Companies hiring this week

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The Oscar nominations came out today and, well, our names weren’t on the list. That means the rich and beautiful get all the attention and the rest of us are stuck being normal. No one’s handing us an award for good customer service or sending fancy gowns to wear to work. Such is life.

Unless your name was announced as a nominee this morning–and if it was, congrats!–you’re probably in the market for a new job. So here’s one way to simplify that job search: let us find the jobs for you. Here are 10 companies hiring workers this week.

1. Macy’s
Industry: Retail
Sample job titles: Sales manager, retail salesperson

2. State Street Bank
Industry: Finance
Sample job titles: IFS risk operations, AIS fund administrator

3. Lockheed Martin Corporation
Industry: IT
Sample job titles: Computer systems security analyst, network engineer

4. Concentra
Industry: Health care
Sample job titles: Radiological technologist, medical assistant

5. American Cancer Society
Industry: Health services
Sample job titles: Community manager of health initiatives, corporate relations specialist

6. American Tire Distributors
Industry: Transportation
Sample job titles: Delivery driver

7. Kaplan Higher Education
Industry: Education
Sample job titles: Director of education, adult admissions representative

Industry: Sales management
Sample job titles: Business unit president, general manager

9. Allscripts
Industry: Consultant
Sample job titles: EPSi consultant, implementation consultant

10. Chase
Industry: Legal
Sample job titles: HL research officer (default litigation)

  1. I am surprised that there is a spelling error in your company description. The requirement of a college education obviously did not guarantee the grammar of the writer or the proof-reader. I would like to think that that specific recognition would not necessarily disqualify an applicant without a college degree who has a history of top performance in management. With the quality of public education so poor in this country today, not having a college degree seems irrelevant. (I have a Master’s.)

  2. i just fired after ten years working in emergency room i was sexual harased by my male boss p.s. ”i’m a straight male”then wrote him up then was physically harased ”hard slapping” then fired ”pink slip stated uncooperative”i asked use for an explaintion of the word was given none and was told to leave now before else p.s. i even called the 1800 phone number at work prior to and sent emails to company headquarters ”no replay” the sad thing about all off this is when i reported it the charges nurses and director of th er i told them ”under there encouragment” that i predicted i would be fired by this guy and nobody helped me .my friends tease me now saying next time the boss wants to…you know what i mean p.s i work in florida ”the right to work state” thank you

  3. Hi Im 27 black female still looking for food service job that pay good so i could move out my parents house and get a car, my dad keeps saying he needs help with the bills I went to cooking school in pittsburgh just need my degree but the school said I need to pay 2000 bucks too finfish ripped off really, well any ways try too land a good job here in OH its hard they tell me its hours I picked or overqualfy for the job, if anyone can help im open for suggestions.

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