25 best-paying jobs for women

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Best paying jobs for women

When you look at Forbes magazine’s most recent list of highest-paid CEOs (chief executives of the 500 biggest companies in the United States), you won’t see a woman until No. 48: Irene B. Rosenfeld, CEO of Kraft Foods.  In a country where women make up 47 percent of the  work force, just 3 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are female. In addition, women who worked full time earned an average of just 80 percent of what men earned in the same positions in 2008, according to the  Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But is salary disparity between genders the issue or is it something else?

In the Harvard Business Review blog, Avivah Wittenberg-Cox wrote: “Women represent one of the world’s biggest and most under-reported opportunities. The business world has been so focused on stories like the rise of China that it has not been invited to see that, much closer to home, business could be reaping the benefits of the rise of women. Companies — and their business school feeders — have been slow in adapting and profiting from this shift, and part of the reason is that media too often focus on small, sensational and misleading parts of the story, including aspects like the wage gap.”

Catalyst’s February 2010 Pipeline’s Broken Promise  report examining high-potential graduates from top business schools around the world found that, even after taking into account experience, industry and region, women start at lower levels than men, make on average $4,600 less in their initial jobs, and continue to be outpaced by men in rank and salary growth. Only when women begin their post-MBA career at mid-management or above do they achieve parity in position with men — a situation that accounted for only 10 percent of the women and 19 percent of the men surveyed.

Whatever the cause, the BLS reports there are only a handful of occupations where women’s earnings are equal to or exceed men’s, including construction and extraction occupations; special education teachers; installation, maintenance and repair occupations; life, physical and social science technicians; and counselors.

We wanted to know, what jobs pay women the most money? Here are 25 jobs where women earn $1,000 a week or more, according to the BLS, and how those wages compare to those of their male counterparts.

Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,647
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,914
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation: 86.1%

Chief executives
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,603
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,999
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  80.2%

Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,509
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,875
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  80.5%

Computer software engineers
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,351
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,555
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  86.9%

Computer and information systems managers
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,260
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,641
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  76.8%

Physicians and surgeons
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,230
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,911
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  64.4%

Management analysts
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,139
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,391
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  81.9%

Human resources managers
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,137
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,433
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  79.3%

Speech-language pathologists
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,124
Men – Median weekly earnings: *
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  **

Computer and mathematical occupations
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,088
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,320
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  82.4%

Computer scientists and systems analysts
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,082
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,240
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  87.3%

Physician assistants
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,077
Men – Median weekly earnings: **
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  **

Medical and health services managers
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,066
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,504
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  70.9%

Physical scientists, all other
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,061
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,535
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  69.1%

Post-secondary teachers
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,056
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,245
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  84.8%

Marketing and sales managers
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,024
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,601
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  64%

Physical therapists
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,019
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,329
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  76.7%

Occupational therapists
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,016
Men – Median weekly earnings: **
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  **

Registered nurses
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,011
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,168
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  86.6%

Managers, all other
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,010
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,359
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  74.3%

Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,004
Men – Median weekly earnings: **
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  **

Computer programmers
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,003
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,261
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  79.5%

Architecture and engineering occupations
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,001
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,286
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  77.8%

Advertising and promotions managers
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,000
Men – Median weekly earnings: **
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  **

Education administrators
Women – Median weekly earnings: $1,000
Men – Median weekly earnings: $1,398
Women’s earnings as percent of men’s in same occupation:  71.5%

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Are males and females paid the same at your organization?
*No data or data that do not meet publication criteria.

** Data not shown where the male employment base is less than 50,000.

  1. I am a hairstylist. The business is women dominated but i think pay is pretty much equal, and you could make more that $1000 a day.

  2. I grew up in the 5o’s – has anything changed? Women, no matter how qualified and educated still earn significantly less than men. There is no longer the excuse that men are supporting families and need more income to support them. All to many women are trying to support themselves and families in this antiquated system.

  3. The above statistics are bull. What they are NOT saying is that women call in sick or don’t come to work up to 15% to 20% more than men. Therefore, they make less. Dumb asses….

    • Who’s the dumb ass?

      Men as well as women have sick time allowances in white collar jobs. EITHER can call in sick and use part of their PAID allowances, with no reduction in pay.

      You must work at a really menial job, which most of us do NOT do. Go back to school, fool.

    • You sound like the typical male penis that considers himself largely in charge… I bet you don’t take care of any children or anyone outside of yourself. Women use most of their sick days for their children because their husbands make more money and they decide that it’s best to keep the wages of the higher paid employee for the family as a whole… You dumbass wouldn’t understand that. Women take care of children on sick days … what do you do? Count the days the women are gone at your workplace? Sounds like it. Dumbass

    • That’s because these women are most likely raising their children by themselves too. Have you ever missed a day or days from work, taking sick of your sick child? When they are small this happens more often. My ex-husband never missed a day or work when our son was sick, nor did he do any housework, grocery shopping or cooking. He never missed a hockey game, drinks with the guys and hockey trips. I’d like to know the statistics of how many dads care for their children when they are sick or do the shopping, house cleaning and cooking, not to mention all the running around this takes and the piles of dishes.

  4. i am a doctor n want a job i am in china and my major is infertility i can speak english urdu and chinese. i am a hard working lady .i have experience in gayenyand obs

  5. It’s hard to believe that pharmacists earn more than doctors/surgeons on a median weekly basis. Also, engineers actually make more than nurses in the long run.

  6. You didn’t mention Law Enforcement. I make $1500 a week and in California I work for one of the lowest paying agencies. We all make the same. Our base pay is the same for men and women. We receive yearly increases and increases for Associate and Bachelor degrees.

  7. What is sad is that women still do not make as much money as men! Same education, same experience, yet “weaker” and less paid gender. Equality for all!

  8. I think it is a shame that men earn more then women! we should all go on strike and get the pay we deserve! If we perform the same job we should get the same pay and stop on this he’s a man she’s a woman crap! If we went on strike what would happen to the work force? And no one apply for those jobs while we are on strike? They would cough up the monies then would’nt they?????

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  10. Women, please don’t take this personal! But as a law student, and as a lady, I’m not going to lie. I’m a bartender, and I make at least a thousand a week. I’m not the greatest looking girl on the block, however, count on the fact that most people tip a dollar per drink. If you bartend at a respectable bar, you get more. Therefore, I make an average of $1400 per week. It’s a recession people! People will definately drink now more than ever, which means to me, being a bartender is the #1 most secure job in the US. I now have zero debt and I have paid my way through college. At some point in time, most people get a drink during the week and I am here to serve!

  11. Men and Women are paid $1,680 a week as a Journeyman Carpenter in the United Brotherhood of Carpenters when working on commercial as aposed to residential work. We do not discriminate! From the time you are admitted into the Carpenter’s Union you are paid the same scale while working up the ranks whether male or female. You should really do your homework on this subject. I have read this same B.S. for years and it is not true. I know women that make way more than men while in the same executive positions. And look at actresses…a lot of them make way more than their male co-stars. Just an example!

  12. Sex, Race and age should not determine salaries, men and women should be paid the same. Women pay more for every thng

  13. It’s very unfortunate that organizations continue to pay men more than women who are in the same profession. They both have the same degree; I can understand if the male counterpart has experience that he should be paid more and vice versa. I’m looking on a female dominated profession, Registered Nurse, and my male counterpart earns more, ridiculous.

  14. The data shows that Pharmacist makes more than Physician and Surgeon. Thats’s wrong!!!!! Checkout Salary.com – a much trusted source for salary data.

  15. At UPS all package car drivers are paid equal and a woman package car driver has a 40 hour week base salary of $1,188.88 plus overtime. This figure is based on a wage of $29.72 per hour. Overtime is time and one half. Not bad if you don’t mind doing physical work. It will keep you in shape and you can make over $80,000.00 per year easy!!!

  16. The only frontier that women are equal or more in this country (The US) is the Auto Industry (Thank God for the Union) and the Porn Industry. For my self respect I’d choose auto work any day! Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers and guys remember to say those words to the women in your life you care about!

  17. The elementary and secondary educational field equalizes salaries. Salaries are based on years experience, degrees earned, and additional educational endorsements. Other criteria include the degree possess when initially signing a contract and the approved starting salary for the timeframe in which the contract was initially signed. Al things considered educational salaries in impartial to gender. There are exceptions for degrees in science and mathematics when the data demonstrates a strong need for said teachers—monetary incentives couple contracts.

  18. I am in the culinary field. Men have more chances to move up than women do. We have come so far but still women are treated as less of an asset. I pray that this will change soon.

  19. What you fail to take into account is the percentage of women in each field who either took time off to bear a family or was unable to put in the extra hours because of other committments. If a person is childless and/or has another venue for meetng personal responsibilities, they can devote more time to their work life. The person who puts in the longer hours, is able to travel, etc. deserves higher pay. Especially in highly technical fields, even one year off makes job skills out of date.

    We have come to the point where equality should be based on equal effort, performance, and skills. Stop comparing men to women without considering the other factors that effect the dollar outcome.

  20. Try government GS pay. Occupations pay per grade and step, without regard to gender. In the civil sector there may be occupations with physical strength demands that would more fairly suit the strength and build of a male. All other factors considered, men and woman should receive pay in accordance with the performance of their position. M and F are not payroll guidelines.

  21. This is so unfarir, unethical and just plain wrong on every level. Equal pay for equal wrok and more than likely the female is doing far more work and has more responibility on her job than the male.

  22. This data is not correct. I work for a group of doctors and I am a registered nurse. I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt the physician/surgeon information is not correct. The doctors I work with make a minimum of 1200/day for one shift. I can’t image a surgeon making what is quoted.

  23. I don’t care what it is that you call an occupation,if you work,being male or female the pay should be the same.It shouldn’t make any difference as long as you preform
    no one should be hired because of “minority” status.If you’re NOT qualified for the position you should have no right to claim to the position.
    Let’s face it Congress REALLY screwed up when they pass the minority law.
    Disagree? would you hire a total incompetant to run your company? Then why did you elect just that, to run our great?country in 1990.Or how about building a skyscraper?would you hire a total knownothing to repair your automobile?I think not.

  24. This cannot be correct!

    A Physician or Surgeon making less than a Pharmacist, and others!

    If this IS true – it is deplorable. They have life and death in their hands, they work endlessly and tirelessly, and they have a TON of education and education related expenses!

    Somehow things must change!

  25. This is very misleading information. It doesn’t make any sense that Pharmacists are making more than Physicians & Surgeons. We have a Pharmacist and Physicians in the family and our Physicians make *way* more than our Pharmacist.

  26. I don’t know where you got your information but I am a Speech/Language Pathologist and I make double what you’ve posted. My professional friends that are lawyers, nurses, surgeons, OT and PT’s all make much more than that.

  27. What isn’t said is that women are sorta like migrants (skilled). They get paid less, but they probably get hired more often for the same jobs. That is, they’re trusted to be better professional workers, but the same hirers want to scam them out of their money, as they are seen as not speaking up for themselves. Lucky them, huh?

    Men on the other hand, are viewed as demanding more, so people often pass them over in favor of cheaper workers. So if they can’t get an upper level job, because they come across as expensive, guess what jobs they take? Brute strength, laborer jobs (the stuff women are “too weak” to do, despite the fact that 50 years ago there was a 50% difference in strength but with the rise of women in work, it got closer to 5% with no increase in muscle build, because most women without hormone problems build mainly lean muscle). There is practically no premium in this country for hard work, unless they become manager. So guess who really gets paid less at the end of the day?

    Three things need to be done to improve this country: get rid of big chain markets and big businesses that outsource and return small businesses to power (the government can’t really step in and do this, but there are some laws that actually prop up monopolies), raise minimum wage not to a numerical figure but set it as a guideline to the minimum one day work can get you 2 meals a day and a place to sleep (even if it’s a simple room and board deal) since if you can’t do this you aren’t anywhere near a minimum, and to improve interviews so they actually grasp the workers wants and needs instead making assumptions based on race or gender.

  28. Um, how would anyone be able to know whether “males and females were paid the same at their organization”? The most anyone would have to go on is speculation, or “I know for a fact that this one other girl there makes the same as me, etc.” Which does not count as statistical research. :/ So it’s a rather pointless question.

    We won’t ever know who makes what until workers start disclosing their wages or we trash the idiotic “wage privacy” rules, which mostly benefit the employer, leaving them legally able to screw over some people (women) and not others without anyone knowing. That employers are legally able to get away with regularly paying women 15% less, especially with the equal-wage laws, is total bullsh*t. Wages need to be disclosed publicly on a regular basis. I encourage all women I know to compare wages informally among themselves and male counterparts they trust. If we had more unions in this country and people weren’t full to the brim with corporatist anti-union propaganda, we would have a way to ensure that people were getting the wages they deserved.

    We also need government-subsidized child care. As long as men are not stepping up to take equal responsibility in child-rearing, women are going to pay for it at their jobs, and I have no doubt this child-care stigma is partly responsible for the wage gap.

    • AMEN!!!! I am sick and tired of being passed over for promotions just because I’m a single mother! I do three jobs at a time better than most men I work with and still they get promoted because I have children. It isn’t my fault their dad would rather race cars than help me with daycare. I was a stay at home mom, but after a divorce I had to start over and I did. I have a good job, a good life and my children are doing well, but I am stuck with no room to advance and it is unjustified as there is no travel required, no overtime, and no reason I should be passed over and make less! You wonder why there are so many depressed moms out there?

  29. I do agree to these results. I just graduated from a technical college with the same degree as a class mate and we were hiredat the same company in almost the same area and he was instantly hired for more than I was. I instantly turned the position down.

  30. The reason women do not make the same salary as men is they always have to take days off for either women problems or kids problems. I work in a office with 23 women and see this all the time yet they constantly complain about the money I make compared to them, I work a average of 65 hours a week on salary pay, they can do the same if they wanted but refuse to. My work numbers at the end of the week average 65% higher than these women and I am compensated highly for keeping them in this range. Work hard and get paid high, work slow and get paid low thats the corporate thinking these days, keep in mind I am 55 years old and know the corporate work requirements.

  31. It’s hard to tell. Wages in the private sector are private, and many organizations it’s in the handbook that reveal wages to co-workers is can be disciplined up to and including dismissal.

    I think studies like are flawed in that they include women who choose to go part-time or leave entirely for a period of time to have kids. Apples-to-apples would only compare men and women who are in continually in the workforce full-time. This is especially true in fast-changing occupations where an absence of even just a few years sets one far behind, even to the point of making previous education and experience irrelevant.

  32. Yes, males and females are paid the same where I work, but that’s only because I am a teacher and we have a set pay-scale, based on the # of years you have been a teacher. I am appauled that men still make 20-30% more money than women for the same job. Its not like the past when men were the bread-winners of the family; today women deserve to earn equal pay.

  33. The disparity in wages is why I like working for the government. Wages are equal for both men and women for the same positions.

  34. I always get annoyed by these pay disparity articles because they are based on the premise that the pay disparity is due to a single factor: a person’s sex. Well, it is not. The disparity is due to a number of factors: location, effort, education, experience, etc. I used be offended by these kind of stats until I joined the working world. My first job out of college was at a law firm and I was hired at the same time, for the same job as two women. We all started at the same salary. After one year, I got a bigger raise because I had done a better job throughout the year: same company, same job title, different salaries. But I earned my salary and they earned their salary. Moreover, I bet those numbers are an average across the country. Well, a person will probably make more in NYC than they would in Kansas City, and maybe more women have those jobs in KC than NYC. So there again is another reason why “men” may make more for the same job title as “women”, but it is really just a difference in location. If in the future there is a government push for absolute equality in pay, then that push will have to go over absolute fairness in pay.

  35. my god, even the best paying jobs offer women 87% to what a man makes? The story here should not be “hey, here are some better-paying jobs, you should take what you can get” but “hey, you are getting screwed out of money just because you don’t have a penis”

  36. I’m surprised that Postal Workers isn’t on this list. The base salary without overtime, night differential and Sunday premium is over $52,000 annually, with very few exceptions. And this is an occupational group where women receive equal pay for equal work.

  37. Sorry, but tend to believe hookers, madams and dope dealers beat out most ‘Professionals”…….Just my opinion!……No apologies!

  38. Median weekly earnings is misleading. A relatively small number of very high paid individuals can skew that value upwards for men, while a relatively large number of low seniority persons can skew the number down for woman. Better to break it out into levels based on years in the profession. One will get a more accurate picture of salary potential.


    310-552-1710 PDT.

  40. I find it disturbing that even in the “Top 25 best-paying jobs for women” we are still making less than our male counterparts.

  41. With an assumption that these are starting salaries, why in almost every job does a male bring in almost $300/wk average more? That is $3600 a year difference. I’m barginning for the ‘man’ pay from now on. It is like this society doesn’t think a female needs to be able to support her family if she is the main breadwinner and punishes the entire family.

    It seems this society punishes its women whether they stay home to take care of their very own children, then furthers punishes its women when it is time to go back to paid work. Our society is so hypocritical when it comes to equal pay for equal work. I’m certain there are a bunch of laid off male breadwinners wondering why they are relying on $3600 less a year because the female had to step up and become bread winner.

  42. I see an article on my homepage at MSN.com about the best 25 best paying jobs for women, so I click on the link. What I get is an article talking about the disparity in pay. I wanted something fresh and new, and what I got was the same old hat. Men paid more than woman? No duh. As a woman, I am just of hearing that I am such a victim. I am looking for new ideas, not the same old crap.

  43. It is bad enough that I took a half the pay cut when I lost my job in 08 due to the economic slow down in the construction industry. Insult to injury came when my co-worker bragged that he makes more than I do. He has been with this present company approx. 5 weeks longer than I have.
    I get paid 2 dollars less than the other person (a man) doing the same job.
    Also when it comes to over time, he earns double time , where as I am paid time and a half. worse part is I can only earn over time if “he stays late”, he can stay alone at the office and earn over time, I can not, I was told it is because I am a “woman and it is not safe to be alone”. Makes me mad as hell and if I had any where else to go , I would be gone! I am currently looking on line for jobs around the country, I am even willing to relocate. What year is this?……………it feels like 1950 all over again!

  44. These statistics are bogus. Women make anywhere from 99% to 104% of what men make. It’s a popular thing to say that men are the source of all evil in the world, along with whites and Christians, but it simply isn’t so. Yes, you can find exceptions, but more women go to college than men these days, resulting in women making a lot more money than men.

    Stick to the truth!

  45. The old saying was men were the head of household. Times have now changed. More women are now the Head of Household. Women work harder than most men because we are focused and are goal setters.

    Women should be paid the same no matter what. The women who spent, put in the long nights, sweat and tears of passing the exams and recieved the degrees, should retian the same amount or more than men.

  46. If women do make less than men, it’s because they choose their families over work at a greater rate than men. Men make more money only when they work longer hours, and are more dedicated to the firm than their family and outside life.

    Women generally define themselves by their relationships, men by their work.

    Women also look for more emotional satisfaction in their job than men. Men will generally stay in a job just for the salary, while for women, if they do not received emotional satisfation from what they do, are willing to move to a less paying job that is more rewarding in their pesonal being.

  47. I think these statistics are misleading. There are several factors that are not taken into account. I would like to see what the starting salary is for each one of these occupations are based on the exact same criteria. What are the starting salaries for these people right out of the same colleges with the same GPA. Medain income does not take into account the length of employment at a company, experience, job performance, priorities (men tend to be more competetive, therefore pushing to advance whereas women as a whole tend to be content having a job).

  48. Ms Lorenz,

    I question the validity of your data and premise of women being paid “less’ than men. I am A Physician Assistant and know there are >50,000 male PA’s around the country, yet you did not report the average income of us. I also know female PA’s overall report making less than their male counterparts, but when one looks at the reason(s) it is readily explained by choices women have made regarding their career’s. When one compares apples to apples, wages are the same between men and women PA’s. Better stated, women appear to make better work-life balance choices than their male counterparts, although men report making more money.

  49. I think this is bull crap, honestly. A women will work just as hard as a man, if not harder. It’s sad that after this long, sexism still effects us. I’m not saying that this list wasn’t helpful. In truth, on the contrary, it was nice to see women being paid as much as they deserve. In fact, I am only 15 and plan to major in psychology in college =)

  50. The wage gap is just annoying at this point. My husband and I met at work and had the same job, but I was exactly a year behind him (promoted to manager a year later). I almost always made exactly what he made the year before. So I made less when you take into account inflation. I Where we worked we were rated and had the same rating.

  51. I’ve been working at Cinemark’s corporate headquarters in Plano since November “02.
    At Cinemark’s headquarters, we don’t go around, asking each other how much we get paid (an hour).
    So, no I don’t know if the men get paid more than us women.

  52. I absolutely believe men are making more money than women even when they are filling the same job desription. I believe that 20% less than our male counterparts is pretty much the standard. I am not bashing men or anything but it just seems to me if a female has the exact same job description as her male counterpart then there should be a law to protect us against being under paid. I believe in many instances women are beoming the “Head of the Household” income and our family members are counting on us to be able to provide them with an equal chance.

  53. Also, Finance professionals should be on this list (accounting and tax). There’s also alot of room for flexible schedules in the finance industry once you have good experience under your belt.

  54. There is no way this list is accurate. The average female MD makes significantly more than 1,230 per week. That is barely 60k per year.

  55. Staggeringly unbelievable that there is such a major discrepancy in the salaries of women doing the same jobs as men in the 21st century!

  56. Why didn’t they include exotic dancers in this list? I know it’s not looked at as the most respectable job, but this is one of the few jobs where women make much more than men. I danced for four years and pulled in a good $1,700 dollars a week.

  57. Absolutely the same. But, beecause of political correctness, affirmative action and the attempt to level the playing field, women are being hired and promoted at an astronomical rate. This is, of course, whether they are trained and qualified, or can even tie their shoes and dress themselves.

  58. This article implies that women don’t make as much as men for equal performance. If that were true, then profit-seeking companies would only hire women, and save money on labor. Why would a profit-seeking company pay more to have men on its payroll? Women are more attractive and generally more pleasant to be around.
    The “Glass Ceiling” fallacy has been disputed time and time again because it simply does not make sense. We know that companies will not willingly pay more for the same amount of labor (unless threatened or coerced by the government to do so), so the simple fact of the matter is that in professions where men make more money, men perform more work.
    People will believe what they want to believe, but they must deceive themselves to believe the glass ceiling argument.

  59. It really gets my blood boiling to see that, even in the 21st century, women are still being paid less, pretty much across the board in every occupation!

    While I understand, in some instances, there are factors which support higher pay for men, but it happens far too frequently to believe that it’s nothing more than sexism in the workforce.

    Even more disturbing, is the fact that lower wages also translates into lower pensions (based on income) when women retire!

    It used to be that men would ‘get the jobs’ and the higher pay as they ‘had families to raise’, but with the amount of single parent households, headed by women, that justification no longer rings true.

    It’s still a man’s world!

  60. This outrages me. What happened to equal pay. It’s a law but is not being inforced. Men are not smarter than women. Long gone are the days of men being providers of the household. Move into the 21st century people!

  61. I think its ridiculous if a woman does exactly the same job as a man, there should be any difference in the pay amount. Its a discrimmination that should be abolished immediaely. Obviously it is men, who are making this decision, its been acceptable for too long, and the change needs to be now!

  62. I believe this information was true but I don’t see it as true anymore. I work three jobs, once of those jobs I regularly go to 30 or more businesses on a regular basis. I talk with men and women from every place. At one point in time or another salary comes up. Lot’s of times in the context of hmmm, maybe I should work here. At every location, including the ones I work at, the women seem to be making more then the men and I’m not talking a little more. They seem to make 20 – 30 thousand dollars a year more. These articles just make women feel like they are getting the shaft and although it was common for women not to make as much as the men doing the same job, I believe very strongly that it is not the case today. I see it says data not shown where male employment base is less then 50,000? Ok, so if you take a place that has 75,000 men and 25,000 women and then average out the median income, your numbers mean nothing. How long have the men worked there compared to the women? Some of these guys have worked for the same company for 25 – 30 years in an industry that women didn’t get jobs in 25-30 years ago. Should someone that’s been working at a place for 5 years make the same as someone that’s been there for 30? I don’t think so. There are many more examples but don’t believe it women. Businesses are treating women just as well as men these days, these articles are anti-productive.

  63. Well, some other factors involving pay include how long they have been working, experience, intelligence, and such. Women can be great workers, just as great as men, but the output is based what is inputted.

  64. That’s great! Women still trail men in earning, how great is this article is it overlooks the more important issue.

  65. It is my observation that women have a distinct weakness compared with men in the public productive platform. Women secure their lot through the approval of their peers. Men choose their lot individually motivated by industry. Career politicians follow up to reconcile the differences with legislation to mock. One who interjects in a dispute is like a fool who takes a passing dog by the ears. The moral hazard when a politician is hurt, bystanders are wounded. Is fairness fair when production is muted with fairness? Isn’t Affirmative action mandated to put the weak before the strong?
    Did I miss affirmative action in the ideal law?

  66. I almost have to laugh at these stories that say women don’t make the same amount of money. it may be true, but let’s look at more of the story. Prior to the start of World War ll most women didn’t want to be in the work force, and most men didn’t want them there. But with the men going into the military, it became a neccessity for women to work. So in general, women started in the workforce later in life and shouldn’t have been paid the same. Another reason for inequality in pay may have something to do with the fact that women are going to lose time on the workforce because they are bearing children. I guess the point is, if everything is equal, then pay should be equal.

  67. I’m not sure where you got the sallary numbers from, but pharmacists do not make as much money as physicians or sugeons. I think the weekly salary you have for physicians is understated.

  68. An obvious attempt to point out the disparities in salary between men and women. however, what it doesn’t point out is the hours worked per week. Men work, on average, 30% more hours per week than women. Two physician assistants in my practice both work 40 hours a week, one is male and one is female. The female is much more active with her management, looking to make her day more efficient and hence squeeze in more patients. She gets paid more. Big surprise.

  69. Listen people, it’s 2010 already. The future has arrived with the ipads, touchscreen cameras, and 3D television. It’s obvious that we have evolved. But why is it that women still get less pay than men at the same job? That is definitely something that needs to be worked on. We are all equal citizens and it’s time for a change. Let the revolution begin!

  70. Unfortunately your list falls far short of 25 occupations. The BLS (whoever that is – your article doesn’t say) lists the following jobs among the 25: computer software engineers, computer programmers, computer scientists, computer “occupations”. The first 2 are identical and there’s a lot of overlap with the others. Only computer information systems managers stands out clearly from the other computer-related jobs in the list.

    There’s also a lot of overlap in other jobs, especially managers. Getting a good-paying job is hard these days – but there’s always journalism to fall back on!

  71. There is obviously a wage gap here and I find it troubling. Why should men get paid more for the same job a woman does? In fact, sometimes the woman does it better than the man. We’re a little more creative, we notice details that most would not, we look for the best possible solution for old problems.

    Grant it, we can let our emotions get away from us and cause us to lose our objectivity and men are good at keeping their emotions in check and staying objective which is probably why they can be paid more. That’s just my opinion, not fact.

    But really, I think that’s what keeps our passion for what we do still alive because without passion we can end up burned out. But that wasn’t the point of this article anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox now.

    So if men and women are doing the same work, why shouldn’t we get paid the same? It just makes more sense.

  72. that just shows that women still aren’t equal to men. we never will be. alot of times women do these jobs better than men but still get paid less.

  73. come on! I’m not sure where you are gathering your info, but I am a registered nurse and $1,000 / wk is way off for the ave full time nurse. Too high. Unless one is a N.P or CNS $1,000 weekly isn’t happening…

  74. This data is bogus. Lawyers, Doctors, and Chief Executives making less than $2000 a week?????? Maybe if you live in Antartica!!! In Texas these people make more than $5K a week on the low end. None of these career numbers are accurate. If you want to know how much someone makes, then just open the newspaper. A Registered Nurse only making $1011 a week??????? That’s a little over $25 an hour. Here in Texas, Registered Nurses straight out of school (Junior College) start out at $26 an hour.

  75. I know for my profession the stating pay is based on how well you present yourself and how well you can bargain and fight for a higher wage. The people that are able to do this well are considered samarai negotiators.
    There are a lot of different factors that are involved in a simple study. It is almost impossible to put out a study like this and have it be fair on all levels, you have to be pretty intelligent to not be fooled by short term non-scientific approach studies. This same intelligent thought processes will allow you to see through the B.S. of the news media as well.

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  77. Figures don’t lie but Liars can figure!!! These numbers are skewed! They do not show Salaries based on years in the career but Median salaries for an entire career. To be MORE accurate, you need to show the median based on like years of experience. Women tend to RETIRE EARLIER than men meaning that the men who continue working at high salaries due simply to longevity will cause the median salary to go up for men causing a skew in the results. This is just one factor in ways to skew results either against women or for women. Median Salary alone is not enough in this example. You need to consider education level, years on the job, what job they are doing (line employee or manager), how many employees they manage, etc… Also, when it comes to women CEOs, the question to ask is – how many women are stupid enough to want the high stress that comes with the job and even apply to be CEOs. We women can be content with lower stress positions and happy with our salaries in them and not feel the need to be a CEO so we never apply for the job. If we don’t apply, we can’t be selected. That will skew the numbers in that survey. This is not to say that we are not underpaid, because I do not have the proper data to prove it one way or the other (and this survey did not prove it either), it is simply to say that we should not take the numbers in this survey at face value. Rarely does someone provide the whole truth because we all have agendas, and half truths help us support our agendas. But as we all know, a half truth is still a lie because it misdirects those who seek the whole truth and leaves them with the belief that they have the whole truth.

  78. I think that it is ridiculous! Women are just as smart as men are if not smarter. Ugh sexist bastards. Just because you have a penis doesn’t mean that you’re almighty.

  79. Dont Forget Stripper! Make an average of 250-500 a nite & does not require degree should be high on your list when compared to the salarys you have listed!

  80. All of these job postings never make any sense. You’re telling me a pharmacists makes more money then a surgeon?? Where the heck do you get this information from?

  81. So your idea of a nice Mother’s Day article is a load of propaganda from Catalyst, a female supremacist hate group that was created entirely by lawyers for the sole purpose of generating false and misandric materials such as this? That’s awesome. I’m sure your mother would be proud that you are spreading hatred in the name of motherhood. Everything in this article is false. Don’t let that stop you, though. No one listens to MSN for reliable information anyway, mostly because you have a constant flow of crap like this.

  82. The problem with median average is the data needs to be normalized to have a comparison…meaning that you have to compare equal numbers of years of service. If you take a male Engineer that starts out a 22 and gets promotions for twenty years he will make more than a female that starts at 22 then at 27 takes six years off to have a family then returns to work…at 42 then the female (with the same rate of promotion as the male) will be making less than the male at 42…the freedom to take time off is a choice and is fair as long as they are getting equal pay for doing the same job. I would like to see the numbers normalized for equal time on the job, Women may still be paid less but it is probably closer than 80%…in professional jobs it is still up to the individual to negotiate their pay.

  83. I worked as a Computer-Aided Drafter, using AutoCad (the most popular program) after Technical School. It took me 15 yrs. to make a decent salary of $23 an hr. The men made more at every company I worked for. By the way the CEO of Autodesk that makes the AutoCAD software is a woman! She had stories of being at parties, get-togethers with professionals and was completely ignored because they thought her husband was the “big shot” and when they found out it was her they were completely blown away. They just naturally assumed that her husband was running Autodesk. She promotes education for women in the Technical and Science occupations but we have a long way to go!!!!

  84. Traditionally, men have focused on their careers, while women have been forced to split their energies between focusing on the home (their children, for instance) and their careers.
    From what I’ve seen, there are fewer women who have the drive, drive, or opportunity, to provide the same level of deditation to their career as the average man does. This may account for the lower median pay.

    I’m not saying lower wages are right or wrong. I’m just wondering WHY.

    Instead of complaining that it’s unfair, perhaps one should look at the INDIVIDUAL woman compared to her counterparts in the industry or where she is applying for work.

    I know men who make $40, 50k, 60k, 70k, and 80k, and they are all on the same team, with the same responsibilities. What is the difference? Education, Exceprience, Credentials, and whether or not they out perform expectations.

    If that were a woman making $40k on that team, it is llikely that she’d be screaming bloody murder and opression and sexism, etc.. Perhaps, but perhaps not. Perhaps that individual simply isn’t valued as highly as the other individuals on the same team.

  85. those who do not have job they can find this info is very helpful to decide what they suppossed to do for their future career path. i don have a job which i like most so it is not late to start over upon review this chart–demanding field in today’s market demand

  86. Wow, I did not realize that in all of these professions that men earn significantly higher than women. And I’ll bet that the women in these positions are more highly educated! I also think that women work harder at their career, too! I think if women maintain the pressure for equal pay for equal work, someday we will make it!

  87. whoever wrote this article is absolutely full of s#$@ !!! no american woman would put up with this type of discrimination. for 40 years the courts have backed women and other minorities in case after case after case. no american business would be foolish enough to risk the huge settlements they would pay for this type of blatantly illegal conduct. i don’t know if it was just a slow news day or what. but no one who has lived in this country for the last decade is going to fall for these made up “facts”. one would think since you failed to find some heartbreaking human tragedy to salivate over while you type your report you might report something good instead of fabricating total bulls%$# . COME ON it’s mother’s day…. and i’m sure yours is very ashamed of the huge liar you’ve become. males and females are paid exactly the same for doing the same job where i work. the cdcr. and have been since the 1964 civil rights act was first utilized in the courts in the 1970′s.

  88. On average, per hour worked, women make MORE than men. So instead of pulling out certain job types, look at the hours spent in the work force, dvide pay by that for each sex. Then tell me who is under appreciated.

  89. Yes, the males and females in my job position are paid the same.
    I am employed as a rural mail carrier for the United States Postal Service.

  90. After looking at the information you have posted here I feel women are still not paid a comparable salary to men. When I became an RN the ratio of men to women was only about 5% – 8 % male and now you are telling me men are making more than women. I always understood a starting salary was the same for women and men. This is very sad considering the laws which have been in place for many years concerning equal rights.

  91. I know that your focus was on women business professionals, but you left out a HUGE amount of blue-collar jobs where women make $1000/week or lot’s more!
    here are my TOP 10 for the creative woman who hates pantyhose, high-heels and a structured 9-5 office environment.

    Household manager
    Personal chef
    Garden designer
    Freelance Make-up artist

    Personal Assistant
    Exotic Dancer
    Hair Stylist/Salon Owner
    Yoga Instructor/Studio Owner

  92. You forgot hairstylists. Seems hairstylists are continually left out of the mix when it comes to profesions. From everything to qualifying for insurance to being a high paying carreer choice.

  93. I am aware of this situation. It appears to be factual. I am curious as to the “why” behind it. Experienced jobs possibly are explainable, but why the difference in just-out-of-college wages? I would like to see more on this aspect of the situation.

  94. I am not sure where you got your salaries, but the average physician or surgeon does not make less than a pharmacist.

  95. $1000.00 a week ?? Thats peanuts they have women in Washington D.C that makes more than that in an hour.Just ask our fine leaders lol.

  96. never changes, can only list the college jobs. to you the trades just don’t exist. i worked in HVAC and made as much as two thousand dollars a week. yearly income of over $180,000.00. 11th grade educations, and a lot of fun time

  97. when you look at how much wwomen and men are making compared to eachother, think about things like the cost of living for men vs. women on things like insurance or taxes. does a women pay similar tax brackets?

    there are 47% women out there in america but what isthe percentage of of women that like to keep it old school as a stay at home mother. or more unwanting of this article, what percentage make a living off of jobs that they dont report thier earnings in like the majority of the porn industry. or what percentage of that 47% are the type that avoid work compared to the percent of men? I mean it’s considerd OK for a woman to live with thier family into their mid to late 20′s, and men it’s considered normal until about 21-23 then it starts to look a bit wierd.

    the kida article that would catch my eye woud be one were they dont just spill it out on thier prespective. dont just base your findings off of a survey held on one site or one magazine, an article that covered a wider demographic of people, because mabey a certain type of people in one demographic pay attention to diffrent things than another deographic. im trailing off from my point but i think i made it.

  98. This article is very deceiving. It would help to mention that the older the worker the more they make and more men have been in these occupations longer with the exception of nursing and occupational therpy. Also it’s odd that every other set of numbers and the payroll of any hospital will tell you that female nurses make more on average than male nurses, mostly due to the same reason I just stated about experience garnering more pay. At many engineering companies women are actually paid more than men at entry level and this is the same in many male dominated areas, once again you have to look at the payrolls. Overall this article is very dishonest in it’s presentation of the numbers and very misleading.

  99. dont just down right regect it cause it dosnt agree, I think i make a valid point though I dont realy spit it out well enough

  100. Listing architect as a “best paying job” may give someone the wrong impression. There is massive unemployment in this field for women and men. I wouldn’t be surprised if the compensation stats are out-of-date as well!

  101. Where are you getting your information? I can answer for the medical field only. It sounds like wages that Canadians are making. If this is the mid range what is considered low range. Most states have unions in the hospitals for nurses and other medical professionals since when does a male nurse make more than a female nurse same with physcians. If a Doctor works for an HMO they make less than a Doctor who works for a private corporation . I live in a small rural town and contract out on my own as a registered nurse I make $100,000 at least and I don’t work full time. My husband made over $500,000 working for a private corporation as an ER physcian with good benefits. Our pharmacist makes $250,000 a year. I know of hospitals in the mid west and the east coast that are paying more. I used to work in Detroit and LA as a hospital RN and I know they haven’t reduced wages. I think your wages might be off a little. I can just imagine that people that are reading this may think thats why health care is so expensive. It’s a catch 22 situation the insurance companies are what drive up the costs and they are the ones that decide what kind of care your going to get and basically whether your going to live or die. If you have a catastrophic illness you have to pray that your insurance is going to pay or you may go with out insurance. So if you feel that you didn’t get the appropriate treatment people turn around and sue the hospital , the physcian, and everyone else which drives up malpractice insurance. Any nurse or Doctor that I have worked with for the most part does what they can to be the patients advocate and try to suggest that they do whats best for the patient. In the ER for at least the past 20 years it’s a cobra violation to refuse treatment to anyone according to their ability to pay. So the physcian doesn’t get paid if the hospital doesn’t. I get so angry when I here people say look at how much I got charged for an ER visit. What they don’t understand is the insurance companies are well known for padding the bill. The ER is a place I enjoy working but we don’t get paid combat pay and it can be a very dangerous place to work. It’s not unusual in high crime areas to be threatened at gun point, knife, spit at, urine and blood thrown at you, sworn at, physically attacked, and stalked. Many nurses have permits to carry a gun because of threats. Sorry I really got off track here. I’m concerned that the health care reform is not going to make things better I feel that were in for as real shocker. The goverment running health care at least Canada does’nt see it coming out of their pockets were going to end up paying more plus waiting for ever to have necessary tests and surgery done. Sincerely, Flonite

  102. I think the data on physician salaries is incorrect. If it were, your average female physician would be making around $62,400 per year. This may be true if you average in residents who are not fully trained and get about $25,000-$35,000 per year. However, I think the overall average physician salary is $150,000 per year (even for women).

  103. Some of these numbers don’t make sense to me. According to this a female surgeon only makes 63.9K yearly… That seems fairly low!

  104. Where did you get the wage for Reg. Nurses ? I’m an NP. I make $63.00 per
    hour plus benifits said to be worth another $25.00 per hour. And consider this,
    at my part time job; I make $90.00 hour with no benifits ( or about the same). Just as a matter of interest, I’ve been offered up to $120.00/hour. Occassionally I get unsolisited offers of employment which are inline with what I’m currently making. I believe you have presented incorrect wage data. My wife is a BSN,RN,CNN. She makes $46.00 per hour and with on-call makes around $130,000 per year. It’s my opinion that we are both underpaid given the wealth we generate for your employers, the health care industry, and society ingeneral. As an NP, I have aproximately 3000 patient care contacts a year. I write on adverage 3 prescriptions per visit which are worth aproximately $ 125.00 per prescription. That’s $375,000.00 in drug sales ( which I’m not allowed to recieve any renumeration for!). Likewise, I make at least a dozen hospitalizations a year worth aproximately $10,000.00 each or an other $120,000.00 per year that I recieve nothing for. It is important to understand this: at each of my jobs there are always several employees who are dependant upon my professional input for their employment. Their aggreate wage cost would be far more than one million dollars a year. And the truth is, that if none of them came to work, I would take care of all of the patients, with no loss in the quality of care provided. Remerber, health care, especially mental health care, used to be provided by practitioners in private practice. So what happened to all the wealth I and my wife create? We are not getting it–that’s for sure! And you are, now, miss representing what we do get, which devaluates what we are actually worth in the minds of your readers.

  105. You have totally forgotten Strippers, They get maximum wages for minamal hours without having to spend lots of money to get degree’s and go to university. Strippers can make over $1000 a night.
    It may not be the best job in the world or even a very respectable one, but it is a very common and reliable job.

  106. Ms. Lorenz,

    Where are you getting your weekly salary information for physician assistants? Your figure of just above $1,000 per week is extraordinarily low. Even the NBLS reports PAs at a median salary of $81,000. http://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes_nat.htm. And PAs make up something like 95% of PAs nationwide.

    The pharmacy salary figure is also suspect.

  107. Who stays home with your kids when they are sick! DUMBASS!!!! Women are responsible for work AND family. Why don’t you take responsibility and stay home with YOUR kids when they are sick! You probably do not have children, or a wife, because your an ASS!!!!
    Women are more likely to take care of their in-laws too! Why don’t you take care of your own parents!
    Women also do not have to be AT work to get things done. Women know how to multitask and do not need to be micromanaged to do their jobs.

  108. To the idiot that says women call out sick more than men and that is why we are paid less, you are truly ignorant. That is not a valid excuse for paying anyone less to do similar work. That statement alone could get you an EEOC charge based on the Title VII and the Equal Pay Act.

  109. The problem I have with this article is that the title gives it a very positive attitude, but then you read it and you get depressed that supposedly men are still paid more. I think Careerbuilder should have either left this article on the shelf or just addressed the real issue with the title…pay disparity, then they could have actually given women information to empower them to negotiate better wages. I think the article itself defeated the purpose of the title.

  110. We are treated like CLERICAL help—-Business Degree ,more EDUCATION (nothing agaist clerical help) they are not paid to well either. Change Change Change the way you hire–
    PROMOTIONS pay increase too many outsourced
    outplaced job loss after job loss and WE ALL GET THE BLAME —Older women are BLAMED for the mess of things today younger people can snap back . Too many jobs look like a job hopper—and nasty incompetant managment who
    does anything to NOT CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE
    they do not want to loose thier sweet job and benefits

  111. Men are making all the BIG BUSINESS rules
    and Women are TREATED like BAD LITTLE GIRLS.
    oh thank you for your CRAPPY PAY and WHY WOULD ANY ONE BE LOYAL —-all you said was CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE—I see NO CHANGE in pay ,benefits PROMOTIONS

  112. Pharmacists and Physicians have typically similar education. Today, both had doctoral degrees (ie. MD and PharmD) and both do clinicals and both have options of doing residencies and fellowships. I am a pharmacist and many of my friends are physicians. There is some comparability here. It really depends on what you do within the areas that you are working and within the type of specialty. Many people only think of pharmacists as working in a retail setting and that is far from all of the areas in which they work….

  113. Women were “equalized” by Jesus Christ; however, most churches put them under men…man is the head of the woman…this has a lot to do with the psychology of who, what women are and leads to women thinking they are not “equal” in God’s eyes, so why be equal anywhere else; shame, shame, shame on organized religion!!!!!!!!!!!!!women, don’t take this crap anymore AND SPEAK UP WHEN THIS IS TOLERATED…FOR YOUR GIRLS AND ALL OTHERS’ GIRLS….AMEN!!!

  114. you are probably right-but if their dumbass husbands would stay home to take care of sick kids or take them to appointments, women could keep themselves at work.

  115. Well, I have been in the telecommunications industry for the last 20 years selling network solutions to corporate businesses. I have been #1 consecutively in sales in the local, national level across the board with the positions that I have held. My base salary has always been an average of $10,000 less then the men that I work with. I produce and work twice as hard and because I am a women, my salary is a minimum 10,000 per year. Why? Because I am a female. We, as females are still discrimated against in the corporate business arena.
    I am glad I saw this because now we, as women, are getting exposure.

  116. Woman call out sick more often because someoone has to take care of the kids when they are sick or when school calls stating they have a fever and cannot return to class for 24hours.

  117. I’m currently making $200/wk as a part-time teller. I don’t know one man who works for that little money. I’ve never been able to find a job that pays me the same as a woman as my male co-workers.

  118. Women call out sick more??? That statement definitely doesn’t apply to everyone. I don’t have kids and never will. I know just as many men who call out sick because of their kids. It’s just not noticed as much for some reason. I have to collaborate with Jill and say in my 20 years in the IT business my salary has always 10 – 20 grand LESS than a man’s doing the same exact job and I definitely do the job better.

  119. I worked for a Fraternal Organization for 15+ years. The last 3 people in my department that lost their jobs when I was still working there were single Moms. Why is it that when budget calls for layoffs, that they would chose to mess with a family’s entire income by doing this? I know, for a fact, that the head of the company was making $2,000,000/yr. at the time. (Fraternals are required to publish their pay scales.) The highest ranking women were making $400,000/yr. While those of us getting laid off were only making $32,000/yr. in professional positions requiring 4-year degrees and continuing training.

  120. This information may be altered by med-mal insurance which is very high these days. Pharmacists don’t have this insurance taken from their earnings.

  121. I’m a recruiter and I have noticed that woman generally ask for less salary then men. For the same job a woman will ask 10-20% less. As a woman I try to coach them to ask for more and most of the time they are very uncomfortable about it. They also won’t ask for higher increases. They accept whatever is given to them and don’t challenge it.

    I only once made less then a man in a equivalent role and equivalent experience. When they would not adjust my pay I left AND told them that was why I was leaving. Within a year of my leaving all the men and women were on the same pay plan. (Ok by me because I was in a better position by then.)

    As woman we need to demand equal pay which means when asked what salary range you are looking for quote what a man gets and don’t budge. If you don’t know do some research. It is hard to blame an employer for hiring someone for less money when that is what they asked for. BE BOLD LADIES!!!

  122. I am a woman and i asked the same question when i use to work. Now am pregnant i have to stop from work. We are liabilities they say we get pregnant they still have to pay us for not being there for 3-12months a yr depending on which country you’re in. We have period cramps miss days again. It’s bio issues really and when you look at it they are right. But i still want equal pay anyways;-)

  123. Todd, you are the dumbass. The reason women are paid less is because of men still running the country. Until you come out of your caveman attitude towards women, you are going to live a very sad life. We have shown over the years, that we can be just a ruthless in business, wars, and on the domestic front as men, but until attitudes change, both from men and women, we will always be paid less for the same if not better job well done.

  124. For many years I managed Multiplex Movie Theaters. Many involved in special events (film festivals, benifit screenings , etc) I was always the mgr that arranged , staffed coordinated the events, including celebrity appearances. Often working 60 hrs a week in theater, and more on my computer at home. I was expected to handle emergencies even while on vacations, which were very rare.
    I watched men with half my experience get promoted and was forced to train people who got the jobs that I was next in line for.
    When I saw the paystub of my “equal”, a man with 6 yrs less experience, that never worked a minute over 40 hours and saw that he was making at least a third more money than I was, I paid a visit to the owner of the theater. I asked if he thought that I was doing as good a job as “john” he said that my work was, and I quote, “head and shoulders above John’s” I replied, “why then am I making knees and ankles below him in salary?” I got a decent raise and was promised more in several months. Shortly thereafter, John received a promotion and when I asked about the rest of my raise, I was told I was a pain in the ass.
    That’s what happens to women who actually fight for what they deserve. And by the way, I missed every important event in my kids lives, because someone had to support them.

  125. You didnt know that women get paid less than men? Wake up. When was the last time you demanded to see the paychecks of all the men who do a comparable job to you. Haha. You would be amazed.

  126. For almost 16 years, I worked for a Minority Owned business that specializes in Project Management for Engineering and Consruction projects. While working for that firm, which was the longest nmber of years I ever worked for one company, I was paid just under $70,000 per year. My employment rate was higher than a lot of the men I worked with. Mostly because I am the type of person who listens to our clients needs and desires and I have a Bachelors Degree from Penn State in Architectural Engineering and a Masters Degree from Keller in Project Management. While I know that it is true in many businesses tha women do not get paid the same amount as men, even though they perform the same work and often with the same level of quality, that was not true for me.

  127. Yes! The “good old boy network” is still alive and well. I have worked as a ultrasound tech. for 25 years. I know for a fact the men get paid more about $5,000. more a year. Plus because the upper management is all male, I’ve seen the better accounts and the perks that go with them go to the males. There’s nobody to talk to about this because the powers that me are all men.
    Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

  128. Hey all you women out there that do nothing but complain to others about your salary discrepency – Did you actually negotiate your salary upon hiring, or did you just simply take the first number you heard? My wife is in the same boat as you. If you actually set a value for yourself and negotiate instead of being told how much your worth, I guarantee you’ll see that gap shrink.

    My current company has a lot of women, which makes it hard to negotiate, since no one else does. I have to get outside offers every time I want a raise. I don’t think my penis helps me with that part.

  129. Did you ever consider that we have to call in not only for ourselves if we are ill but our children as well? The father of my child refused on each occasion our daughter was sick to be the parent to stay home and care for our sick child. Jerk!

  130. I am also a hairstylist. I am not sure where I would like to practice my craft but if you say I can make 1000.00 a day where would that be?

  131. Why? Are the women impregnating THEMSELVES? You seem to imply that it’s fine for men to make more because they are better at ignoring their own children.

  132. Wow–I had no idea there was so much money in bartending. Unfortunate, I believe, because in any economy, people should spend their hard-earned money on something more useful than a beverage.

    I will quibble about “most people buy a drink at some point in the week,” I drink maybe one sip of champagne or wine every year, so does my husband, and so do all of our friends. We are all professionals: teachers, engineers, doctors, etc. I don’t know a single person who drinks even one beer a month, much less a week. It is definitely NOT normal in “my world” to be going into bars and drinking at least once a week.
    All the same, good for you for working your way through law school!

  133. stangb – You said:

    “The above statistics are bull. What they are NOT saying is that women call in sick or don’t come to work up to 15% to 20% more than men. Therefore, they make less. Dumb asses….”

    Women do this because on top of working full-time, they are still expected by their husbands to run a household and raise the children! I’ve NEVER seen a man take off work because a child was sick and needed to see a doctor, but the moms at my office have to do this all the time. And even if we are sick, we STILL have to take care of the kids!

  134. Wrong! I am in the business of collecting this data and look at hundreds of companies payrolls. This isn’t a matter of blame—it is a matter of what is right & wrong.

  135. What people do not consider is how women, and I might add is not bad or degrading, is they are usally the one who takes off work for taking care of sick children or other child related issues. Of course there never is ‘always’ however so many of the times if a position is salaried it is equal; it is when it is paid by the job or hour that the income changes. I am all for women making equal money as long as it is fair. (I am not a man with-out female experience; I have 3 daughters grown, a wife and mother-in-law at my place.)

  136. The statistics refer to median weekly earnings. It is based on time spent on the job. If a woman is working part-time to take care of a family, then it affects the average weekly earnings. If a woman does not work overtime because she has to be home when the kids get home from school, it affects the average weekly earnings. Guys typically are not affected by this AT ALL; it’s the woman (wives and mothers) who make the sacrifices for the family and earn less. It’s been my experience that women earn the same as men in all the jobs I’ve worked in (and I’m 52 years old).

  137. Why doesn’t someone just come out and say it already?


    - look at how much money Christie Brinkley made for just being married for a few years?

    … and no, I don’t care who this offends and if it does offend you, well then, let’s change the laws to let the men keep their money in the divorces and make it mandatory that 50% of the men got custody of their children in court ….

  138. This survey is asking the wrong question – these 25 jobs are among the highest paid jobs male or female, so it’s not really enlightening in anyway. Agree with the comments above that one reason women’s salaries are lower is that we take time off from work to have children (how about looking at jobs that offer the flexibility to start a family and still have a well-paid career? I know several on that list would not be included.) Having extensively studied salary disparities in developing and least developed countries (I know – not the same – but certainly provides some insight) – one of the main reasons women that tend to have lower salaries is that they tend to chose differently. Women tend to value job satisfaction over size of the paycheck – men tend to equate satisfaction with size of paycheck. (Note the term ‘tend to’ – obviously, this is not true of every female and male.)

  139. well maybe if women got paid more they would respect there jobs a little more and would want to work for that pay! i know i would!

  140. Equal skill/performance levels should recieve equal pay per hour. That way if guy or girl x takes time off for personal issues their pay will reflect.

  141. Are you kidding me? Women call in sick more than men? Why do you think? Because you’re too lazy to stay at home yourself with your sick kids. Men probably call in sick more than women regarding an illness they personally have. Men are just narcissistic and egotistical and can’t imagine that someone is more intelligent than they are.
    Women not only process information better than men, but they also stay more level headed and even tempered.
    If the men would finally do their part with the household duties, women would not have to pick up their slack! Not only do most women work full-time, they also have to keep their homes clean, make dinner (and lunches and breakfast), do laundry, pick up and drop off the kids at school and keep all of the appointments for everyone.
    If the job gets done, it doesn’t matter who does the job or if you had to go home and take care of your sick kid. If, as a man, you say that you could do all of this, then man-up and DO IT!

    Single mom for 17 years and holding down a full time job, a part time job and going to school.

  142. “Single mom for 17 years and holding down a full time job, a part time job and going to school.”

    … well, with that attitude, it’s no wonder you’ve been single for the last 17yrs.

    Personally, I’m tired of seeing “affirmative action” thrown on the table every other day and fully support equal pay for equal work – but we know that this is simply not the way it works in our politically unjust society.

    Illegal (yes, Illegal) immigrants in this country have better benefits than I do and way more opportunities as well as available government programs …

    And not to change the topic too much here, but hey, if we took back EVERY dollar we’ve spent on illegal immigrants, charity to other countries, free medical to immigrants, education, etc that they are “entitled” to and well … I dare say we’d NOT be in out current financial distress and likely would not have a deficit at all …

    - so let’s vote to take back social security and the rights/entitlements of Americans and quite wasting our money on ILLEGALS and trying to be politically correct all the time …

  143. hi i have worked two to three jobs at a time my whole life almost and raised two children and kept a very clean home with the fridge and pantry full and brought kids to and fro sitters and dr. and dentist appt. personally and still played with them and tought them and i handled the monnies and home repairs all personally and iv only missed about 18 shifts my whole life illneses and deaths included! and i gardened — men call in sick for a sore throat !!!! dont even bring me there!!!!!!

  144. Unreal., for you to say that women call in sick and don’t come in to work as much as men more than 15% of the time.,what a condensending . penial thing to say., men…you are replaceable., as women we just don’t know where to put you., that’s the only reason why your still around..dumb ass.

  145. That is just great! Many years ago I turned down a job with Law Enforcement in Calif….got a Masters in Social Work and worked for another state for many long years in Protective Services….yeah!
    And got screwed anyway!
    Now I know for certain I made a wrong move there!!! What is the cut off in age for females there I wonder. That is somewhat more important than anything.
    Sure I know it is against the law to “discriminate” but IT HAPPENS so be ready just the same Thanks for your message.

  146. I was working at the university (I have MSc and PhD) in medical research. Data from my work resulted in a big grant from NIH to support everybody in the lab (8 people) for 5 years, but I was not in charge of this money. I was an employee, and our boss was a man. At some point I found out (by accident) that my technician’s salary was 66% greater than mine. He was older, experienced guy, and had MSc, but left work everyday at 3PM. He was coming to work at 8AM; I was coming at 9AM. I was organizing his work and mine, and I left my work place on the daily basis at7 PM or later. I also was coming to my lab on weekends, but he wasn’t. I worked between 70 and 80 hrs per week regularly he was in the lab less than 40 hrs. When I inquired our boss about discrepancy in our salaries, he ‘explained’ to me, that the other guy is older and nearing his retirement age, so it is important that he gets as big salary as possible, since it will help him to get bigger retirement,… besides he is supporting his nonworking wife. As turned out to be, his job title at that time was not reflecting his true position in the lab. It sounded like he was more important to the lab than he truly was. My workload was twice as big as his workload, my responsibilities were far greater than his, and contribution to the group was greater, but id did not matter. Besides I was sole supporter of my sick, elderly mother and my baby.
    I was relatively new immigrant then and did not know the laws of the country, therefore I did not know, that I had any right to complain. But some people made me aware of it. But guess what? My boss immediately started looking for some ways to complain about my performance, so he can justify my salary, even though at that time I was responsible for winning another big grant for the lab.
    I witnessed also situations like the following one: Woman was hired for secretarial position, worked efficiently for many years, but eventually left the job (She was at her early 40s and worked at that place for more than 10 years). The young guy in his 20s was hired for the same position, He did not have an experience, could not even type properly (previous secretary could) so another girl was hired (for peanuts), to do the typing that he could not do. But he was given fancier job title than the woman who left, and higher salary commensurate with that title.
    When I hear about women taking time off for the child care, not pulling their weight in the workplace, or similar comments it makes my blood boiling. There are many ways to effectively discriminate woman in the work place.

  147. Angie,
    I am in the cosmetology field as well. You say it is possible to make $1000 a day? Where do you work? Because I have never heard of anyone making that much in a day. not even a week.

  148. In large cities, women aged 20-35 make considerably more than men. Women are traditionally working in stable areas like health care and education.

    Women’s unemployment rate is 2% less than men’s.
    Women comprise about 70% of college students. The service economy and most jobs for the future all mostly female-centered occupations.

    From these statistics, I would say to the ladies out there: relax, your time has come. It’s a woman’s world. Congratulations!

    Now if we could get some of you to take the initiative to procreate that would be very helpful to our society. we need taxpayers. 45 million abortions since 1973 has created a situation whereby we cannot sustain our social security system.

  149. What else is new? It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there anyway…
    I believe that no matter what people take away, a woman’s future is all dependent on their attitude and outlook on life.
    “stressed” spelled backwards is “dessert”.
    And it’s ironic how “suicide” backwards spells “let’s live” in another language…

  150. stang – because they’re taking care of your sick children, and your too selfish to take your turning calling in sick and take care of them instead!

  151. I haven’t read all of these comments but an amusing pattern emerges. Many of the males site the excuse for women’s lower pay because women take more time off for child bearing, raising said children, staying home when the children are sick and so forth and so on.
    What about the women who have no children; who show up every day; who work the same number of hours if not more than their male counterparts? Why are these women STILL being paid less for the same work? I know plenty of men who are raising their children alone or are the one who stays home when the kids are sick but they are still paid more than the woman who misses no extra work.
    The plain and simple truth is that a woman must still work twice as hard to be considered half as good as a man.

  152. quick frankly this is a bit ludicrous that it is 2010 and women do not make the same salary as a man. I have taken one vacation in eight years. I have a 3 year old daughter and an 8 year old son. I probably take 3 to 5 sick days a year, never a vacation. I have had my employers force me to take a weeks vacation before because I love to work.I work full time, got a business diploma from university, and serve now in restaurants because I cannot find a job that pays more than I would make in tips and wage combined serving. I went to university for three years and have over 15 years of hospitality experience and I’m only 32. Yet still I have to work twice as hard to be paid more money. Why are women still paid less? i would really like to know!

  153. I read a study in school that determined ultimately the man’s ego makes him more money. When it comes time to get a pay raise, men are more apt to brag about themselves than women. The ‘see what I did’ factor in a man is what makes him get the raise over the woman’s idea that it is in her job decription to do what she does.

  154. Crystal….yes it is ludicrous…and it is a lie ! The only TRUE PEERS are unmarried men and unmarried women…and then you will find that women actually make more money. This is one of the false beliefs to propagate the war of the sexes, much like the politicans continually propagate class warfare and class envy. Don’t buy into it. I am a pharmacists and my company pays all pharmacists equally, of course managers make more. I make considerably less than my male counterparts. Why? Because it is a very family unfriendly schedule and I CHOOSE to be home with my kids and rear them myself while my husband works full time. If we both worked full time I would make more than he does!

  155. It’s not as if guys walk in and employers go “Oh, you’re a GUY? Here, take some extra cash!”. Women are largely to blame for their own circumstances. If they are willing to accept less than men, then that’s what they will be paid. If they can’t negotiate a better salary, why would any employer fork it over voluntarily?

    Take some responsibility. Demand better pay. It’s up to you, and no one else. It’s a tough world out there. Buck up and watch out for number one.


  156. Maybe that has something to do with the multiple jobs they have….taking care of the children, the older adults, and oh the”dumb ass” men who can’t find their own underwear in the morning in order to get themselves off to work. Did you ever stop to think about that?

  157. I agree. This is the problem with statistics these days. Not all variables are considered. I am an Engineer in the medical field and know that I don’t make as much as the guys around me. I also don’t put in the hours that they do. I leave to be with my son at 5:00 every day unless there is an emergency. They stay until 8 or 9 o’clock at night (like I did before I had a family). They travel more than I do, as my schedule is limited as a mother. I get 6 weeks paid leave for having children and take full advantage of that. They get half of that (and usually decide not to take it). I’m not saying that there aren’t women who put in just as much time as the men around them. I’m sure there are, and I’m sure if there were a study done comparing these women to those who chose the path of a family, there would be a gap in the pay scale as well. For these studies to be accurate you need to include experience, availability for travel, hours works…etc..

    I understand that women can’t help the fact that we have to bear the children, but at the same time, you can’t expect businesses to pay the same for less work/experience based on gender alone.

  158. After 20 yrs in HR–It’s true–women DO call in more frequently than men BUT the primary reason they call in more often is because the houusehold responsibilities fall on them. Not all of the time, but mostly–taking care of a sick kid or getting them to dr apptmts falls to the woman…while this is starting to change, it is a VERY slow process. Stang just proved what a dumbass he really is,.

  159. Woman do the same job, should get the same pay. We’ve been saying this for centuries. Where does Brian get his stats? Did he make them up? I think so. Women are laid off just as men are, yet there are more women raising families alone, as a single breadwinner. Come on USA, get with the program, they do it all over Europe, same wages, free health care…why can’t we get it together? Maybe if we all spoke one common language, a language of our country, we’d be more bonded from the beginning.

  160. O yea, and P.S.: Even though I’ve been in the workforce steadily for the past 50 years, I will get considerabley less than my son, who has only worked for 11 years, when I retire. How’s that for making less wages? In order to survive as an elder, I’ll need to work until I’m 70 and supplement my social security income with a part time job. Thanks America! Then you insist on taking the wages I work for and earned? Show me the LAW!

  161. speaking of dumbass? do you know why women are absent from work more often? because women give care to the children more than men. if men started doing their share raising kids, these absences would be equal.

  162. When I was just out of college, I would get all fired up over how unfair it was that women make less than men! Fast forward a few years and one beautiful baby boy later and it makes perfect sense. Although I’m married, when my son is sick, has a dr appt, daycare issues, etc these things generally fall on me which means that I now miss more work than I used to before I became a mother. I’m less productive and reliable so it’s completely reasonable that I would make less even though highly educated and extremely skilled in my job. It comes down to what is important and there is no price tag on being the one to take care of my son when he doesn’t feel well.

  163. What about the women who never call in, who don’t have families? Is it fair to base their salaries on what a percentage of other women have done? Wage Earner is right. Women are usually the ones who tend to family issues, tend to get sick more for their close constant proximity to their children, and prioritize according to situations. This is not a reason to be underpaid. They already have 2 jobs and only get paid for one….

  164. women are paid less, because they do call of more…plus they take longer lunches go on more vacations and know they are not going to stay on the job once they meet their husband and start having kids then its good bye job

  165. I actually see a few reason why men make a few hundred or so more than women, and work ethic doesn’t play a role. I think it all comes down to demand. There are more men in the field than women, so to not have enough workers companies MUST hire men. If they just hired women, esp. in fields like IT and science, there would be a huge shortage in workers. So the companies begin to compete to hire men, which drived prices up. Both women and men get hired, its just that there are more men than women in many of these higher paying fields. Also look at the 3-months plus of paid of time off that most women do take advantage of (not in a bad way love kids), the company is paying for this time. Times that by the average amount of kids a women may have during their career (the average being 2 children), and you have a lot of money the company has to shell out. The company loses over $12,000 during these time periods. I think those two factors could count for a few hundred dollars a week.

  166. i am a general manager at a financial firm, women are getting more educated then men these days, but women dont dedicate to their work as much as men do. i have this girl who has been on vacation 4 out of the last 8 weeks. women try to get off work earlier and they dont take their jobs as seriously as men do. the can has been opened, but the reality do show that woman get paid less and for a very good reason

  167. Stan you sound like a exceptionally SMART man, not! Women call off more often because they have to care for family members! IDIOT!

  168. Brian, if more men out there were stand up men and be responsible for their kids their would be far less abortions. Why don’t you birth a baby!

  169. So the answer to the question: do women earn less than man, is YES, but there are good reasons why that is the case. Contrary to the commonly advanced liberal theory of “sexist and unjust male-dominated world”, other factors are at play. Men work more hours and spend more time in the workforce, while women take time off to raise children and favour part time employment. My wife, who earns more per hour than me, chooses to work only three days a week to look after our child. Her annual salary is lower than mine even though she would earn more if she worked full time. There is no conspiracy at play, it is only fair that those that work more get higher rewards.

  170. And why do women HAVE to call in sick more often??? Probably because whenever a couple’s children are sick, it is the woman who has to take care of them and take time off her job. Not to mention, HEAVEN FORBID, the woman actually gets sick herself. Not to mention any other activities children are in, 9 times out of 10 the woman has to juggle the families personal lives and work, while the man can just focus on work.

  171. With 30 years experience as a retail and hospital pharmacist, I can say that women and men generally make the same salaries for the same jobs within the same companies in these fields. I cannot speak to research or sales. The disparity between women’s and men’s mean salaries may be skewed by a larger percentage of women accepting positions in jobs that pay less to both sexes. Hospital pharmacy positions generally pay less than retail, but may provide more flexible schedules. I currently work for a small regional chain pharmacy where salaries run lower but work environment has less pressure and is more enjoyable than in larger chains.

    That pharmacists’ mean salaries run so much higher than doctors’ and surgeons’ surprises me. However, pharmacists typically receive the same salary whether they’ve been working a year or 30 years, and that may skew the statistics. I’m sure there are many interns and residents out there earning far less than experienced doctors and surgeons.

  172. Why don’t women complain that men are STILL REQUIRED to sign up for the Selective Service and that men are STILL EXPECTED to pick up the tab on dates and that men are STILL DENIED custody of their children?

  173. Because right about the time that women were gaining the respect in the work place that we deserved, the self exploitation, yes I said SELF exploitation of women began and with that we began to inch back down the ladder. So many bogus claims of harrassment at the workplace. We are our own worst enemies. Look at how women tear each others hair out over a man that is a total loser on those reality shows! The men are getting the cat fights to watch and everything. The new ladies coming up are serving the job market and everything else over to men on a silver platter.
    Women used to be beautiful because of who and what they were and the looks was the icing. Now we are shallow and pathetic, if you are stupid and gorgeous you have the world by the balls. On the flip side I am not bad looking and I have had to deal with doing all of the work and the men taking the credit. I am like eye candy while they present my ideas. Sad but true

  174. People this is simply, if a man and a woman do the same work position and do the same job, then both will always earn the same, no matter what type of job. Believe me.

  175. According to the Fair Labor Standards Amendment and The Equal Pay Act , 1963
    wage is based on skills, qualifications, and experience. It’s too bad the nation does not recognize this 40+ year old law.

  176. Women call in sick more? You need to qualify that by saying women with CHILDREN call in sick more and why is that? Because most men still refuse to take responsibility for their own kids. They expect a woman to be the main caregiver even if she’s working fulltime also! Don’t be so provincial

  177. Richard, Anyone who looks at these salaries can quickly deduce that they are inaccurate. Secondly i’m a bio-engineer with a masters degree and i make about half as much as you do! No offense but from my experience of knowing nurses – I’d estimate that 90% of nurses couldn’t get through the courses i did.

    In general scientists and engineers don’t get paid nearly enough and are by far more educated than a lot of the professions mentioned. Keep in mind if it weren’t for scientists and engineers you’d pretty much be limited to giving CPR, bandaids, and icepacks so it’s a real slap in the face to me, that you think you should somehow be compensated for drugs or care when you are simply a dispenser of what someone else created……anyone can operate a microwave!

  178. This article is bogus!

    doctors and surgeon making $1200 a week? is there a ZERO missing or it actually means DAILY?

    lawyer $1500 a week?


    why is this article even being published?

  179. Posted by “StangB”

    stangb | May 9, 2010 | Reply

    “The above statistics are bull. What they are NOT saying is that women call in sick or don’t come to work up to 15% to 20% more than men. Therefore, they make less. Dumb asses….”




  180. I have been in the workplace for 35 years now and have worked in a professional when men and woman are on the same payscale. However, there is no such thing as men and women who do the same work. If you don’t believe that that’s true, see what happens the next time a large, heavy box is delivered to your office. Go on an tell me that a woman will assume that it’s her job to lift the box and get it to its rightful place. And this is only ONE example of how the work of men and women are NOT the same in the workplace.

  181. You must be an ignorant ass man that is still living like he is in the 50′s, maybe if men took care of the family the women would not have to do everything. But since half of you are incompetent and cannot even take care of yourself much less your child what more can we expect. you are really a true dumbass.

  182. stangb, you bring up what is unfortunately a true point, and thanks so much for making it sound like women have a higher rate of absense because they’re lazy. The media calls it “the family penalty” and the sad truth is that in general, women miss more work because if a child is sick, they usually end up staying home with them (instead of men). What’s even worse is that women who don’t miss work but have a family are still penalized because of this preconception. Inequality is still alive and well.

  183. Women tend not to want to negotiate or demand higher salaries, and are more likely to choose a position they like with people who they like working with over a higher pay check. Men and women tend to have different views of what is more important (like what you do v. make more money, relationships with people v. getting ahead). Not everything is racism, sexism, etc. Boy we jump to these serious accusations fast!

  184. Perhaps the fact that women call in sick 15-20% more than men has something to do with the fact that women earn less than their partners and not vice versa. Their jobs are seen as “less valuable” to the family unit b/c they earn less therefore they stay home when kids are sick etc. This is by far a generalization. Furthermore your abusive language indicates a misogynistic attitude on your part. People tend to throw out inappropriate insults when they have been defeated intellectually as a last recourse.

  185. Wendy, you suggest that women lie down and conceive children with men who can’t take care of their families or themselves and you think the men are dumbasses?

  186. Maybe because they’re the ones who HAVE to stay home wiht the children when they are sick!!!!!!!! The men are always sure that their jobs are more important and therefore they are the ones that should go to work!

  187. Well looks as if your occupation was more than successful in China, BUT, please
    in USA we like to lower not increase the population, if that’s ok with you..

  188. Well men have more complex needs than woman I guess, and if we do throw that extra money at strippers, were also supporting their economy as well, you know the one’s that can rely on their shaped body’s for a living, very few left guess you could consider were supporting a endangered species..

  189. That is in fact a myth. Men take at least as much down-time, but it is another “male fringe benefit” that they don’t have to call it in. For example, many, many men I do business with take half or full days to golf, ski, etc and are not calling in “sick”. I am a national sales director.

  190. i personally have wached my mom go through this less pay for equall work. It sucks. However please stop spewing out the “equallity ” word as if it applys. Equallity is dead. it does not matter if your are a man or a woman. in someway you will be treated less than the other gender. Women make about 85 to 90% of what men do. Men have NO domestic rights whatsoever. the laws in america arent going to change anytime soon. this inequallity will continue and none of you whining people will improve the situation any. insted oof complaining to eachother or to some bogus artical like this one figure out how to change the laws to account for actual equallity.

  191. And one more thing…if indeed women are claiming parental leave more than men and getting paid less because of it – how is this NOT being penalized for having a womb? If men were the ones who ended up gestating – how many of them would be “lying down and concieving” with gals they thought were dependable and then ended up running scared when a baby was on the way (to give one example)? Even in committed couples/parents I see many who both have to work. Still the woman usually covers the housework end and does the emotional laundry as well, I might add. Simply: pay should be equal! Attitudes as well, perhaps that would follow.

  192. I am LAUGHING at Cassie’s comments. Yes, pharmacists go to school as long as a doctor, BUT IT IS NOWHERE NEAR THE SAME. Physicians work much harder and are required to do a four-year residency. Pharmacists are given the option to do a residency and it’s usually only 1-2 years long. IT’S OPTIONAL. Physicians work way harder than pharmacists and they always will. They are nowhere near equal. Plus, physicians are paid way more. I am appalled that you even compared the two as being on equal ground. Typical uppity pharmacist who thinks they are a doctor. Ridiculous. You deal with medication, nothing else. Doctors deal with everything else.

  193. When they considered education they should have thought about the experience you have. Why don’t they mention this in their list? I have friends who are teachers some male and female. They’ve explained that it depends on the years of experience they have.

  194. Sure law enforcement officers make the same at each pay rates but lets consider the rate at which men promote compared to women, not to mention the rate of men to women in the field.

  195. They have no choice. Dumb ass husbands don’t know how to stay home with sick kids or be secretarial housewives. Been married for almost 30 years and not once has my husband been able to put his hand to process an income tax. Do u know how long it takes to do this stuff? To cook every day while you sit on your butts and to clean after your inside out socks and underwear? Come on. If you want to be a man, then step to the plate and act like one. You’ve got two heads remember, not just one.

  196. I work in customer service and get paid as much as a male. Honestly in my job it depends on your hours and availability. If you can work later and on weekends you get paid more. It also depends on the amount of years you have been here because that’s when you get raises.

  197. how the heck do you get in on a government job? I signed on to that USAjobs website and have applied to a federal service to assist me with a new job …but nada
    I live in Michigan…any suggestions?
    anything wud help…
    thank you

  198. Ronnie-

    I worked as a manager for three different companies, and had a strong team under me, both men and women. Me, being a woman, did ALL of the shipping and receiving for those companies while on shift, so dont you dare sit there and say that women sit on their ass and let men handle the hard stuff. I dont know what rock you climbed out of, but this is 2010, and while working in a verrry high paced environment doesnt leave women incompentent to lift a finger. Its just plain rude for you to be so egotistical and- oh, wait, your a man…. typical for you to think that way.

  199. Logical and rational. I agree. They forget paternity leave and stay-at-home dad’s are on the rise. Things will equalize soon enough.

  200. I am replying to the MAN who made the dumb ass comment that women call in sick to work all of the time.

    I don’t know where you got this information but it is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I have an extremely strong work ethic and I have not called in sick to work in years.

    It is sad that women can do a better job and still cannot make as much as a man.

  201. This is directed at Ronnie,

    Just because a man carrys a heavy box for a woman does not mean that he should make more money. It means that he is being a gentleman. Just because I make coffee every morning for everyone in the office does not mean I should make more money. It means I am being a nice person.

    I cannot count the number of times that I have carried heavy boxes or lifted large patients. We all help each other out. We are a team.

    I think that people should be paid based on the quality of work they do not what sex they are.

  202. stangb -
    women often have to call in sick because they have children who are sick and their husbands are too self absorbed to take an interest in the child and split the sick days. Today more men are taking on more responsibility at home, however when it comes to being a care-giver all in the house always look to “MOM”

  203. I work in LawEnforcement as Police/Fire & 911 dispatcher. Men & women make the same pay, which is also the same as Correctional Officers… approx $45,000 yearly. Only requirements, high school diploma or GED, and be able to type at least 30 wpm.

  204. I am not surprised that men still make more than women I have seen this very often. Especially since women tend to do more work, work more hours and take less time off then men. Women also tend to work on their days off as well and without compensation. As for the physician/Surgeon making less than pharmacists I would say yes to some physicians and no to some surgeons. Pharmacists aren’t receiving only half of what they charge. Insurance companies can be thanked for that. Physicians and others in private medical practice are making much, much less than they used to. However with that said as an NP with my own practice I make more per week than what’s listed here for Physicians but it is still only 40-50% of what is billed. And the physicians make 80% more.

  205. There are a lot of factors not accounted for in this article. As a high level HR executive once taught me, what you’re paid has little to do with your actual worth. This particular executive works for a group of hospitals and manages the hiring, firing, and salaries of the physicians in the system. His job is not to make sure everyone is getting the same pay, but it is to make sure that hospitals are staffed and that the company is not going into the red in the process. He said many times, the best, hardest working employees are some of the lowest paid, because they do not demand it. In contrast, there are many ‘less proficient’ doctors getting paid more, because they demanded more.

    When I asked him about the gender pay issue, he said that in his experience, women tend to be more willing to accept the first offer and tend to shy away from the confrontation that comes with bargaining for a higher salary. On the other hand, he mentioned one female physician that was one of the highest paid in the hospital because she was willing to put her foot down. For some reason, men seem more willing to demand what they want.

  206. Women do things like take time off for having babies and families. Sometimes they take 20 or more years off to raise their kids, and then go back to work. This gets factored in to the averages. That is mostly why the numbers are lower for women. If the survey took the averages for only men and women who never took time off for family or travel, or school, then the numbers would more likely match.

  207. Public school administrators ( k-12 ) make the same male or female for the same job- this article points to the private educational sector blurring the data.

  208. If we all have a Union in our work place, there is equal pay for men and women. We do need Union as long there is a human been in this world. Actors have Union and I work in a place with Union and even with a Union, management try many times to abuse you.

  209. A reply to Brian: This is the best thing I’ve read all day and it’s all true!!

    Women: The word “no” is the best form of birth control, so use often it when necessary!

    Brian :
    In large cities, women aged 20-35 make considerably more than men. Women are traditionally working in stable areas like health care and education.

    Women’s unemployment rate is 2% less than men’s.
    Women comprise about 70% of college students. The service economy and most jobs for the future all mostly female-centered occupations.

    From these statistics, I would say to the ladies out there: relax, your time has come. It’s a woman’s world. Congratulations!

    Now if we could get some of you to take the initiative to procreate that would be very helpful to our society. we need taxpayers. 45 million abortions since 1973 has created a situation whereby we cannot sustain our social security system.

  210. stangb –
    Don’t believe every statistic you read out there. I read the article you are likely referring to that declares women take more sick days. It is from research scientists in Helsinki, Finland who polled municipal workers. 1. This is talking about Helsinki Finland. Not the US where more people (Men and Women) work an average of 60 hours a week. I would guess that this scientific poll is probably slated to Finland. 2. It’s focused on one tiny segment of workers – municipal workers. I’m a software engineer. I’m female. I live in the US. I work an average of 60 hours a week and I rarely ever take a sick day. However in my company I find both men and women are often absent due to sick children. Not because they themselves are sick. These people normally either work from home (because my company is generous enough to allow that) or they take a personal day. Your generalization and that of the study you reference is ridiculous. The fact remains that there are SEVERAL studies out there however to support that women have, and continue to, get paid less than men and I am loath to think that is because as you and this one measly pathetic study conclude . . . it is because we take more sick days. It is more likely because women have smaller professional networks made up of mostly other women that don’t lend them to information about more lucrative opportunities. And it is more likely because women are not as aggressive when it comes to negotiating their salaries. We as women need to become better at both.

  211. I cannot believe that men are worth more than women, I do think this is a disgrace…what makes a mans brains worth more than a womens????

  212. It is truly a matter of fact that women get paid less. In my co. we start out at the same base level for the job. But then, Men often get higher raises and are more often consider for promotions. To the person that talked of women being out more, that is not always the case. I NEVER miss work! The women who do miss, because of children, often do because if one spouse has to stay home the husband often makes more. NEED I SAY ANY MORE!?!

  213. The Union is why we are in the recession, the union workers can never have enough (pay, benefits,cheep insurance) This causes businesses w/ union workers to close the doors…

  214. Yeah women call off when they’re actually sick, compared to men who call off to go golfing or as the result of hangover…DUMBA$$!!!

  215. Why do men always make more then women? This just upsets me so much. We live in a society where the divorce rate is over 50% and mothers end up being the sole caretakers of their children. That extra couple of hundred would help ALOT!!!!

  216. Linda I would love to know where correctinal staff can make 45,000. I work for the TDCJ and have been here nine years, Texas is the 47 state on the pay scale.. As a shift supervisor working 60 hrs a wk I make 34,000. On the other end I have male staff members that call in sick for the same reasons females staff give, in TDCJ the pay is equal for males and females, based on years of service, but TDCJ is a “Good Ole Boy System” , promotions go mostly to males, and more to thier hunting/fishing buddies. Its rare that a female gets a promotion over a male, and when it does happen a female is looked at as if she slept with someone to get the promotion. I belive if you except the job no matter what your pay is do a 100%, if your not happy find a job that you are happy with. And for those gentelmen who feel women take off to have babies and families, TDCJ offers the same maternaity leave to men as women when a spouse has a child, the same sick leave for a child, or any other type of leave. As many males call in sick with a migraine as female staff do.

  217. they crazy ass hell if they think men are goin to get paid more than a woman where i work now they have it post that women are supposed to get the same pay as men.it is against the law i saw it in blk and white.i would be pissed if i do the same job just as good and get paid less. they would have to call the policeon me i would act a fool.!!!!!!!!!

  218. I beg to differ. l work mostly with men and they dont shut up. They talk about their hunting, fishing, weight lifting, how great they are, (sick of that one)… honestly it is endless and I dont have the time to listen politely to their bragging because I have to make up for what they dont get done!!!

  219. I’m a male and I work in heathcare. In our department (Respiratory Care), the pay is based off merit and time on the job. The people who make the most in our deptarment are women. And my girlfriend is a nurse, too. I think men make a tad more, mostly because nursing is dominated by women.

    So a little extra to get some males in to shake up the mix is given. It’s nice to see some more males in healthcare. Too many women can be crazy. And all the women I talk to agree! :)

  220. RNs , Be them Women or Men, are paid EQUALLY…your pay is based on your educational degree and years of experience and seniority, not your Gender

  221. I find it funny hearing women can make the same as men but take too much time off….yea when it has to do with their kids, or family. I wonder how many men get called out of their jobs to go get their sick kids, no they have their working wives do it….

  222. Enough of this men making more money than women. It was always unfair and still is. There is no excuse for it, and there never was one. Everyone has to support a family in one way or another even if they are a family of one or more. I am just so sick of men making more than women; it is degrading, disrespectful, makes our time less worthy when it is not, and so much more. Any woman can fill in the blanks and how it has affected them. I can not stand any difference in salary except for education or experience. Gender means nothing or no difference, just like ethnicity. Get with the current program and in the moment of fair and equitable.

  223. stangb: I’d like to see your stats to support those statements. You do realize you have been brainwashed to say that stuff. And if you believe what you are saying is true, then I feel sorry for you. I have earned my right to question ineptitude, ineptness and inequality. I question you.

  224. i think women make less than men because
    1.) ole boys club will always be
    2.) women hiring managers are more critical of other womens

    if women stop being more critical of each other then maybe we can close the gap.

  225. I agree. The salaries quoted are completely inacurate. Regarding physicians, the above salaries might legitimately apply to interns and residents, but certainly not to fully trained doctors. Most surgeons make $1,000 – $3,000 per day. the figure quoted above is totally factitious.

    My lawyer bills $300/hour. Granted, he has some overhead, but the only way he might make the above quoted salary is if he cut back to working half a day every week.

  226. I see the difference in the pay, but what I really like about this is:

    For many many years I’ve been told I’m picking the wrong carrer path. I want to be a music teacher and to see that post secondary teachers are on the top 25 makes me want to tell everyone who said “theres no money in that, choose somthing else” to PUT IT WHERE THE SUN DON”T SHINE!!!!!

  227. BULLSh*T!

    Tired of all the male-bashing we women engage in without getting called out on it. I work with quite a few men and most of them aren’t exactly goof-offs and several of them take vacations very infrequently or not at all. And forget about getting them to a doctor app. Seems more like they are intent on working themselves to death.

    Reading some of these comments, it looks as if most of hope they do work to death..

  228. Too Much Information “HLM”! No one wants to hear about menstruation troubles.

    And STOP SHOUTING AT US. Maybe some men throw their hard-earned money “away” on pretty strippers on a metal pole because they’re married to shrews like you; but they DON’T HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE STRIPPERS RUN OFF AT THE MOUTH OR TYPE ENTIRE COMMENTS IN ALL CAPS AT THEM.. kinda like you too.

    If I had a choice between watching strippers or living with someone like you, I’d NEVER leave the strip club.

    Lose the man hate and perhaps you’re outlook on life might improve. I seriously doubt you’re an architect… Your comments likely would have been a bit more intellectual in nature if that were truly the case.

  229. again, I say horsecrap, horsecrap, horsecrap. you sound like a bigot of old, talking about blacks…

    Lose the hate ladies. TIRED of the free ride you all get on male-bashing.

  230. First of all you should know that surgeons are among the highest paid physicians (except anesthesiologists) at a median of $320000 per yr. Family practice, internal med docs and pediatricians are on the bottom with a median yearly pay of $160,000. Accurate that they have “lives in there hands” COMPLETELY IN ACCURATE if you think for ONE minute pharmacists do not have “lives” in their hands. I went to school for 9 years to get my Doctorate of Pharmacy, I carry malpractice insurance and study all of the time to keep up with the new drugs so I know whats going on with my patients. I am female and make $120,000-135,000/yr depending on how much overtime I work.

  231. Danialle,
    Really? And you know this how? You have both a PharmD and an MD. You must be such a hard worker. I work my ass off, my best friend is a pediatrician and shops online all day. You make a blanket statement out of complete ignorance. Think before you talk.

  232. 1. Are they any unknown variables here? 2. Why do women hit the powerball after a divorce? The inference is that women are not capable of providing for themselves. If women are capable of providing for themselves the divorce lotto shoul stop, and women should get equal pay.

  233. Traditionally, men were the wage earners that supported the family. Women were considered to be less that serious about the reasons for working..bored, needed “fun” money, etc..
    Women like my grandmother had to work, but were placed behind sewing machines, for minimum wage. And didn’t complain.
    As late as 1972- women couldn’t sign contracts alone. A husbands signiture was required,and it went on the top line, the woman’s on the bottom line.

    • Just to think of that is sickening… especially when the majority of men can’t even spell! I’d say that 7 out of 10 men that I’ve ran into in life don’t read, unless it’s a playboy book and most prefer football over the news so… if a woman was willing to sign the bottom line he must have picked a really dumb one so that he could be in control. Men do that to stroke themselves

  234. When is change going to come? I am a woman, with two (2) undergraduate degrees and an MBA; however, I am getting paid less for the same Marketing Management position that men have at my company. Furthermore, I have more experience and greater educational credentials.

    Yes, it is frustrating and companies nation-wide will continue to violate “The Equal Pay Act of 1964,” unless there is ‘Regulation’ in our system that will implement a monetary fine or sanction the wrongdoers for breaking the law.

    • Exactly … these penises need to be fined and penalized. Laws must be put into place to force these yahoos to stop manipulating the system. Men want to keep women down on the pay scale (except of course the males that are living off their female counterparts – they like the woman to make lots of money) I associate those to being Chumps and Whimps simply because they are parasites. But Men honestly still believe they have a better chance at getting a woman to succumb to them sexually if he makes more money. Which is SICK. Seriously SICK. I’ve been employed by males that kept me at a wage that was 1/4 of what they made and I was doing their work for them! During that time they were trying real hard to gain a relationship with me – I am convinced that I would have received higher pay had I been their sex partner. It’s a control factor for them and women better ban together and fight this legally now rather then later. Waiting for a change will no create change. We have to fight.

  235. Relax people! It’s very obvious that the “experts” on this article got their very reliable information from one very unreliable source…..SNOPES. LOL! I guess the husband and wife team who run the site were having a fight that day and the husband wanted to stick it to the wife. Way to go! It makes for commical reading anyway!
    Signed a Female Art Restoration and Conservation Specialist who makes a sick amount of money and profit margins in her field of expertise……..

  236. Samantha, you’re (it’s you’re, not your) typical. Get all emotional and start throwing around insults (the rock you climb out of?). Maybe that’s why women are not valued that much in the workplace. It’s the same trait that has contributed to ruining family home life.

    girliemon, I have worked with a number of women who, like you, have pitched in done the “heavy lifting”. You’ve earned equal pay!

    However, to the both of you, what I suggested was that the duties of men and women in the workplace are in general rarely the same and neither of you refuted this with specifics. The physical labor is only one aspect.

    • I would agree Ronnie… it doesn’t take much of a brain to pick up a heavy brick but it wears on a mans back and I’m one that believes that HARD labor deserves more pay then these whimpy white color boys that can’t change a tire. This world is going to need hard laborers more then ever one day … but for now all we have is flower boys and it’s not impressive at all … even if their paycheck is higher. I don’t agree with your rant about ruining a home… there are too many straying penises out there to figure that a woman’s emotions might wreak havoc on a homelife… so you don’t get my vote on that one. Women aren’t seeking rock lift jobs right now so that’s not an issue… it’s the whimp and the woman that want equal wages now sunny boy. You need to grow up, join the service and find out what real men have to do to survive.

  237. This “article” is worthless. The data is totally inaccurate. Physicians and Surgeons certainly do not make the same average income as almost every other occupation listed. They make MORE! The entire list of salary information is inaccurate.

  238. There is something wrong with this data. I make over $90 K as a specialist in veterinary medicine. There is no way I make even close to what a physician makes (the same specialty for physicians makes ~$250K on average). If that data is inaccurate, how can I believe any of the data? Did they control for the number of years working in a particular field? If I have 20 years of experience versus 10 years, that makes a huge difference, but there is no indication they did that.
    (By the way, our organization’s own salary survey shows virtually no difference between men an women with equal experience, but for regular vets, women still make less even when they are owners).

    • In my opinion a Veterinarian deserves higher pay because an animal can’t pinpoint what’s ailing them! Doctors in general get paid too much – Period. For what they do… it’s pathetic and it’s obvious that they didn’t really go into the field for the compassion and genuine reasoning to heal… it’s clear they went in for the money. I’ve never seen so many cold walled human beings in my entire life. Most aren’t qualified in the areas they work in and just guess off of what the patient tells them… it’s an experiment for them while the alter the meds and try this and that. Pathetic! So many of them out there won’t even talk to their patients on the phone, I think the majority of them consider themselves Gods! I don’t trust the majority of doctors out there … they will do anything to keep you coming back in to pay them

  239. Dental Hygiene is the best kept secret around.
    Not many schools offer Associate/Bacholors program and the ones that do offer it accept a
    a limited # of students. The pay is $40-50. per hour. That’s my job! I have been in the field 10 years and wouldnt change it for
    any other profession. I dont make more than my husband, an electrician but our combined income is far more than any of our friends!

  240. Yes your right, we are dumb asses because we work full time at home,scheduling, cooking, cleaning, shopping, organizing, plus take care of all issues related to kids including our husbands.I have never seen a man do that and WE are expected to take time off when a child is sick and then yes we call in sick more maybe but because we are sick as well as burnt out mentally and physically.

  241. What planet are you from? Actual statistics reveal a different story. Women STILL assume the role of principal caregiver so often when they are absent it is related to children (which they created with a man). Smart companies have incorporated flex time with this issue in mind. These women often still work a 40 hour week in addition to be the principal caregiver, house cleaner and cook! HEY! Your mama was a woman too! When they do miss work it isn’t normally a hangover, golf game or IBS. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is the most common male excuse for not coming to work. Nasty and without imagination.

  242. hey stangb!
    stop being a sexist asshole,
    what do you mean women slack off and stay home and all that crap huh?
    women work just as hard as men and deserve the money that they earn.
    granted, if a woman is a bad worker, she shouldn’t be paid extra for being a girl, but if she works as hard or even harder than her male counterpart, she deserves the pay that goes with it, not some stupid cut down salary b/c she’s got a vagina.

  243. I am a physician and the asshole i work for let it slip that he paid the male doctor prior to me $20k more! Why, idk b/c he even said i see more patients than theat other guy did. Anyway, i quit and asked for a lot more money second time around!

  244. you are the dumb ass for even saying this. Women are responsible for children!when children are sick the mother has to stay home, when day care closes due to bad weather the mother has to pick them up, when the dumb ass husband, boyfriend etc, cant fullfill their obligations the mothet has to take this responsibility on also. Grow up dumb ass this world isn’t all about you men and your little penis talking.

  245. stangb aka Dumbass-”they call in 15-20% more” yeah, right I work beside someone that I make 1/5 of his pay, do the same job and yet he takes a week off for every six weeks he works, he disappears for hours on end AND calls me ‘hon’……stangb/Dumbass, go jump off a bridge!

  246. These salaries are a joke. A doctor making 1500 a week and a physician assistant making 55k a year and less than a nurse? They failed miserably here.

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  259. Many years ago when I started in manufacturing sales of our niche product, most all our salespeople (inside and outside) were men. Now it’s 99% women because, in our experience, the men want too much money to do less work. They’re always looking for something more prestigious and higher-paying, and most of them couldn’t even write a good letter or type it themselves. If you can hire one person that can sell AND doesn’t need a secretary, that’s just good business.

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  262. Yes…it’s true… Penises get paid higher wages because at one point it was recognized that penises produced families and it was expected that the penis would pay for his children to survive… however now since our society has allowed so many penises to abandon their offspring and run off with other vaginas… as it turns out the mothers of the children have to raise them on a quarter of what the strayed penis makes as an assumed provider. I say it’s high time that our government started counting dependents and adjust the typical abandoning penis the same wages as an individual without real responsibility. Perhaps if that was the case then the mothers who are acting as both the mom and dad … only getting paid peanuts for all the effort – would in fact step out of poverty so that the penises couldn’t make nasty comments about women living on welfare. Time for women to ban together and enforce some abandonment laws – put these penises and sperm donors in jail and class so they can learn what being a real man is and learn to earn a mans wage. Now on behalf of the men that do their part… I’m not talking about you… so lets not get bent… you know who you are… just isn’t alot of you and men now days in society are chumps Yeah…CHUMPS and the ones that aren’t CHUMPS are WHIMPS and women aren’t impressed. We Will get our salaries in due time and we WILL rise above this male manipulation. Watch us!

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