When Did Your Town Lose Its Jobs?

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jobmapMy cousin passed along this fascinating map that his friend over at Slate created to show the month-to-month trajectory of job loss throughout America.

The map shows employment gains or losses by county. It “tells the story of how those job losses first struck in the most vulnerable regions and then spread rapidly to the rest of the country,” according to the map’s creator, Chris Wilson.

If you remember, we were officially declared in a recession in December of 2007. This interactive map shows that as early as August 2007, some areas of the country like Southwest Florida, Detroit and much of New Jersey were already being affected by job loss.

Slate used the local area unemployment numbers for each county in the U.S. from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to show the change in the number of people employed compared with the same month in the previous year.

Blue dots represent jobs gains, and red indicates job losses. The bigger the dot, the more losses or gains. It’s frightening to watch.

Plus, you can roll your mouse over your county to see how many jobs it has gained or lost since August 2006 and you can see when the area where you live started to really go downhill.

Job search tip: Remember, some areas of America are clearly more affected more than others. If you’ve having trouble finding a job in your area, open up your job search to other areas. Consider relocating or making a longer commute.

Click here to watch the map in action.

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