23 Percent of Employers Hiring Summer Workers

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lifeguardIf you’re looking for a job this summer, you might be in luck: 23 percent of employers are planning to hire seasonal workers this summer, according to CareerBuilder’s Annual Summer Job Forecast that was conducted from February 20 to March 11, 2009, among more than 2,500 employers. Prepare yourself for some stiff competition, however, due to the tough economy.

Summer job seekers face a bigger challenge this year than in years past, as the market is flooded with candidates looking for both full- and part-time positions,” said Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources for CareerBuilder. “The good news is that many traditional summer jobs are still available, but in this environment, it is essential that job seekers differentiate themselves and demonstrate how their skills can have a positive impact on a business in a short amount of time.”

Those that land summer jobs may have a chance to parlay their roles into year-round positions. More than half (56 percent) of companies will consider summer recruits for permanent placement within their organizations.

When it comes to summer paychecks, 77 percent of hiring managers will offer the same pay to seasonal workers this year as they did last year, while 9 percent will offer more. An additional 9 percent will offer less and 5 percent said they were unsure.

Two-in-five companies (42 percent) plan to pay summer workers $10 or more per hour and 6 percent plan to pay $20 or more per hour. Thirty percent anticipate paying between $8 and $10 per hour, while 10 percent expect to pay less than $7 per hour.

Industries hiring
Comparing the industries surveyed, hospitality and retail have plans to bring the most summer workers on board, at 38 percent and 34 percent respectively. Across all industries, the most popular summer positions being offered include:

What kind of summer work are you looking for?

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