Companies hiring this week

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It’s Thanksgiving week, and I think it’s safe to assume many of us would be glad to give thanks for a new job this year. Although some of you  might be taking a break from your job search this week, some companies are still looking for workers. So take advantage of what’s probably a quiet week for employers and send in your application materials.

Here are the companies hiring this week:

1. RTS
Industry: Retail
Sample job titles: Retail wireless service associate

2. American General Financial Services
Industry: Finance
Sample job titles: Management trainee

3. Atlas Data Systems Jobs
Industry: IT
Sample job titles: Senior Program Manager

4. Brown Mackie College
Industry: Education
Sample job titles: Adjunct instructors

5. UPS Supply Chain Solutions
Industry: Transportation and delivery
Sample job titles: Route manager

6. Delta Pharma
Industry: Pharmaceutical
Sample job titles: QA/QC manager

7. Humana
Industry: Consultant
Sample job titles: Clinical research consultant

8. Kelly Law Registry Jobs
Industry: Legal
Sample job titles: Claims attorney, law clerk

  1. Hey:this may sound very crazy an it is,I have been looking for a job for so long,an I can not find one,it feel like I have failed an let my family down.I over the past year i have put in over 300 App an still nothing,an I have only been called back 2 do 3 interviews an still no luck,an even worse then all of that me an my boyfriend is starting to fight an argue more an more.Im afraid that my family will be split up an I wil be JOBLESS…………PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Stacy- I will pray for you. I hope you find something soon. I might be in your shoes soon. I am currently employed Full-time. I had surgery & have been off work for a long time. I have a new boss that doesn’t like my work or me at all. I do wish you the best. Keep your head up high.
      Are you in the suburbs of Chicago???

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