Companies hiring in high volume

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The Great Recession technically ended sometime in 2009.

You have a better chance of being hired if you’re unemployed.

Employers are planning their best quarter of hiring since 2008.

All statistics that probably make the average job seeker tilt their heads and say, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” What you read in the news doesn’t always seem to match your experiences. If you were or knew a job seeker in mid-2009, the recession certainly didn’t feel like history. It felt very present.

Today, many job seekers are still struggling. Unemployment continues to drag on for many people, and hiring levels aren’t exactly at the dot-com level. However, compare today’s job market to the one of two years ago and you can probably see the difference. We still have many job seekers looking for work, make no mistake.

Yet, job growth is happening and employers are hiring. In addition to the Bureau of Labor Statistics monthly reports, we can look at CareerBuilder’s own job listings. In five key categories, the amount of jobs posted has shown significant growth:

What can we deduce from this? First, hiring is on the rise, which is good news no matter how you look at it. Also, hospitality and leisure is an industry that relies mostly on discretionary spending. Aside from businesspeople taking a work trip, your average hotel guest is probably on vacation and spending money they set aside for fun items. For a luxury market like hospitality to boost its hiring, that means people are spending their money, and that’s a win for everybody.

Who’s hiring
For job seekers, an important tip to remember is that some specializations exist in different industries, and that’s another discovery from these numbers. When CareerBuilder looked at what companies were hiring and contributing to this year-over-year growth, we found that some organizations weren’t hiring the people you’d expect.

Walmart, for example, is known for its retail stores, but they’re looking for hundreds of IT workers across all specializations. Therefore, remember to think about where your skills are needed and don’t focus on looking at the obvious choices for your industry. Think about it: Your years of communication experience can be used at a law firm and hospital, not just in a PR firm.

To give you a head start in the job search process, here’s a list of companies that are currently hiring large amounts (i.e., several hundreds) of workers in the above industries:

Sample job titles:
security, infrastructure, architecture, product management, program management, application development as well as business analysts and programmers

Sample job titles:
various IT roles, sales, marketing, and consulting

Sample job titles:
technicians, CTOs, software engineers, database developers, sales

Sample job titles:
applications programmers (.Net, JAVA, C, C#), conversion/implementation analysts, IT project managers, IT business analysts, IT architects

Sample job titles:
home health and hospice nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, RN and rehab management

Sample job titles:
project engineers, product engineers, embedded software electronic engineers

Edward Jones
Sample job titles:
financial advisors, branch office administrators

Sample job titles
: sales/marketing and management opportunities

Sample job titles:
accounting/finance, HR, operations, engineering/facility management, culinary, guest services, catering/event planning, sales, housekeeping, safety

Six Flags
Sample job titles:
food service, customer service, seasonal management, loss prevention, retail, lifeguards, park services

To watch CareerBuilder’s CEO speak more on the topic, check out his appearance on CNBC.

    • All Part Time, no benefits and what little insurance is available after a year or the “Probation period” can be cut out with weekly hourly cuts. PT usually have to average a certain amount of hours over a 3 month span, after 2 months 3 weeks they cut your hours dropping you below the average. Theres computer programs that alert them to possible insurance qualifications. Most companies match or contribute to insurance, if no one qualifies, they don’t match it.

  1. I have to agree with Jim38462. Most of the employers listed above pay less then someone’s unemployment would. You must be joking if you think I would take a job that will take money away from my family. Overall – the economy still sucks and I sure would appreciate it if you would portray it correctly…something like: Here are jobs available for you to work your butt off and still hardly feed your family…c’mon you want to do that right? Oh and by the way we are planning to start charging you more to be able to read this online and we are going to charge more for the electricity and charge more for you getting the privilege to share your opinion that means NOTHING cuz we don’t care either…

  2. I notice a lot of the jobs that pay best are, of course, one that require a degree. The ones that do not are low paying, as others have mentioned. The question the resonates is ,”Where are the manufacturing jobs?” No nation can be strong without a strong manufacturing base. Show me one “service sector” nation that is strong.
    Also, if our congress had to live on minimum wage, with no access to their former wealth and no “favors”, minimum wage would be fixed in a heart beat.

    • Increasing minimum wage only causes additonal increase in costs of product and services. Causing any minimum wage to be too low.

      Too many rich people simply are greedy and don’t want to have equality in the area of finances. They would rather keep the silver lining in their clouds, rather than allowing a little rain to fall and keep our economy growing.

  3. The majority of the jobs I see listed in the manufacturing sector in northeastern P.A. are $8.00 to $12.00 an hour. Then you will usually have to pay a good percentage of your earnings towards your healthcare contribution, leaving you very little to support a family on. When my employer closed in 2001 and went to Mexico, I was making $13.00 dollars an hour and this wasn’t an outrageous salary then. It appears to me we are going backwards as a nation and if we don’t do something about it soon, this country will fall into chaos. We will become like a lot of foreign nations that are now revolting against their governments to make things better. Corporations can only hide so long and will sooner or later have to pay their employees decent wages and benefits(only so many poor countries they can take advantage of and pollute). As Donald Trump said about regulations in China for corporations, officials there said what regulations.

    • I have been working a barely above minimum wage job for several years now. I struggle to get by, but I manage. What I am hearing is that wealthy people don’t share. Does anyone understand how our economy works? If your employer cannot sell his goods to someone for a price they will pay and still make a profit, he will not produce that product. We are our own worst enemies. We complain about the prices of American made products and we run to the imported lower priced items and them wonder why our employers can’t raise our salaries. What we need is to take care of our American Companies, buy from them, support them, and look for them. If they make money everyone benefits, if they don’t…everyone loses.

  4. We made college available and encouraged all of our five children to attend, a few on academic scholarships. Only one graduated and he makes an obscene amount of money. The rest either dropped out or opted out of going all together. They are doing OK but struggling. Having a degree doesn’t guarantee financial success however it puts the odds in your favor. When I have two choices to hire someone, I almost always choose the individual who holds a degree. It doesn’t even have to be in my field. That person has demonstrated an ability or aptitude to make good decisions, to complete something, to put up with all the red tape and bureaucracy involved with higher education. Seems that we have to many people who feel “entitled” without putting in the elbow grease or taking the risk that many of the successful or “rich” have.

  5. DHK, your opinion is the very reason this country is screwed-up. I put in my hard earned “elbow grease” in the real world of work for too many incompetent companies. When I wanted to learn something new, it was up to me to learn it, then the “management” (read kiss-ass incompetent) would expect me to come back to the office to teach others out of an “obligation”. My so-called co-workers would always find a reason not to improve themselves. So when I get laid off by the incompetent manager and I now have to apply for the same type of job at a lower wage because of the economy that I had nothing to do with the cause, some jerk-off with a “basket weaving degree”( i.e. history) gets hired even though, as you, DHK, admit, is not in your “field”. So tell me, DHK, what “good” decision leads someone to major in history and provides no practical knowledge but this person is a better hire than someone who knows the field from a practical standpoint and can “hit the ground running” while you have to hold his/her hand to teach the basics?

    • Who cares if you are offended by DHK. Let me guess; all of the companies that you left or got fired from screwed you at some point. No one in this or any other country deserves a hand out if they are able to work and don’t. McDonalds is always hiring. Get a job, quit buy crap you don’t need, quit having kids you can’t take care of. I grew up poor and actually worked and went to school to get what I have now. It was not handed to me. No one is telling you to stay in America if it isn’t fair to you. Shut up, quit crying and work for the money you get.

  6. fyi college degree doesnt help much if you grad in the recession, everyone wants years of experience, but are unwilling to give you the opportunity to get experience…. its a very messed up situation and now we, the people, are paying a huge price for it! my pay is miserable considering i earned a bachelors degree…

  7. Maybe instead of commenting on people’s post in a meaningless article, you should get your “elbow grease” out and start looking for a job. Go somewhere and actually talk to someone face to face like people used to. Anywhere! The reality of the matter is that for 90% of jobs it’s all about WHO you know, not WHAT you decided to learn instead of going to college. I think that’s DHK’s point actually. If you had made better decisions, then you too would be reaping benefits of those decisions. I suppose it’s not your fault that you continued to work at one incompetent company after another instead of making a better decision. I can picture you pressing that OBAMA button you moron.

  8. A college degree is all fine and good as long as there are jobs available in your field of study. If not, all you are doing is puting off growing up and becomming a responsible adult while wasting your time and your parent’s money. Going to college to “find yourself” is a very expensive proposition. It’s important to have a plan before entering post high school education. What are you interested in doing? Will there be companies out there willing to pay you to work in that field after you graduate? If you can not answer an informed “yes” to this question you need to reconsider what you choose to study in college. Don’t enter a field of study with an “I hope so” attitude about your job prospects–You could end up underemployed or not employed at all. If you don’t know what you want to do when you grow up then work a job until you find out what it is you want to be. That is what I did.

  9. Look I mean i got 2 graduate degrees from an Ivy League school and they dont throw the jobs at me either. In fact I was hired for 20k under market value for someone with my degree and qualifications. It is what it is. True, a degree doesnt guarantee success but it shifts the odds in your favor of being employed.

    Anyway, nearly all of the companies mentioned above are terrible employers: they pay minimum wage and you have waiting periods of months up to years to qualify for meager benefits. No one can live on 9 dollars an hour fulltime or any of these slave jobs really – and i call it that because the money they pay you and the amount of work they expect dont real add up. They increase prices everywhere and cost of living is going up yet they expect people to be grateful to make minimum wage while a few enrich themselves at their expenses. The managers and execs in all of the above companies post record earnings and bonuses while they pay their employees minimum wage and no benefits. The companies above are the kind where your boss keeps track of you, yelling at you when come in 5 minutes late and where they treat their employees like dirt on the road. Hardly places people should look forward ot working for.

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