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Here at The Work Buzz, we love blogs. We *are* a blog, and we know how helpful getting up-to-date information can be in a job search.

Of course, we want you to visit us every day. (You do that already, right?) But it’s a good idea to check out other blogs in your job search, as well.

One good link might be the Corporate page at Alltop. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Alltop, it’s a combination of magazine rack and RSS feed. It collects several different blog feeds under a specific topic (like careers, where this blog is featured) and lets the user persue different blog posts.

The Corporate blog page that I mentioned is where some of the biggest companies in the country post updates and news.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to watch the blog of any company you want to work for, so you get an idea of what’s happening at that specific company.

But keeping an eye on these big corporate blogs will specifically give you a sense of the marketplace as a whole. If there’s a trend happening at one of those companies, chances are that it will eventually impact you or your workplace.


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