Working from home: An overview

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Here at The Work Buzz, we get a lot of questions and comments about telecommunting and working from home.

People are really eager to find ways to be flexible with work while still being productive.

Here’s some tips on what to look for in your research and your job search if you’re seeking a job where you can work from home – or if you think you can negotiate your way into a flexible work environment in your current job.

Landing a work-from-home job

Landing a job that allows you to work from home isn’t impossible, but you should be aware of what’s available.

A number of work from home jobs are in sales, and some ask you to make an initial investment. Use caution when deciding to work for and invest in a company; worthy companies should have a website, company profiles on major business websites, and a wealth of information about them when you do a search on the company’s name.

Many of those home-based sales jobs are sold via presentations (or home parties) and those companies will ask you to invest in an initial batch of products to sell. In many cases, those jobs provide part-time work with part-time income. However, sales professionals can move to management roles in these companies and make a substantial salary.

There is also a growing trend for companies to hire on a remote basis for administrative jobs. In many cases, this again requires an initial investment (a home computer, secure Internet transmission) but allows the employee to perform their job much as they would in the office. Here’s a recent article we published about companies who hired workers for remote processing jobs.

Making your current job flexible

In some cases, you may be able to take your existing job and make it more flexible, so you can work part or all of your work week from home.

If you’re interested in the possibility of working from home, ask yourself these questions:

Is my job portable? Obviously, an assembly-line job wouldn’t be a great candidate for telecommuting. But many administrative jobs would be.

Are there other benefits to my company? Your company understands that working from home will benefit YOU. But you need to remind it what’s in it for them.

If your employer pays for your gas or parking fee, or has a parking crunch, you should mention those as real and tangible benefits of you working remotely.

And if you’re looking for more information, here are more articles talking about the pros and cons of working at home, as well as ways you may be able to negotiate flexible working arrangements.

  1. I would like to stay at home and work that way my husband won’t have to work to jobs because he dosen’t want me to work. but we do need the ex. money.

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