Cee Bee’s Picks in Latest Working News

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This week was a strange one in the workplace with the holiday on Wednesday, so I figured I’d honor that strangeness with some (definitely not all) strange (and some highly entertaining) picks in this week’s news.

Goldman Sachs receives death threats

Longoria-Parker wedding this weekend, 7/7/07

777- Luckiest day of the year?

Gir-R-Done Beer, from Larry the Cable Guy

T.V. Anchor on leave during investigation of relationship with L.A. Mayor

Spears’ bizarre apology

Miss New Jersey blackmailed

And my personal favorite…

Wienermobile gets cop toasted

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  1. Nice stuff… tough to keep track of all that is happening. I end up reading 100 odd blogs daily. Plus there is news. You could also enrich your blog by adding current news on your blog… try out the news widget from widgetmate.com

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