The potential of a part-time career

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With summer quickly coming to an end, fall is just around the corner. High schools, colleges and universities have already been back in session for a few weeks now.

For some employers, this is a season of transition. A significant portion of their employees are students, and they lose many of them once classes commence. And high school students are limited in the days and hours they can work.

As a result, this may be a great opportunity for people who are seeking part time opportunities to launch a search for the right position. Part-time jobs can provide a great deal of flexibility for many workers who crave it, including employees with children or parents to care for and experienced workers.

Here are a few brainstorming ideas for our part-time job seekers:

Retail. For many of us, our concept of a retail job might be standing at a register for hours on end, ringing up sale after sale. But there are so many aspects involved in retail work.

Be sure to check out to see what open positions are in your area. In addition to the traditional sales and service positions, companies are often seeking part time workers for administrative roles.

Creative endeavors. The holidays are fast approaching. If you have a creative talent, now may be the ideal time to approach local businesses and sell your talents to them. They may be looking for part-time workers or seasonal employees to lend their shops a creative touch.

Service providers like florists may need assistance with arranging flowers, while many stores and businesses may seek talented artists to work on window displays or other merchandising projects.

Back to school. If you switched career tracks because of a change in your life at home, consider sharing your talents in a classroom. Colleges and universities often look to experts in a given field to teach a class; you may be able to tailor your workload and lecture schedule to allow for flexibility. You can also lead a class on a smaller scale by teaching a continuing education or enrichment course.

Get back to nature. Many people like to work outdoors, and there are jobs available that let you do just that. Consider taking on the challenge of being a bike messenger (think of the savings on gas) or look for opportunities as a parks employee or landscaper.

Check out for a complete list of part time opportunities in your area.

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