Video: Keeping your image positive online

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CBTVHow many social networking profiles do you have? I have five … I think …. but maybe more. The two I use the most are FaceBook (personal) and Twitter (professional). I also have profiles on MySpace, BrightFuse, LinkedIn, Yammer … so that’s six … but I don’t visit them every day and can’t tell you the last time I’ve reviewed my public profiles on those sites.

If you’re job hunting and have a social networking profile (or two, or six), be warned: 45% of hiring managers are looking for you online. Watch this video for tips on how to make sure you are portrayed in the best possible light across the Web.

Tell us: Have you ever had a hiring manager or boss ask you about something he or she found on your online profile? (No registration needed to comment below. )

  1. There is a recent study done at the University of Florida medical residency program that looked up and viewed its resident’s face book pages. They were very surprised to see their young doctors in various states of dress; drinking etc. Anyway it called into question the issue of professionalism… in addition patients are also savvy and begin looking to find out if their doctors have face book accounts. My advice is NEVER put anything on facebook that you DO NOT want your client; employer; mother, father; pastor; rabbi to see! Use the confidential mode.

  2. I think employers better steer clear of this because there are many things that they can find out on a facebook page that is covered under the discrimination act. Age, sex, religion, etc. I see lawsuits in the future. If you look at a page and then don’t hire someone perfectly qualified based on a social networking site… you might be sued.

  3. This is a great reminder to everyone looking for a job now as well as anyone that might be looking in the future! Really, don’t post anything online that could possibly come back to bite you in the future!

  4. This idea that we exist as little drones controlled by the corporate sector — where CEOs beg for our tax dollars for bailouts and then tell us who and what we can be to find a job is disgusting!

    Why don’t we demand that these CEOs, who ask for our tax dollars also prove they have a stellar reputation. For instance, how many of them go to third world countries and pick up child brides, or practice sex tourism? Shouldn’t the public judge them too? Maybe each one who marries a bride from Japan, or Costa Rica, or some other third world country should be denied funds for bailouts, because of a tendency towards pedophilia.

    This idea that human beings cease to exist as individuals and now become air-headed little drones who live by a policymaker’s standards and preferences seems a bit Orwellian to me. We’ve taken the Prussian Educational system where we are taught to be good little “team members” instead of independent thinkers, to a whole new disgusting level! No WONDER our economy has tanked! Our workforce are nothing more than programmed idiots!

  5. I think the only fair trade for searching practices would be that now I don’t have to create a resume, provide references or attend an interview. Why bother showing myself in a positive, professional light when that’s not what they’re concerned with?

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