Research becomes crucial in career relocation decisions

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We recently shared our “best of” résumé tips, and now we’ve put together a post on resources for those who are considering relocation. 

A recent CareerBuilder survey revealed that 32 percent of employers said they would be willing to pay to relocate new employees this year. To help job seekers considering a career-related move, CareerBuilder launched Job seekers who visit the website can:

  • Run a simple keyword or category search and view a map detailing where the most and fewest opportunities are for their line of work.
  • View actual relocation opportunities in different cities.
  • Learn what they would need to earn in order to maintain their current standard of living in another city.
  • Research homes, property values, mortgage quotes, moving and storage costs.
  • Tap into articles and advice on relocating and hiring trends.

In addition, five new videos were just added to our “Working in…” series on YouTube, where employers from major cities in the U.S. talk about cost of living and their own personal take on what it’s like to live there.

One of the most common pieces of advice is that job seekers need to do their homework when it comes to moving to a new city. They suggest that job seekers research not only what companies are there, but also where to live and the costs associated with maintaining their lifestyle in a new location.

Watch all the videos below:

Additional resources

  1. Justin,
    Why in your article ( How to ask for help: Advice for College Graduate Entering the Worforce, did you feel the need to refer to a person’s boss as a “she”.  Why could that boss  not be a he?  
    You see no one says anything when its sexist against men to do something like that. 
    Why not just use “they” or “your boss”.  There is no need to create a gender for that boss either way.  
    I see you using the noun “she” as just another way of being politically correct and hoping everyone likes you.

  2. “Where to live and the costs associated with maintaining their lifestyle in a new location” is extremely important. We have noticed when working with people relocating that is sometimes the biggest shocker as they try and get settled in their new city.  urbanbound is another great resource for people relocating. We know moving is the worst and we try and make it as fun as we can!

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