What color is your career?

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Today, CareerBuilder.com is rolling out yet another fun tool to help you shape your career. Our resource center, CareerPath.com, has a new resource tool that assesses your personality based on your color choices and provides a summary of what careers are most compatible.

This online test uses the patented Dewey Color System to formulate suggestions based on your choices from 3,375 color combinations. Here are some color combination examples from the Dewey Color System:

  • Yellow, green and white: The Designer. You create products, services or solutions to fit the enviornment of others. Among possible career choices: Real estate, interior design, travel planning, or any job where you can help shape and create surroundings for others.
  • Blue, green, and brown: The Dream Maker. You have a hands-on, supportive perspective and often guide others through times of crisis. Possible careers for you might include corporate trainer, physical therapist, forest ranger, or medical professional.
  • Red, orange, and black: The Evaluator. This personality type is great at analyzing their surroundings, as well as systems and approaches to productivity at work. If you are an evaluator, you can often improve your job as well as improve the procedures and processes there. Ideal jobs might include operational support, banking, computer repair, or child care.

You might initially be wary of how effective this is, but assessing color preference and recognition is rooted in psychology. I took this test, and was very surprised at how accurate it was. (For those who are curious, it suggested I was a creative person, the Creator, with a secondary strength as an Organizer.)

To find out more about the test, click here. You can also find more information about the Dewey Color System here.

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