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Good morning, WorkBuzzers! Nothing can bring down my good mood this morning — not even the fact that’s Monday. Why? The elation I feel from the Vikings’ loss to the Saints in the NFC Championship last night is immeasurable. I was going to write a football-related blog — something along the lines of why professional football kickers might have the hardest job in the world — but time got the best of my morning, per usual.

Instead, I thought I would start off your week with some interesting articles I found on my TweetDeck this morning. Stay tuned tomorrow for a post about how to know when it’s time to quit your job.

Happy Monday!

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  2. Hi, I read your articles and am wondering about how you got to write these blogs and career advice? I am a college student; where do you recommend I start?
    I hope this is not inappropriate, I just couldn’t find your email.

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