Best and worst cities for jobs

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That some locations have better job markets than others is not news. Regardless of the overall economy, some metros boom while others falter. What does change, and what job seekers care about, is where the growth is happening. Metropolitan areas that thrive today weren’t necessarily hotspots 10 years ago. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released year-over-year employment figures for the country’s 372 metropolitan areas.

In November, the month for which the most recent data is available, 180 metropolitan areas saw increases in nonfarm payroll employment, compared to the year before. Slightly fewer metro areas (176) saw an employment decrease during the same period. This information’s good to know for anyone who wants to stay current on the economic health of their city. For job seekers, however, these figures are important because they can help you decide if relocating is something to consider.

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Where jobs are growing

With 180 metros showing job growth, you have plenty of places to look for employment.

In terms of raw numbers, these metropolitan areas experienced the largest over-the-year nonfarm payroll employment:

Washington, D.C.-Arlington-Alexandria (49,200)
Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington (40,600)
Boston-Cambridge-Quincy (26,500)
Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale (25,500)
Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington (22,900)

However, if you’re looking at percentages of growth, these metros were the leaders:

Ocean City, N.J. (17.6 percent)
Manhattan, Kan. (5.4 percent)
Kennewick-Pasco-Richland, Wash. (5 percent)
St. Joseph, Mo.-Kan. (3.9 percent)

Where the jobs are decreasing

Unfortunately, every yin comes with a yang, and many metro areas are losing the jobs that the aforementioned locales are gaining. Based on raw numbers, these areas lost the most nonfarm payroll jobs:

Chicago-Joliet-Naperville (52,100)
San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont (32,200)
Detroit-Warren-Livonia (27,700)
SacramentoArden-ArcadeRoseville (21,500)
Las Vegas-Paradise (21,300)

Based on percentages of employment decrease, these metros experienced the largest losses:

Yuba City, Calif. (3.7 percent)
Great Falls, Mont. (3.6 percent)
Holland-Grand Haven, Mich. (3.4 percent)

Unemployment rates by metro

As we’ve mentioned before, the unemployment rate is a lagging indicator. The factors that affect unemployment, such as mass layoffs or mass hiring, occur after the recession or recovery has already begun. For that reason, job creation numbers can be more helpful in determining where healthy job markets are. That said, unemployment rates are still worth looking at to get an idea of what the jobs situation is like for workers in a particular metro. According to the BLS, 114 were experiencing unemployment rates of 10 percent or higher in November. One year prior that number was 127, so that’s a bit of progress. On the flip side, 63 percent of metropolitan areas had unemployment rates below 7 percent. The high rate was 24.8 percent in Yuma, Ariz. Meanwhile, Bismarck, N.D., reported the lowest unemployment rate with 3.3 percent.

To see how your metropolitan area stands up, check out this BLS table.

What to make of this

When you’re given this many figures, you can feel overwhelmed, or better yet, confused. What are you supposed to do with all of this information? You’ve got metropolitan employment figures one day, the country’s unemployment rate the next, and earnings figures another. All of this information can make you want to turn off the computer screen and walk away.

Use all of these figures to guide your job search. Don’t pack up and move across the country today just because the employment growth is better in Dallas than in Chicago. However, if you have noticed that the job market where you live is struggling more than those where your friends and family live, you might want to consider what your best options are. Relocation isn’t an easy solution for all workers, and it certainly isn’t cheap. If you have a family or own a home, moving to a new city comes with an extra set of factors to consider. Moving in the immediate future might not be possible for you, but it could be something to think about for the future. Or not. Relocating isn’t the right choice for everyone, and eventually metros that are suffering right now will rebound. Simply knowing what’s happening your local job market can help your job search because you know what you’re up against.

Read the full BLS release here and let us know if these results match up with what you’re experiencing in your job search.

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    • This information is so off base, does not include Jacksonville, Florida (should be top on the list for the southeast region). Just can’t understand the caliber of people employers do hire, they (employers) DO NOT want to hire one’s that have skill sets and a knowledgebase for their business or company to help make it grow and be profitable. Take J&J Jacksonville they would rather keep “temporary employees” that maintain intimate exploits within the business unit at high levels of management, know this for a fact!

      • Huh.?.?.?.?. If thou dost complain about yon corporate entity and the fairness it dost not exude, why then we beseech thee to so in in the Queen’s English, paying due heed to the rules of grammar; so forth and so on.

        If thou chooseth to ignore thine rules, thy Village of Jackson is made to look inept in their education of their yutes.

        • Umm, you had me up until “yutes” – though I can venture the meaning from the ever handy context clues.

          Your name sounds like that of a fictitious character…maybe a soap star or someone from a Lifetime movie. Not a bad thing, just an observation

      • Jeff is upset with his employer, aren’t we all? So he chooses to complain in reference to an article that is not germane to his argument.I don’t see where your disdain with temporary worker has to do with employment growth or contraction. The economy is tough and employers will pay as little as they can to stay in business and make money. For example, 200 temp workers will cost you $50k/year per worker or $10MM/year and the company can make a net profit of $1MM but if the company hires 170 more skilled workers at $80k/year per worker or $13.6MM and can only make say… $400M net profit, why not go with temp workers? You and I and every other employee are an asset, like a machine, desk, computer, etc. We are paid for our productivity and more specifically our marginal productivity in relation to are marginal production. In this economy there are less skilled workers capable of less marginal productivity and willing to work for significantly lower wages making them more economical/cost effective. That is how the ball bounces. I don’t like it either but I don’t complain about it with respect to an article that is about job growth/contraction not caliber of employees.

    • I agree w/ Jeff. Larger employers profit from temps because they don’t have to pay the same benefits as permanent employees. What is unfortunate is that the “training”, however meger, is costing the employer too. Jacksonville is a very bad job market, but where do you move?

  2. Kind Sir,
    Just read your post/article on MSN. I wish you could have given a little more encouragement to the working class. I do not know to many neurosurgeons, but I do know a lot of working class people and frankly I did not see any on your list. Your audience is more towards the working class and at 58 I am not looking to become a doctor.

    • I understand how you feel, but this economy affects everyone. I have a Bachelor’s Degree and two Master’s Degrees and I was unemployed for 4/5 months. So our terrible economy affects everyone. Don’t give up. You may want to look at vocational education, teaching. Many people with years of technical experience are teaching at junior colleges and tech schools. Something to consider that you may have not considered before.

      • Medical IT is becoming a well-paid occupation.

        I suggest that you check with your local college about a medical informatics online 18 credit ciricullum. All MDs and hospitals and shortly all drug stores and healthcare providers according to HHS plans following the HITECH Act, a subset of the ARRA, Recovery Act, will be required to have an EMR, electronic medical record system that meets HHS/ONC specified “Meaningful Use” criteria(also under the Recovery act, a.k.a. ARRA, Medicare and Medicaid will provide about $40,000 – $65,000 in rebates). There will be lots of jobs as it is projected that there will be 2/3 fewer certified Medical IT people than demanded to
        1- train MD staffs and hospital workers
        2- do project management
        3- perform office and EMR system support
        4- provide technical service
        5- consult with MDs and hospitals
        6- assist in pre-EMR system purchase planning

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    • Keep at it, Harry. I’m 31, just got a Master’s degree (with High Honors) and…

      2200 resumes and 18 months before I found a job. They’re there — just got to work for them. Perseverence and patience is the name of the game these days.

      I guess living in #2 on the worst cities for jobs didn’t help me, either…

      • Yes it is hard to find employment. It has become “who” you know. So take a deep breath and search through different channels. Join free groups of whatever. Mingle at church more, the YMCA, stay in the girls room a little longer,go meet people, stop for coffee, deliberately run into someone. Volunteer somewhere you would enjoy.Go to the Frist. Do something different, you never know. The sooner you get through the “no’s” there you are…..

    • I understand your position. I am 57 and have been in & out of work now for the last 5 years. Companies close, etc, etc. Though difficult to understand why we “senior” people are not the best candidates I have resolved myself that this is “the way it will be until I am 62″. Best of luck.

      • Try the VA Government!!! They appear to hire Mature people and especially if they are sick.

        I’ve been contracting there for 4 years and I just don’t fit in. I’m 49, but look like I’m in my 30s and healthy for the most part and technically savvy and talented, but they wont use my skills, instead it appears that if you just agree with them and conform you are sure to get on board.

    • Medical IT is becoming a well-paid occupation. The certificate program for me was 6 months.
      I understand that the federal gvt. may soon make the classes either no or little cost.
      I suggest that you check with your local college about a medical informatics online 18 credit ciricullum. All MDs and hospitals and shortly all drug stores and healthcare providers according to HHS plans following the HITECH Act, a subset of the ARRA, Recovery Act, will be required to have an EMR, electronic medical record system that meets HHS/ONC specified “Meaningful Use” criteria(also under the Recovery act, a.k.a. ARRA, Medicare and Medicaid will provide about $40,000 – $65,000 in rebates). There will be lots of jobs as it is projected that there will be 2/3 fewer certified Medical IT people than demanded to
      1- train MD staffs and hospital workers
      2- do project management
      3- perform office and EMR system support
      4- provide technical service
      5- consult with MDs and hospitals
      6- assist in pre-EMR system purchase planning

    • Look on the Bureau of Labor Statistics web site at for the ranking of Atlanta, Georgia in terms of job market.
      Also check with Georgia State Unemployment for the desired statistics.”Most States have career information delivery systems (CIDS), which may be found in secondary and postsecondary institutions, as well as libraries, job training sites, vocational-technical schools, and employment offices. A wide range of information is provided, from employment opportunities to unemployment insurance claims.

      Whereas the Handbook provides information for occupations on a national level, each State has detailed information on occupations and labor markets within their respective jurisdictions. State occupational projections are available at:

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  11. I wish you would put real job on your website!
    Instead you give me more bullshit jobs that has NO Futures! I know you to take all the ad dollars you can get but some of the jobs are NOT jobs at all, they just want your money!

  12. I wonder if those posting here use the same poor grammar, spelling and punctuation in their resumes and cover letters. If so, it explains a lot.

    • Laura, are you a distractor? the tone or use of inappropriate words is not the issue at hand its the author’s foolish article that lacks real jobs

    • And you didn’t get a perfect score in grammar. Your post started in the form of a question, and your sentence did not end with a question mark but with a period. Remember, don’t throw rocks…

      • Dave in Atlanta: Laura gets a perfect score for grammar. If the sentence includes a statement about a question, rather than a direct question, end the sentence with a period rather than a question mark. Generally, statements end with a period.

            • I am so thankful to have a job/career. But if I didn’t have one, I wouldn’t just focus on getting a job that ONLY has a future, but in the meantime I would take a job just to have a job and keep looking for something more stable as the economy hopefully starts to get better. I keep hearing that people are being picky about looking for a job-they only want a specific job. Get real people.

    • Laura, I would have to agree with you. Things are tough in the economy at the present time. I too, like many others, have decided to go to school. After 20 years in service to our great nation, I have found that it is better to seek self improvement rather than whine and complain. I have to ask, what has our generation become? A group of candy-asses?

  13. Well I have to agree with a couple of the replies to this. After spending 30 years in a career that I also have a degree in, 99 percent of the jobs I see available are the temporary and short term types. Now here is the kicker the statistics NEVER tell you. For every 1 job that is open, at least 70 people are applying for it, and that is a very conservative number to throw out there. In these “metro” areas, where cost of living is high, that number of applicants to the 1 job could be as high as 300 or more.

    Now spread that across the entire country. Just because 5 or so “metro” cities are experiencing a so called boom, does not tell the entire truth about the real numbers. A few in hand is never a bush full.

    What is needed is for these recently bailed out “too big to fail” corporations is to stop tossing the investment out of this country and start investing HERE! That is the ONLY way the jobs will be created….REAL jobs, as well as recovery of the failed economy. While were at it, lets dump this “designed to be forever in debt” financial system that obviously is the major part of why the economy is shot.

    Oh well…as the Chinese say..”Continue to do a failing thing over and over….nothing will change”. Maybe that is why President Hu is remind us of how stupid the system is here and to enlighten us all on how its really done.

      • Well put! ~~I live in one of the Cities that “supposedly” was NOT hit hard by the recession (haha). However, the market has very few jobs open and it is an Employers market! So, the employers know they can pay a few $ less an hour or a few K less a year then in the past because people are DESPERATE to work! The only job growth I have seen is in the Government. That is most likely why DC has the LARGEST in JOB GROWTH in the USA!! On the up side, I had a job as a Gov. contractor here and it paid ~Significantly~ higher then most other jobs! Uggg…I wish Rosetta Stone was cheaper, time to learn Mandarin! LOL

        ~~When & “7-11″ starts off paying people at $10hr BUT MANY office jobs want to pay $8-10 hour EVEN WITH a DEGREE~ SOMETHINGS WRONG!?!?!? LOL

        • I would even work at the 7 11 for $10 an hour. We, if you are unemployed or underemployed are being exploited. Unemployment benefits pay more than what some temporary office jobs through staffing services companies pay. The staffing agency gets a fee from its employer client and the company maintains business as usual without having to pay benefits except through the fee the staffing company charges.
          And, staffing companies employees should have to endure what we have. They are not proactive in presenting you to a client and calls to them are not returned. Even if you have a substantial record of work experience and will take something that is lesser, they act as if a person is dirt on their rug. I am terrified that I am becoming part of those who will not be able to overcome underemployment and unemployment, the working poor as people have been called. This is all so unfair to all of you and to myself. Thank you for allowing me to contribute as I am so distraught I am contemplating giving up and not being hear anymore.

    • You are so right. I work for the government and this “bail out money” did not have strict requirements with it. Organizations used the bail out money to put employees (already working for them) into new jobs, while people like me, continue to draw unemployment, instead of paying into the tax system that is funding the program (or not funding it and going into debt). This is politics and even the government program officials play the political game while peole like me, rely on unemployment. Strict controls on the ARRA money should have included hiring people who were drawing unemployment. The government does not follow up on or monitor it’s appropriation of their billion dollar debt programs. And people like us really can’t change the system because we don’t have mponey to run for office. (ARRA-American Recovery Reinvestment Act)

  14. These numbers are slightly misleading. For example, in Springfield, IL, it shows that nonfarm employment has decreased from last year to this year. While that is true, there are less jobs available this year than last year, if you compare the October 2010 to November 2010 (preliminary) figures, it actually shows an increase – that the job market is making a slow rebound. This is what matters to those seeking employment much, much more than last year’s numbers (and it’s closer to accurate – at least for the Springfield area).

    So, for anyone interested in these numbers, please do your reading slowly and carefully to see whether your local numbers are actually increasing or decreasing rather than just using the numbers and percentages provided comparing last year to this year (which can skew your opinion of an area unfairly).


  15. @ Jason..

    A slow rebound is hardly anything worth peace of mind to the millions still looking for work even with this so called “slow” rebound.

    Sure its “something”…but in retrospect to the actual facts…it is NOTHING!

    While this “slow” rebound moves at a slower than a snail pace…the foreclosures and repossessions and homeless increase at mach 9.

    Boeing just last month laid off over 1000 workers to a deal with China. A solar panel company in West Virginia is closing its doors and moving its entire operation to China, affecting over 1,300 workers. Wow…what a rebound!

    While the fake “something to smile about” is bandied about, let’s look at things with a much wider prospective and less tunnel vision.

    Face the reality folks…it might be green grass and birds chirping on a sunny day for you now….but no one is invulnerable to the on-going sell-out of this country’s industries and prosperity.

    But least we still make paper clips and toothpicks…..with imported raw materials. :/

    • Yep, I am gonna tell it like it is. The economy, the job sites even, the powers that be, Wall street, bankster/gangsters have raped our country all while you watch the stupid box being psychobabble into being poor and now subservient. I came from that environment and will do all to not go back, be it flipping hamburgers or shoveling poo, and even those jobs are hard to come by any more…Reality folks, think outside of the norm we have been duped into believing…all of the time, your life depends on it in the here and now. As for those putting down people that can not speak so well in print..or possibly spell correctly…tough, but you are smart enough to grasp the idea as that is all these people are trying to do is make a point. Show some compassion on occasions please.

      • I agree, everybody is busy finding what is wrong instead of seeing what is right in people. As long as you understand the point the person is making what is the big deal. I myself have been unemployed for 6 months by choice. Now I know what everyone is going through. We can’t give up. Who knows, that same person that is finding everything wrong with the candidates one day may have to face the samething. Keep searching.

  16. First, when one is past 50 years of age; not everyone is interested in changeing careers when they spent most of their lives working on the one they are already into. Such as having student loans for a career that was already started late in life. Like myself, I started a new career at 40 years of age and I be darn if I am not going to continue on that track until I finish. I had to take my steps little by little which meant, I could only take one or two classes at a time.

    • Sylvia~Don’t give up, YOU are going to find something GREAT!!!! I have found in my job search recently that people have been looking for and hiring candidates like you! With years of experience that they know they can depend on. I had to take a few years off to take care of my kids while my husband was deployed. So the lapse in job history has been killer. However, I have recently started to get brief temp jobs to fill the gap. I’m encouraged that the Temp agency will now have an easier time placing me in a Permeant position!
      ~~Best of luck to you & yours!!

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  19. This is a great report, but like it is said, it can be confusing to follow. Also, if you are like many of the unemployed or under-employed knowing that jobs are somewhere other than where you are is not really helpful.

    Sure statistics are nice to know when “misery likes company”, but in the end we would all rather just be working!

    Thanks for sharing though!


  20. Las Vegas continues to be one of the worst. Speculation in the real estate market and the nature of the industry as a vacation resort which is marginal for most people as to spending have caused Vegas to be hit much harder than most areas.

  21. I essintialy agree with most of the comments, i have just read. It would really be nice if our commander and chief, AKA Chocolate-Jesus, could stand up once in a while, to these snot-nose, beer-drinking, wife-beating, alternative life style republicans. You know, the same people who simply do not want to see the middle class have any hope, or financial stability to look forward to. I hope the 2012 doomsday phropecy is legit, because this country needs to be wiped out, and remade in a much better version. I really don’t believe this is how God intended for us to live. Oh well, on a happier note, just got back from the store, can’t wait to try the new Little Debbie petite yellow cakes, with butter cream icing, they look delectible. Stay thirsty my friends, i think your going to need it. Peace-out.

      • Well Mark, if i’m clueless, then apparently you live in the same fantasy world as the GOP. I do not want to see the world come to and end. I, like many people, just want a better world to live in, but unfortunately, i think that ship has already sailed.

      • Yes Mara, i was joking……sort of. Let me put this in a milder content. If we ever start putting real leaders in office, ones that are trying to help out the middle class, maybee i’ll start to believe in this great country again. I mean seriously, do you think this is what God had in mind? I would tend to think the man upstairs is only going to tolerate this type of behavier so much longer, before he considers that it’s time to start over again. He’s wiped out corrupt civilizations before, what makes you think he won’t do it again?

        • Darrell couldnt stop laughing at your comment! Yes I think and in a way hope the Mayan calender is right. Less than 2 years to wait for what? Another crummy job? No thanks. We here can hardly wait till its like Mad Max LiZa

  22. I can’t believe Ocean City,NJ experiences the most growth. I live there and didn’t even realize anything had changed. It’s good though…

  23. This is the time for the inovative thinkers to develop new ideas and invetions. Because wer’re out of work doesn’t mean we have to quit living. And thinking of new ways to improve on the old ways may save some of us from giving up on life. I plan on opening a web site to do some e-commerce business, how about you out there?

    • Yes…I have been at that very thing for the last 2 years and 4 months….after being laid off from my 30 year career in electronics engineering. And if some believe that competition and creativity are tough in the off-line world, it is even more tough in the on-line world. Your working against the entire world, not just the locals.

    • ps…click on the name RFBurns which is a text link and will take you to my site. If you want to find out what really goes on…pay less attention to the MSM (Mass Sheeple Manipulator) media and listen/watch more of alternative media who is not afraid to tell the truth. Ratings are not our agenda….truth is.

  24. I live in Minneapolis and I find that they may have a lot of jobs but who are getting the jobs. I see mostly whites getting the good jobs especially in Corporate. I hardly ever see any minorities in any key positions in Minneapolis, St. Paul or Bloomington. You tell me where I can go and get job after I leave college here in the Twin Cities that claim they have diversity but it doesn’t show?

  25. I never thought I’d see the day where, as a nurse, I’d be unemployed, especially on the gulf coast of Florida and ‘in season’ with all the snowbirds down here. I’ve been unemployed for the past five months. It’s appears LPN’s are becoming obsolete so this has been a catalyst for me to go back to college for my RN. I’m enrolled part time and doing this at the age of 56. Now that’s as scary as hell especially since I’m single and have no one to help out or fall back on. I guess I’ll be paying off student loans with my social security :/

    • Only if there was anything in the “SS” system. All of that has already been absorbed into the paying off the debt…the INTEREST of the debt.

      The “SS” money you will see each month, as those who get it now, is BORROWED money…at even MORE interest.

      It is the designed to be forever in debt system we live under…a system put in place and singed into law back in the 19-teens.

      That system is called “The Federal Reserve”…a PRIVATE bank with a policy of making those notes out of thin air with nothing to back the printed value.

      It is called “Fractional Lending”, where they create the notes out of nothing, loan it out to government at high interest to which WE pay that interest, and reap the PURE PROFIT while tossing out MORE worthless notes for MORE interest WE keep paying…along with everything else like the billion dollar bailouts.

      Isn’t it interesting that WE fork the bill for the bailouts when there is this thing called The Federal Reserve who should have been the one footing the bill? Wonder why it was dumped onto the people? Hmmm. Perhaps it is because the REAL value is from OUR labors, OUR talents, OUR work…as legally noted by the Supreme Court back in the mid 1920′s.

      Ahh..I get it….the too big to fail corporations selling out the floor from under us realize that the worthless notes printed by the Federal Reserve is just that…worthless, so the REAL VALUE must come from the REAL VALUE SOURCE……US!

      Well no wonder!

      Just think folks…the acts of today’s financial system and District of Criminal’s Cast of Crooks will tarnish generations yet to come…as well as those of today.

  26. I am sorry for the country’s bad luck. Getting beat at its own game. Capitalism. The country has to get competitive and produce items that the world wants. As for me I’m about to punch out. My three floor condo on the beach in sunny Puerto Escondido awaits me. CYA!

  27. While you guys are debating about grammar. The problem is lack of work while companies aren’t hiring fulltime employees to save money and benefit costs. When clearly it would be better for the economy in the long haul. I have had to find work outside of Jacksonville, Fl. one of the lowest economic job maarkets.Weren’t you watching the State of Union. We need more participation from all of us. Not blame gamers!

    • They for got to mention the cities in Georgia. The economy seems so bad because the corporations don’t and won’t hire, even though they will say they are. All these resume taking app companies are putting out the same jobs, because Dishnetwork in Niles Oh has closed. If they went back to the old system of hiring then a lot more people would have jobs, besides what are the top execs getting paid for? Also, when someone finish a certification or degree program, there should be slots open for entry level positions, because it never gives a person a chance to get experience if they don’t get hired, and these jobs they post want an individual to have more experience and do more than the CEO, in order to get an entry level position by the time they get the job. That’s the kind of laws that ned to be changed and soon if they keep talking about the kids, but what about the mom that has to take care of that kid, and can’t even find a job, and then when you get to a business there’s a line outside the door, just to be waited on, but yet they aren’t hiring, so if you have less employees, plus many more customers, it doesn’t seem like it add up to a deficit to me.

      • Rhonda you make a valid point. If the these companies/businesses were not adrift in a sea of corporate spending and corruption, maybe the economy would be more stable. I relocated after my last deployment overseas. And to be honest, the move didn’t really produce any solid job leads. I attend school and 2 part time jobs fill the bill for now. Good luck and God Bless everyone!

    • Yes…watched it for about 5 minutes after hearing the same lines as said before time and time again. And those lines are not repeated across decades because no one is listening.

      They repeat them to pound into your head that it is all our fault, it is our fault that industry is being sold out, it is our fault that too big to fail corporations fail, it is our fault that there are no jobs, it is our fault that money has no real value, it is our fault that people are homeless and jobless.

      Let me put it in a much simpler way..but not too simple that the simple minded cannot understand…..

      ….IT IS NOT OUR FAULT! They just re-program the computer (your brain) with corrupt programming.

      Garbage in….garbage out. Simple..isn’t it.

      Stop believing the lies people. Those that continue to do so are swimming in a cesspool of hungry sharks and are about to be bit in the behind…as more of the nation’s industrial backbone are sold off to the highest bidder…..FOREIGN BIDDER.

  28. I have to agree with some of the comments, I have five kids single mom and after having a great job went to have no job, I try the going back to school thing and push my self and my kids through the whole journey, finished it and after all that found a labor job. Being a single mom can’t just sit and wait for the perfect job to come, this involves all the people, economy affects all working class people no matter where you live. Keep looking and never give up. God bless all.

  29. I currently reside in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and I have been unable to find employment for 9 months. I’m seriously considering moving to Dallas, TX. I have family there.If anyone out there has an honest opinion of the job market out there I wanna hear it. Your response is greatly appreciated.

    • Well it is seems that around the World the same thing is happening Coraprates of the World take advantage of workers!!
      Why? because people accept it!
      If everybody stopped working for 1 day: you will see the zillions of dollars they will loose.
      If people of the country would unite and understand they have the power in their hands, maybe we would not be exploided by the situation!
      I am a recuiter and I know how shamefully companies squeeze people. in fact people are treated as commodities, or modern slaves.
      LOOK AT THE EXAMPLE OF TUNISIA, people from the middle class and the poor had enough!! they were too patient, until one day they exploded, and took the power in their hands!!
      it will happen here too, a matter of time, cause there is too much greediness!

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  31. During the early 1980s the country had been taken over and ran by Renaldus Maximus. The first thing he did was start busting unions. First it was the PATCO folks(Air Traffic Controllers) all across the USA. I was an engineering technician for a large underground mining co. in West Virginia.Work got dismal because although I was a salaried employee almost everyone else at the mine was union. Well the hatchet fell and over %25 of the states population pulled up roots and moved somewhere else.
    I followed my two brothers out to Houston,Tx and got a manual labor job at ARCO #4′s refinery in Channelview,Tx.. Pretty soon almost everyone there was laid off. I had just finished getting an A.S.(2 yr) degree in Mechanical Engineering before the big move. I had worked nights and drug my worn out bones to a small state college while I worked in the mine. I was gripeing one morning because I thought life had turned against me one more time. The guy I was dumping garbage cans with that morning asked why I was so down. I told him I had struggled while in the military for 5 yrs. and while working in the mine to get through school. He shouted at me and said he did not want to hear my self pity story. He went on to say he had a Masters degree in Geology from Northwestern u.We worked together for about another week then we were laid off too.

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  33. I finished graduate school for Social Work in May and still have yet to find full time employment in my field. What a great time to graduate when so many social programs are being cut in the greatest time of need! I am beyond frustrated! The class behind me will be graduating in a couple months and then I will be competing with them also. I thought grad school would be a good investment but I am starting to think I was wrong… (also have tons of student loans that I can’t pay yet!)

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