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We’re starting to hear bits and pieces of good news on the job front these days. Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the number of job openings in September was 3.4 million, up from 3.1 million in August. Last week, we learned that the unemployment rate dropped from 9.1 percent to 9 percent. And a recent CareerBuilder survey found that 29 percent of retailers plan to hire seasonal workers for the holidays, with 30 percent of employers planning to transition some holiday help into full-time, permanent staff.

Want some more good news? Here’s a list of 10 companies hiring this week:

1. American Management Services
Industry: Consulting, sales/marketing, management
Sample job titles: Field sales manager, consultant/senior executive analyst, business coordinator

2. Bob Evans
Industry: Restaurants
Sample job titles: Restaurant assistant manager, marketing intern, GM

3. Cardinal Health
Industry: Health-care distribution/supplies
Sample job titles: Sales representative, marketing, courier driver, customer service, IT

4. Certified Payment Processing
Industry: Finance/banking
Sample job titles: Sales, account manager, customer service

5. Cracker Barrel
Industry: Restaurant and retail
Sample job titles: Restaurant manager, retail manager

6. Family Home Health Services
Industry: Health care
Sample job titles: Business development managers, nurses

7. Harbor Freight Tools
Industry: Retail
Sample job titles: Senior financial analyst, manager – store operations, sales associate

8. Reyes Holdings LLC
Industry: Transportation
Sample job titles: Drivers, warehouse workers, sales account managers, IT, finance

9. The Delta Companies
Industry: Health care
Sample job titles: Physical therapist, OT

10. Walden Security
Industry: Security services provider
Sample job titles: Unarmed security officer, EMT/security officer, force protection officer, general manager

  1. I think the most ridiculous things that an interviewer can tell you is that you’re ‘over-qualified’ for the position you’re applying for! Don’t they realize that if there were a job which we were ‘absolutely qualified’ for that we would’ve applied for it. If we qualified for the position they’re offering, and are willing to work for the pay they’re offering, then give us the job. After all, most of us just want a steady job with a regular paycheck so we can pay our bills and support our families. There should be a standard rule across the board that they shouldn’t tell us we’re ‘over-qualified’. Either give us the job or not! ‘Overqualified’ applicants can do a wider range of work for their company anyway.

  2. Who cares “who” is hiring, the important thing is expierance requirements. So many of us are unable to find work because of a lack of expierance yet we can’t get expierance without finding a job.

  3. Wow, nothing technical. Feed it, sell it, guard it, move it, or watch it die, Guess this is what we have to look forward to. True signs of an economy in trouble.

  4. ya, look at the list of hire jobs possible.. heath care, security, finance, and some savory low paying part time jobs! WOOT! sound the horns and rejoice!

    lets see some REAL SKILLED JOBS! quality employers who want to keep building America!

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