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There’s an interesting dynamic going on in the job market right now. Despite the fact that millions of people can’t find jobs, millions of employers can’t seem to find the right employees, either.

In case you missed it, last week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the economy created no jobs in August, and that the unemployment rate held steady at 9.1 percent.

At the same time, however, the BLS also reported that nearly 2.7 million jobs went unfilled in August, and, according to CareerBuilder’s 2011 Q3 hiring forecast, 26 percent of employers report having difficulties filling open positions — a 4 percent increase over 2010.

To help close this employment gap, and match job seekers in need of work with companies in need of their services, we’ve put together a list of employers that are hiring in large volume right now.

The following 14 companies have a combined total of nearly 10,000 job openings — and they need employees as badly as you need a job.

1. PNC
Number of jobs available: 1,000+
Types of jobs: Mortgage loan officer, bank branch manager, software engineer, part-time teller, relationship manager and financial advisor

2. AON
Number of jobs available: 1,390+
Types of jobs: Risk management, insurance brokerage services, benefits outsourcing, human capital consulting and actuarial

3. U-Haul
Number of jobs available: 1,575+
Types of jobs: General manager and trainees, shop manager, customer care representative, programmer, web designer, traffic control manager, storage team manager, structural engineer, production manager and transfer driver

4. Yellowbook
Number of jobs available: 1,000+
Types of jobs: New media specialist, client service representative, entry-level customer service, finance, it- engineering, developer, programmer, entry-level production and entry-level field distribution management

5. Comfort Keepers
Number of jobs available: 900+
Types of jobs: Caregiver, home health aide, LPN, personal care aide, registered nurse, community relations and marketing director

6. Motorola Solutions
Number of jobs available: 600+ globally
Types of jobs: Various IT and engineering roles: product manager, systems engineer, information security specialist and software engineer

7. Red Ventures
Number of jobs available: 500+
Types of jobs: Inside sales, web developer, online marketing, sales trainer, corporate recruiter, php developer, sales recruiter, human resources and copywriter

8. Bridgestone Retail Operations
Number of jobs available: 400+
Types of jobs: Retail management trainee, retail sales (full-time and part-time), automotive technician (full-time and part-time) and automotive maintenance technician (full-time and part-time)

9. Earthlink
Number of jobs available: 300+
Types of jobs: Account executive, major account executive, national account executive, system sales, channel sales, sales engineer, field technician, NOC technician and branch manager

10. UniTek Global Services 
Number of jobs available: 400+
Types of jobs: Cable installer, satellite installer and wireless installation project manager and foreman

11. Certified Payment Processing
Number of jobs available: 400+
Types of jobs: Outside sales

12. Pilot Flying J
Number of jobs available: 500+
Types of jobs: Retail and restaurant managers

13. Senior Helpers
Number of jobs available: 400+
Types of jobs: Certified nursing assistant, caregiver, scheduling coordinator, marketing manager, client services manager, community relations coordinator

14. Harbor Freight Tools
Number of jobs available: 500
Types of jobs: Field positions at all level within our stores, nationwide. Corporate positions in all functions: finance, legal, marketing, sourcing, category management, etc.

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  1. Interesting post. It makes me wonder how many people with those skills in the above job listing haven’t seen those. I also teaches me that you need to be always thinking of how to improve your skills and be prepared shifts in the job market. This was taught to me from the book “Great Work Great Career,” by Stephen Covey and it has helped me ever since.

  2. Is it possible that the unemployed do not apply because these employers do not have stellar reputations for paying a living wage, treating people respectfully, and offer real growth opportunities?

    Have you done real research to get to the root causes? I’ll bet you haven’t, and you’re probably not willing to do so.

    I’ll bet that most of the jobs are either under-valued, or commission based sales, or highly stressful positions.

    Do you think that the already demeaned, devalued, over-stressed, unemployed, or under-employed, will be willing to be scrutinized on their “worthiness” just to become the “demeaned employed”?

    Interesting paradox, don’t you think?

    • @ Ciro. If I may respond to the nast y comment towards you sayign to “get off your high horse”, which I see as totally unecessary because your not being lazy as that person is somehow summing it up. I understand what you are saying, the place I left, I was the only one that had true schooling in the field, but others were hired because they knew someone and kissed butt so for me I was underpaid, VERY for position because they lowered the standards to allow others to come on board so it was all in all frustrating because now I cannot advance nor feel sucessful in my career. Worse part was being burnt out..mostly because no one knew how to do the work and it was passed around like a hot potato. And its hard sometimes, because then even if you are going to accept/apply for something below your skill level, because face it, we have bills to pay, you will not get the spot because you are “over qualified”. The university HR told me they were not going to hire me because I was over qualified, it felt great to know I was but it is scary too because I thought, now what do I do? I pray you find something that is right suited for you soon Ciro.

    • You are what is wrong with our country! Stop making excuses! Have you researched all the opportunities in this article? My guess is NO. It sounds like you would rather sit at home and complain about not having a job. Your life is a reflection of the decisions you make. If it stinks, it’s your fault!

  3. @Ciro: Does it really matter about a living wage? When you have been out of work for 4, 5, 6 months or longer, it is time to get off your high horse and find something that will provide support for your family! Yes, some of the listed positions are commission based, some are hourly based, and others are salary based. Most all the copmanies listed provide benefits after an amount of time, so what is wrong with that?

    If you are unemployed after a few weeks, it is your own fault! Stop showing up to interviews in jeans and a tee-shirt. Polish the resume to include what is relevant to the perspective employer. I can’t tell you how many resumes I ignore because they are generic and do not contain anything to do with the open position. We hiring managers CANNOT interview everyone who sends us a resume, so you need to keep make it stand out!

    There are many positions available and hiring managers KNOW it is difficult out there! We want to help and fill out positions. However, the applicant has to do their part too!

    A Hiring Manager

      • Depends how some look at the value of minimum wage and how bad one has to survive with a family. I took the $8 (California) an hour part time, but I worked at three different fast food places. I average working for 16 hrs a day. Not pretty and painful experience (no life) but I got Sunday off. I worked this way for 3 months and hustling.
        My excellence is in customer service. I am humble, patient, and willing to help people especially those who are in the same situation I am in.
        One day, a customer (when I was still at Mcdonalds) asked me if I could be a customer service manager (part time, no benefits, $15/hr) for his small restaurant. I took the position, no time wasted. I cut my minimum salary hours and still avg 16rs daily except Sunday.
        I was always motivated and had fun in helping staff and customers in the restaurant. I read books and surf the internet how I could improve my customer service skills in restaurant business. Learned alot and shared new things with the owner of the restaurants. Suggested special prices, promotional deals on the menu. Helped cut costs in supplies, cleaning, save energy, etc… Customers were almost doubled in 2 months. We got busy, we hired more staff (my colleagues from fast foods). Three months later, I became a manager for the restaurant. The owner and I meet once a week for two hours and talk about business, his family, hobbies, etc…
        I quit fast food minimum salary and concentrated now in restaurant management.
        My thoughts: That situation (minimum wage and working for 16rs a day) I was in paved to new beginning for me and my family.

        • Hmmmm…It would appear you have let your feelings and mouth overshoot your qualifications and education. When I was in college last they taught (as most colleges and resume writing teachers and business teachers do) that you should never individualize your resume or put information that is not relevant to your work search and history on there. I guess Mr. Bon here needs to be replaced . Seeing he just stuck his foot in his mouth.
          He is probably a foreigner

      • I agree with you Mary Lou. I don’t know to many people that can survive on minimun wage.It’s ok to work 2 jobs or work a job that gives you plenty of overtime,as long as you can make ends meet and take care of your family! The salary has to meet your individual family needs!

    • Mr. Hiring Manager:
      What about the people who have alot of experience, dresses nicely, brings a good resume with references and will accept the lowest they can. I have been looking and calling and applying all over the website for what?? I go to work on-time. I work everyday.
      I have had 2 jobs in 1 year. I’m so sick of the jealous people in the office who hate you as soon as you walk in the door because you have more experience than they do. I just want a job.

      • Blondie,
        I am a professional in my field as well and am experiencing the same issues as you. Many hiring managers as well as the employees, I feel, are threatened by my skills and experience. I have been searching for a full time job since my lay-off in 2009. I do not want to take anyone’s job from them, I just want a job.

    • Hmmmm…It would appear you have let your feelings and mouth overshoot your qualifications and education. When I was in college last they taught (as most colleges and resume writing teachers and business teachers do) that you should never individualize your resume or put information that is not relevant to your work search and history on there. I guess Mr. Bon here needs to be replaced :). Seeing he just stuck his foot in his mouth.
      He is probably a foreigner.

    • Hmmmm…It would appear you have let your feelings and mouth overshoot your qualifications and education. When I was in college last they taught (as most colleges and resume writing teachers and business teachers do) that you should never individualize your resume or put information that is not relevant to your work search and history on there. I guess Mr. Bon here needs to be replaced . Seeing he just stuck his foot in his mouth.
      He is probably a foreigner

    • @HiringManager Tell me about someone like me….Stellar work history, advanced degree, laid off from a job that paid well. Hiring managers look at me and want to know why I would take a lower paying job. Their logic is that I must not be confident and capable if I am willing to take a cut in pay. The other argument is that I am OVER qualified and they can hire someone with less experience and education at a lower salary. I would question your qualifications as a Hiring Manager is you are this opinionated and short sighted…..maybe there are too many of YOU reviewing applications/resumes like mine. My suggestions, learn some humility and grace is you are going to be working with people.

    • HR Manager, perhaps I missed my true calling and should have been a proofreader, but it amazes me how someone in your position, or, for that matter, even some of these commentators, could be so deficient in basic English grammar. Misspelling (copmanies instead of companies), wrong words (“perspective” employer instead of “prospective” employer, “keep make it stand out” [whatever that means]), and even capitalization and punctuation in some of the replies truely reflect the sorry state of our educational system today (and no, spellcheck is not always available, is it?).

      When I was in the position of reviewing applications and resumes prior to the interviewing process, you can bet those types of errors bespoke volumes about the prospective applicant, and the more important the position (such as HR Hiring Manager), the more critical the prescreening and the higher the expectations. Sorry to say, but you probably would not have been hired.

      Bottom line is this: yes, education is important for meeting the qualifications for the job; but it’s only the beginning. More important is how you use that knowledge. I’m not going to regurgitate all the platitudes for landing that job (you’re welcome), but remember this: nobody ever hired somebody they didn’t like.

      • @ Dennis – Thank God someone has some sense. I was starting to believe that noone else did. I, too, am truly disgusted at the level of ignorance floating around on this page and yet, I, with over 20 years of experience and apparently some well needed proofreading and writing skills, can’t get a decent job.

    • I would like to respond to if you have been out of work for a long time. Remember being out of work is a job in itself and you do make alot of changes in your lifestyle. I know alot willing to take a cut in pay but depending on were the job is and how much of a cut means alot on how you live day to day. Some places you just can not survive on minimium wage it would not even pay rent at the lowest price. The jobs listed most are with education needed. Not everyone has that. I know people willing to flip burgers or do any job and they are hard to find also. Employers know alot of people need jobs so they try to get the best for less. Some it seems are being to picky, because I know alot of people willing to transfer to another state just to work. So what are you looking for that the openings are not getting filled. At least were I live for every job there are so many people trying to get them.. every person out of work is now competeing with every person both instate and out.
      The so called white collared jobs need to be filled so the so called blue collared jobs can be created i guess. To bad because there is no longer job security but still have companies that want to much for less. most expect the people they do have to cover the slack at same pay and same time. We do need more jobs and also companies actually hiring so the person can survive.

    • Don’t you find it strange that there are 2.7 million jobs and they cannot get people to aplly whille 7 million people are looing for jobs.If you believe that than you also believe that corporate america did not make l.7 trillion uarterly because of profits of cheaper labor markets .remember they are the guys that hire and fire and they sure did a lot of hiring abraod.Blame them for the mess it is profit before country

    • Most of those jobs are run of the mill sales or customer service jobs. I apply for those jobs all the time and never get ONE response. I have done a lot of that type of work too (boiler room shit that most people last ten minutes at). And I do not show up in jeans and a T shirt. The problem is a lot of people over 45 would do this job rather than starve, but you can’t get it because you are “overqualified” which is code for “too old.” So why don’t you get up of your high horse and hire some of these overqualified peoole and you might actually lower your turnover. People like you deserve to be out on the street.

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  5. I am amazed at how many people there are talking on this subject who have no idea what it is really about, and have never been unemployed themselves after getting their job or education. Here is the COLD truth that all these supposed to be experts and professionals do not want you to know. Listen I am a person who has various job and life experiences and I have had jobs that where professions I had real responsibilities, however, I am unemployed. I am unemployed because I was unfortunate enough to go through the legal system as a result of someone else lying on me, however I make no excuse, I put myself in that situation so ultimately I blame me. Here is the hard truth the real problem with the job market today is one our government makes it costly for companies to hire individuals in the US and taxes the crap out of them, also the insurance companies make it costly on bossiness to hire people, and finally because of the two reasons above companies both large and small get picky on who to hire. One final reason the job market is messed up – Temporary Work Agencies. Companies can go through a temp agency and pay less to have someone come in and work and in MOST cases the maximum time frame a person will work at a company through a temp agency is 6 months. It is usually a minimum of 3 months.

  6. It Seems like there are a bunch of so called experts in the job fields they are qualified for,but it’s hard to land the job you want if you don’t get out from behind the keyboard and go get it,We as a country have to look at what really caused the unemployment rate to rise to 9.1% ,and why it stays around this rate.I have a few reasons that i can think of
    1. President Bush fighting the war his daddy couldn’t win
    2.Bailing out the automotive industry,this didn’t create any jobs it helped the white shirts at GM headquarters,keep their private jets fueled up
    3. the Banks loaning money to people that simply couldn’t afford the houses they financed(Ie. foreclosures for 2.1 million families who were told they could afford the loans.
    4.Government bailout for the banks who lost millions in loan payments
    5 .anyone who is in the residential construction field,got the rug pulled out from under them because the market is flooded with available housing because of the bank corruption.
    and lets not get started on the recovery Reinvestment act,the only thing this did was give states millions to work on road projects,and pay state troopers overtime to stand roadside and watch traffic go by.
    the only way we can fix the job market is to produce real jobs for real americans.and stop the corporate bailouts,or the next time you vote -vote for the guy that worked in the field ,not in the office.

    • There u go again blaming Bush. Look At the country pre- democratic congress 2004,5,6. Unemployment under 5. gas 1.86 Gal  stock market 14,000. Enter Democrats and Barney Frank chris Dodd giving mortgages to people who could not afford to buy a stick of gum and WHAM! Do some research. Oh i see u have  NO TIME

  7. I’m a senior in college and will be graduating in May w/BA in Social Sciences minor in business admin. The job market is flooded with over qualified applicants. How does a soon to be graduate get a job when there are so many out there with the education and tons of experience? Min. wage while living in a major city won’t even pay for my student loans each month!
    Please no snarky comments, just helpful advice please. TY

    • GraduatingSoon,

      As a MSW Sup. from NY w/12 years of experience I would advise you to decide what exactly you want to do so you can plan your next career move. A Bachelor’s in S.S. is about 35 grand a yr w/no exp. and you will WORK. You can get more if you are bilingual (Spanish a major plus). You will have to get an advanced degree and license to get top salary (Clinical or Admin). Go into it knowing you will be underpaid because you are just starting out but the experience will be necessary in the long run and start planning for advanced degree and training right away.

    • I would advise you to visit your college career center immediately. In tons of surveys of new grads who have job offers before graduation, the college career center is still the best source of employers who come to campus to meet graduating seniors. Do that ASAP!

  8. ok so my thoughts on all this. i agree that education is important in some jobs but the problem with this economy is rather than hiring american citizens we are outsourcing all our jobs to other countries! as a man with 2 children it is IMPOSSIBLE to live off min. wage jobs and half the places that pay decent want you to have experience but how are you suppose to have experience when you cant get the job in the first place! as one of the many who struggle to make it by i think that all the so called “hiring managers” who look for “keywords” on a resume or otherwise pretty much throw out the rest need to get a life. there are plenty of hard working people that would give the shirt off their back to get a decent job and all anybody wants to give is min. wage burger jobs. no body aspired to be a fast food employee and its thanks to people like that who will keep it that way. and yes only you are in charge of your own fate but give someone a chance. all im saying is if this economy is ever going to get any better EVERYONE needs to do it together not wait for the government to do it for us.

  9. “A living wage”, I can’t help but wonder in which union hall that phrase originated. As I recall history, there was a time when OUR grandparents and great-granparents focused on the fact they were being paid for a “hard days work”. If they didn’t work hard for thier pay, they didn’t work. As a working man (2 jobs), when my bills exceed my income I am left with 2 choices. 1) Increace monthly income, or, 2) if I can’t increase my monthly income, decrease my spending. I understand that to some it is easier to complain about availible employment than to actually persue it. After all, you wouldn’t want to work for an employer that may require you to “work”. Not just during your probationary period when you can be dismissed for lack of performance. But, WORK, like your family that you helped create needs you to provide for them. Everyone on this board has an agenda, I noticed more than a few that seem to think that thier situation is someone else’s fault/problem. Reality is, it is only thier problem. If they choose to complain of low wages instead of paying thier own way regardless of the sacrifices that may be required. Then thier fate is sealed. In tough economic times, you cannot live a financial lie. The “kids” may have to give up the cell phones, latest what-ever. You will have to give up even more…………. Just sayin.

  10. The existing positions are not getting filled, not because of lack of labor, but due to hiring managers pickiness. I have 2 engineering degrees and an MBA and excellent professional track record. Nevertheless, I have been unemployed for 4 months. For every position advertised, companies receive 200 to 300 resumes. Thus, they have the luxury of looking for exactly the detailed specific experience they want. I have applied to tons of positions I am well qualified for but perhaps not to the last detail. Also many times they have combined into 1 job description, what used to be 3 different jobs, and want to pay below market rate. They have learned this from the recession, since the US economy is now producing the same as it used to in 2007 with 7 million less employees. Companies are in no hurry to hire until they find the super right fit.
    In addition, since so many are unemployed, it is easy to fill the jobs with family, friends or people referred by friends. Typically, this is what happens. The few interviews I have done came from my network contacts, none from website or emailed applications.

  11. By the way, article author. I just went to the U-Haul career website and there are no Production Manager postings at all. Please check your information before publishing.

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  15. Checked out Red Ventures out of couriosity. There seems to be high turnover and a lot of complaints—-that’s why they are hiring.

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  21. No manufacturing jobs you say, totally untrue. Read the headline again bozo. It states in large volume. In Ohio there are thousands of jobs and opportunities available with just a few qualifications. 1.-Show up every day. 2. Have experience. 3.-Many companies do drug screening, some don’t but probably should. I sell computer controlled machines and the biggest problem is there are not enough qualified people to program, set up and operate them. Pity because the pay ranges from $18-$22 per hour and overtime. That’s $990/week for 50 hours at the $18 rate. By the way most plants I am aware of are looking to hire 4-20 people but a 1000 shops are looking in Northern Ohio alone. Large volume in many places.

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  23. I’ve been asking for months – Where are the workers? Every month the Department of Labor publishes the unemployment number but also publish the number of job openings. That number stood at 3 million on July 31 and has been about the same for months. Many employers can’t find the skill levels they need in new hires and may have cut back on training. Which means people have to hit the ground running.

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