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Each Tuesday we post a list of the companies hiring this week, and hopefully you find this helpful. In case you didn’t know, we also post a list of companies hiring for that particular month over here. On the first of every month, we put together a list of companies who have said they’re eager to find qualified workers in the upcoming month.

So today we thought we’d draw your attention to this list by putting up June’s right here in our usual weekly hiring post.

Here are 15 companies hiring in June:

Industry: Consulting
Sample job titles: Java technical architect, financial management analyst, Informatica developer, .Net support analyst
Location: Nationwide

Industry: Health care
Sample job titles: Software developer, implementation consultant
Location: Boston, New York, Raleigh, Chicago

Amedisys Home Health
Industry: Home health
Sample job titles: Occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech language pathologist, registered nurse, home health aide
Location: Nationwide

Assurant, Inc.
Industry: Insurance
Sample job titles: Outside sales representative, paralegal, director account management, marketing sales representative, business unit systems analyst, facility associate, employee benefits advisor
Location: Nationwide

Brunswick Corporation
Industry: Engineering, Retail, Manufacturing
Sample job titles: Manufacturing, electrical, mechanical and design engineers; IT- business applications analysts, Oracle ebusiness suite developers, supply chain buyers, commodities manager, planners
Location: Illinois, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Florida

The Crump Group
Industry: Insurance, banking/finance
Sample job titles: Client services coordinator, internal wholesaler, operations specialist, underwriter
Location: Harrisburg, Penn., Dresher, Penn., Atlanta, Woodland Hills, Calif.

The Dow Chemical Company
Industry: Manufacturing
Sample job titles: business analyst / IS, process automation engineer, analytical chemist, production manager, Improvement Engineer
Location: Michigan, Texas, Louisiana, Indiana, Pennsylvania

Groundwater and Environmental Services
Industry: Environmental / consulting
Sample job titles: Environmental field technician, senior environmental engineer, geologist, environmental scientist
Location: Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, New Jersey, Colorado, California, West Virginia

HMS (Health Management Systems)
Industry: Health care / health services
Sample job titles: Claims auditor, medical coding specialist, help desk analyst, account manager, operations analyst, client yield manager
Location: Irving Texas, Boston, Sacramento

Kenan Advantage Group
Industry: Trucking / transportation
Sample job titles: CDL class A driver, owner operator, mechanic, dispatcher
Location: Nationwide

Lowe’s Home Improvement
Industry: Retail (IT)
Sample job titles: Web Sphere, Developer, C+ Unix, senior system analyst
Location: Mooresville, N.C.

Multiband USA
Industry: Telecommunications
Sample job titles: Installation technician, DIRECTV installer, market manager, and customer service representative
Location: Nationwide

The Nielsen Company
Industry: Information services industry
Sample job titles: Analyst, client manager, sales representative, project manager, research manager
Location: Nationwide

Owens Corning
Industry: Manufacturing
Sample job titles: Area sales manager, chemist, multiple engineering positions
Location: Nationwide

Industry: Electronics and electrical engineering
Sample job titles: Software engineer, product engineer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, energy engineer, quality engineer, biochemist, research scientist, clinical application specialists
Location: Nationwide

  1. I have been putting my resume on the career builder for one year, I would appreicate a call or a nice card from the companying that the position have been taken, all they return is that they recieved the resume.I have had no luck. I had my resume proff read to see if needed any change, I think My resume shows over qualifed and company dont want to pay good money for a good and hard worker.

    • Lorraine – If your resume reads anything like your posts do, you are most definitely not qualified, let alone over-qualified.

      Send you a card saying the position has been filled? Do you live in the real world?

    • You do not sound as qualified as you claim. For one, you spelled “proof” as “proof.” How is that for irony? Secondly, you didn’t use correct grammar.

      No company has the time or money to pay people to send “we’re sorry” cards to the people that haven’t gotten the job.

      If they don’t call you, you know.


      • These people are right, if your spelling is bad, these good jobs from good companies will never be your for the taking. There is a lot of competition out there for jobs, the girl might as well get with it in the real world. Employers do not have time for Winers like her. Get A LIFE WOMAN!

    • You must not be doing something right. maybe its the better than everyone attitude. No comany owes you anything but the possibility of reading your resume. Get the chip off your shoulder and you might just get a job.

    • Lorraine. Just keep looking and ‘keep faith.’ You will get the perfect job – it’s waiting for you. However, perhaps you may want to either (1) read what you wrote before you post or, if you find nothing wrong with the English used or grammer, perhaps look into takin a class. The sentences are not complete. [read it aloud-do you ‘hear’ the problem we’ve been reading? Good Luck!

    • TO Lorraine. Just keep looking and ‘keep faith.’ You will get the perfect job – it’s waiting for you. However, perhaps you may want to either (1) read what you wrote before you post or, if you find nothing wrong with the English used or grammer, perhaps look into takin a class. The sentences are not complete. [read it aloud-do you ‘hear’ the problem we’ve been reading? Good Luck!

    • I wanted to add a few lines to your remark! It is the ugly truth about companies. Some of them have taken almost two months to reply to my application. I too seem a little over qualified and they donot want to pay us what we are worth. I am not sure what Career Builders can do but I think they should stress to the employer how rude and inconsiderate it is not to let the applicant know if they have an interview scheduled or a job!

  2. I wish there was a company or temp agency that helped us ‘seasoned’ workers find work…. You don’t see THAT around anywhere…at least I haven’t if there is one….

      • Would you mind if I asked where and what kinds of positions you offer? I am a seasoned worker looking for a job after getting laid off. I am having as much trouble as everyone else finding a job and would welcome any leads.

        • good luck I have been layed off for over a year. I had a part time job for awhile but there are just no jobs anywhere. I even went out of state to look.

    • Lorraine, listen too Paula she has a point. If you did your home work and know what your looking for then keeping looking. The more jobs you apply for you will eventually will get a call. If you still can’t find a job, then take the time to make different resume for each skill your good at. Here’s some good information I can pass on too everyone. Go too a TEMP Agent ” Select Staffing”,in Oceanside and Areotek in San Marcus either one of this Company can help find you a job.
      Myself I am a retired Marine,after 27 years of service. I started working as maintenance worker since 2002. I have held two other job since. I hope this will keep you looking for a job. Don’t give up! I’m 50+ and still standing.

  3. I am seeking advise regarding, how I can get back into the job market after being terminated from a job. Meanwhile, My previous employer’s HR department continues to give me a bad reference every since I left the school district; however if I could get the potential companies to contact my references, they would know that I am a good and hard working person who made one terrible mistake. Therefore, I have resorted to working for a temp agency for two and half years now. I do feel that I have paid for my mistakes and just want a chance to prove myself again.

    • Regarding the HR references: they are actually breaking the law by saying anything about your job performance. all they are able to say legally is that YES you worked there. I don’t know if the laws are different in other states, but California that is a big No,No. If I were you I would look into that.

      • Companies are not allowed to say anything derrogatory about your owrk performance – which could deter you from obtaining employment – for one (1) years. However, it can be in their overtones and answers – but not directly. I would look into it also.

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  5. You will have to focus directly on the jobs you want and continue to apply. Do not focus on your past mistake, your past employer or what you think your past employer might say about you. Stop punishing yourself for the mistake and never blame anyone for the mistake, just focus directly on what you want daily and you will get the job. Place your resume on every site that you see jobs of your interest. Your new job right now is getting the job you want and deserve if you are serious. Out with the old stuff of the past and in with all new thoughts for your future. I am pulling for you! Just do It!

  6. I’m responding to replies to Lorraines’ post of 5/31. A lot of judging going on. I agree that Lorraine had some misspellings and grammatical errors in her post. But gee, Shelby, in your reply, you misspelled you correction of Lorraines’ “proof”. Come on guys! We are all looking for work, probably a little frustrated but lets not be so mean spirited. Lorraine, good luck to you honey! I myself, have been looking for work for almost 2 years. Talk about frustrated! I have many years of experience in construction management. Construction is slow in my area. I can’t even get a job in retail or food service (I have no experience in customer service, haha!). What a joke! Like running a 56 million dollar project doesn’t qualify for “capable”. Oh well! good luck to all! be nice!

    • Oh you are so right. I do believe the job search becomes quite tedious and it makes a lot of people very angry, me included. I have been searching for work for over a year now and I am ready to pull my hair out. The problem is that we are not competing with 3 other people for these job, it’s more like 100′s which makes it so much harder.

  7. The comments on this page are so negative and do not contribute in a useful way. Lorraine, ignore those negative comments. I do not know if these people work for Career Builder or not. You will have better luck on Craigslist jobs. The best way to get a job is to have a friend already inside a company or school system help get you in. Good luck to all of you.

  8. I am looking for a nurse position. Not in ER, ICU, CCU. I have been there and done that. I would like to do Clinical Managenent. I have a wealth of healthcare knowledge. Not looking to relocate

  9. Finding a needle in a haystack seems like what it is now a day in landing a job under your experience/s.

    Since I was laid off as a permanent employee in the mortgage industry, I had been working as a temp for up to this present. Most of my assignments lasted for 24 to 18 months.

    The only downside to it, there’s no benefit but on the positive side it gave me a better experience in different departments which gave me a better leverage than other applicants.

    A temp assignment is better than receiving “Unemployment Benefit” and unemployment benefit is better than nothing for the time being.

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