Best and worst states for job seekers

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Not a state in the U.S. got off scot-free during the recession, but there are certainly those that fared better than others. Now that the country is slowly emerging from the economic crisis, the same story is true: some states are recovering faster than others, especially when it comes to the job market.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent breakdown of regional and state unemployment numbers, in April 2011, “24 states posted jobless rates significantly lower than the U.S. figure of 9 percent, seven states recorded measurably higher rates and 19 states and the District of Columbia had rates that were not appreciably different from that of the nation.”

When it comes to figuring out the best and worst states for job seekers, while unemployment rate plays a large part, so does job creation, as well as the overall trend of the jobless rate in each state — the rate at which it is declining. After analyzing these factors, as well as a few other economic indicators, we came up with the states with the best — and worst — job markets. Where does your state rank?


1. North Dakota: During the recession, the unemployment rate in North Dakota peaked at a point that was lower than the pre-recession unemployment levels in many states, reaching a high of 4.3 percent in 2009. Since then, it has slowly declined to 3.3 percent, the lowest level in the country by far.

2. New Hampshire: The state’s unemployment rate currently sits at 4.9 percent, after reaching a high of 6.7 percent in 2009. New Hampshire may have the third lowest unemployment rate in the country, but it ranks No. 1 in another category that’s important to most job seekers: Income. According to statistics released by the U.S. Census Bureau late last year, New Hampshire has the highest median household income in the U.S.

3. Nebraska: Like North Dakota, Nebraska’s unemployment rate remained relatively low even at the height of the recession, peaking at 5 percent in 2009. It now sits at 4.2 percent — the second-lowest in the U.S. Since January 2011, Nebraska has also posted the fourth highest employment increase in the country, 1.9 percent.

4. South Dakota: South Dakota had one of the lowest pre-recession unemployment rates in the country — just 2.8 percent in December 2007. After increasing to a high of 5.2 percent in 2009, it’s since fallen to 4.9 percent 

5. Texas: Though its unemployment rate may not be as low as the other states we’ve listed thus far (it’s still 8 percent), more jobs are being created in Texas than in any other state. From April 2010 through April 2011, 254,400 jobs were added. Plus, more people are employed in Texas — about 10.56 million — than in North Dakota, New Hampshire, Nebraska, South Dakota, Vermont, Indiana and Illinois combined. Both the high job creation rate and the high number of jobs are in part due to the fact that there are more Fortune 500 companies located in Texas than in any other state. 

6. Vermont: Vermont’s unemployment rate is currently 5.3 percent, only 1.2 percent higher than prerecession level. Another testament to the health of the state? According to RealtyTrac’s February 2011 Foreclosure report, Vermont had the lowest rate of foreclosure in the country.

7. Virginia: The state’s unemployment rate is currently 6.1 percent, tied with Hawaii as the ninth-lowest in the country. However, Virginia also cracks the top-10 states in terms of year-over-year job creation: It added 28,100 new jobs between April 2010 and April 2011.   

8. Pennsylvania: At 7.5 percent, not only is Pennsylvania’s jobless rate significantly lower than the national average, but employment in the state jumped by 80,000 jobs from April 2010 through April 2011, the third largest increase of any state.

9. Ohio: In April 2010, Ohio’s jobless rate was 10.4 percent. In April 2011, it was 8.6 percent, a 1.8 percent decline. In the same time period, Ohio added 67,000 new jobs, the fourth largest increase.

10. Illinois: Though the unemployment rate in Illinois peaked at 11.2 percent in 2010, it has since dropped to 8.7 percent, below the average national unemployment level of 9 percent. Since April 2010, Illinois had added 66,600 jobs, the fifth highest job creation of any state.


1. Nevada: The recession caused Nevada’s unemployment rate to spike nearly 10 percent, from around 5 percent in 2007, to nearly 15 percent in 2010. Though the state also posted the largest year-over-year drop in unemployment, which fell from 14.9 percent in April 2010 to 12.5 percent in April 2011, it still has the nation’s highest unemployment rate.

2. California: At 11.9 percent, California posts the nation’s second-highest unemployment rate. Despite adding more than 144,000 jobs between April 2010 and April 2011 — the second highest of any state in the country — its high unemployment rate only fell .5 percent in the same time frame.

3. Rhode Island: Rhode Island has the highest unemployment rate in New England and the third-highest in the country. At 10.9 percent, unemployment there is still 4.9 percent higher than prerecession levels, and job creation has been insignificant.

4. Florida: In addition to having the fourth-highest jobless rate in the country (10.8 percent), the Florida housing market is still badly distressed and new job creation in the state has been anemic.

5. Mississippi:In April 2011, the unemployment rate in Mississippi was 10.4 percent, .2 percent higher than a month earlier, in March 2011, and only slightly lower than in April 2010, when the jobless rate was 10.6 percent. The BLS data also shows that the state hasn’t had significant job gains in the last year.

6. Michigan: For a while in 2009, Michigan had the highest unemployment rate in the U.S. After peaking at 14.1 percent that same year, Michigan’s employment level is finally beginning to make a comeback, but at 10.2 percent, it still has a ways to go.

7. Idaho: Before the recession, Idaho’s unemployment rate was among the lowest in the country — 3.3 percent in December 2007. While other states seem to be in recovery mode, the unemployment rate in Idaho reached its peak — at 9.7 percent — in December 2010, a rate which it held until March 2011. Last month, in April 2011, the jobless rate dropped to 9.6 percent.

8. Alabama: At 9.3 percent, Alabama’s unemployment rate is just slightly higher than the national average. According to the BLS, though, the state has not seen a significant increase in job creation over the last year.

9. Kentucky: Kentucky is one of only seven states in the U.S. with an unemployment rate at-or-above 10 percent. However, its job market seems to be heading in the right direction. The economy added 24,700 jobs from April 2010 to April 2011, the eight largest increase of any state.

10. Georgia: The jobless rate in Georgia is a persistently high 9.9 percent. The state did, however, add 12,700 jobs in just one month — from March 2011 to April 2011, the third highest month-over-month jump of any state.

Does your personal experience match up with where your state is ranked? Let us know in the comments section, below.

      • I believe the new jobs that are being displayed for each state is actuallly the number of people that have been dropped from unemployment benefits. Once a person is dropped from unemployment the government natually assumes that person took a job somewhere. I know a lot of folks that no longer collect unemployment and still do not have a job. These people no longer are part of the unemployment percentage because they are not collecting unemployment benefits.

        • That is not how it works. By going off of unemployment benefits does not mean you count as having a job, that just means benefit claims goes down. Furthermore, these are jobs added, so this has nothing to do with benefits. When people stop looking for employment they are dropped from unemployment stats because we only count those who are looking for a job but cannot find one. That could artificially deflate the unemployment stats.

          • @John you are incorrect. There is no way to track the people who have dropped off the unemployment roles because there is no place to record your continued job search once you have reached 99 weeks. Therefore the stats are skewed to appear favorable, when in fact, the opposite is true.

          • You are incorrect.

            According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent breakdown of regional and state unemployment numbers, in April 2011,

            They only count the number of people collecting unemployment benifits. when you are no longer collecting benifits the gov assumes that you are working. This gives them numbers that are like the 9% instead of numbers closer to the truth of 20%+ that they do not want to see.

            • This is correct. There was a report inthe state I live in, Indiana, that said “unemployment was down.” Now… the state JUST passed a law preventing certain people from obtaining unemployment and many have had their unemployment funds exhausted.

              The number of people on Unemployment Assistance is “down” 4000 people. So that counts for unemployment numbers being down. Our governor stated that those numbers mean the labor force is incresing. HOWEVER, when you look at the number of people who entered into the workforce, you will see that the actually labor ready number is down MORE THAN 4000….

              someone’s lying

              • In the past, when the unemployment benefits only lasted for 26 weeks (in NY), you were categorized as out of work only for the time you were on unemployment. At the end of the 26 week period, you became categorized as a “Discouraged Worker” and were no longer part of the unemployment statistics. So even if you were still looking for work, the state Dept. of Labor would play the label game to make things seem better than they actually were.

          • The labor numbers do not include Military sepperations, prision release, or 1099 contractors or construction labor that did not qualify for jobless assistence. Nor does it count seniors rejoining the market or underpaid employess who accepte jobs just to feed thier families. The numbers are very skewed.

        • I agree with mike. its funny that they post these stories to seem like we are “emerging” from the recession but they forget to include the ones that get dropped from receiving assistance and are still unemployed. How to do make stastics on information that they dont have full record of? Clearly, its evident the times we are living in.

        • After 18 yrs in the same career you would think theres is some loyalty for your knowledge but its true for the price of one they can pay for two. I had to move to another state to secure a position with a new Company and found it to be worse to work for a large Company “they provide natural gas and oil”and have alot of little satelite stations where they take what little money we have to fill our tanks so we can do it all over again as soon as it runs out.we blame the Mexicans for taking our jobs that pay so very little now instead of pointing fingers we need to educate ourselves in this down time and look at a bigger picture for our future. Lets become the scientist we always wanted to be. I’ll be honest I cant phsycally do what I use to so its time to forge ahead with new plans and reinvent ourselves forour older selves. Lets put our heads where they belong and not have to rely on our failing government which still claims they’ll run out of Social Security for our retirement. I truely believe we havefailed ourselves and itsnever to late to improve ourselves and create something we do like and would never have done without the lack of a job. Thats my point in life and I wish people would learn to become less judgmental and critics towards others and do for themselves. Theres always someone out there who is in a worse spot then you are.Yes times are tough as they were back in the proabition days and noone sigled out the Ïtalians , Polish,Irish, or the Swedish, or the other hard working imagrants whom came here and made this land what it is today. Point is ….we all have backgrounds from somewhere else and its plain stupid and ignorant to blame a race for our finacial problem as a whole country. we’re the land of the free and we all came here for something and apparently we had it and have lost it.If you think that our goverment doesnt have a hand in it , your wrong ! thasnk for taking your precious time and reading this. I too am a out of work father of three who has to recieve a lesser amount in support due to lack of work, but I’m not whining just trying to better myself ! have a wonderful day

          • @MikeR There is a difference. Generations of immigrants past could not come into this country unless they had a trade, were healthy, and had a sponsor…not the government, but a family member or friend that guaranteed they would have a place to live and food to eat until they established themselves in whatever “needed” trade they brought to this country. These people wanted to be an American and they did everything in their power to learn the language and become a US Citizen following all the rules of their new country. Their morals and ethics and desire to assimilate were their guiding forces. They didn’t refer to themselves as Irish American or Italian American…they were Americans. The illegal immigrants have no desire to become a US Citizen…their intent is to take for themselves. These are not the people that made America great. Illegals are exactly that….illegal! They have no rights to our jobs, our schools, our health care system. You can be a welcoming country to those that want to better themselves in a country that will allow them to do so and their desire to become an American at any cost, but we have become a doormat for the leeches of the world and those that wish us harm as they laugh all the way to the bank in their own country.

            • @ Sandpiper
              Well put. I can tell a story of my white Anglo boyfriend who was a College Professor. He wanted to relocate to Australia. They turned him down because, get this, Australia didn’t need any more teachers at the time.

              Why can’t WE do that?

            • @ most of you…..I think most of the comments on here are discusting. Some of you who complain about racism are just as racits as the rest, so you need to check yourself.
              Obama’s “Yes We Can” (and yes I voted for him) is turning out to be just as bad as Regan’s “trickle down” I am not into politics, but Clinton seemed to have things straightened up untill Bush (even saying his name makes my stomache turn) came into office. His very first mistake was lifting the GAS CAP. Yea, do you all remember that? That was the law put into effect (by Pres. Clinton)that said the gas companies couldnt charge more than a certain amount of money per gallon at the pump, no matter how much they were paying a barrel. Of course Bush had stock in those companies, so why not lift the Gas Cap.
              In the beginning of the oil companies, the government gave them tax breaks on everything from buying equipment to drill, drilling itself, and hiring employees, so that everything they did was pure proffit, and these tax breaks are still in effect today. So it is no wonder that the oil companies are showing hudge proffits during such a tough time for the rest of us.
              Imigrants are what made this counry. I do not agree with them coming in illegally, but if you are not an American Indian, your family was an imigrant at one time or another also.
              I knew someone who was here on a visa, and would not become a US citizen because that would mean she would loose her citizenship in the country she was from. Her dream was to move back to her country and open up a business. She has children, who are US citizens, and she is not married. So she is working of course, going to school for FREE (because as an unwed mother, she gets all the free benifits) she even gets to claim EARNED INCOME CREDIT at the end of the year on her taxes.
              I guess what I am trying to say is this. Instead of attacking each other on this web site (which is what the gov. wants, to keep the spot light off of them) we all need to start focasing our attention to the government.
              Obama is already getting rid of Earned Income Credit (sorry but noone should get back more than what they have paid in……thats my money!) which is a good start. But there is other things that need to be done NOW!
              He could reinstate that GAS CAP, which would help those who are working for what seems to be pennies.
              He could change rules that allow imigrants to reap the benifits ment for citizens. Not allow people to reapply for a Visa without starting the process of Citizenship, and kick them out if they dont want to be a citizen.
              He could make higher taxes on the companies that move thier business out of the country so they dont benifit from the move. Leaving more jobs in OUR country for OUR citizens.
              INSTEAD OF BITCHING AT, AND TO, EVERYONE ON THIS WEB SITE……WIRTE YOUR CONGRESSMEN, SENATOR, PRESIDENT….I HAVE…..AND LET THEM KNOW YOUR CONCERNS, COMPLAINTS, YOUR IDEAS FOR CHANGE. Trust me if they think they are not going to get re-ellected they are going to listen. As “THE PEOPLE” we are their BOSSES! Let THEM know how frustrated you are in the job they are doing. That is the only thing that is going to make a DIFFERENCE!
              We ALL walk through life ignoring things/people that seem to be unimportant to us, untill it is brought to our attention. BRING IT TO THIER ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!

          • Mike,
            I agree with you. I know there are people in worst shape than I am and it helps me keep my problems in perspective. Good luck on your job hunt.

        • Charlie is right there should be some type of reporting when you go back to work as apposed to just falling off the face of the earth. these people should be tracked to determined if they are working, retired, disabled, self employed, or infirmed. otherwise the stats that are put out are just fictitious.

          that way we would know what industries left the country or just died out and who needs to be re-trained.

    • How about wages? While this may tell us which states may be hiring, it does not inform us of the average pay rate.
      More jobs can be as bad as no jobs for people who are physically unable to work 3-4 jobs to earn a living.

      • Ohio added 67,000 jobs hahah
        what they didn’t tell you is that they are all menial wage crappy jobs.
        There are very few career oriented jobs here unless your dream is in fast food…
        The glass city is rundown, broke, and corupt I might add!

        • I agree, We also have to look at companies who laid off long time employees, only to replaced them with lower paid employees to do the same job. In most cases they get 2 employees for the price of 1. This makes the unemployment rates look better. There is NO Loyalty in the job market.

          • It is interesting that the 2 states that are the highest ,California, Nevada, are also totally swamped by illegal immigrants. They have taken over many jobs and lowered the wage scale. They have run citizens out of landscaping, for example. This is not racist- it’s just true. How about we trully not be racist and when those poor little guys from Hati float over in leaky boats we not break our necks to send them back. If Mexicans can stay then so can Hatians and Cubans.

            • MY grasnd di came here from GERMan Occupation torn POLAND>>>> he cam legal let them come legal then work like and American and act like one this is my country not theirs that they escape from…

            • MY granddad came here from GERMAN Occupation torn POLAND>>>> he came legally let them come legal then work and LIVE like Americans and act like one this is their NEW country not their old country that they escaped from… I am and American with Polish heritage not a POLISH AMERICAN, just like any other who was BORN here has a heritage of the nationality they came from…. but ARE AMERICANS now…. deal with that fact people and help make AMERICA great again…. work and live and fight FOR this country

                • I such visited Charleston, SC where slavery was a big issue during the civil war and the slave owners took advantage of slavery to get wealthy and now I see Corporate America & the CEO doing the same thing in these tough times. The CEO will hire the illegals to make profit look better. This memorial day I saw illegals working doing landscaping in my condo , I know the reason they work cheap.

                  I think we will have another civil war someday. The politicians add to these problems by making small companies jump thorugh hoops to start a business. I wonder if we can elect illegals to run our govt? They would cost less than the politicians we have now. How much do we think our elected officials pay themselves?

                  • @ Marathoner53…..LOL I think that is an EXCELENT idea! Coming from the dictatorships they come from, we would probaly not only pay them less, we might end up with more actuall FREEDOM!

          • I agree Gary…it’s sickening that these corporations preach loyalty when you are with the company but when times get tough, there is no hesitation in cutting you loose no matter how much you did for the company. Where is the loyalty now big corporation?? it’s all BS!!

          • I also agree with Gary. The company wants to much from their employees but will easily kick them to the curb when times are tough. Also with times being the way they are I think some get the perspective that “if you don’t like it, we can always hire somebody else”

        • MOVE! quit whining and do something about it, get the hell out of dodge if you are not happy with the situtation.

          • Begone, I presume you are working. Good for you. But even considering to move is not necessarily the answer. Many companies only are offering a few months of employment (in my case) which does not necessarily work with a family. If I were single then I would BE GONE in a heart beat. Anyway, it is more than just move to another state for job. Did you forget that it costs money to move? If people are struggling with trying to survive then moving can be a challenge and many companies are not paying relocation expenses.

            • I am stuck in Fla even though I been temping( temp jobs) here and there, I would like to move back from where I came from 1 year ago, up north to the Northern VA area, that is where government jobs are but like you said, I don’t have the money to move, I had gotten rid of the bulky items and I am renting a room, no more privacy for a long time, thank God I am in an ideal situation where my roommate works until 12 midnight and we don’t see each other too much! I’ve been unemployed for 6 months.

            • Yeah and not to mention trying to sell a house that you are upside down on. Nobody is buying and many homes have been sitting on the market for years. Most people need to sell their current home to afford to buy a new one. Renting the old house might be an option in good economic times but if you can’t find work in the town you are leaving chances are pretty good that nobody else can either and you will have a tough time finding a tenant to rent your house. Sure you can mail your keys to the bank but that will destroy your credit and you will lose whatever investment you put into the house.

            • That’s right Frustrated, you tell him……….Begone obviously is not considering the many dynamics that maybe involved and preventing someone from just packing up and getting out of dodge.

            • Credit score – who is getting a great credit score? When you own a home and no jobs in the community then you travel to work (gas gets you) then you want to rent it out – no jobs so no renters and you are doing all you can to pay student loans and pay regular bills – who is worried about going to a bank for a loan when credit score will show nothing about a hard working American. If you are not American go home and work in your country and let us regroup – we have been nice but we need to shut borders to all that have no visa for 5 years. International students gets more benefits than American children -why? Yes, it’s hard but we can all look up and know Jesus is on our side. We still have freedom to quit buying from some companies, hiring non Americans and to use coupons (use like money and save money for gas) we have choices….

            • age is a problem….people with experience do not get the fair shake they used to get. I just want a good job, but there are none available.

          • Some people may not be able to move due to things like insurance. For example, if you have medicaid for your children, you may be afraid of losing it if you go to another state.

          • In reply to begone and others with the same mind-set. You say quit whinning and get out of Dodge if you don’t like the situation. How in the hell can someone who’s lost their job find the money to move if they have to spend every damned penny they get from unemployment – taxes that are taken out for this specific purpose by the way and NOT a program for “lazy” individuals as some seem to think – in order to sustain themselves and their families? I can only assume that you haven’t lost your job and have no idea just how hard it is to survive under such circumstances. Perhaps if you had to walk in thier shoes you’d be singing a different tune.

          • Even if I were to “just move” elsewhere there would be no better guarantee of getting a job. I mean, even with the info about the above states it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re good jobs to were I won’t have to live paycheck to paycheck. Since I already do that where I am, what’s the point of moving?

          • @ begone……from your comment….I imagine you are young and are either living with your parents, or have lots of fb friends you think would be happy to take you in. You may have a job, or just a smartass trying to make your mark on this site. But OBVIOUSLY you have no actuall RESPONSIBILITIES.
            It would be nice if moving was as easy as it seemed. If you own a house, you have to sell it, which in this economy is a crap shoot. If you just walk away, you have no money for your new start. Then there is finding a job where you are planning on moving, again crap shoot. Then there is the whole thing of your possesions, if you sell them all off, you have nothing for where you are moving to. If you take them, you have to transport and store them till you find a place to live. Which opens another can of worms, trying to find a place to live when you have no money and no job. Who in thier right minds would sell or rent a place to someone with no income. Then if you have kids…..finding a new school, doctor, ect………
            MOVING……not as EASY as it seems.

        • if you also want to see menial jobs for a state that is saying unemployment is going down, look at
          it is a joke!! the jobs are NOW very low paying, and if you do not know someone in the company, you will not get the job you are applying for.

          North Dakota was our answer to saving ourselves!!

        • Some of the comments on here tells me that you are not willing to work a low paying job. It tells me that this is why illeagles are here working the jobs that you are not willing to do. If your family get hungry enough maybe you will change your mind. Get real! The government is not your employer.
          Stop using tax payer’s dollars to give you a retirement and let the illeagles go back home and make their country great and stop destroying the USA!!!!

          • Work hard when you have a familly and two jobs that pay what one used to? Then, if you check those with college degrees American that is works two jobs and people from other countries with degrees comes in takes our jobs and they have the same degree – this is called international students and then they get visas and stay. I have friends who are from South Korea, Mexico and guess what they proved it. We have a wonderful too free country for others to take. Now, you need to be a global employee with many languages or they will take your job.

          • its good to know that at least john mark has a good paying job and little concern for the welfare of his fellow citizen. hopefully he will lose that good job so he can be a willing participant in taking a unlivable waged job like others he thinks should be doing the same.

        • Wow another article full of b#llsh*t about my home state. I hold an associates in maintenance and as an industrial electrician an am unable to find any work in Ohio. My gilfriend has a BA in Chemistry and is unable to find work. Both of our degrees are in the top 10 for most versitile degrees and I have read manyt articles like this saying that we should be able to find work. With college loans I cannot take a crappy minimum wage job at Mcfood. With 1million plus illegal immigrants comming in from mexico its easy to say that the 67,000 jobs in ohio will go to them. Not to mention my girlfriend and I are both inelegible for unemployment as well as 90% of the people I have talked with in ohio. They fail to mention the thousands of college grads that cannot collect unemployment, are expected to pay loans, and cannot find a job, we are not part of the statistics. Im gonna have to say f&ck the mexicans, if I immigrated to any other country in the world illegally Id be shot at the border, why not do the same here 1 round of 5.56 for an M4 government issue rifle is in the pennys a lot cheaper than deporting them. Not to mention they smuggle drugs, get deported with no penalty just to do it again. If our private prison stystem and government were not so rapped up in making Pot illegal wed have some moeny to pay unemployment…you dont realize what goes into making pot illegal, 20billion for billboards, commercials, and dare alone, not to mention local law enforcement, federal law enforcement DEA and FBI, coast guard and military support for the southern border and then the private prison system, not to mention the trillions spent on pharmacuticals that kill people, when we should legalize and put money back into the system. You ask why? well there would be plenty of job openings followed by legalization not to mention savings for the average person, replacing 80% of prescribed drugs that have a side effect list a mile long with weed, and using hemp (not pot) for a major source of bio-energy and bio-fuel. I find it amazing that the private prison system gets 50,000$ per year for an immate while the national average income is 35,000$.. hmm How can I live on 35k when if i go to jail it cost the state 50khmm sad thing is these are the true facts. People say the truth hurts and it may to some, but not being able to find work has given me a lot of time to figure out how and why are system works, can we all say Corruption and Money.

          • @ The Truth Hurts…….OH MY GOSH…..I think I love you! LOL not really, Im married. I totally agree with you on the pot thing. If they leagalized it, I think the use of the other drugs such as coccaine, meth, crack, ect. would decline, and maybe even disappear. That maybe wishfull thinking, but you never know.
            I think there are many misconceptions about pot. It has very midisinal affects to it, and I think it is much less harmfull and addictive than alcohol. I have never heard of someone hyped up on pot and beating the crap out of their partner, robbing an establishment, or running them over with a car.
            All the “Pot Haters” of this country have obviously never partaken in the “LOVE” drug.

    • while it may be true that PA has an increase in employment, how much of that employment is minority? PA has the highest rate of race discrimination in the nation, those new hires are 80% white, there have been claims that minorities have applied for jobs and are told they will be called in the event that they get the job and in the same day hire someone who is less qualified and white. Case in point a police officer just moved from NYC and wanted a career change applied for a loss prevention job at target, they did not hire him (black) but hired someone else (white) according to the eye witness says has no security experience.


          • I think it depends on the experience for the job you are applying for. I have a bachelor’s and Spanish well qualified for high paying job, but in Florida they will hire the younger ( I am 55) even if the don’t have the experience; I applied at Macys the dept store I was over qualified; I have applied at Walgreens, Target, etc they never called. I had better luck with the temp agencies.

          • Gee DSPEN, maybe there is some reason OTHER than your being “white” that is responsible for it? If the situation is as you describe, then perhaps, the employers figure you wouldn’t do too well in the break rooms with all those minority hires you apparently, despite your professed lack of racism, do seem to very much RESENT.

            It is a tough job market. Minorities consistently make LESS, on average, than whites do. Women, consistently, make less on average than their male counterparts do. So if you see women and minorities getting hired MORE, maybe it is due to the fact that WAGES are stagnant and those doing the hiring are trying to hire folks who won’t expect raises, or promotions, because WOMEN and MINORITIES are used to being paid LESS than they are worth in America’s job market already.

            • A while back I worked at Home Depot and we had a new manager come in. This person was on the fast track to upper management. It seems that they wanted a minority person for the minority, not the person (AKA minority quota). In the six months before this person was fired for having the sales drop in the store by a third they showed their total incompetence and lack of people skills.

              What minority? She was Hispanic and Gay.

              I have no problem with these in any combination, male or female, but make sure they can do the job!

              You also have to know that the customers have to relate to the employee and this is the biggest reason why they prefer Hispanic employees in Florida, Texas, or other states with a majority of Hispanic people. the same goes for other ethnic groups.

          • I think that you are seeing what you want to see. I see all races, creeds, etc. working at these estabishments.

            • I agree with you but you probably have blinders on, no offense but have you seen the segment racism in America, its pathetic and deplorable. What goes on in the hiring faze is exactly what your being told, i consider myself a work a holic, and i have been out of work for 18 months in which i have applied for over 700 jobs, they sound like they want to hire me over the phone because i sound white but when i get to the interview i see the look of disappointment that i am not, hens me not getting the job because of the color of my skin.

          • The same problem in Cali..we are swamped with immigrants that are not legally here, but they get hired first because they will work for half the wage…you will be hardpressed to go into many places that speak english…mainly it’s spanish or an asian language…

          • I feel the same way, but its not only the whites being affected, but the blacks as well. and no im not rasict either. i do see more hispanics getting job. making it hard for us, the people that made this country what it is today. i think our president needs to force tuffer boarder control or im moving to China.

      • minority isnt the issue as much as discrimination on older workers who have the experience but with the excuse of the economy by employers are forced to work for min. wage jobs in order to keep what they have worked for all there lives. lots of the new jobs are min.wage and the employers know people need jobs so its an employers market to hire cheap and keep prices for their goods up. you tell me who’s the winner here.

        • Amen! PA is horrible, in my opinion. The full-time salaried jobs which I have found are all also very low salaries-and they aren’t entry level jobs!

          Underemployment is the problem.

          That coupled with too many “executives” who absorb the majority of a companies gross salary, and contribute little to none of the companies net worth.

          So, what is the answer? Entrepreneurship and competition???

          Then “we” end up right back here again: too many businesses and not enough business, and a lot of people out of work who worked for businesses that never stood a chance.

          Too bad armchair philosopher doesn’t pay better.

          • Not enough blue collar jobs in PA paying a livable wage… If I get $400 a week on unemployment why would i take a job that pays less? And don’t tell me about benefits! The working class pays thru the nose for benefits! Benefits are a necessary evil that most working class people can’t afford. I’m turning 50 this year, didn’t expect to lose my job (company closed) and don’t have much to be optimistic about!

            • I spent a year and a half unemployed, filling out 30+ online apps a week in addition to going around town as much as possible, when not working, paying for gas to seek employment becomes a hardship in itself. I also just turned 50 this past year, and not sure how, by the grace of God in my eyes, I landed a temp job that appears will go permanent in about a month. I feel one of the biggest problems with getting a job is the “online” vs “eye to eye contact” of hiring. We now live in a world where our children’s BFF is someone they’ve never met, we spend more time chatting with folk we’ve never met and time looking at a screen that ( as of yet ) does not converse with us. People power has gone out the window. And yes, those talking of moving, I had to borrow and am now indebted to a dear friend to move to a state that I was told had better jobs, however, they are as most have described, minimum wage and I heard for over a year “you are over qualified”. Good luck to all of you out there still searching, wish there was some way we could change the economy and quick! ( but gas is hitting $4 gallon and I dont see things getting better soon ) and I am an optimist, hard to someetimes keep that outlook atm.

            • Hey Larry, I know a lot of unemployed blue collar workers and NONE of them are raking in 400.00 a week. You sound more like somebody who tries to make the unemployed seem like lazy ne’er do wells. We can NEVER attain full employment, even when things are going well, and for now they are far from well. What is happening in America, is that the standard of living for everyone except the wealthiest 10% is in SERIOUS DECLINE and the Koch brother propagandists have managed to convince the lower and middle class to battle each other, rather than go after the COMMON enemy who sits back laughing and profiteering as everyone BUT THEM, has “shared sacrifice”– you rape a maid in the posh hotel, you go to prison, the head of the IMF does it and he gets to go back to a penthouse with private security looking more OUT for him, than after him, no doubt. There is no longer a justice system, there is no longer a workforce where workers have ANY clout, there is no longer any expectation for the WEALTHY RULERS to pay their taxes, what is left of them, even. We have gone from having programs for people, to having welfare for the rich alone.

              • If only it was that simple.

                It all comes down to the bottom line. If a company makes (lets make the math simple) $100,000 a year and the expense of doing business jumps by $20,000 in order to maintain the same profit margin they raise what they bill their customers.

                This is real basic economics, something that politicians seem to never have learned. Any increase in production cost gets passed on to the customer. It doesn’t matter what the product is. When the minimum wage was raised to it’s current level the day after the bill was passed milk, a basic staple, rose by $0.30. The bill didn’t even go into effect for another four months, but the cost to the customer went up.

                An economist did a study on the cost of a loaf of bread and determined that if everything that went into the making of bread, land, equipment, and so on, wasn’t taxed that loaf of white bread would still cost $0.02. As more taxes were added in order to maintain profits the bread cost more.

                Of course the whole system is much more complicated and you need at least a Masters degree to even grasp more than a few basics.

        • A-MEN to that!! You could have all of the experience in the world but if you are past the 30′s mark you are done! Or get this, you need a degree!! There are jobs that I have done in the past that you now have to have a degree for, its discrimination on the older, experienced workers as well.

          • So go back to school!!!

            I am and I’m 41. If you are in a dead end job apply for the FAFSA grant and get a degree. Once you are there and making good grades you can apply for scholarships and grants which will greatly reduce the cost of your education. Community Colleges also have lower tuition and offer “Career Advancement” classes to help you move up the ladder where you are now.

            • i thought so also, i now have 25K in student loans with no way to ever pay them off, 30+ credits short of a degree (had to drop classes as after being out of work for over a year i could no longer afford rent) and still no job. that was a great idea and i recommend it to no one.

        • My wife and I who both qualify as senior citizens have full time jobs and are doing quite well. We have money in savings and no credit card debt and pay no state income tax. Just glancing at the help wanted ads here, if you are an RN or a teacher, have management experience, or possibly can work in oil and gas, there are jobs for you here in Wyoming. As a matter of fact, most of the businesses I have talked to complain that they need people who are willing to work. Many of them had employees who considered a schedule to be a suggestion, and frequently took excessive breaks or just didn’t want to work. Most of them were fired.

          • And most of those with that attitude are under 25. Have a couple at my job, they won’t last long, but I will. I come in on time, work hard, am courteous to customers and fellow employees (even those that I don’t like), and don’t sweat the small stuff.

            The kids don’t, employers see this.

          • I hate to tell everyone this, but I have a Master’s Degree in Elem. Ed. and as a Library Media Specialist. It is my experience that the only teachers now that have a chance of getting hired are non-tenured or first years. This is not just in MO. Larger and smaller cities throughout the United States are closing schools to combine the student populations; which means there are more out- of- work teachers. People need to realize this is a detriment to our future in this country. Our children are our greatest resource. We need to continue to educate themso they will become informed, productive citizens. This means reasonable class sizes, good, dedicated teachers ( first years included) and a LOT less Federal and state mandates. No Child Left Behind sounds great in theory but all teachers know that there are children that can’t make that grade because of a host of reasons.

            • More…In regard to what I posted earlier…I am looking into new careers in which I can use my people skills and my talents, that use to be hobbies, before I went back to college as a non-traditional student with a family, a husband and a full-time job to become a Library Media Specialist/Teacher. I am “interning” in a different business while I am collecting unemployment and job searching because I have accepted that unless I drive 2 hours to a big city to work, I can forget a career in my field in the foreseeable future. My best advice, look into starting a small business. Do your research, find a niche that needs to be filled, become active and informed about your area, and see who can “mentor” you and what kind of financial help you might be able to find. It’s time to think outside of the box, my friends.

          • Thanks Dave. You are absolutely correct. I am 55 and a very talented health and welfare consultant. I have worked in the health insurance industry for more than 22 years. I am now unemployed and having a difficult time finding a job. Forget that I am a woman and I am black, those truths are irrelevent for me today; the issue is my age. The insurance companies and brokerages that I interview with claim that they are diverse and that they honor experience and age. Some even go so far as to claim they are partnered with organizations like AARP. That is all bull. The companies will go with someone younger almost everytime. They do hire a few older folks so that they can appear to be compliant. Oh by the way, to all of you racists out there that claim minorities are stealing your jobs, you need a reality check. Many of the jobs Hispanics do here in Georgia, no white person wants, e.g, maids, fruit pickers and day laborers.

        • As a lawyer, I can assure you that AGE DISCRIMINATION is America’s hidden civil rights crisis. While the media tends to spotlight race and sex discrimination, it tends to overlook age discrimination, which, in this economy at this time, is equally illegal but much more common and much easier to get away with. AND it affects all of us. Whether we are white, black, latino or asian, male or female, we will all eventually be older than 50 if we have the good fortune to live that long. About the time you start planning for the kids’ college education and/or your retirement, better be prepared to be rewarded for your expertise and long years of service by being dumped to make room for a couple of greenhorns who will know next to nothing and happily work for peanuts.

          • Age and weight discrimination. In Cali if you are over a size8 forget it..It doesn’t matter how qualified for the job you are they will hire someone thinner and train them…Looks better for the business especially in a state where sex sales everything….

          • I totally agree with the age dicrimination comment. I recently filed with EEOC for not being hired for age and disability reasons. My lawyer said age is nearly impossible to prove even tho they always hired someone fresh out of school rather than an over 50 person. That’s not proof enough.

      • Prob. over qualified And I am white and cant get a job most times cause i dont speak Spanish. Were the Minority now, Both of us… American White College fund ? Yea right. Negro Fund ok though, double standereds are great…

        • At this point, it is no longer a black or white issue. I will not say that I can attest all racism has perished but what I have seen is that friends and families are sticking together in the workplace. Most new hires, even in federal employment, are related to the hiring officials are close friends with management. White, Black or Hispanic does not promise you a job. Neither does education nor experience. Especially in the economy it is who you know and how well you know them.

        • FYI. Other nationalities can get minority scholarships if they attend a college where the majority is different from their nationality. That means that white people, hispanic, asian, east indian people can get various minority scholarships that are out there if they go to a Black college. – No excuses now.


          • It is not about skin color ~ change your attitude and outlook and you may get a job~ I am white, and 50 yrs old and have now got this job working for a global company who hires based on ability and attitude… I was told that my optimistic outgoing attitude is what got me the job over the other applicants ~ so for all of you negative , down in the dumpers, ( and I spent a yr and a half searching and still not give up hope )…. smile and type up your resume, maybe your optimism will shine through ~
            we are not in the 60′s anymore and I’d like to think that racism is a thing of the past, but it only can be if we allow it to be !!!

            • I also wanted to point out that if there is any discrimination that exists in the job market right now it is against people within the age group of 48-62. People in this age group continue to have problems obtaining and holding onto gainful employment. Employers tend to look at the job experience and conclude that people within this age group might expect to have higher pay than someone fresh out of college. Businesses tend to go with younger associates to whom they can pay a lower salary.

              All that being said, I am happy to see that you kept a positive outlook and persevered. Well done!!

            • While I agree that race isn’t a BIG issue if I were to try to get a “White America College Fund,” or a “White Entertainment Television,” or any other “White” organization set up, everyone that wasn’t white, and quite a few that are, would scream “RACIST.”

              There is a Black Culture, or as the P.C. police demand, “African American Culture Month” but where is the celebration for being white? Everyone else gets a celebration but us white middle aged men?

              Celebrate EVERYONE’S culture.

          • unemployment rates for blacks in america top 20 percent!!!! teenage blacks in n.y.c. is 90 PERCENT!!!!!! w.t.f. how is that an advantage??????

          • Just an FYI – Spikes in lawsuits from whites in the 1990′s claiming discrimination changed AA laws. You might wanna catch up on your current legal events before posting such a subjective comment

          • DSPEN…….I don’t know where you are living but if you’re a minority in a 90% white community it is good luck to you (the minority) getting that job regardless of the so called quota’s that need to be filled.

            • Northeast Michigan and there’s loads of white people. But we are all competing for the same job regardless of race.

          • Where do you live? I’m black educated,15 years in managment experience and can’t seem to find a job. Maybe I’m not BLACK enough!!!!

        • D. Don’t let me get started on you. There is no double standard. The funds for black colleges were started because blacks were not and are still not in many cases allowed the education that so many deserve. If you were truly intelligent, you would know that. But know this, if you were to apply to an Historically Black College, unlike the other colleges, BLACK people would not turn you away. I can’t stand ignorant people, I really can’t. If you are so offended, get your ass out there and apply for grants or better yet, go start picking fruit like so many poor Hispanics do every day. We all do what we need to do to survive.

      • rufus, Your example means nothing! I would suspect he was too qualified for this job. Chances of him staying in that position very long was not good. Also do you know about this guys background, credit history, references, etc. etc.? Maybe he was too tall or too short? Why would you assume it was because he was black? Did any “white folks” get turned down also? I’d bet they did. Quit focusing on race and your quality of life will improve.

        • Just like companies – businesses have to adjust to save money based on what is going on in the economy so does the job seekers. And if the job seeker who may be overqualified such as myself in many cases then this is the adjustment of accepting a reduced wage to make ends meet during this time. So just like when businesses-companies hire and spend more when all is good and they hire more people at better salaries then job seekers are doing the same thing – may leave for a better paying job. So what is the difference? Companies can make adjustments and we job seekers can’t but it is held against us? Come on!

        • Yeah, so genius that Whites almost sank our nation into a modern day depression. So genius, they keep stealing money fromG you and other Whites ,while you talk racism about Blacks. But, I get it, better a White man steal your money, lifesavings, molest your kids, etc. Yeah, genius White men at Enron, Tyco, AIG, G.M. etc. You clowns are pathetic. You take credit for you ancestors theft, raping, robbing and pillaging and talk about other races. Your sick and sickening. Cowards!

          • You’re an idiot Panther. Are you seriously blaming everything on “The Man”? He trying to keep you down? Please. Stop complaining and get off your a$$ and learn a skill and do something for yourself. I hate to say it, but since we elected Obama, African Americans have lost the tired “white man keeping me down” excuse.

          • Since this is a free country you are free to buy a plane ticket to Africa where the blacks run everything and it is so much better.

          • OK, Why is it that everyone wants to blame our job situatons or lack of job situations on race??? I say we blame the government. And the fact that the American jobs are being sent to other countries, who in turn get to make a profit from the United States. How about learning a way to bring these jobs back, so that we would be able to get jobs. I think the people that get hired the most are the ones who take a job for granted. They are lazy, rude, and could care less about if they are bringing home a paycheck, they would rather call off and sit back and watch other people who really need the job and would take that job seriously. Instead of looking at the true issue, which is the Government, we as a Americans (White, Black, Asian, ect.) look to blame it on the old race card. I think if we see that if your a citizen of the U.S then we are all in the same boat. We are ALL American people, who are fighting every day to feed thier family, and make things right. Why do we look so ignorant to other countries? That is because we dont stick together and stand and be Americans, Instead we look at each other and judge by the color of thier skin.. It is disgusting at times.. I think playing the RACE CARD is OLD. It needs to be thrown away, and we as a country should unite and make a stand to all of these Big Corporate Companies, the Government, and anyone else that we need to and take our jobs back UNITED, not ignorant racist individuals. Your words are what is hurting this country. We are not back in the slave days.. We are in the year 2011 and the racist card is something that is like a slap in the face of the great people who tried to overcome it.. WOW come out of the ice age people. Learn to live with others of a different race. Welcome to the year 2011.

          • Every ethnic, religious, racial, and governmental group has practiced oppression against those that were different. Blacks are no different. If you doubt this than look at the “Racial Cleansings” that happen in your own Africa. Read history and you will see that this is a social dynamic throughout history.

            And it was Black tribesman who sold Black men to White traders, so YOU started the slave trade.

        • Though there is still racism in American, most of the discrimination is through social-econmic status in our society. Many of us that are unemployed were at jobs that made 150k or less, and have seen our jobs virtually disappear. We are angry and disgusted, and tend to place blame on others that have jobs that we believe we are entitlted too. And that’s nonsense. I believe the problem lies with us a nation producing less and less entrepreneurs which keep jobs from being created. In Forbes magazine most of billionaires are from overseas (China, India, Middle East). They are dominating industries and areas where the US once held alone. We need to become more innovative through technology, so that we can be competitive and create more jobs for all Americans of all races.

      • if 80% of new hires are white, does that really mean they are racist? Maybe it’s a reflection of the local population which is most likely more white than minority- that’s why they are called a minority

        • Exactly, I bet if you went to Compton the # would reflect a larger population of blacks working and commiting crimes…If you went to China Town the Asian population would hold the higher #…and if you went to Missoula it could be the same said of whites..LOL I love ignorance…very entertaining. BTW I agree there is a black man in office (who BTW is half white) so really can ppl claim being repressed because they are black…PLZ

      • White people need those jobs more because we don’t tend to have as many kids out of wedlock or live here illegally milking the welfare, food stamp and healthcare systems. I’ll give you a better eye witness account. My mother was making minimum wage while my dad was out of work (family of 4) and we were constantly turned down for any social aide. The miniorities who I guess had more children would roll up in nice cars and expensive cell phones got approved. Yeah I’m serious. The time for whining about being a minority is over. Get a job, get an education and practice safe sex like the majority.

        • All races take advantage of welfare system. Did you see the millionaire lottery winner that is still collecting food stamps and medicaid in Michigan (a white man). So thieves come in all colors!!!!

      • TEXAS is a terrible state to live in, they need to close the gates and keep the rest of the U.S. away….

        and RUFUS…. SHUT THE H*LL up, you state the individual was moving,and he was a police office, but had no “security experience”

      • you complain about the white man getting a job over a black man? has it ever occured to you that he may be smarter and more qualified for the job.? apparently not. i have seen on many instances when a black man got the job over the white man because of his skin color. so dont cry when the white man wins. its about time this country rewards the people that built the place and dont whine about slavery…we cant help your race was weak and compliant.

      • Hey Rufus,
        The last i heard the “White Population” was the minority-especially in Pennsylvania!!!! And that is the case almost everywhere!! What happened many years ago is over and you need to stop dwelling on it! Everybody in America is Equal, and people that push the Race card is just making excuses for their own weakness’s

      • Im not saying their isnt still discrimination, but it was probably a pay thing. I think companies care more about what they are paying their employees, than what color their skin is.

    • if you read between the lines, what they are tell you is..yes we have jobs…but if you are qualifed for it you will not get it…we want to pay the one who apply for it with NO EXPIERENCE WHAT-SO-EVER as little as possible and the one who are qualifed…oh well to bad so sad….that is what they are really telling you…so there is your answer to wages, minority, etc…

    • Something they don’t talk about is the cost of living. I have relatives in New Hampshire and the taxes and expense of living are really high. This offsets the higher wages and then some.

    • The government will NEVER tell the truth…unemployment has to at 25% not the 9% it says. Minimum wage part time jobs for those who have lost decent good paying jobs with benefits…thanks for nothing!!!!

    • While the country is recovering from this melt down, Arizona is now interviewing, with statements, such as, certain companies what a certain are looking for a certain culture and a diverse group to woke in thier companies. Companies are hiring a percentage of Hispanics and a percentage of Blacks.
      coming from Man Power in Chandler, AZ? I will give them a grade F.

      That is the reason why the unemployment rate is so high in ARIZONA. look around America, racism with the hiring market is out there alive and well. my income stopped 5/12/10. research skills against the job market, all matching skills, however Arizona is being Bias with hiring minorities. Research That. Arizona not mentioned.???? search why?.

    • Notice how all the ‘Worst States’ are heavy manufacturing states? This is what happens when manufacturing goes overseas……WAKE UP AMERICA!

  1. Mississippi and Alabama need new job industries other than what they have. Focusing on additional job industries besides catfish farming and growing cotton would create new jobs and attract more different classes of jobs. New territory in the employment area could be what will jumpstart a rise in employment and even a start in being a state that one would move to.

    • in Alabama there is a car plant in south of the state capital and Austal in Mobile where i work we build ships for the Navy and they just won another contract from the Navy to build more ships and Austal is also growing exponitionally we have 2000 employees and they are doubling in size and are hiring now and gowing 2 hire another 2000 over the next 18 months. and there is also Airbus in Mobile even though they didnt when the tanker contract they are still in Mobile and growing

    • Rebecca you need to check your information on the industries and manufactoring in the State of Alabama.There’re several major car manufactor in the state alone with many other industries. Alabama is not what you think it is, its the ousiders who come here to the state creating this ideal of back wood worker mentality. Learn the true history of this country and you will find the importance of Aabama to this country.

  2. Unemployment is 22.5% in Nogales and Yuma, AZ last I heard, and it does not appear to be getting any better. Foreclosures are everywhere and people are living in RVs and with relatives after loosing their jobs and businesses.

      • No Juan, it is not karma. It is just the way things are when people are breaking the law by living there and unfortuntely, their numbers are being counted in the jobless also. More have come there to protest the state from doing the correct things for American people. If the illegals would all go home, the jobless number would drop for sure.

      • No Juan, this is not karma at all. This is what happens when you get a hugh overflow of illegals and unfortunately their jobless rate has to be counted in with the americans. Then even more illegals come so they can protest the state doing what is right in cracking down on the illegals. If they would all go home where they belong, the jobless rate would drop quickly.

        • Debbie,
          I agree with your statement. I found out this is true! What can be done when the employesr are not backing the system or our goverment!

          • Support Arizona and petition your government to do the same. Ikkegals are breaking the law and the ppl that hire, house, and care for them are helping them break the law. They should all be held accountable!

      • I have to agree with you. We as a society allow the known problems to continue. When its all said and done, we can only blame ourselves.

  3. in Nevada the drop in unemployment is just that…they no longer count the thousands who ‘drop’ off the unemployment benefits each week. Those people are still unemployed and struggling to eat. I know this because I live here and see it everyday!!!There are NOT enough jobs to support them or our community. Sin City for sure….. it’s a SIN to let this go on!!!

    • I am glad you are in misery. When the federal government stops support of foriegn countries. And the liberals who support illegal immigrants sanctuary starve and have to live on the streets then America will recover . As long as liberals are allowed to vote , the country is getting worse and worse. Soon the budget will not be a problem, China will withdraw its support and we will have to live within our means. GO OBAMA!!!!

        • I do believe that Mr. Obama is in favor of letting alllllll of these illegals to stay in our country and give them amnesty. How does that make him so great? He intends to ruin this country by hook or by crook and if he and Witch Pelosi get their way and amnesty is given, they will succeed in ruining this great country. But thank God so far, the american people keep standing up more and more to fight such a move.

        • Bush needs to stay gone. He needs to stay right where he is in the yard being pee pee’d on by dogs. Too many lives were lost during the infamous Bush years looking for invisible weapons of mass destruction. Barbara would have done a better job than George

          • your right bush did nothing good for america he supported mexicans sneaking into our country said they take jobs nobody else wants destroyed any chance of teens getting employment how about “mission accomplished” just one of a thousand lies bush put us where we are today obama had this mess droped in his lap 911 was bushes fault and he did not get bin laden he stated he didnt care about bin laden on national television

            • I am white and a mother but, whether we are white, black or mexican or cubian if you belong to another country -GO HOME! Obama needs to tighten borders with Americans and Bush he lead us to believe all is well and money is free to use freely. We had more companies fail during Bush’s time in office but the bite came after he left office and Obama took the heat and is dealing with. But, if anyone thinks they can do a better job -teach your child and direct them to focus on running this nation better (most people can’t balance a checkbook) but if you notice other people from other countries teach the value of money more than we do…

        • The conservatives and the mindless tracking to ignorance caused this recession. Financial and corporate rule stabilize the market and make it safe. Rethuglians have loosed the hounds of greed. Obama and others are trying to put them back into their cages.

        • it’s not go bush he helped put us in debt. It’s go Clinton. Atleast when he was president jobs was plenty and national debt was down.

          • Mike, there are archived newspapers online, and if you have some time check out these FACTS in some of them:
            Yes, The Bill Clinton years were so financially wonderful!!
            In 1995, President Bill Clinton and HUD agreed to let Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac get affordable-housing credit for buying subprime securities that included loans to low-income borrowers
            Clinton and HUD encouraged abusive lending and sloppy underwriting simply because they wanted to increase homeownership among the populous whether they qualified financially or not,,, after all, if someone couldn’t pay their mortgage,,, home and property values were going to just climb into the stratosphere forever and so they could just foreclose on the poor, financially unqualified, sap, and sell at a profit…. Then,, the unimaginable and impossible happened,, The bloated, corporate, banking, Clinton government, watched as the giant indestructable bubble blew up!! Overinflated housing and property values fell and are still falling!!
            Clinton spent his time in office setting this country up for financial ruin! The surpluses that came as he was in office, had already been in place through the Reagan and then Bush administrations. Then in very short order Bill and Hill undid all conservative and fiscally responsible groundwork that had already been laid. The effects of the Clinton administration and its criminally negligent policies are like ripples in a pond that are going to be visible for a very very long time!

            • And don’t forget the role that Barney Frank played in all of this! When we as a country get back to values of personal responsibility, things will get better. Handing out benefits to people (illegal aliens, individuals who chose not to better themselves, etc, etc) will just bankrupt this country.

            • Absolutely right!!! I would also go further and add the decision to allow these mortgages to under qualified buyers was targeted at the minority community. While so many uneducated Black Americans rant that Clinton was the “first black president” he created an environment to foster false opportunity.

              Also, many forget that it was Clinton who neglected to go after the terrorist after the first world trade bombing. Then there was the Kosovo fiasco. These events paved the way for the wars we fought in both Iraq and Afghanistan. While many were lost, and in hinds sight the wars could have been better managed, there has not since been an attack on our soil. When engaged in war we must take the high road. We must strike hard and we must leave no room to question that we are the world’s strongest and most diligent military force. President Bush may not win a diplomat award but he did make clear to the entire world we are still the world power.

              • Bill Clinton…..Last time we had a budget surplus and low unemployment was when??? Show me now much smarter you are than the rest of us again….

            • Nice try Christopher Petitti
              I love the way you try to REWRITE history.I lived through Reagan, Bush senior, Clinton and bush jr. and the ONLY time we had prosperity in this country during this time was during Clintons term NOT before and NOT after. And if Obama is given time hopfully he can correct the horrible mess DUBYA left us with.

            • If we apply the same logic to Obama as you used for Clinton we would be having happy days right now…If you dont know what you are talking about STFU

              • ????
                The same logic would give us happy days??

                Either you are a student of facts based in reality or you are not.
                In both the Reagan and the Bush Sr. Years, the US was doing quite well in many areas that today are truly shameful and criminal.
                Here are some “historically accurate” facts!
                Not things which Im just throwing out there (like yourself)so that I can sound like I know what Im saying (like you)…

                Reagan’s policies are widely recognized as bringing about the longest peacetime economic expansion in U.S. history, surpassed in duration only by the 1990s expansion that began under George H. W. Bush in 1991.[10][11] During the Reagan administration, the American economy went from a GDP growth of -0.3% in 1980 to 4.1% in 1988 (in constant 2005 dollars),[12] which reduced the unemployment rate by 1.6%, from 7.1% in 1980 to 5.5% in 1988, but with peaks of around 9.5% in 1982 and 1983.[13] A net job increase of about 21 million also occurred through mid-1990. Reagan’s administration is the only one not to have raised the minimum wage.[14] The inflation rate, 13.5% in 1980, fell to 4.1% in 1988, which was achieved by applying high interest rates by the Federal Reserve (peaked at 20% in June 1981).[15] The latter caused a brief recession in 1982: unemployment rose to 9.7% and GDP fell by 1.9%.

                Now, when your pal Mr “I didnt have sex with that woman” Clinton stepped into office, and after only 8 short years,, this country was poised for financial collapse,, UNDER HIS WATCH,,, NOT ANYONE ELSE’S!!!
                And now, here is numbskull #2, Obama kneeling on top of the coffin driving in the nails!!

                Now, if you respond and tell me I should STFU again please, this time supply some historic FACTS of your own from some source other than “Rick’s make it up as you go along, fantasy world”

            • Bush had 8 years to correct any so called “consequences” of the Clinton administration. Where was he? And why, with due respect, didn’t the bombling of the Towers not occur under the Clinton administration? He must have been on his toes to prevent such an atrocity. Why is it the conservatives always have “an answer” for their failures.

      • It was better a few years ago – I was just laid off after working for my employer for 21 years. The housing industry is what got us into this mess and it will be what pulls us out – but people who are employed need to feel confident enough to purchase a home and I don’t see that happening any time soon. A conservative vote is a vote for fiscal responsibility, a liberal vote is a vote for continued welfare and dependence on the government to provide for the people from cradle to grave.

        • I don’t think you “conservatives” understand basic economics. Immigrants, no matter their status or skill level, are going to become a low-paid workforce base that will keep labor costs down, which is good for business. Big companies aren’t going to stay in the US and pay us a living wage, they are going to move their businesses to Asia or where ever the cost of doing business is cheapest. And some of America’s greatest boom periods (railroad construction & westward expansion, for instance) are marked by a large influx of immigrants. Besides, our national birthrate is WAY down–normal of course, for any country with a high standard of living–any if we don’t make up the difference via immigration, neither our population nor economy is going to grow, period. So stop hatin’, yo… you clearly don’t understand what you speak of.

          • Yeah, we need more wetbacks burning the flag, flying it upside down, telling us to piss off in Spanish while laughing at us, refusing to speak American english, having anchor babies which the rest of us pay for, bringing gangs, drugs, etc.

            Bring on those immigrants who are parasites instead of immigrants like my Irish & German ancestors were who were proud to come to America, and be American.

            Damn all conservatives they don’t know anything about the way things really work. Long live the kenyan communist, his czars, lets all help build a few mosques while we’re at it! MORE IMMIGRANTS TO HELP US FINISH GOING UNDER! SCREW AMERICA AS WELL AS OUR LAWS AND AMERICANS IN GENERAL!


            • Immigration has its pros and cons. Not accurate to say or assume that all hispanic immigrants have brought to this country are drugs, babies, and a depressed economy. Look at the Italians in our great history. While they have brought diversity and hard workers, they also brought the Mafia and other organized crime organizations that we glorify and characterize the 20s and 30s by. We don’t even think about industrialization, we think of the Godfather.

          • I have to agree and add that immigrants are not counted into the unemployment statistics as mentioned in an earlier post. Unemployment is calculated based on the receipt of unemployment claims. This system does not allow for illegal immigrants to receive benefits. Unemployment is an insurance that is paid by both the employee and employer and has recently been subsidized by the federal government. It is an outright lie that immigrants take from the system. Most illegal immigrants work for small amounts of cash wages. They never get the opportunity to live the American dream. They are shadows.

            I do not agree that we can offer amnesty. It would be a reward for a crime. It is illegal to cross into our borders without proper authorization. It is also illegal to remain in this country once that authorization has expired. Compassion can be a weakness. We found that the pilots involved in the 9/11 attacks were here illegally and trained here. They were also able to fondle money and resources that took away thousands of American lives.

  4. I was living in Michigan from 2008 until this past august While I was able to find the occasional odd job it was never enough to keep all the bills paid. So I moved back out to North Dakota. Within 4 months I started working 2 jobs one part time the other full time. Granted they might be just barely above minimum wage but, they are still jobs. In Michigan I couldn’t even get hired at McDonalds, I applied at the one near my house three times all when they were hiring. So as far as I’m concerned this article definitely reflects my experiences with the recession.

  5. Man there’s frenchfry chef jobs and openings at walmart everywhere! This economy is booming! (as in blowing up right in front of our eyes) Without any manufacturing jobs left, the recovery will NEVER get here. It will remain in India, China, Korea and Vietnam.
    Are they accepting any immigrants?

  6. I have lived in North Dakota all my life and I have never been without a job. I am 56 years old, and was a plumber for 31 years. Now I’m slowing down. I work at a pasta factory here in ND. I just love my job, they are great people to work with. If I were young, I would learn how to weld gas pipe, then go to western ND and join the union. They are getting 32 dollars an hour, plus full benefits. The winters get tough here. I have good winter clothes, and also I put steel studded tires on my car during snow ball season. You can look for a job in ND by going online to the ND Job Service. We have too many deer in this state. Move here , get a job, then reduce the deer population. The fishing is good here too.

    • Don’t tell these people where to go to get a job in ND!!! I LOVE ND…but let’s keep the riff raff out and keep our jobs to ourselves!! :)

    • The whole and real truth is this; we all are struggling to make ends meet with the little that we now get. Some may have to downsize, another may have to pack up their family and move, and then more may gotta work two or three jobs to keep up the lifestyle that are use to. It’s hard for anyone to make these choices, but doing nothing won’t change your outcome. We always look for someone to blame when things go wrong and thats not the way. Lets just dig deep within ourselves and find that God-given talent to do great things. I’m not in favor of politics for it’s made up of imperfect people making tough decisions. All I know is that with wisdom and a clear mind I have survived this crisis. It has been tough with a large family to take a blow of losing a job that takes care of your house and your elderly parents. I encourage everyone not to lose hope, not in man or this Country, but trust God to show you how to deal with your situation, so in that you will be less stress and more lifefilled for your family or self. Much love, don’t lose HOPE no matter where you are and what color you are!

    • @ LeRoy Wolff:

      I have a buddy who just last month moved to ND, got a job in two weeks! He moved from So. CA. which is a wreck plus ten. I moved from CA. in late December to Texas (Houston area) and though this area is better than SoCal in many ways the job situation is still very rough for professionals at least within the related heavy equipment aspect of the insurance industry anyway. The illegal problem is just as bad in Texas as CA maybe worse though that’s difficult to believe. Part of the problem is most of the jobs I quailify for now require you to speak, read & write spanish and it seems to overide being in my industry for a bit over thirty years! Go figure…

      Anyway, been a hunter/fishermen since I was ten (forty-eight now) wish I could get paid to hunt all that deer and fish you speak of…LoL!

    • Leroy……that’s all fine and good but what if didn’t come from doing factory work….what else is there to do in ND? If that is the kind of work that’s keeping the unemployment so low there…….I don’t see many folks from big urban cities packing up to move!

    • might want to reconsider your options here. Not to say dont move to California, but the job market here is terrible. Im prior military with an AA degree and not even mcdonalds would take me. good luck on your search.

    • lynchknot,
      How long in the service,just son wants to join in the Marines….why not just stay in the service? atleast its a good pay check huh?i was just wondering for my son with 4 children has lost everything and lives in mich but has recently moved in with me for he has aquired a job but still wants to live in mi. we live 10 minutes from the line…if ya can get a job in ohio/mi line and buy a house in mi then i think one has it made….you can get more house for your money in mi just watch the high tax areas….ohio is just the opposite…gm will be hiring through the employmentservice…soon.and min- wage jobs here are a dime a dozen…if that helps anyone….just trying to help

  7. I live in Alabama and it is bad here. There are not enough different types of industry and the employment gaps are horrible. Its really “old school” when trying to get a job. I went to grad school in PA and would have stayed there, but I graduated in 2009 and even then I didn’t know if (or ever get) a job. So I had to move back to Bama with my mom. I have been jobless for two years even though I have a BBA and MHA. In Alabama, if you have a higher education and you didn’t get it here, its very hard to get a job because of lack of “networking”. Plus, the jobs that are around-I have too much education to be hired. I’m young and would like to travel, but its sad to live in my residental state and have this kind of job market.

  8. We have lived in Indiana most of our lives. When the recession hit, I lost my job in may of ’08. It took me 5 months to find a part time job at a charity resale shop. We were buying a modest little house on land contract (not living above our means-no credit cards, no car payments). Gave it up, down sized to a one bedroom apartment before winter because we would not have been able to the utilities payments if he had lost his job. In jan of ’09, he lost his job. We were both back in school but there were no jobs, and unemployment was climbing, and there were issues with unemployment web sites, and threats of it being lost when I hit my allotted number of weeks. We actually separated for a couple of months while I went south (mid florida) and got a job and housing. He came down, got back into school (pipe fitters union) and when he was done, still no jobs.
    He got a phone interview from a company in Fargo, North Dakota. He was on line and applied for more jobs in the area. We moved to a small town in North Dakota. Our housing costs were cut in half, our utilities (electric was cut by $250 a month!) were dramatically lower and our income doubled and I do not even have a job.
    Our first winter here was different-there is ALOT of wind, less snow here and Indiana and Michigan were actually colder (because of the lake effect humidity). The down side, it is very isolated and desolate. the nearest Wal-mart is 50 miles away. BUT, we are living well and happy now. Not stressing from cash flow and the people are the NICEST PEOPLE I HAVE EVER MET!!
    I suggest if you can move, do it. Housing is VERY LIMITED in the smaller towns Minot is BOOMING with work construction as well as manufacturing.

      • In aug 09-sept 10- we made 2 cross country moves. They were lateral moves as far as I am concerned. I saw an AP map, unemployment by the numbers, that was an interactive map. It showed unemployment by the state and then broke it down by the counties. I used that map to find work. I started in the lowest unemployment states and it paid off! We are not near the oilfields, we are actually 30 miles north of SD and 50 miles west of MN.
        GREAT schools, LOW CRIME and DRUG RATES, LOWER CAR INSURANCE RATES, VERY FEW FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS (the nearest “fast food” chain is subway and it is 16 miles away) I DO miss the convenience of what I want, when I want it, but to go out to eat is a treat. It has gotten us back down to the basics of living. I really love it. It has taken some time to get used to, but it has been worth it. I DO miss my friends and family in Ind/Mich/Fla, but with the money that we make and save, we are able to take vacations. Yes, we have given up somethings, but it has all been beneficial. I appreciate taking a drive and seeing wild life EVERYWHERE. My friends’ kids wonder how we live without McDonalds. It is very easy-we are healthier because of it.

  9. I moved to South Carolina in 2008 and found a job as soon as I moved here. I still have a position in the company although i’m now a Supervisor. I would recommend everyone who is desperate to look in the coastal SC areas. I’m in Charleston and the economy never faltered here. If you are well educated you can come here and dominate the job market, SC Public Schools are horrible and a large amount of the populous who grew up here simply aren’t well educated. So it’s fairly simple to out smart the supposed competition, they’re great and kind people, they just aren’t the kind of people you would ask how to defuse a bomb lol!

      • wow – how is what he said being a jerk? public schools there don’t produce well educated people, there is nothing wrong with saying that. He could have said something much much meaner.

  10. these numbers dont tell you not one thing i lived in N.H aand it is truly a # 2 states and now am in Idaho and my standed of living has gone up by 300% and with half the money ,,BUT one thing note all states that still backing Obama are the doing the worst off… try remember that in 2012 ,,,

  11. I currently live in NE and work one month on, one month off in the oilfield in North Dakota.

    It is BOOMING like crazy here, the local Wal-Mart is paying $950 a week for cashiers because there is such a need for employees.

    Anyone with a CDL is making money hand over fist transporting oilfield materials (water, fuel, equipment).

    And each rig employs a minimum of 25 employees, not including casing, cementing, and maintenace hands.

    Just a shining example of how well our nation would be doing if we were allowed to drill elswhere in America.

    North Dakota (Conservative) lowest unemployment, California (uber Liberal) highest unemployemnt, enough said…….

    • @ chris…the comment about california…so true! job market sucks. this for I have t go back into Active Duty Army. Hey, it at leasts gets me out of california…I wont miss this pile of rubble state.

    • Where in NE is WalMart paying $950 a week for a cashier job? I checked out NE Walmart jobs online and there’s nothing posted that even comes close to that. I honestly would like to know where I can make $950 a week as a cashier…I want one of those jobs. That’s more than I’m making as a teacher, and with less stress.

    • Hey Chris, I live in the NE and I think you’ve gotten too much on the brain because its not booming up here and there are no Walmarts paying $950.00 a week. Unemployment is double digit here because there are NO jobs. Besides that, 3 years ago before I moved here I had a management position with Sams Club which is part of the Walmart Corp. and never made even that much. Also, ND being “conservative” and CA being “liberal” as nothing to do with the unemployment rate. Its all about how many poor and illegals the states are having to take care of that makes the difference. CA being closer to the southern border naturally is going to have more illegals living there and being a drain on the state budget than ND would have.

      • I LIVE IN NE, but NORTH DAKOTA is where the jobs are!

        NORTH DAKOTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Try Wiliston ND, and the surrounding area where oil exploration is booming.

      • My entire post was to point out how ND’s unemployment rate is so low because of oil field exploration, and the fact that California refuses to allow it nor the many, many jobs that comes with it.

        I WORK in ND, and LIVE in Nebraska. I am willing to sacrafice one month away from my family to make over $100K a year.

      • I WORK in North Dakota, the state with the lowest unemployment rate. It is HERE that Wal-Mart is offering $950 a week for employees.

        It is in NOrth Dakota that Oil Field exploration is creating more jobs than the state employment cna handle.

        I chose to work one month on, one month off to make over $100K a year.

        I LIVE in Nebraska.

        California would easily be cure is horrible unemployment rate had it allowed the same exploration in its state, thus one reason Liberalism is killing the state

    • Chris;

      To true. After reading some of the comments, I feel the need to help you out. For those of you that are asking for clarification about NE jobs; as I read his post he is commenting on jobs in ND. As to the post regarding liberalism having nothing to do with unemployment… It is nice to see that logic does impede your ability to type. Does the logical leap between political leanings and the economy only gain reflective quality when one can blame conservatives for the employment woes?

    • Chris, when you posted ‘NE’, I and many others thought you meant New England. We have far too many acronymns, so next time you may want to write out what you want to say. You could have saved everyone many posts and you many replies before you finally got your message across.
      I am very glad for you that you can support your family while working 6 months of the year.

  12. Texas may have lower unemployment than some places, but that
    s because our wages are extremely low, poverty is a real problem, and education is amongst the worst in the country. It’s becoming a third world country here, I”ve lived here all my life and I’ve never seen it this bad.

    If you plan on coming here, plan on staying. Many people I know who have moved here regret it, because once here they can never make enough to move somewhere else.

    • Well, I just moved to Texas from Louisiana and got a job in 2 months! I took a 15% paycut but I was tickled to get a decent job so quickly–at 60 years old! How did I do it? I worked my butt off learning new skills and getting every certification I could in my field — procurement –BEFORE I got laid off. It can be done.

      I find many of the schools in the DFW area to be awesome. There doesn’t seem to be the mass exodus to private/parochial schools as is so common in South Louisiana. Granted there are some sub-par ones here to be sure. But all in all I’m glad I moved here.

    • Steve, if you were waiting on Obama to give you a job, keep waiting . Do not blame Texas. Texans believe in work , and their is much work available in Texas. In Texas it is so bad they advertise for employees on billboards. Just another fine example of a conservative state. I moved here from California, and it is as different as day and night . I will never vote liberal again.

      • Mobberry, Steve didn’t say anything about wanting Obama to give him a job…but you do sound like a typical Texas! Look it up bubba, the national ranking for Texas Eduction is 24 and slipping. Bubba Perry is slashing finding to our public schools (you are aware of that, right?) and his slight of hand regarding the State budget should get your hackles up (the special license plates that folks pay extra for to fund their particular interests such as hunting, the arts, the environment, and spay/neuter are being held hostage…Perry plans on freezing that money to make the state budget LOOK BALANCED. Mind you–look balanced–NOT ACTUALLY BE BALANCED!) Yeah, Texas is Bubba land and will remain so as long as the man in power keeps everyone undereducated.

    • Steve, diversify your skills (tech/trade school, online certification, even volunteer a few hours in the field your interested in!) The jobs are there and plentiful!! Take advantage of grants for education and better yourself! :)

    • I moved to Texas from New Mexico in November 2009. I worked in the medical field for 10 years and earned great money with full benefits it took me one month to find a job here although it is not in the medical field. I ended up with a part time job I lost $6.00 per hour and have no benefits, I have to work 6 days a week just to get 40 hrs. I have submitted at least 100 resumes to employers in my field and haven’t had one interview…it hasn’t been easy here to say the least, I moved here to care for a parent.

    • you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!……im 57 with 31 yrs in factory can’t retire but when i do i’ll still be working(unfortunately) to suppliment my income……and education is our best friend next to god….god bless….

    • Yes, there are jobs, low paying jobs. Yes, property taxes are low (in my neck of the woods) but we have no services to speak of. I’d rather pay more and get something of value.

      Texas public education stinks. It ranks in the lower half of the national ratings and is slipping…and Perry is gutting funding so expect to drop to the lower quarter before long. You call that a future?

  13. FL is one of the worse states. With Tricky Ricky Scott in office, he has placed all the burden on the government worker, the needy, the old, and the unemployed while giving the keys to the bank to his rich buddies. Tricky Ricky should be called the Jobinator because he is distroying jobs instead of creating them like he promised during his campain. I am to the point of looking out of state for jobs…

    • We moved to Florida almost 2 yrs ago because we had family down here and were really having a bad time with medical problems in the winter. The unemployment is very bad here, in fact we happened to move into the 2nd worse county in the state. BUT, no matter where I go, there are all the illegal immigrants, speaking their languange, and demanding federal assistment. Again, if they would go home to their own country, instead of trying to overtake our country, the situation would change drastically. I don’t know that much about tricky ricky since he just took office not that long ago, but only time will tell if he helps. If not, we will boot him out the next time we can.

      • You’re an ignorant imbecil. I suppose you are a native american because if you’re not, somewhere down the line in your family you had an immigrant… and just because we have our language and speak in our tongue, does not mean we are illegal… immigrants yes. As well as were your family members…so maybe we should have started by sending them back home.

        • There is a difference between immigrants of decades ago and the ones we receive now. When the Germanic, Irish and English immigrants came to the U.S. they came here, learned English and adapted to the ways of this enormous melting pot. They still had their own areas they lived and their own churches, but the were proud to learn English. I Swedish immigrant wrote a letter to a newspaper talking about immigrants. She said that when her and her parents stepped off the boat in New York, her father spoke to her in Swedish and told her…this is the last time we speak Swedish, from now on we learn English. She said that he was proud of their new home and tears flowed upon the sight of the Statue of Liberty. This was back in early 20th century. Now we are in the 21st century and immigrants do not have that same pride to come here and start a family. Many immigrants earn money here and send it home to their family. Legal and illegal. I do not have a problem if you come here legally, as my parents did, but if you are illegal, go away. We do not need anymore leaches on our struggling government.

        • @Jj
          Ok dude, seriously, you just an ass out of yourself…I wouldnt be calling people ignorant when what you have to say has no real relevance to anything that was even being discussed…I really do not think that whether or not our ancestors were native american says anything about todays immagration. Back in those days things were quite a bit different and anymore most people do have some native american blood in them I have deleware and cherokee so with that said does it really matter about back then? What really does matter is the fact that our country is in economic turmoil and our citizens and their children are suffering while foreigners are making a decent living for themselves off of our government programs and sitting back not even paying taxes cause they are working under the table..I believe there should be a law that while america is in economic turmoil there should be no green cards handed out and american citizens will be put as first priority under all government programs and jobs…after the american citizens are taken care of then they will attend to as many non us citizens as possible with out hurting our budget. But yeah I am soooo over all the damn immigrants coming here if this keeps going the way it is its not going to be america anymore eventually it will be the country of mixed nations because most the damn population will be foreign…

      • Thats the #1 problem in this country the foreigners that come to America to take free assistance and education then in turn they use it against America
        during their terrorist attacks. I am aslo so tired of being treated like the outsider here…I WAS BORN IN AMERICA!!

  14. well hear in utah we have it so good that the lds church has raised there tithing rate to 15% of your gross income..we have about 368 people working,they are in the lds church office building removing peoples names from the church name list..the rest are looking for more wives,,we her in utah think oboma is wonderful but because of the curse of cane and the black blood line

    • Obviously your problem is illiteracy and not the lds church. Work on spelling and grammar skills and it will improve your chances for being hired and getting a better job.

    • You honestly have no idea what you’re talking about. Maybe you should get some education first and maybe you’ll get somewhere in life.

    • You obviously do not know anything about the LDS church. Only the Reformed Mormon Church allows more than one wife. And the lack of tithing does not get you excommunicated. I have a good friend that lives in UT and is LDS.

    • That is a truly apalling remark. Curse of Cane? Black blood? Jesus you’re ass backwards and a simpleton. ALL your wives are ugly and your children are confused. And when you get to be the god over a planet, I hope ALL of the “people” on your planet are made out of mucus and cluck like chickens. F****** MORON. Have a nice day! :)

  15. I live in Chicago, and yes, our unemployment rate has dropped like a rock dramatically. Despite the fact that the Democrats raised the Corporate tax rate and having very high sales and personal income taxes, jobs are still being created here. G.E. capital announced yesterday, they are creating over 1,000 jobs in its financial services division for highly-skilled (college educated) workers this year and next year. Everybody is hiring here, which is great! And yes, I take issue with the person that said the states that support President Obama is doing the worst. Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi DO NOT support the President, and yet they are in the top 10 worst states for job seekers. Whereas Illinois where the President is from is in the top 10 best states and the job market here is steadily improving. If you can take the cold, high crime, high taxes, high cost of living and corruption, move to Illinois, lol!!!

  16. Oregon is not doing so well, all I see is poor getting poorer and very little change, also for every job opening,there’s over 50 applicants per job, so what is with this picture, and what are your chances of getting hired with those kind of odds, all I want is to make a honest living, but it seems to be a act of congress just to get a foot in the door, even if I am experienced in the field that I am in, I just don’t know what the future is going to be like in a few more years, maybe a total melt down, at the rate we are going, it don’t look good,things are moving too slow.

  17. Wow, Rebecca, before you decide to throw salt on the industries in Alabama maybe you should do a bit of research. We actually host plants for Hyundai, Chrystler, Mercedes-Benz, and Honda. From what I understand a plant from another major car dealer is in the making. Not only that but AL has involvement in the oil and gas industry, the cattle industry, hydroelectric power, and steel making. Certainly all things I believe the country finds useful. But I’m sure you’re a head of one of our fine 50 states and everyone has a job in one of the fine industries you started there.

  18. jobs in southcarolina there is none! if you got a job hold on to it wether you like it or not unless your related to trump(LOL)

      • yes i agree……Jesus IS the only answer and if we work at growing in him then we will see things more clearly and have more faith and trust in him and sooner or later things do work out for the good for those who follow him best

  19. A couple of points: The only REAL security is in JESUS!! That said, this report is fairly accurate. Obviously, ever person unemployed is not counted (some aren’t getting benefits, some haven’t filed) BUT every person employed is not counted either (some work for cash only, for themselves informally/illegally). ALSO, TX is not the “poor” state that Steve described. Texas indeed is thriving! Maybe we should diversify our talents to become gainfully employed. Opportunities are readily available. Keep an open mind! LA isn’t listed, but is also doing WELL!! Mostly because they support they’re local economy! (There’s a novel idea!) Last Point: Move to the Suburbs!! Cost of living marginally lower! (It’s worth the commute even with these gas prices!! LOL)

    • Indie, yes we can trust in JESUS but the reality still remains that people who are educated and qualified are still out of work. It is not even feasible to go get education and certificates for all the requirements that the market is asking. I understand the the job market – companies can be more picky because the applicants are enormous but the fact remains that there are many people who should be working but are not allowed by companies to work because they do not want to pay a little reduce rate – not talking about minimum wage.

      I had this CEO-President of a company tell me that he did not want to hire me because he felt guilty about not being able to pay me even a fraction of what I am worth. He agreed that I am worth the six figures or even little lower. This man told me that I needed to redo my resume so it would not look so impressive – dumb it down. Why should I have to dumb down my resume – true work experience just to get hired or even be considered. That just is not honest or right. Whatever!

  20. The U6 unemployment statistics are most realistic. Why they are not used to determine true unemployment, is beyond me.

    Right now that figure is 15.9% unemployment for the US.

  21. The percentages represent only part truth of the matter, since those who are underemployed are not included in this calculation, nor are those who have fallen off the unemployment landscape because they’ve simply run out of benefits. Previosuly self employed aren’t included either, which contributes to some very skewed numbers.

    Considering the population base of such states as New Hampshire where I live ( currently under-employed) , the truth becomes more evident ; the rate is closer to 8%.

  22. What about jobs that pay above $15.00 an hour? How many people have to work 2 jobs to make it ? Where has the quality of life gone for the people ?

  23. Holland, MI……..there are jobs for you, if you are a certain race………the job market would rather hire whites and mexicans. Blacks, as always we will struggle to get and keep a half-way descent job. This one black lady worked at Catos Clothing store for some years and waited for them to make her a Manager and they never did. She moved down south somewhere, not sure where, but anyway she now is a Manager over her own store with the same Company. It’s alll about where you live……..unfortuately, we have to still deal with this racism………there are many blacks that qualify for Manager position, but the Companies will NOT allow them to become Managers. It’s a very sad situation, still. It won’t ever change in this old system. Only JEHOVAH GOD, Almighty will make this chnage in due time. Probably, sooner than we think! Not trying to say bads things about NO race, it’s just what it is and will always be this way, until the end of time. I’am just keeping it real. Thank YOU! For reading my comment/opinion.

    • the race card is getting very old and is nothing more than an excuse for lazy,uneducated(most by choice) people who look for government hand outs.The fact that many children in this country are being raised by one parent in many cases,and are allowed to hang out,flunk out,and do nothing to better their selves speaks volumes on why the USA has so many problems.Bring back the draft.If one fails to complete highschool,in the service you go! The marines,army,navy will help these lazy,blame the world for there inability to pay attention to education,laws,and lack of respect for fellow Americans that work hard and find a way to success by determination and following the laws of this land.Stop this government hand outs that tax payers do not want or need.No more welfare.No more social security to those who never payed a dime into this well intended system.You lie,abuse these programs, than you are going to jail.I know people who can not work.Know why? They are to nervous!! What a joke.Some in there 20′s and are on social security.Shamefull,un-American.Tax payers want to stop these watsed programs.When will this governmnet wake up and stop the bleeding?You work,you get educated,you survive.You do none of the above,tough crap.You get what you deserve!

  24. Ohio?! Jobs…. NONE we have an abundance of over educated people with min. wage jobs vailable. I make more on unemployment than getting a job. What about all the 99er’s that no longer can collect unemployment and therefore can’t be counted in unemployment rate? My unemployment insurance on some of my bills is about to run out……….I am about to work a $9.18/hr job after being laid off a job paying $22/hour and you wonder why people are losing their homes?!

  25. job rates are going up and unemployment is going down, how much of those jobs are paying well? the job increase is because those who cannot get unemployment any more are getting jobs that is minimum wage to try to get by but it is not financially feasible because they still end up in the red or below. for example you have a house and car or two cars and making minimum wage, no brainer, it is not going to work just put that person in more debt.

  26. Other than the usual minimum wage (or lower) companies that are often hiring, such as fast-food and convenience chains, New Jersey has been a rough state to find a job in. Between a babysitting gig I acquired, and a weekend position as a receptionist at a furniture store, I’m still in the hole. Seven days a week does not necessarily pay the bills, which is apparent in my case. I’m attending community college full-time, so other than the weekends, I’m only able to work full-time during the summer. This is my time to “save up”. Unfortunately, all the money I receive goes straight to bills I need to pay, allowing me to just barely break even at less than 1K each month. Best of luck to all those unemployed.

  27. There isn’t an easy way to say these things. I will try to be fair. Bla Bla Bla Texas the holy Grail for jobs. The job market in Texas is been corrupt as long as anyone’s care to keep track. Texas lured away Fortune 500 companies from other states with promises of no and low taxes. And now they find themselves deep in debt. It is something my father used to call buying a job. And after George Bush more states are following this irresponsible form of government. When we run government like a business and then run it straight into the ground. The way they did the United States budget. When I refer to corruption in the job market. I refer to illegal immigration. Illegal immigration started in Texas and the prominent problem we have in this country with the current job market comes from the the rebel yell of Osama Rick Perry. The fact of the matter is that when all these other states with the smaller job pools and smaller economies fall for the corrupt business dealings of the Texas philosophy there will be nobody to turn to,to help them because the Texas philosophy has corrupted the federal government.

  28. Anyone know the job situation in New Mexico? I had heard thru a friend who lives there, that there are alot of jobs and the unemployment rate wasn’t bad but i was surprised that I saw nothing of this state mentioned in the best/worst states fior jobs.

  29. You think VA is good for job? First of all, it seems no one over 50-55 can get hired. Secondly, because I live in a rural, low income area, any jobs to be are hiring all View and welfare people so the government doesn’t have to pay out. However, because they are on social programs, they still get help with food, housing, free cell phones, etc. And they hire black and spanish before they hire white. Because of immigration, and social services, these people are replacng the population in help and jobs. By the way, I am tri-racial!.

  30. all in favor of letting government run are lives say yay all who apose say nay first off why are we farming every thing out to other countrys weres the good ol built in a america last for ever well its gone it doesnt exist anymore because people wont stand up and say no this is not right we have millions of prisoners who sit on there ass all day and dont do anything but say who s bigger or better who owns who who is with who what gang are you thats enough thats b.s why should they get school tv free meals for sitting around and rotting taking up space hard labor make them work for there meals and there education we all have to out here on the out side why should it be any different war they should be the first to go you know what really gets me is freedom were is the freedom does anybody remember what the constitution says i talkin about the original copy not the altered ones were is it everybody is so worried about everything outside of there territory that they forget what its like to live in the united states yea its great to help we the united states are really good for that but weres are help we used to be a great country the united states didnt have to worry about walking down the street wrong or wearing the wrong colors to be noticed by some gang and be shot oh yea we cant disapline are kids and show them where there place is at so they grow up and dont respect anybody talking back to there parents or elders or boss wow i would get the living shit smacked out of me if i talked back to my grandparents or parents and im 29 years old whats going on in todays society look around start somwhere illeagals i totally agree but you also have to look at all the companys that dont mind it and the only reason being is because its not checked i lived in japan in order for me to get a job i had to have a visa but not just any visa a work visa or a marriage visa one that gives me the right and says that iam a ctizen of some sort and am aloud to be here in japan if i didnt have it and a company hired me and they came threw and checked that company no longer existed it was shut down all the hard work and efforts of that owner down the drain all certs revoked why cant we do that here people and if your doing illegal things your set into a cell to rot and its not pleasent why because your on there turf dont abide by the rules your made an example of you dont get tv or a bet or cooked meals wow really that doesnt seem like a great place to go to prison i wonder why umm prison is not an excape paradise i here people say its better in prison than in the reall world i go why they say a roof over my head 3 square mealls a day dont have to pay for anything no bills tv go out and play i say wow sounds like a vacation hot spot to me were do i sign up im out here busting my ass working 60 hours a week supporting a family hopeing the company i work for doesnt go under paying crazy ass bills

    • To Zach…….maybe you should learn how to spell, how to form a sentence and how to use punctuation. I tried to read your post and I THINK I agree with almost everything you say, just that it gave me a headache to read it. I think you make some valid points………but “C’mon Man….”. Maybe this is why we’re losing jobs to foreign countries becasue our “educated” work staff spells, talks and writes like the hard working Zach.

    • To Zach…….maybe you should learn how to spell, how to form a sentence and how to use punctuation. I tried to read your post and I THINK I agree with almost everything you say, just that it gave me a headache to read it. I think you make some valid points………but “C’mon Man….”. Maybe this is why we’re losing jobs to foreign countries because our “educated” work staff spells, talks and writes like the hard working Zach.

      • Try reading the posts on Facebook of all the people who say they think they’re going to Yale next year…….and I haven’t looked at Princeton’s Facebook page for comparison. People are a little bit more literate on the Johns Hopkins page, but still…….!!

  31. I am structural engineer. I am working in Kuwait. Within next year I will get permanent resident visa for USA. I don’t know what to do. Could I get a job in Engineering Consultant Company? Which state will better? Please can anybody suggest?

    • Rezaul, my husband had to resort to finding work overseas also. That is what happens when our jobs are going over there. America is in so much debt to other countries that we have had to outsource to foreign countries and allow so many of them to come here to work and live. There seems to be more help for them then us Americans. I have noticed many engineering jobs here in Texas but there were many engineering companies that closed there doors. You have to do some due diligence on whether going into business yourself is a good idea. check out corp to corp jobs. Good luck and it is a good thing that you can work overseas as oppose to not.

    • I advice to stay with your present job in Kuwait. Because it pretty much difficult to find a good job in enginnering field in USA espeially for new immigrants. If you know someone working in your field here, you may get a job only through them. There are many engineering jobs available here but no one will call you for the interview unless you know somebody in that company where you apply. The present economy is also very bad.Think twice before you come here.

  32. Bah.. I lost my job after 20 years of hard work recently.. As I walked out the door.. all the Marias and Carlos’s waved goodbye to me.. they are still working there..

    • Don’t stereotype I am an educated Spanish-American and my name is Maria. I am not a wet bag I came with a legal Visa 30 years ago! I am proud of living in US and pay equal taxes as any one

  33. Yeah right, they also don’t tell you that many jobs are for low pay and for those of us who have college education (AA, BA, MBA, MA) and years of experience that the companies -job market have combined many jobs in one (i.e. project manager, business analyst, and developer) which most people do not have all three skills. In my case I do not have the developer skill set and do not want to have that particular one which requires another degree not certificate but 4 more years of college, NO THANKS. In reality they want the developer which are often from foreign countries. They say I am over qualified in most cases but considering the market companies will not even allow people like myself to make a decision to take a reduced wage (not minimum wage) to have money to support family during this economic downturn.

    Also, they do not tell you that companies are just putting job postings out there with no real intention of filling them but they are partially meeting the requirements of the government which is providing the company with an incentative to hire people. The company gets the money but does not fill the position so it appears that they are hiring when they really are not.

    It is a joke!

  34. Alot of this data is very misleading especially here in virginia where a lot of the socalled job growth is actually temporary work. people can find a job but it isnt permanent and second it offers no health insurance. one of the biggest reasons that the mainstream media wont talk about is all the illegals in this country who are taking a lot of our jobs. employers would much rather hire these type of people because they can work them all kinds of hours without paying any overtime and basically these people are just happy to be working so they dont ask any questions and dont care anyhting about health insurance because they are getting it free on my dime anyway.

  35. What most people do not realize is that there are thousands of people out there that have exhausted their unemployment benefits and are no longer counted on the list of unemployed. In the state of Michigan, once a person exhausts their benefits, they are no longer counted as unemployed. The unemployment rate here is much higher than what the state is reporting.

  36. Gentrification in DC: Don’t relocate to Wash, DC if you need a pleasant and creative public school system; especially for black males. It will first spend millions fighting parents & special ed kids before thinking about listening to and working with non-white lower income communities. DC is very anti-hire its own qualified but life long minority residents.

    • Well then I won’t be sending off for a Maryland teaching credential with my degree, since it would only be of any use in that state.

  37. I agree with what they say on Kentucky. I live in this state. I just happen end up being one them 99ers or getting close I would say. I lost my job in 2006, lost my car in 2008 and lost my house in 2009. Jobs…yeah there jobs seasonal jobs very few are long term or worth not even applying for. I find jobs in my area now are asking for degrees. A degree to run office or even be sectary. I have the pick of going back to school if I can pay the school I want to go back for my last classes. Can’t get help there. So I am stuck looking for job for in what I can do. But, making $7.25 hour and working less then 16 hours a week don’t pay the bills, flipping burgers. Rent is running between $500-$800 month. I thought when I had to look for a new job that it won’t this hard. Out of all the jobs I have applied for and we are talking months after my second seasonal job ending, that is 12 job to apply for I have had 1 company call me in for interview and that is out of 72 jobs. I want to move, I want to leave but it is hard when I don’t even have money saved to do that.

    • It’s opposite here. Most just require a HS diploma and want the experience. However with me I have the degree but

    • Come to California. NO job wants a degree. They very specifically state that they would prefer the relevant, recent, verifiable work experience. Scientific laboratory technician jobs stating that they’d rather have lab work experience than a college degree in the sciences. Honestly. I’m looking for a state where my Yale degree CAN get me at least the damn ENTRY-LEVEL job!!!

  38. You can’t go wrong with Texas. The oil and gas industry is very strong here. Even the real estate market is, and has been opposite what the rest of the country is experiencing.

    Sure, we experience hurricanes on the Gulf Coast, but nothing like (literally) everywhere else. And the beaches are not Florida quality, but there is a beach. We have the hill country, desert, (beginning of) The RoCkY Mountains, East Texas for the outdoorsman, and the Gulf Plains for sub-tropical climate most of the year. Do you want snow? Hot summers? We got it all.

    So maybe I should say … “Y’all can’t go wrong with Texas.” I’m not crazy about the tax rate, but we DO have no state income tax. Texas is the Lone Star State for a reason.

  39. If Obama and his administration would keep their cotton picken mits off of the job market and companies trying to hire people, and open plants like Boeing and call centers in SC and Florida, jobs would be more plentiful. jobs to obama mean union jobs, not jobs for everyone. Just his corrupt dues paying buddies. Now that is inequality at its worst.

    • EDWARDO, If you had an IOTA of a clue -Union jobs are not exclusive – if you work for an company that has a Union you can be a member – in FLORIDA. UNfortunately, the flip side of that is that if you work for that company you can also choose not to be a member of the Union and that same Union MUST represent your sorry behind whe you get yourself into trouble. Translation – you become a welfare recipient becasue the dues paying members are taking care of you. There are HUNDREDS of jobs available in Florida – sounds like ur one of the ones that would rather whine and sit on ur butt waiting for a high paying tech job than go nget what’s there til you can do better. BTW, when the Unions fail – the country will crash and THEN we’ll be back in the thirty’s fightin for a 40 hour work week, paid vacation, child labor laws, overtime laws, OSHA and the thousands of other laws the UNIONS won! I AM BIG LABOR mister – I was a Local President and a working mother of 3 because their sorry daddy had your attitude!

  40. One has to wonder if we would have the high unemployment rate we see if families didn’t HAVE to see both spouses working to make enough $ to pay for the basic NECESSITIES in life. There was a time when the second job was for families to be able to buy a little EXTRA for luxuries when they so desired…so mom or dad went out and took that 2d job. Now they use it to pay the basic bills. Perhaps if the primary salaries for the main breadwinner in the family were HIGH enough,..there would be millions of families ABLE to make ends meet,..and that spouse MIGHT WANT to remain at home and spend time with kids, around the home,..and these families might have more family stability.I listened to an interesting lecture from a college professor named Elizabeth Warren a few years ago..”the collapse of the americann middle class”,..and she also wrote a book titled, “The Two Income Trap”. This lady points out some remarkable data that identifies in my opinion one of many basic facts,… if both parents/spouses didn’t HAVE to work away from home,..there would be MORE jobs available for others to work,..thereby curtailing the high rate of unemployment….seems like we’re in a very viscious cycle…with no end in sight.

    • It’s because a lot of “families” aren’t two-parent families anymore. Women just go ahead and have babies not only out of wedlock but without the father around at all, so there isn’t a second source of a second income to be had in the first place. We would as a society have to go back to thinking that childbearing and rearing belongs IN MARRIAGE or in a committed relationship – and that’s going against the grain of current “morality” so that’s not going to happen.

  41. All of this knee-jerk liberal bashing and conservative bashing is so ridiculous and completely unhelpful to any kind of constructive discourse. Things began to turn to crap under conservative George Bush and they continue to remain bad under liberal Barack Obama. The deck is stacked against the average little guy no matter which party or which ideology has the upper-hand at any given time. Anyone who thinks Democrats, Republicans or any other big bloated political bureacracy is going to really make the the average person’s life better is just completely fooling himself. And don’t look for corporate America to care either. They have pretty well shown in recent years that it’s all about making a handful of people at the top fabulously wealthy at the expense of the rest of us.

  42. Florida’s idea of decreasing unemployment is how many people are running out of benifits not how many go back to work. Seems like 70% of the jobs I click on in the search browsers want you to pay for additional college instead of actually offering you a job. For the trade positions that are actually out there if your over 50 you can forget about it regardless of your experiance. They prefer younger candidates. How can you afford to pay for more college if you can’t afford to pay your bills?

  43. I am in my 50′s so while not quite in the oldest group but getting there. Our country has become more and more of a work force of service industry employees. We no longer have the large amount of industries that produce most things because we can buy the items for less from China, Mexico, and many other countries. The service industry keeps growing because our new teck products have produced newer, better, and globaly used software that these nations with low wages and less restrictive laws procuce the hardware products and the trade inballance which is increasing our national dept constantly. No one of either political party has been able to change that since the Nixon presidentcy. Bring the jobs home and it would benifit us for the long run. Short term we would pay more for most products but those of you under 30 would see a much brighter future.

    • OMG, no help from the White House, boo hooo, get up off ur lazy rear end & flip burgers if u have to – I am so SICK of hearing whiney behinds complaining they didn’t get any help. If “the WHITE HOUSE” hadn’t BLOWN our money (that be the 500 BILLION we had in the bank when GW took over) we wouldn’t be in this situation but we are, get over it & get on with it GET OFF UR BUTT & LOOK FOR A FREAKIN JOB! It may not be what you want to do but crap – at least ur working instead of being a LEECH! Stop whining & do something. There’s only somuch the WHITE HOUSE can do when most of the population has a handout or thinks they’re too good to actually work.

  44. states like Michigan have a further problem because the jobs are concentrated mainly in the southern parts of the state and there is nothing going on in the northernn part of the state.

    • Michigan is doing it to itself. I am an employer in the northern metro Detroit area. 50% of the people that I have set up for interviews never show up (not an exaggeration). The unemployment commission makes it more desirable to remain unemployed. All they have to do is show they are “trying” to find a job and their unemployment benefits are continued. On top of this we also have “Under employment” This encourages people to take whatever 3 hour a week blow off job they can find. With the underemployment the state makes up the difference between what you make in your job and what you used to make at your former.

  45. Do like MOST of the rich!


    IF you are moral and ethical in this oligarchy/plutocracy/capitalism…you fall behind the rest of the capitalist criminals…just the way it is.. a TRUE sub culture

  46. Blame the anti worker neo CONS..


    wages have not gone up in 30 years!

    you figure it out, we have to MAKE the private sector hire people or nationalize everything..


    • Spoken like a true Socialist. Why should everyone work, when a few can work and support the rest. Why strive to work hard when we can get someone else to pay for all our needs. Why make choices when we can let someone else do all of that for us!!!!

  47. I am mexican american and yes it is getting harder to get a job in california., Calfiornia is know for its welfare systesm (easy money) the illegals, ex-con are the ones getting the training, jobs, relief funds and welfare. I have seen parents (illegals) take their children (americans) to file for general relief. Gangs members, ex-cons and illegals (kids) are well information in the in’s and out of the welfare, general relief systems. I see this over and over again day in and day out. Its a shame that our governments does nothing to stop this abuse. We have good fine hard working americans that have worked hard for years, and yet we are not able to get any help (when we need it). For this country to get back on its feets, it needs to do some serious house cleaning. Illegals out, 2nd generations welfare off, better education our kids, stop babying our people.

    • I’m sorry, in what part of California is the welfare system “easy”?? It’s nothing but overly critical, demeaning and soul-crushingly dehumanizing and all for a mere $422 a month?!
      Or no, wait, maybe it’s not any of the above to the illiterate and uneducated, not to mention undocumented (the welfare office looks at a United States Passport as if they don’t recognize it AS proper ID, let alone something they want to ACCEPT and they have to be threatened with federal litigation in order to accept it)……

  48. I moved my family out to NY last year because signs were literally being put up in our town that basically said, “Don’t bother to apply.” The only place that was, and to my knowledge still is, offering jobs was the local troubleshooting company for DirecTV. Cheers to them for continued hiring, but they can’t get everybody.

  49. Can’t get anyone to cut grass, couldn’t find anyone to help me run a hot dog cart, can’t get anyone to bush hog… old retired military, tired, amazed at how few people start micro businesses here in US. Seems most are on drugs, allowing unemployment to run out, on disability. Those that are serious are looking for a job and praying they don’t fine one. The professionals, I don’t understand why they’re not working, maybe (in Alabama, at least) they need to move to Birmingham and UAB. Others, start something, take something, move, make a new start. I’d love to have the age and health to take a shot at the new opportunities being opened up daily.

  50. I have been lucky working for a great company over the last 9 years but you have to have something to offer!!! I went into the Military like many others but I also new that a HS diploma and 4 years in the military wasn’t going to cut it. At the age of 30, I started college full time while being a single father of two and working full time. Four years later, I had my degree and 40K student loan dept lol Basically, it doesn’t matter what state you’re in, it matters what you bring to the table…


    Lowest Unemployment & lowest crime rates. As we like to say in winter: -40 keeps the riff raff out! :-)

  52. I’ve been in MS since Sept 09, I’ve found 3 jobs in that time – each one iwth better pay. What I have observed is the unbeleivable LAZINESS of most of the people who are crying about not having a job. They don’t want to LOOK for a job, they expect it to come to them. Most locally owned businesses are closed ont he weekends – yes, Saturday too, because they don’t want to work. Seriously – restaurants that are only open for lunch m-f & dinner Fri & Sat night – the work ethic of most of these folks is abysmal.UNemployment here is high & they’re enjoying it. If you WANT a job & are willing to LOOK for one – they’re available all over!

    • I have been applying for everything under the sun. Even maid service. You are one of the lucky ones you are blessed with a job and educatoin.
      Why don’t you go volunteer at the local soup kitchen on your days off and tell the hundreds of people out of work this and gloat about your blessings? Why don’t you volunteer to help your community instead of shouting when people need to vent on how they feel? Why don’t you tell the mother of a MS child who cannot afford the nurses to come in to help with her child and she is working two jobs or maybe three just to make ends meet? She is impacted by the government budget cuts on the health system.
      So go rant and rave You are blessed to have a job and the ability to get highter paying jobs. Many of us are not

  53. North Dakota is pretty cool – so far! Being conservative, wages were fairly low, but so were expenses. With the oil fields booming, and new areas being considered for exploration, some folks are abandoning their jobs for oilfield jobs, creating higher wages for all due to demand. And of course, now housing is scarce and going up, plus one has to deal with the three seasons of almost winter, winter and still winter. I love it, retired. If I was younger I would have held onto my class A CDL and looked for a truck driving job. No place is perfect, there are always trade-offs, but ND is pretty damn good – and so are it’s people!

  54. Gov. Rick Perry of TEXAS brags about the positive employment environment in Texas but like other folks postings…LOW WAGE JOBS! Texas attracts businesses because BUSINESS LIKES THE IDEA OF LOW WAGES AND MINIMUM TO NO BENEFITS via the WalMart business plan. If you are planning on relocating to Texas and have a family or plan on having a family keep in mind our state ranks second nationwide in the number of drop outs! Overall our public education system is in the crapper ranking nationally in the lower sector (24th) and dropping. What’s Perry’s solution? Gut funding for public education…gotta keep those property taxes low even at the cost of an undereducated population! If you are a monied business owner, can afford private education then by all means relocate to Texas! Your buck will go a lot farther because you can hire laborers for next to nothing and your kids can go to private school. Texas Republican’s have made this a perfect haven for you and your family–the rest of the people be damned!

    • If you have no marketable skills other than a strong back–then you are in competition with a large illegal population. However, there are a lot of tech jobs in Texas–just check out Monster.

  55. Here in Washington State on Eastern, Western, & Central part of the state jobs are very hard to find. Of cource the minmum wage jobs are out there and I have applied to those also, but since Im 40yrs old, Over 12 yrs of clerical duties experience, shipping, customer service, etc. etc. the companies are looking for younger people and I have been told I am over qualified. Who the heck is over qualified for McDonalds?
    I do not put my age down on my resume if they ask for my birthdate I don’t include the year. I sure don’t put down that I am raising my grandson on my own nor do I let them know I am about to lose my home. They really don’t care. Go USA
    I have read your comments and yes I agree with you. Yes, business owners will hire minorities for lower wage to keep their business afloat if they are honest if not the business owner see’s it as extra money to buy a brand new car or a trip to Europe.
    I can say this due to my family used to own ranches and we would hire the same family every year from Mexico to keep the ranches afloat No new car for us or trips. We lost the ranches no matter what we did.
    They don’t mention in the other states also, what their minimum wage is compared to cost of living in that state. Here in Washington State it is $8.85/hr and renting a apartment that isn’t infested with cockroaches goes $900.00 plus for a 1 bedroom and that is putting it low ball on rent.
    Im so fed up with the USA government, Greedy Business Owners…. and how we are treated through this recession. Did I mention a receptionist job I was looking at to apply for that is close to my home wanted a picture of yourself along with your resume?
    I wish oh wish I would of signed up for the Army before I got this old. Atleast I would have a roof over my head and my grandson.
    Tis depressing
    Good Luck to all of you looking for work. Off to take my anti-depressents and drink my coffee to look for work. Maybe the horse stables will hire me down the road? LoL ya right

  56. WOW I can’t believe the Racist on this Blog.It’s the blacks fault when corporations screw all of us,it’s the blacks and spanish fault when yo vote for people that favor corporation ove the middle class yo brought it on yourself for voting in these idiots that uses you to their end. Hate to say it but you’re doomed you lame brain…….

  57. Hey You all, want a job,training, education, medical and retirement benefits, the Armed Forces of the United States is hiring. Stop crying go to work.

  58. Do you really believe Michigan’s unemployment is currently 10.2%? They are no counting those that are not looking. They are not counting the underemployed. (16 hours counts the same as 40 hours) They are not counting self employed, that are either making nothing or are as the underemployed, making less. Much of the job growth in the country is government jobs “just who’s paying for that;” and low pay service jobs. One must remember when reading anything produced by others, including this comment of mine. Is to open your eyes, ears and mind to what the senses are telling you. What is the motivation of the writers and their companies? Is it true. False. Partially true, but mosty false. Are people getting raises, bonus, etc. Heck yes! People are. My wife did. But is it at the same rate as say five years ago. I would say no.

    • You got it.
      When you have only a few dollars left, & by that I mean $3 or $4, do you buy food for the week or look for work that may not even be there?

      I would bet we are worse off than the great depression, if it was not for all of the social programs. Back then there were a lot of people not working because of prohibition who would have brought large amounts of money into the economy. Instead we gain the mobs across America. Today we have even more people who would love to be out drilling for Oil, makeing American companys money to pay taxes on, but they are kept out of the work force by a president who wants to drive up energy costs so we can be “green”.

      Sure not all of us can drill for oil, but open up the jobs the oil drillers hold now to get by, & the many jobs these people & jobs suport & many people would be back to work.

  59. All the hooting and holllering about new jobs is all well and good. if you think a career of flinging hamburgers at McDonalds is rewarding work. Also the numbers are very skewed since they don’t take into account the long term unemployed, nor the over 50 crowd of professionals, that no one seems to want to hire, and seem to be taking the brunt of discrimination. Middle management jobs took the hardest hit during the height of the recession, and it will be a few more years before those jobs start coming back. Also Nevadas numbers are a lot higher, since other than working at casinos, there is not much stability being offered. And more of those are closing too, just look at the Sahara……….

    • McDonald’s won’t hire you if you’re over 40 or have a college degree. If you leave that off the application then there’s this giant 20-year GAP in where you’ve been that they also don’t want to see…….

  60. Based on the percentages Ohio has 320,000 people out of work with the 8.5% figure that is boasted & the 67,000 new jobs that reduced the number by 1.8%.

  61. Was in a Masters program at A&M and went to a federal job fair. There were three recruiters there, a Hispanic guy, and two females-one black. The Hispanic guy spent most of the time griping that more Hispanics hadn’t shown. Apparently there was a minority push going on.

    I interviewed, but wasn’t selected–wasn’t terribly put out, am currently employed and would have lost money and would have had to move after the internship–but was willing, since I would have had a higher ceiling, eventually.

    Guess they didn’t want a grey-headed intern.

  62. The employment rates can be skewed by the reliance on career employment versus ‘a job’. As many board posts indicate, ‘jobs’ can be filled and counted towards the employment rate. Unfortunately, a ‘job’ is not always a career position. States may have a lower than or average (National Average) unemployment rate and still have many over-qualified individuals working low paying jobs (Yes, I know a job is a job). I was laid off in August 2010 from a management position at an engineering firm. Two months after my termination, 3 people were hired to fill the workload and I was asked to come back part-time to ‘help’ the new hires because they lacked the necessary skills (recent college grads). The math shows: loss of one position, addition of three positions; unemployment rate decreases. In this case, the employer has both an employee net gain and a financial net gain (my salary was greater than the 3 new hires combined – Note: asked/offered salaries had dropped considerably in the prior 18 months with potential job candidates asking approximately 40% less than the previous years). Many companies have resorted to paying lower starting salaries/reduced benefits and ‘laying off’ current employees to take advantage of the current wage re-structuring. I believe this company strategy will result in many companies loosing valuable employees when the employment market turns around in 1-2 years (my estimate). The unemployment statistics may show lowering of employment rates; what it does not show is employment rates versus skill/aptitude abilities. Bottom line: how long will you flip a burger or sell a six-pack when the career employment market opens back up? The employer will have to pay premium rates for well-qualified employees. It is a waiting game for the employee now.

  63. In Aberdeen, SD we recently announced 1,000+ NEW jobs available THIS year! This includes jobs in health care (building our 2nd hospital in town), financial services, manufacturing, value-added agriculture, renewable energy and more.
    Brown County was named one of the “Least Stressed” counties in the country by the Associated Press Economic Stress Index. (low unemployment, low home foreclosures, low crime)
    “100 Best Communities for Young People”, presented by America’s Promise Alliance in 2010. It’s a great family-friendly community!
    Visit for current listings.

  64. Try living in one of the border states, such as California. Your changes of getting a job if you don’t speak Spanish are almost below zero. It’s outrageous that this is even allowed to happen. We are accomodating people that should be accommodating us.
    No English: No job, no welfare, no WIC, no food stamps, no unemployment, no SDI, no nothing!!!

    • But democrats are counting on gaining new voters, & unions want more members to pay dues. Once those things are stopped the rest will fall into place.

      I agree, if you live here learn to speak the language, or at least try. Anyone able to recieve benefits should have to speak the language. The people who paid into the funding did.

    • The DMV driving manual wasn’t even available in English. I had to stand in line and ask for it. It was out on the counter in every other language under the sun (except for French or German, naturally).

  65. I just went to a job fair – wow, great jobs: AVON calling, semi truck driver which costs $3000 to train for 3 weeks, pest control technician, Mary Kay, Sales for Primerica (scams), just crap. This is what you find at job fairs. They are useless as far as I have found. AND it takes gasoline and time and energy to get out there to go to them. I am glad to read that most of you posting here are living in the same real world I am.. those of us in 50′s that cannot get hired no matter what we are willing to get in pay or do, those that have famiies and cannot up and move, those that have used all savings and 401k monies and exhausted unemployment and still out of work after a year, those of us that have no relatives to move in with.. everyone that has a job just doesn’t get it. It won’t be long before people are living under bridges again and in tents like it was during the Regan administration due to the fabulous policy of trickle down economics. Let the rich stay rich and they will keep the economy going and it will trickle down.

    • reagans theory of trickle down economics was grand wasn’t it. let the rich get richer and piss on all the little nobodies they will eventually die off, seems to be working excellent at this point, especially if you are a rich bastid.

    • Is it from too many years of democrat control & unions, both doing well when there is lots of money around, but not able to keep going when things drop down?

  66. I guess Tucson, Arizona ranked so low it was not mentioned! Come to Tucson where IF you find a job we offer $7.15 an hour!!!

  67. I had food convenient store going out off business,it was land lord politics behide shutdown( out of business0 itry to sell store but land lord wont help me,when super walmart open up near by i loose a huge business,i do not have chice when lease expire i quit store and shut down.
    i go back the previouse company i use to work,do you know what interviewer said:well you do not have this kind of experience foor last 10 year because you work on this field 10 year ago and after laid off i start my own business, so you may forget what you was to do work and they do not have time to teach you.
    also you are old man 433 and you have to stand all shift or work hour front of machine,they can not give you chair or table so you can seat,i excuse i do not like to stand i can stand all shift,i am not that old ,i can work.
    interview person said they will contact at the time manager and let you know or call you for job
    i told them the person is not working at same companyor woking somewhere else. still she said she will find out person phone number and then they will go fromtheir.
    year is over still they not call and about other job i keep applying but won’t find job.every where talking about experience and i haveexperience they won’t give me job because race ,religion and other country person
    apply i walmart and application has to done online i never cal from walmart
    apply office depotthey said they wait for 250 application and they will select one person ,many people apply for job ,finaly i found new person hire and she is student !
    for all over i have to go for 250 quiz answer and kind of test to pass still not geting job.
    apply in bank and bank message is for teller job do not require any experience,i domne all 275 quiz and math skill answer and today and every week i geting email dfrom main branch office(PA0 location ,i recieve email job position location without phone number ,i calling local branch ,they not set up interview because they not recieve any message from bank that they shoul kind of messge if they recieve then they will calll and they not get any message from religh branch if they get message from stateoffice then they will interview,state not sending message to bank for my interview but bank sendingmessage is position available in local bank branch location and they presenting address alsobut no experience= no job
    hard to find job in NC state
    vist in wendy they call me to come every day afor all diffrent excuse,come tommorow and we will find out if they hiring or not? and next day visit in wendy they said no shift manager now come tommorow,next day visit them, manager said you have to talk to my manager and he is not here,next day visit man said position in afternoon and and afternoon shift manager is not herehe work in morningmanager not here come tommorow4pm next day manager left early 3 pm come tommorow manger got a day off come tommorow find manager he said they not hiring until july,visit after vist and seven day in row no excuse final result not hiring until july!what a hassle
    what is all business do today!
    employers are forced to work for min. wage jobs in order to keep what they have worked for all there lives. lots of the new jobs are min.wage and the employers know people need jobs so its an employers market to hire cheap and keep prices for their goods up

  68. As far as going back to school or re-training.. once you have re-trained say in nursing.. jobs are for those with experience. You can pay what little money you may have left to go to school or back to school for something else and still not be hirable due to age discrimination or just a lack of experience in a new field when your resume is all about your working in another field.


    • wow this is what is wrong with this country narrow minded bigots! First and formost not ALL “minorities” are lazy, on welfare and dont work. There are white people who are just as lazy and look out for hand outs too. I think it is so funny how a particular race can always be so judgemental but have not looked in the mirror lately. I am black. Not lazy did not come from a lazy family. Everybody works or they are now retired. Have college degrees. Some of my family memebers are lawyers, pharmistist and IT professionals. Who has not taking a dime and never will from the goverment. Now Iam not making excuses for people who chose to be lazy and live off the goverments money which is mine too aka the real tax payers. I grow up in a middle class family and have been working non stop since I was 16 years old. My first job was at a fast food joint. I could not stand it but it taught me good work ethics. If I wanted that car or certian clothes that my parents did not want to purchase I had to get it on my own. As far as the Mexicans go. I do believe that they need to come over legally like anybody elese that wants to live and work in America. They need to pay taxes like everybody elese in the country as well. Also think about this one. Why do some many companies hire them? Cheap labor!!! They will come over here and work for barely anything while some of these lazy ass Americans refuse to do some of the type of work they take.

    • No, people who see brown skin and make all these BS crap assumptions are the ones who should go to hell. This attitude is the reason why someone who went to Yale can’t get a job – all you people see is my skin color and that’s all she wrote. We don’t either not WANT to work, so if people like you would stop slamming doors in our face when we showed up for interviews we might stand a chance!!

  70. Please for the Love of God, stop publishing how good Texas is for everything! It seems like every other car on our roads has a California license plate and it’s getting worst! All you moronic liberals from California are coming to Texas and trying to make it into a “mini California” and it’s making us natives sick to our stomach!!! We have enough transplants living here who “hate Texas but live here because of a job.” Get the f*** out of here!! Texas needs an immigration policy for transplants from other states, preferably Californians!!! Trust me, most Texans HATE people from California with a passion. You’re overcrowding our schools, making jobs more difficult to get, and your attitudes SUCK!!! WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE, MOVE TO ANOTHER STATE!!!!!

    • Thats the libral way, see a place with good incomes & hard working people & they see a tax base that will hand out money to their cause.

      On a micro level, look at an old hospital area in a large city, the poor have moved in & have taken over what was once doctor’s homes. Now it is the most crime riden section of the city.

      Money made equals librals gained to tax away what was there.

    • Colorado keeps getting Californians here too ~_~ Couldn’t they at least leave their liberal ways in California?

    • Right back at you, Texan. You’re the reason why I as a San Franciscan can’t go anywhere where there will be that attitude towards Los ANGELENOS that I have to live down and have thrown at me everywhere I go. In New York someone saw my license plates and spread it around that I was from “sunny” California. San Francisco – “sunny” – ?? Don’t worry, Texans, your neighboring states hate you too.

  71. I moved from Virginia beach to Florida about two and half years ago. It was never a problem for me to get a job there. Florida is crazy! I have never in my life had to go through so many assesment test just to be able to get into an interview. Some of the assement test are based on personallity and other factors. Now employers are checking your driving record. What does my driving record have anything to do with a call center job? Or I cant apply for certian jobs because I dont speak Spanish. It has been a struggle for me down here. I just recently lost my job that I was on for two years and was denied unemployement. I have been on three interviews since I was let go and so many non repsonses. Thanks to to Mr Rick Scoot the Governer of Florida who ripped of people through his insurance business is cutting unployement wages being giving out to much. I am in college and almost finish with my associates degree and prusinga a carrer in the Health Care industry. I just hoping thing get better here because I truly enjoy Florida and the people here.

    • They’re checking your PERSONAL CREDIT for call center jobs, too. I have to find a state that’s outlawed that….like New York, New Jersey, I think New Mexico…..and then see if there are any JOBS to be had there.

  72. WOW…there are a LOT of racist postings here. I initially left the site, but decided to come back and submit this post. To all you racist White folks that want to blame anyone who isn’t White for your wows, listen up.

    You have no one BUT wealthy White politicians and business owners to blame for the state of this country. You continue to vote Republican’t and wonder why things are the way they are. The GOP doesn’t give a damn about you. They do, however, need your vote and you continue to give it to them. They feed you a bunch of BS about family values, taking the country back, and any other catch phrase they think you’ll buy, but their loyalties are to big business, the banking industry and Wall Street. They only care about your VOTE….not YOU. But you are too ignorant and racist to see that you’re being played. Businesses are shipping jobs overseas in order to keep costs down and pocket more money. You all talk about “welfare”, but the GOP wants to continue to give “corporate welfare” to the five big oil companies, who have posted record profits this year. So while you’re complaining about blacks, look to your own race as the one that’s ruining this country. The insatiable greed of YOUR OWN RACE and your individual ignorance of what’s happining will be the downfall of this country you like to call “great”.

  73. The problem with Michigan: Not everybody is into cars. Not everybody can be a doctor or a nurse. Not everbody can be exposed to chemicals. The place needs to diversify, diversify, diversify.

  74. Interesting, With the exception of Rhode Island every one of the bottom 10 has been controlled by a republican during the economic crisis and the radical religious right want us to let them run this country!!

  75. What I find hard to understand is that many companies prefer to hire someone who is currently working rather than someone who is currently unemployed. They seem to reason that an unemployed person must be unemployed for a reason and are somehow “tainted”.

  76. Hi all. I propose to move to work in Ukraine. For U.S. citizens pay 3000-4000 dollars, while prices for food and clothing, we have very low prices for medical services is low, but the level of service Europe.
    Attitudes toward U.S. citizens are very good. Many benefits. Housing is much cheaper than the U.S..

  77. I believe all you new yorkers out of work should move to texas for jobs an welfare as of course the californias have already been told to leave texas thus it would be great for both states. Como started cleaning up albany an now has been sidetracked by a few protestors that havent paid him enough so that is no doubt out. We need a good women gouvernor like ariz has. guts an brains with no fast trains.

  78. Citing employment/unemployment figures is only one tiny part of the picture. I live in Illinois (one of the top ten, supposedly) and the state has been and continues to be so badly mismanaged that it’ll be a long time recovering. Meanwhile bond ratings drop, taxes rise, services fall or completely go away, the infrastructure is rotting, etc. So don’t come to Illinois looking for work or you’ll regret it.

  79. I am not looking for a job, thankfully. The job situation in Idaho may show a tiny improvement but let’s look at the “jobs”. Far too many of the “new” jobs, and, unfortunately, many of those unaffected by the recession, are in the hospitality and service industries. They are hotel, restaurant, and store personnel jobs: low pay (mostly minimum wage, or lower), part time, and no benefits jobs. Most will not make the mortgage payment. If that is not bad enough, our state legislature just passed a bill that gives employers tax breaks for hiring new employees. I can see all the little brain gears working: Fire and, retire early present full time employees, split each of their jobs, hire two new employees. I get the tax break, and I don’t have to provide insurance or unemployment benefits! Great deal! Except, some poor laborers take jobs that provide none of the living standards the rest of us expect.
    I’m so glad I’m retired.

  80. Boy there seem to be a lot of victims out here who have nothing to do with their situation. I have never picked up a neswspaper that didn’t have a jobs section in it. There are people blaming illegals for taking their jobs or monopolizing the landscaping industry, work for the same wage and you too will have a job available to you if you won’t work for that wage stop acting like it is someone else’s fault, quit whinning and find something else to do. Hotel maid jobs seem to have all gone to recent imigrants over the last 5-10 years as well…… that because Marriott and Hilton are agressively advertising to that population or is it because the people who are taking those jobs have decided that it is better to work and make do on a smaller than ideal income than to sit on ones couch and complain about your lot in life. Hard work is it’s own reward. Get off your duff and make yourself great at whatever you do and the country will be made great again by the collective effort

    • If you’ve never picked up a newspaper with no jobs section in it then you haven’t seen the San Francisco Chronicle lately.

  81. Reading the posts confirm my take on the American culture of “me”. People in the workplace only give what they are paid for, sometimes less. There is no cohesion to work toward a common goal even if it means giving a little more. The constant lookout for the next best job or highest paying one divides employees and even makes some of you without jobs unwilling to work at lower paying ones. Hey if you have to eat and feed your kids, work the lower paying jobs. The sense of entitlement (usually groomed since childhood) is now very apparent in our adult woes.

    You think the job market is fierce now, wait till international candidates compete for American jobs. Most work harder, have just as strong or better aptitude/education and have commitment levels we don’t. Perhaps we have been spoiled for too long and now’s the time to re-evaluate our Christian ways.

  82. This article is misleading. The “jobs” created in Virginia, “year after year” are government jobs, created by the bloated and tax gobbling federal government. These jobs are like intestinal parasites weakening the host and will eventually bankrupt the nation. Federal jobs do not create a thing. They may offer limited service if that, but in the most part are simply parasitic.

  83. Actually, when they talk about jobs added they are referring to growth, job creation and economic development…not just the number of people who are no longer receiving unemployment benefits. There are planety of companies who are starting to feel more confident about the economy and those companies are starting to hire and expend existing operations as well as relocate into new areas therefore creating new jobs. The problem is that as we start to see some growth, the number of jobs loss due to RIF, closings and layoff almost outnumber the total number of new jobs created. Also, another issue is that even when people get back to work, many are forced to take positions making less than they were before they were unemployeed. This creates a bad cycle where employers are hiring but with a supersaturated market of highly qualified individuals, they can afford to be extra picky and have the upper hand when it comes to salary negeotations. When you are out of work and have to support your family…at the end of the day “any” job is a good job. Even at a substantial pay cut.

  84. My hubby and I lived in Louisiana all our lives. He put in 50+ apps and could not find any job except maybe fast food! with plant experience, a TWIC and OSHA card…moved to Texas and he got a slammin job at Motiva..they trained him to be a pipefitter. I thank God every day that he got this opportunity or we’d be living in the truck or at his parents’ house, and I dont know which is worse!! God bless Texas! We go home to visit but I dont really want to move back to La…resident for 50 years and worked 28 yrs myself in La. as a Dental Hygiensit (disabled now).

  85. This article is bunk. Oregon should be on the list of the Worst State for Jobs. Ever live here. It’s a joke. Kinda like looking for a needle in a haystack so to speak. The “at will” clause (damn whoever started this crap, Bob Packwood?) is a joke.

  86. It’s time to spend more time paying attention to the economics, spending and tax breaks that corporations and special interest groups are burdening the tax payers with.

    This isn’t a democratic or republican issue. The problem is greed by corrupt politicians and lack of action from those who are being abused.

  87. This article is bunk. Oregon should be on the list of the Worst State for Jobs. Ever live here. It’s a joke. Kinda like looking for a needle in a haystack so to speak. The “at will” clause (damn whoever started this one) is a joke. People are losing their unemployment. There’s no support, nor funds for this. We need self-service gasoline and a sales tax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. What I’ve realized: The best any of us can do is to keep trying. Stay out of forums like this that are not only down-right depressing, but are mostly time wasters and a chance for people who are mostly in the same boat (By most indicators, most of the judgemental employed here are themselves just one paycheck away from financial devastation. Another thing: I live in NH. How skewed must the author’s data be to have listed our tiny, drowning state as #2 best place to find work? That is laughable. We are flooded with illegal, drug-culture illegals coming up from Massachusetts, the vast majority of jobs are low-paying administrative assistant, warehouse, or worse–retail and fast food jobs that pay much less. The only way NH could top this list is becuase it lets companies setup and prosper off the sweat of its workers. Don’t come here. Our welfare infrastructure is run by immigrants who know how to work the system and who favor their own, and lead by unscrupulous(sp) government that controls the purse strings by controlling its liquor stores (also the reason by NH leads the nation in alcohol abusers), and by companies so afraid to hire employees that it’s become known as the “temp-to-fire” state. NH is not a place to come for a fresh start. I only want to warn you of this before you pickup stakes, uproot your families, and jump from the frying pan into the fire. Best of luck to us all.

  89. I know California was listed as one of the worst and I really do feel for those out there struggling to find work here. It’s tough especially given the higher cost of living. But I am greatful as well. My husband and I have been really lucky. He works as a web developer. I’ve heard it’s bad for freelance right now but there seems to be no shortage of companies looking for good developers. My husband has been in his current position for just over a year now and he is still being bombarded with calls and e-mails from recruiters who are interested in placing him with other companies. So a word to those out there who might be having trouble finding work as a developer, search in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Burbank and North Hollywood, El Segundo, Fountain Valley, or just do a search in the Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and San Francisco areas. Those seem to be the areas where most of the recruiters contacting my husband want to place him.

  90. I’m surprised Colorado isn’t on the top ten worst (could be number 11). Jobs are hard to come across here, other than call center jobs. I’ve lived here all my life and love it here and I find just going to another state to be a big culture shock. Could I ever move away for the sake of employment?

    • Oh, I forgot to mention I have a bachelor’s in business but while I’ve been job searching employers have been so focused only with experience and don’t give a crap about education i.e. High school diploma required, must need 5 yrs of customer service experience, 5 years sales experience, etc.

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  98. ranking states just on unemployment, where is the methodology? where are the numbers ? what is the methiodology? where is the objective data to sustantiate n. Dakota , NH. Texas , etc It says other factors other economic indicators were in the ranking? Where is the rankings for the other 40 states? This career builder blog is a lot of crap. This loses all credibility to me.

  99. We have come up with job opportunity in West Africa Rig platform to assist unemployed Engineers get employed.

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  100. I saw the job opening advert in local news paper last week.

    Thanks once again for the information and I appreciate this site.

  101. I am not comfortable with my present job and I have made contact to Afren Plc regarding the job position. I am Electrical Engineer with 7years experience and would like to know if the job opening with Afren Plc requires EE

  102. It’s amazing how people will turn on each other.  Minorities vs non, men vs. women, young vs. old, degree vs. experience, baby-boomer vs. echo-boomer.  What about crooked CEO’s? There are a lot of Corporations (not all) that have created this disparity.  WALMART. Add in the super wealthy and politicians (not all)……………….concentration of wealth and power. We are so busy fighting one another, watching 24hr cable news, and who wants to be an American goat herder we have no clue what’s really going on.  The upper 2% want it that way. They are outnumbered and they know if we really wanted to we could shift the power. Maybe when we are too broke to afford cable we will wake up and see the light.

    • @genx You hit the nail right on the head! Polarized and paralyzed. Whatever happened to “Fellow American?” This country needs a third party to break the grid lock. We need to do something.

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