Internships and your career path

Pin It,’s college job search website, has released a survey today that indicates almost 60 percent of hiring managers are likely to approach existing interns at their company and offer them full-time, permanent employment.

12 percent of those surveyed said they’d do so by the end of the year, while another 24 percent anticipated hiring interns in the first half of 2009.

Why are these hiring managers interested? These are among the reasons cited:

  • 77 percent mentioned the interns’ ability to produce quality work on time.
  • 76 percent said that the candidate showed critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • 73 percent noted the level of professionalism that the intern/candidate displayed.

To read more, check out the entire survey here.

  1. Internships are important because it affords a company the benefit of “drive before you buy.” But, interns should be allowed freedom to create. This will allow a company to see the individuals full potential.

  2. The survey did not indicate anything about age. What about those of us who have lost jobs and have returned to college for a career change. Serving an internship to complete a Bachelors degree at, say, age 45, 50 or 55, would not get the same positive results.

    Has anyone had the experience of serving an internship at a non-traditional age?

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