Seasonal jobs and second jobs

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We’re a few weeks away from the launch of the holiday shopping season. Of course, if you’ve been shopping recently, many stores are already decorated as if it’s mid-December!

Retailers are getting ready for the shopping season, and many stores have already hired their seasonal staffs and have started to train them.

I worked for several years at a major retailer that assembled their employees around Halloween and implemented a pretty intense training program to get them prepared for “Black Friday.” Most major retailers are probably in the midst of these preparations. But it’s not too late to get a seasonal job, or aim for a long-term part-time job, or second job.

This year is different than other years. In years past, the economy was healthy and the job market was steady. As a result, retailers often had challenges finding candidates who were qualified and willing to come on board, even for a seasonal job.

But this year, with economic challenges and a rise in unemployment, many new candidates are in the market for these jobs. In addition to the seasonal “veterans”, many workers are looking for second jobs as a way to supplement their income.

If you’re thinking about getting a second job, here’s some thoughts and ideas:

  • Some workers are reluctant to look for seasonal work since it has a built-in expiration date. But seasonal positions can often lead to permanent employment. Think of your time there as an “audition.” The retailer doesn’t have room to hire everyone permanently, but if you’re efficient and productive, they’ll be likely to ask you to stay on as part of their part-time staff.
  • If you’re looking for part-time work in retail, you can check out, which outlines job opportunities in your area.

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