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walshesEveryone’s a little skittish right now. Has the economy bottomed out? Is my job safe? Can I find a job?

Understandably, no one’s at ease. And college seniors coming up on graduation are certainly feeling a special sort of antsy. They’re young, probably don’t have an extensive work history, and would like to earn enough money not to have to move back in with mom and dad. Wouldn’t you be a little worried, too?

Luckily, plenty of employers are still looking for college grads. While the competition is obviously tougher than it was a few years ago, it’s not impossible terrain. The Work Buzz’s very own Rachel Zupek put together a list of 25 companies hiring for the class of 2009. Here are just a few of them and the positions they’re seeking.

Estimated new graduate hires: 800
Open positions: Claims adjuster trainee; financial analyst; investment analyst; actuarial assistant; application developer (IT), business analyst (IT)
Candidate qualities: General requirements include excellent written and verbal communication; organizational skills; strong computer skills; and ability to manage relationships in a fast-paced environment while demonstrating persistence and problem-solving skills. Educational requirements vary based on position.

Finance and banking
Estimated new graduate hires: 40-50 students to start in 2010, (recruiting on campuses this fall 2009)
Open positions: Finance, risk, treasury, audit and IT jobs
Candidate qualities: High performers who take initiative, are flexible and adaptable to change. Applicants must be ethical, demonstrate leadership, achieve results, be a strategic thinker, have technical competence and embrace diversity.

Perot Systems
Information technology
Estimated new graduate hires: 50
Open positions: Business analyst, project coordinator, desk side support technician, revenue cycle representative
Candidate qualities: Candidates must possess company values and principles including integrity, personal accountability, teamwork and a passion for excellence. General requirements include excellent communication skills, strong problem solving and analytical skills, a proven track record of success and a strong work ethic. Previous health care and/or IT experience is a plus.

Sabre Holdings
Information technology
Estimated number of new hires: 8
Open positions: Programmers, developers, marketing, business operations (finance)
Candidate qualities: Undergraduates in their junior or senior year, or seniors of graduate program. Must have previous work experience, ability to work with a team, assume project ownership, take pride in their work, and possess entrepreneurial spirit.

Sun Microsystems
Network infrastructure
Estimated new graduate hires: 80
Open positions: Computer science, electrical engineering, marketing and finance
Candidate qualities: Computer science and electrical engineering students who have a demonstrated ability to successfully balance academic requirements with internships and student club activity.

Check out the article for 25 companies that are looking for new grads.

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  1. don’t work for perot systems!!!!!! they have the WORST projects and are cheapskates who dont pay their employees enough for all the crap they go through!

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