Sports teams – and your resume

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As you’ve read here on The Work Buzz and in the news, the job market is uncertain right now.

It can be very challenging to find the right job, whether it’s a first job, new job or career change.

But as we’ve been saying, jobs ARE still out there.

And many of the people who are having success landing a job are “thinking out of the box” and taking creative or unconventional approaches to their job search.

I recently saw an article that talked about a a great creative approach to job hunting. The program’s coordinated by the New Jersey Nets, an NBA basketball team.

Their idea? They’ve asked some of their fans who are seeking jobs to submit resumes to the team. In return, the team will:

  • Give away up to 1,500 free tickets to the game to the fans who submit resumes, and;
  • More importantly, they’ll use the power of the Nets team network and forward those resumes to sponsors, partners, and companies that hold season tickets.

In this environment, it’s really important to have the best resume possible, and to make sure that it’s ready to go when opportunities like this appear.

As recent surveys point out, the information in your resume is a crucial part of your job search.

  • It should be peppered with keywords that underscore your accomplishments and present them to the reader in a very focused way.
  • It should be a work of non-fiction!
  • And it needs to be grammatically correct, too – no spelling errors!

And offers a resource to help job seekers do all of that. Check out our CBResume service, where we pair job seekers with expert resume writers to develop a great resume.


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  1. What an interesting way to get jobseekers and potential employers together! And you’re definitely right about the importance of having a resume ready for unexpected opportunities.

    The challenge in this sort of situation, where you don’t know who will be reading your resume, is that you can’t customize it for a specific employer. It’s definitely the place where I would consider using a profile statement (highlighting strengths and experience) at the top of the resume rather than an objective statement specifying particular jobs or positions of interest.

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