What are you worth?

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money1This year, pay raises were few and far between. But hey, most everyone I know who is employed is grateful just to have a job.

Last Friday, ABC’s 20/20 aired a four-part series entitled “What Are You Worth?” It’s a fascinating look at what we earn versus what we should or could earn.

Watch all four parts after the jump.

Part 1: Should Salaries Be Secret?
This segment asks the question: Who really wins when you keep your salary a secret: you or your boss? If salaries were talked about openly, would it level the playing field?

Part 2: College: Worth the Price of Admission?
You’ve been taught for years that a college degree is the fastest way to a bigger paycheck. But with rising tuition costs, is it really worth it? What really makes you employable? One thing I think this segment is missing: the importance of internships.

Part 3: Self Worth, Beyond the Paycheck
Is there life after a layoff? What happens to your self worth when your net worth is gone? Meet former TV news anchor Ernie Bjorkman.

Part 4: CEOs and Celebs: Making Big Bucks
Who makes the most and who deserves it? Are the people who earn the biggest salaries really worth it? Why do CEOs still earn millions of dollars even if the company they are leading hits hard times?

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