Revenge of the Co-workers

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Have your co-workers ever played a nasty trick on you? Maybe they told you you were fired, wrapped your cube in tin foil, filled your office with balloons, glued your supplies to your desk or put a whoopie cushion on your chair, perhaps? If so, it was probably April Fools’ Day. (If not, you have some MEAN co-workers!)

April Fools’ Day in the office can lead to some crazy pranks in the office. Thirty-two percent of workers say they have either initiated or been on the receiving end of an April Fools’ joke at work, according to a recent survey. Additionally, 71 percent of marketing executives polled by The Creative Group, thought pranks were not appropriate for the workplace.

Here are 10 of the most memorable pranks reported in the CareerBuilder survey:

1. Placed a pair of pants and shoes inside the only toilet stall in a men’s room to make it appear someone was using the stall. It sat there for hours until someone called security to check if the person had died.

2. Sent a fake love note to a co-worker from another co-worker.

3. All the women in office individually spoke to the president, confiding that she is pregnant. By noon, he ‘knew’ that all of his female workers were pregnant and he could not tell anyone because each asked for confidentially.

4. Called electric company, used a co-worker’s name and told them he was moving so the electricity got turned off at the co-worker’s house.

5. Filled the vending soda machine with cans of beer.

6. Rigged the bosses chair to drop suddenly during a staff meeting.

7. Placed a sign on the restroom door that read, “The company ran out of toilet tissue; please use your own resources.”

8. Paged a co-worker over the loud speaker claiming the CEO was looking for him. The worker went into the CEOs office and the CEO didn’t know who he was or why he was there.

9. Shrink-wrapped everything in a co-worker’s cubicle.

10. Put a ‘house for sale’ ad in the newspaper regarding a co-worker’s home.

Be nice to your co-workers next Tuesday!

  1. My two favorite office pranks come from the awesome television series The Office

    The first prank occurred when Jim “jellied” a stapler by sticking it in Jello… The other is when they through the cell phone on top of the ceiling panels and then called it all day while the cell’s owner freaked out.

    I am sure at least one of these will be attempted on Tuesday… :-)

    Gustafson – [my job hunt research]

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