You’ve got the job! But now what?

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On the job

At the end of the long job-search road lies your destination: A paid position that you proved you have the skills, talent and brains for. Congratulations! And since you’re such a smart individual, you know that this is the beginning of a, shall we say, interesting relationship.

Making sense of your employee benefits, coming up with late-to-work excuses, getting along with your manager, asking for a raise, showing off your winning personality, navigating an office romance, ratting out a co-worker, finding a work-life balance, getting over your fear of public speaking and getting through the day. Suffice to say, there are plenty of concerns you may have while you’re on the job. What’s more, you may find yourself in the future looking for even greener pastures, in which case our advice and resources for while you’re on the job have got you covered.

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