading the results of a survey from, and it got me thinking.

Their survey noted that 55 percent of the people they polled said they had missed a funeral, wake or memorial service in the last two years. And what reason was cited most often as the reason they couldn’t go? 29 percent of the respondents said they had work-related committments they couldn’t get out of.

The survey asked about the funeral of a “friend, colleague or loved one.”  Many companies have a bereavement policy, but those policies usually limit approved time off for funerals of immediate family members or in-laws.

What about your workplace? Do you have the flexibility to take a few hours off to pay your last respects to a friend or colleague? Or do you find it difficult to get time off for even the closest family member?

  1. Actually, after my grandmother had died and I took two days off, months later is was brought up to me that I should have missed her wake so I had extra personal days left. My boss even said to me “I’ve had to miss funerals before because I didn’t have the time to take off.” So do not miss that job!

  2. I recently had my Grandmother pass. Despite the fact that I had missed the majority of the previous week to ACTUALLY being sick, my company had no qualms with me taking off several days to not only attend the services, but to also mourn with my family for a day or so afterwards. I guess I’m a pretty lucky guy to work here…

  3. I had a 5 hour interview at another company and decided to take the day off.

    I hate my job so much, it was worth the risk. I will find out if I get the job next week.

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