Walk 5 miles without ever leaving your desk

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This sounds to me like a dream come true: get five miles of walking in without ever leaving your cube. Is it possible?

According to this article in the New York Times, an endocrinologist has put together a treadmill that operates at slower, more consistent speeds that allow workers to be on their feet and mobile during work hours.

Would you stand for 6 hours at work (as one of the interviewees did)? Or would you be missing your chair after a while? I’d like to try it for at least an hour a day, but $4,000 is a seriously hefty price tag!

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  1. You can use a treadmill desk for a lot less than $4,000 how about $479 instead? I found the TrekDesk at http://www.trekdesk.com and it is an adjustable treadmill desk with basically the same features and functions of the more expensive version.

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