Companies hiring this week

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If my Facebook newsfeed is any indication, April showers are making people miserable. Perhaps it’s because April showers are a lot more like bitterly cold early winter showers of sleet and sideways rain.

If you’re one of the people less than thrilled with the state of the weather, don’t feel the need to go inside. No, we want you to stay inside and sulk. And while you’re sulking, check out our list of companies hiring this week! Then, when you find a job, you can always remember that great spring of 2011, when you found the job of your dreams thanks to Mother Nature.
Online media
Sample job titles:
Marketing associate

EarthLink Business
Industry: Telecommunications
Sample job titles: Senior account executive

Sample job titles:
Senior engineer

Edward Jones
Sample job titles:
Financial advisor

QinetiQ North America
Industry: Aerospace, engineering
Sample job title: Senior mechanical engineer

Sample job titles
: Sales representative

Industry: Technology and consulting
Sample job titles: PC technician

Sample job titles:
Director of systems analysis and design

Six Flags
Sample job titles:
Director of application development

Sample job titles:
Assistant manager trainees

  1. Walmart hiring!!! I went to walmart in RI. I heard they were hiring. So i trot my ass in and sit down in front of this inside sr=tore app. machine. Do all the nessary app. request and they give me a 72 question assessment test. 72 questions later, (after being in retail 13 years) They tell me i failed the assessment test! I go to the manager (since someone who worked their told me they were hiring) and i ask the manager “How is it that i fail an assessment test of 72 questions and fail?” She replied the questions are tricky. Im not an idiot i anwsered those questions to my knowledge of 13 years in retail. I was told that the more honest you are with these questions the better chance you will fail. I was an assistant manager for 6 years and then became certified in Pharmacy for 6 years for the same company. I was bullied by one of the Pharmacist in a store i worked at for 13 years. I took it up with the District Manager and the District Head Pharmacist. They told me they new he was difficult to work with but not to leave because i was an asset to the company. I knew everyone and I did my job great. I had a call from a doctor which i could take because i am Board Certified he gave me a verbal script over the phone. I wrote the script and proceeded to enter data in the computer. The insurance company rejected it and said it needed to be another form of the med. So i call the Doctor back, which i could because im board certified, and asked him if it was ok to switch to something covered by insurance. He had no problem with that and was happy to ablige the customer and insurance. I do not verify the meds, that is the Pharmacists job. When he aproached me at lunch and asked me what i did? I explained the problem. He got up in my face and told me that if i ever did that again i would be transfered out of that store! He again got up in my face and asked me if i understood what he was saying? I brought it up to The Pharmacy Manager again after he had also had complaints against him from customers and once again said we understand he is difficult to work with and The District Pharmacist assured me i had done nothing wrong. So i had had enough of his bullying and finally left the job. I found out later that the Manager of the store was fired and the District store manager was transfered. The corp was sold to another corp. I left before the switch. I kept my Cert. active but decided to go to work with special needs. I was laid off of that job and have been looking for work ever since. I have had no income since July 10 2010. I still can not believe i failed an assessment test for Walmart. I am on the rehire list with this corp. But i wonder after 13 years exactly what they say about my work history. I took maybe 4 days off during my employment with them and never made mistakes in the Pharmacy. This previouse corp. also accused me of having a drug criminal record and before they even got it on paper took me out of the pharmacy. I had to go the court house and ask for my BCI and explained my cituation. They couldnt believe it and they accomadated me right there. They are a hire and fire corp. at will. They slandered me and did not care. I still stayed on even after that and returned to the Pharmacy. So dont tell people Walmart is hiring. Im not STUPID and was very honest in that assessment test. Is that why i failed? 13 years in retail and i failed!!

    • Skilled trades worker of 25 yrs. + with accuired knowledge of 20 + yrs. electrical experience in construction & healthcare environments. Formal electrical education & training with A class CDL. Forced into private sector retail work becauce, I wouldn’t allow myself to be bullied on the job by predjudiced dept. personnel who were misappropreating company funds and resources. While continuously hideing behind a corrupted Asst.
      Labor Relations Director. Plus I had a WEAK union delegates backing me up ! I tried State Division of Human Rights and a private attorney and Dept. of Labor Relations procedures. NYC Health & Hospital Corp. were still capable of doing whatever they wanted reguardless of Court orders or any other Admimistrative boards, who were all outrageous frauds and con men. How does a common worker fight this kind of corporate misconduct ?

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