Great Jobs in the President’s Stimulus Plan

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On Friday, we told you about President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus that could create up to 4 million new jobs over the next two years. But which jobs will offer the most opportunities in the world of work?

In his recently released book, Great Jobs in the President’s Stimulus Plan, occupational expert Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., reveals what people can expect in the job market as Obama’s “American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan” goes into effect.

“It’s important to understand that the Obama team wants the coming upswing to be different from the ‘jobless recovery’ that followed the 2001 recession, in which businesses increased their profits without taking on many additional workers,” Shatkin says. “Instead, as our country emerges from our current recession, we are expected to experience an era with many opportunities for employment. You need to be aware of the fields and jobs that are likely to grow and create a rewarding career for you.”

Here are some of the occupations that Shatkin expects to provide strong growth as the stimulus plans goes into effect:

Computer systems analysts
Percent Growth: 29.0 percent
Level of Education/Training: Bachelor’s degree

Construction carpenters
Percent Growth: 10.3 percent
Level of Education/Training: Long-term on-the-job training

Cost estimators
Percent Growth: 18.5 percent
Level of Education/Training: Work experience in a related occupation

Preschool teachers, except special education
Percent Growth: 26.3 percent
Level of Education/Training: Postsecondary vocational training

Mobile heavy equipment mechanics, except engines
Percent Growth: 12.3 percent
Level of Education/Training: Postsecondary vocational training

Medical assistants
Percent Growth: 35.4 percent
Level of Education/Training: Moderate-term on-the-job training

Management analysts
Percent Growth: 21.9 percent
Level of Education/Training: Work experience plus degree

Industrial machinery mechanics
Percent Growth: 9.0 percent
Level of Education/Training: Long-term on-the-job training

Civil engineers
Percent Growth: 18.0 percent
Level of Education/Training: Bachelor’s degree

Truck drivers, heavy and tractor-trailer
Percent Growth: 10.4 percent
Level of Education/Training: Moderate-term on-the-job training

  1. My question is:

    What’s in it for Technical Writers-like this author, and if there is anything, must the stimulus jobs ONLY go towards those with the most experience?

  2. I think that an increase in the rate of salaries, could mean a lot for some people, also finding more ways out for some people that try to go back to school one way or another, courses, vocational schools, should give more ways out for those that try so hard to do something better with their lives. About the stimulus, I think it will be a great help for millions of people, specially for single mothers being head of household.

    Thanks, this is my very sincere opinion.

  3. This is all and great, but when are our elected officials going to take responsibility for their actions. We have a very inept group of people representing us and they are budgeting and spending Our money with very little or know thought. Massachusetts is the most out of control governments in the US. Also we can not keep bailing out companies that again will not take responsibility for their actions. GM and Chrysler has know for years that They have been loosing market share, but did nothing to rectify the problem. This country is going down the tubes. Our representatives need to work within a budget, and stop spending money that they don’t have!!!!

    Thank you

  4. I think MAY have good intentions with the stimulous package. However, Big companies requiring bail outs is crap in my opinion. If they can not hire management personnel that can effectively run a company then they deserve to go out of business. People in my line of work which is human services, have never earned a great deal of money, we do the job because of the work. I have a feeling we will not benefit at all by the stimulous because programs like the one I work for will be the first ones to get cut when they start cutting programs and funding to balance the budget.

  5. All is good and well in the White House, however there may be underlying issues that the elected officials are not weighing out strategically. I’m willing to sit back and give them a fighting chance to make things good for us all. As American’s we must be patient and support the leader of our nation. This may be hard to swallow at times, but it has always been the case in years past. Look around you now. What I see is a roof over my head, family, food and water, and I have a great job working with a non-profit agency, which by the way, the pay is not the best, but money is not everything. It only helps us to get where we are or willing to be in life and if we make more, wonderful, help others. I chose to further my education and currently working on my doctorate in leadership and organizational change. Through my studies, my eyes have been opened. I’m sorry for the ones that do not see beyond the dollar sign or see beyond a potential solution. For those, I’m extremely heartbroken and pray that this economic downfall will end very soon. Let’s not be too judgemental on the unseen and work together to support our leaders. I wish all of you well and if this comment has offended you, I’m sorry. If I’ve placed some ease on a few of you, that was my intentions. We can not get anywhere if we do not tread the water, so start treading and be supportive. Be a solution to the problem, and be more proactive rather than reactive.

    God Bless

  6. I’m an ordinary homemaker who have three boys and my twins who are going to college and a 11th grade. I don’t know how to support my kids,specially i ‘m unemployed righ know, my questions is how is the president going to help me with the degree job that he said on friday.

  7. The ” Stimulus ” is a joke . I personally like Obama but with this goon squad that is pulling the strings on this crazy spending for NO JOB CREATION don’t be surprised when in two years we are right were we are now . I am a self employed Designer / Architect of 25 years and am seeing absolutley no activity .Beware of Globalism , Socialism because that is what we have now . America … we will have to do this fix ourselves somehow someway but do not think for one second that the Government can or will solve our problems . THEY [ Government ] ARE THE PROBLEM . I am now looking for some part time work….. but then un-documented newcomer’s have those jobs !

  8. The way I see is it took us 8 years(or however long) to get into this mess, it may take that long to get out. There is no quick fix for an economic global crisis of this scale. I don’t believe one stimulus package is gonna fix us. And unless we as indivduals start taking personal responiblity for our own money (a.e. credit card spending) no amount of money the government can give is going to be enough for us to stop getting into debt.

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  10. Idea, start looking at lables to see where products are manufactured. Also companys that ex port jobs like customer service and manufacturing should be banned. Why should hard working Americans support everyone elses economy that aren’t even our allies and not our own? All ileagle imagrants should be cut off and the constitution should be amended that if a child born of parents that are not US citizenship is also not automaticly a US citizen and has no rights and be deported. This alone would cut cost in welfare.child services and health care. They have abused our services to the point that hard working people down on there luck can’t use them. I could go on and on, however in closing it has to be a ground root effort our government is not going to send the message . So all of you big busineses out there start paying a fair working wage and hire people that are documented US citizens that speak understandable English , by the way that is another thing that should be voted on that English be the language of the land…sorry to all the foriner out there you might have to learn the laguage of the land like my ancestors did and all of the rest. And you might have to learn how to conduct business and treat your employes with dignity. That’s all for now

  11. I have been laid off since Oct 2008. While collecting unemployment benefits, I decided to take a pastry certificate course at a local community college. Unfortunately, I started the course in January, before any stimulus or grant money was available to help pay for the course. I’m paying out of my own pocket for the course. Wondering if there could be some type of reimbursement.

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