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  2. Hello Rachel,

    I just read your article on “How to Handle a slacker (at work)”. It was an interesting article but are you nuts or are you living in lala land? I’ve been in the work force. Let me share my experience, I am an older employee. My co-worker, much younger, would stand around and sing during his entire shift. The boss was an absolute jack-ass. He would dump his work on me, go into the office and spend his shift talking to his wife. I use to run around like a dope because I cared about the customers. I once told the boss that if he wanted me to do the work of two people, he should pay me for the work of two people. Well dopy boss didn’t have the *** to address the problem (singing co-worker) and just made excuses. Good news, the company promoted this guy to general manager of the entire store so he can do even more damage. Singing co-worker has a full-scholarship to a state school because he is a genius and doesn’t have to work. Any doubts, just ask him. Company policy, “play toward your hardest working employees..translation..dump all the crap on them and work them into the grave. PS. Not big business. This company operates in the heart of very Democratic NY. Your suggestions are interesting. Have you ever heard of the ‘open-door” policy? That’s another one for the toilet. Sorry Rachel, been there, done that, don’t buy it. I don’t live in lala land.

  3. Did anyone else notice at 00:53 in the video it fades to “Flight Attendants” and then back to the guy talking about the Enterprising personality?

  4. The only useful or interesting piece of informaton in this entire video is that orthodontists make $271,000/year. I need to go talk to my highschool guidance counselor…

  5. I do not usually comment on blogs such as this but in this instance and in keeping using the reviews above I’d carry this chance to say how much I enjoyed your post. Truly informative and nicely written – many thanks for sharing it with us!

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