Where Will The Jobs Be This Decade?

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Interactive: The Decade Ahead in JobsI don’t know about you, but it’s still hard getting back into the swing of things after the holidays. Call me crazy though — I am almost grateful to be back in some type of routine … almost.

While thinking about what I wanted to write about today, my uncle Bob e-mailed me with an interesting article he heard on NPR yesterday morning about where the jobs will be in the coming decade, and I wanted to share it with you.

The gist of the article says that it’s going to take the U.S. a while to recover from the slump we’ve been in, but that in the next 10 years, we should expect to see about 15 million new jobs. The author predicts strong job growth for the high-paying jobs and the low-paying jobs at both ends of the labor market, but less growth in the middle to replace the well-paying manufacturing jobs the U.S. is losing.

I’ve included highlights from the article in this post, but for the full story, click here

Where The Jobs Will Be This Decade

by John Ydstie

This month we begin a new decade with a big economic question: Where are the jobs?

The first decade of this century ended as a disaster for employment. Since the recession began two years ago, the U.S. has lost more than 7 million jobs.

Just to regain the jobs we’ve lost will be a huge challenge, says Harvard University labor economist Lawrence Katz. “We would need well over 300,000 [jobs] a month for four years in a row just to make up what we’ve lost in the last couple of years,” Katz says.

Jobs On The Horizon
Katz thinks it could take half a decade or more just to get to the employment levels we had two years ago. Still, he expects that during this new decade, the U.S. economy will eventually create 15 million new jobs, with the unemployment rate falling to around 5 percent.

The real question, he says, is what kind of jobs they’ll be. “The worrisome trend is something I’ve called the polarization of the labor market.”

Katz says the U.S. has experienced this for the past 15 years or so. It results in strong job growth for the high-paying jobs and the low-paying jobs at both ends of the labor market, but less growth in the middle to replace the well-paying manufacturing jobs the U.S. is losing.

Projections for the next decade from the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest that elements of that basic trend will continue.

Top 10 List

Dixie Sommers, assistant commissioner for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, recites a list of the 10 occupations that the BLS expects will provide the greatest number of new jobs over the next decade. These include:

1. Registered nurses

2. Home health aides

3. Customer service representatives

4. Food preparation and serving workers

5. Personal and home care aides

6. Retail salespersons

7. Office clerks

8. Accountants

9. Nursing aides, orderlies and attendants

10. Postsecondary teachers

Six of the top seven fastest-growing occupations are low-skill, low-wage jobs.

Less Training Required
For those who want to spend less time in school than accountants and nurses, but still make good money, Sommers suggests firefighting or becoming a sales representative for a manufacturer — especially one making technical and scientific products. Sales representatives can make about $70,000 a year, she says.

Finally, over the next decade, the best-paying, fastest-growing job that also requires little training is truck driving. According to the BLS, the folks driving the big tractor-trailer rigs earn about $37,000 a year on average.

  1. My husband is a cabinet maker and has some security as his current job, but is not happy with it. We have not wanted to have him leave this job due to the current economical struggles. But we really need to do something. We found a job opening for a cabinet maker for aviation. It will pay him $10 more a hour, and it will have benefits, which we currently do not have.

    You were saying that things that make technical and scientific products are good jobs to be in. Would this be one of those fields?

  2. This article is touching the deep the top ten jobs in usa but I missing here small business you did not said anything about them.
    also if obama care is approved do you think that there will be more jobs.

  3. Well if these are the jobs that are going to create a new America after the meltdown…I guess the Yales and Harvards need to have a rethink!

    I guess we need to tell our kids not to aim for an MBA or a PhD…as the chances are you would remain an over qualified unemployed…something that I am personally undergoing.

  4. By the way the US is outsourcing registered nurses from Eastern Europe and India…hence growth in jobs in that sector will go to non-citizens!

  5. I am working two jobs, but now that I am older I would like to focus on education. Financially I can not quit either jobs. I get 3-4 hours of sleep a day just to attend school and work two jobs. Is there a easier way? Is there a job I can do in my spare time that will not take away my time for school. I can handle one job and school. What can I do for an extra income?

  6. Truckers making 37,000 a year that’s probably if you have two years of experience or more, also if your driver manager can keep you rolling down the road to help you get 3,000 to 3,600 miles a week because you get pay by the mileage and that is for the over the road truckers. Good luck if you’re married because you out on the road for three weeks at a time, you earn one day of home time for every seven days your out on the road. Now to get a local job trucking you got to have one year of experience or more before they even think of hiring you or unless you know some one.

    • I have worked in the trucking industry for more than 15 years, my advise is to work over the road for two or three years then, then try and get a local job in the major city of your area. I make an average of $75, 000 per year NYC and this is not unusual here in the city. In fact last year I made a little over $100,000 working for a major oil company. I have a business degree from a private college but because of the compensation package I have not changed my job description. Presently I have rental properties that I rent to professionals and even one young lady with a PHD.

      Additionally, improve your skill set by taking courses in other fields. Solar energy is one area I would recommend.

  7. Hi, my name is Pam, and I have had some recent experiences that I would like to share to help answer your question.
    Two years ago, my husband and I owned a beautiful home, had two nice cars, a vacation or two a year, a full fridge and a few toys.
    However, the computer industry being fickle, he went through and recovered from 5 layoffs, and his last job was a great find. Closer to home than ever, the most money he ever made, etc, but felt from the beginning that he didn’t fit in. He toughed it out week after week, until he was suddenly demoted because he takes medicine for add revealed in a drug test, which of course he told them up front. He was confronted by his supervisor about this in front of his peers which shook his confidence, and hid it from me due to embarrasment. Then it all blew up. He blew the whistle on his bullies, he went on leave while they investigated, and of course never went back due to an impending lawsuit. But his mental health started to decline, and became prone to verbal outbursts, depression, and just an overall change in personality. Long story short, I called police one day when I thought he was so distraught that he may wander off or somehow end up hurting himself. The result was (witnessed by at least 3 people) police brutality at it’s worst. The hospital was no help. The situation escelated to the point where the last incident found my husband, a docile man in every way, maced, dragged out in public naked, with charges of assaulting an officer, my daughter, myself, none true. He became afraid of police, and could not face turning himself in in the effort to get a free lawyer, and was picked up in our new town. Crying, I told them what happened and they assured he would be treated “like a gentleman”. That ended up being sleeping on a slab of cement with not shirt and shoes, and a broken hand due to the hundcuffs. This may seem like too much info, but when my husband sensed this was not the situation for him, he should have gone with his instincts, because as you see the situation snowballed to the above situation. We now live with my disabled sister in a one bedroom apartment, I’m seperated from my 17 year old daughter, we have no car, and it all started from my husband forcing himself in the name of “job security” to stay in a hostile environment just to support the family. I would welcome the new opportunity to learn a new skill, not burn any bridges with the old employer so they remain as a reference source, and look forward to brighter days. I always tend to lean toward my instincts, when I don’t, I usually end up wishing I did.
    Good luck.
    Jobless (yes, me too) in Massachusetts.

  8. In other words, get a high school education. Save the money you would have spent on college. You may need it to buy an over priced home or when you get laid off. Evidently our business leaders would rather hire workers in India or China than here in the US. Maybe American’s with college education need to start immigrating to Latin America? Forget immigrating to India or China, you can’t get in.

    • Or maybe consider outsourcing yourself by working for an american or foreign company abroad. If you get paid a decent salary in U.S dollars you can live fairly comfortably in some countries. Another plus is the travel and culture you can experience. Also there is a bit of a demand in some countries for english translators and ESL teachers.

  9. To Max:

    Sure those nursing jobs might go to non-citizens. That’s only because we can’t furnish enough nurses as it is. Having worked in healthcare for quite a while, it has been common to sponsor work visas just to get nurses in the door. If more US citizens went to nursing school, these job will be there for them. It’s just a matter of numbers. Nursing positions need to be filled by anyone available and qualified otherwise patients don’t get cared for.

  10. This list reads like a requiem for the US. We are an innovation nation–we invent things that help people, then we build them.

    All of the above positions are consumer-oriented services.

    I think this article is highly suspect–should it be right, it might be time for the producers in our economy to head for Canada or Australia!

  11. This article is a joke, these are all service jobs w/ little education and have nothing to do with green energy, or security. There are much better articles out there than this…trash it

  12. I stay in pa and me and my husband have been in a struggle with jobs also. You come at a point in your life that you don’t know what to do and sometimes it gets so frustrating. I’m getting over and i’m afraid nobody will want to hire me after while. I work two jobs and it is a bit much to take on at times. I’m hoping for a brighter day and trusting in God that things will turn around because you know he can perform miracles. To everybody out there have a bless day.

  13. The news reports say the economy is coming back but in my opinion it is not. I own a small business and we can barely stay a float. I run my business during the day and work a second job in the evening to pay my personal bills. I think us small business owners don’t have a chance with the economy. Anyone starting a new business at this time would be out of their mind.

  14. To Verna and Pam;

    I was laid off 9 months ago from my well-paying architecture job and have been unemployed ever since. Since design or construction jobs will be scarce for a while and unemployment benefits running very low at this point, I decided to join Mary Kay, Inc. I have been a beauty consultant for the last 4 months and since you work within the time you have available, you can make a lot of money with very little effort and socializing with other women.

  15. I’m very sorry to hear about your and your husband’s difficulties. Part of the information you provided about the inappropriate police abuse/mistreatment is something I personally experienced a year-and-a-half ago. My circumstances were different, but the abuse and nerve damage in one hand that I experienced because my wife called a neighbor looking for sympathy on a Monday morning is at least similar and certainly has been damaging to me (and us). My wife never called police, but in the process of complaining to an elderly woman neighbor who returned to live in the home of her long-time estranged husband just months earlier, the neighbor decided to call police because my wife said at the time I was standing over her. There was no physical harm or threat of harm, and my wife absolutely played no role in contacting the police, but four officers showed up in our home and acted like they were a swat team or something. The attitudes of so many officers is outrageous. The senior officer in charge appeared intent on abusing me and trying to hurt me. While he was doing it he repeatedly said clearly that I must stop resisting, which of course I never did. I didn’t move a muscle and was frankly in shock that I was in any way being mistreated then arrested, which I couldn’t see any basis for because I did nothing wrong (absolutely there was no physical mishandling of my wife, no harm or threat of harm). Officer Mike Walsh even had the audacity to focus on my unemployment at the time and detail quite clearly how I was profiled for the abuse he dished out. Legal costs to deal with the wrongful arrest approached $20,000, which took the remainder of a modest inheritance from a Great Aunt. I’ve been notified by a couple of prospective employers that my criminal record was the basis for not moving forward with a hire, so the officer’s ugly behavior and focus on my being out of work has been magnified. In one instance, after having applied for and tested for a census supervisor position where I had the highest test score in the room out of more than 50 examinees, it was made clear the arrest was the basis for my not being hired. That was awfully curious to me, since the case was dismissed before a Judge Rudolph who was very critical of the Assistant DA for bringing my case to court three separate times, each time lacking a single witness to identify that I had done anything wrong. After locating what is supposed to be a watchdog organization known as the Office of the Independent Monitor (OIM) here in Colorado, I was equally shocked to learn of their apparent disinterest in pressing anything that had happened to me as wrong. A Lieutenant in the Denver Police Department’s Internal Affairs responded to the only inquiry made by the OIM, suggesting my conviction on the charges of assault and disturbing the peace was evidence enough there was no basis for investigation. Of course, the dismissal of all charges is public record through the courts, however my arrest will never be erased. How even a potential oversight organization accepts the blatant misinformation offered by Internal Affairs for why they would not investigate my mistreatment is beyond me. It is all the same, fact. I’ve had exceptionally difficult circumstances made far more difficult by the police, and I still have physical scars and limited use of my left hand as a result. My wife has been adamant that she never called the police (I knew that), but simply felt she was looking for some measure of sympathy at the time from the elderly neighbor. Wow.

    Even with all that said and all the outrageous treatment and its aftermath, my circumstances don’t feel to me like they’ve reached what yours have. I wish you both well and hope there is a way we can each recover from the strange abusive, unnecessary police action we’ve been subjected to.


  16. MBA BBA…no job…4+ years now…(even when GWB was claiming everyone that wanted a joba had one!)…Best just let your kids get a GED cause this list of growing ;jobs; won’t require much else…The rich will continue to pander to China and India and others for that yummy yummy cheap labor…meanwhile Rome (WDC) will burn again!!

  17. Jobless in Mass.

    Thank you for your heartfelt and human story. I hope that your family heals and that you are someday able to achieve “success” as you define it. I also wanted to share with you that many of us have had to let go of long term careers: I think that my friends, including me have made the best of our individual situations but knowing and constantly reminding oursleves that hiring on where we may not “fit in” is a very temporary opportunity and by graciously giving thanks for whateve income it generates.

    Employed PT in Honolulu

  18. Pam
    Jobless in Mass.

    Thank you for your heartfelt and human story. I hope that your family heals and that you are someday able to achieve “success” as you define it. I also wanted to share with you that many of us have had to let go of long term careers: I think that my friends, including me have made the best of our individual situations but knowing and constantly reminding oursleves that hiring on where we may not “fit in” is a very temporary opportunity and by graciously giving thanks for whateve income it generates.

    Employed PT in Honolulu

  19. To the moderator:

    My comment submitted a short time ago was really meant for Pam. When I hit the reply option posted after her name, I thought it would be linked, forwarded or provided to her. I’m not against it being posted, if you feel there is any reason to do so, however, I would very much prefer for my full name not to be posted as it appears to be on my screen immediately following the submission.


  20. I struggled with a low paying job also. However, I looked into a class on Cisco Systems (CCNA). Took ithe two courses at a community college (in VA) at night two days a week. I was hired before the end of the second class for 48K. After passing the certification test I was able to land a job for 65K. No previous IT experience. Life is looking up now. I would recommend the Cisco Network acadamy to anyone who is looking for a career change. It helped me. Maybe it will help you.

  21. This is what we have to look forward to ourselves and tell our kids that they can grow up and be ?? How did we get where we are ?? If this country continues on the present path we all will be working these jobs and at Walmart while the folks on Wall Street make BILLIONS IN BONUSES !!!

    This article does not need to be published. This does not motivate a potential jobseeker.

  22. I hope that things get better for us here because unemployment is not as fun as people think it is. I think that the president is doing everything he can to make sure that we have jobs. The questions of the day is when. It is so hard out here and I thought finding a job after got laid off was going to be easy. The job markest is hard for everyone even for our young people who would like to work to help out their families or just to have some extra money their pockets.

  23. Well let’s see. We have nurses and accountants and then eight low paying no insurance service jobs. That really looks great. Good luck to you college grads. Maybe move to another country.

  24. i believe everything that has been said about this subject. i just wanna say that i’ve had to consider moving to another state to find employment to take care of my family. But u know what u gotta do what u gotta to survive and remeber god won’t put nothing on us that we can’t bare!!

  25. I just wanted to comment on the pay for truck drivers as I worked with a family owned trucking company 23 years until the industry went bad in the building materials area. I know for a fact that at making $37K a yeat as a driver is not all profit as in wages. The driver has so many high dollar expenses while on the road they barely make any real money at all after their over the road spending. A truck driver drives a truck because they enjoy it, but as for making good money, the majority don’t and they rarely get home. They spend most of their off time at some truck stop or rest area. So anyway, After my 1/4 century in the business, I more than qualify in commenting in this area. The best truck driving jobs is where a driver can get home once or twice a week and take food with them, wash their clothes, etc etc etc. They can make money.

  26. I am surprised government is not number one on the list. Soon we will all be working for the man, then this country will truly be finished.
    If you cant beat em join em -S

  27. So much for my education “paying off” with a BA. Guess I should have just skipped college (and the $50k I now owe) and stayed in my dead-end retail job, eh?

    Guess it pays off to be a worker bee … not questioning authority and “being grateful I have a job”.

    I think it’s time our government becomes afraid of it’s people like most countries that aren’t in a hole like we are. Or it’s time to learn a second language and get off this sinking ship.

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  29. To BB: Congratulations and thanks for sharing your story. Its enspiring and encouraging, after reading some of the unfortunate stories… May I ask what was your profession before the change and what was your take home pay? I’m starting my own trading business and sometimes wonder if I’ve making the right decision. I’ve gotten my head and heart into it quite a bit, its a matter of finding the right market for the product and a solid distribution channel. I am a LEED certified architect.

  30. Jonathan Seracho 315 E. POMONA BLVD APT. # D Monterey Park, CA 91754

    serachoj@yahoo.com Home: 661-456-0883 Cell: (323)743-9142


    Wal-Mart, Rosemead, CA August 2007 – January 2008
    Over-night Stocker
    · Unload Truck

    · Freight

    · Stocked Sheleves

    · Certified Forklift Operater

    Wal-Mart SuperCenter, Pico Rivera, CA July 2008 – July 2009
    Overnight Stocker
    · Overnight Stocker

    · Freight Loader

    · Freight Unloader

    · Stocked Sheleves

    · Certified Forklift Driver


    Century High School, Alhambra, CA
    High School June 2006

    My Experience

    In my past experience with Wal-Mart I normally stocked sheleves in the warehouse, operated forklift machines, loaded and unloaded truch freights. I worked with many people in the warehouse and worked well with all employees. Some times Wal-Mart management would have me work as a sales associate which required me to price tag merchandise and assist customers on the floor. I was able to work the floors because I was a fast learner.

    new security guard

    I like to try soming new .I have my license for security guard.To keep stores safe

  31. You are right that we don’t have enough citizens to work as nurses but I have to disagree as to the reason why. We don’t have enough nursing programs for those interested in becoming nurses. In North Carolina every nursing school that I know of in my area has a waiting list for those qualified and interested in attending. For many people, the wait is extensive. This may not be the case in every area, but I know that it is the case in the Charlotte region.

  32. My husband and I spent our entire careers in the hospitality industry, (working for and serving other people) and we’ve dedicated ourselves and lots of $$ to our son’s education, with a Masters in Mental Health Counseling in the near future. He decided against a PhD in Psychiatry or PsyD because insurance companies usually steer patients to less expensive “therapists”. As people who have had bumps along the way, we encourage any of you who can afford it to consider professional help and face-to-face support groups to navigate these difficult and stressful times, while we struggle with self-esteem issues, stretching family budgets, emotional distress and strained relationships. Low-cost professional counseling can be found at most universities, and some churches/synagoges. Be strong, find something and someone to appreciate each day, and hang in there — better times must be ahead.

  33. I think the jobless market will recover in 3 years, I think we will see manufacturing again in USA when the government lowers taxes on MFG and payroll. “Ever see a poor man hire a rich person” As soon we let capitalism run free, money and jobs are created. You can license register and regulate capitalism it wont work!!!

  34. Eric, that is a bold statement and contradictory. I agree that jobs could come back IF we let capitalism run free…We are kidding ourselves IF we believe that the government will ALLOW that to happen.

  35. Alisha – I don’t know where you live, but here in the “Air Capital City” aircraft jobs have been hit the hardest. Since October 2008, our major employers in town, Boeing, Lear Jet and Cessna, have laid off over 10,000 people. That’s probably a conservative estimate. My advise, stay away from the aircraft industry until the market levels out. According to predictions, that could be 2012.

  36. ASAD and others: I realize many of us, myself included, are looking to gleen useful information anywhere we can, but this is not the place. This is a regurgitation of an article from NPR. NPR and it contributors know nothing of free enterprise or small business as they make their living off the public teet. That’s why the majority of the jobs listed are heavily weighted towards healthcare (read ‘quasi government controlled’) and bottom-rung office jobs. It possibly fits the author’s (and others at NPR) world view that any job other than those in government, journalism, or entertainment are illustrative of the existential life they dread.

    Look to smart publications like Investors Business Daily and Fortune (I’m not an employee of either or their business partners) to get a real feel for what’s coming in the years ahead, especially in small business and entrepreneurial endeavors.

  37. America is the only industrialized nation without a social health care system. If American had that option it would actually keep costs down in the long run and it will allow all Americans to have access to basic health care. Now hospitals and drug companies can charge whatever they want, a health care system will make sure that costs are fair for everyone. Nurses and health care professionals are always needed even if America gets a social health care option, people are always getting sick or dying especially when America is looking at a 60% adult obesity stats. If you don’t want health care take better care of yourself and maybe you’ll never need it. Either way no matter what these articles say every job/career has it’s place in this world, baby boomers are retiring so many opportunties will open up for other generations.

    **I have heard that jobs in the death care industry ex: Funeral Directors/embalmers and Stenograpers ex: Court Reporters are in high demand in many states.

    ** My advice to job seekers, get educated and think outside the box, tap into your talents. If you can’t find work maybe start your own business.

  38. There is truth to your comment in our community as well. The local colleges are up to five and six year long waiting lists to begin the nursing course. Of course a person is encouraged to get all of their gen. eds. out of the way while waiting, but who really has five to six years of time to wait, the time to then train, and the time to find employment? An individual is essentially looking at around eight to ten years to return to the work force at that rate.

  39. very sad with the police/hospital situation. I can relate to both. Also I have a felony for assault and if your husband got convicted of assualting a police officer like I did, then um. unless he’s good at networking or has a guardian angel, getting a job will be next to impossible. I’ve been out of work for 13 months and I am self supporting. Very grim. At this point I don’t think I will ever work again and anyways am too depressed. btw I was arresting in a shoplifting incident at a grocery store, the police alledged I wanted to run him over with my car. My atty. was useless andn I got a 3 year suspended jail sentance. I did not actually hit the po with my car but he insisted a. I intended to run him over and b. I actually hit him on the knee and injured him. Life sucks. Live for today the future might not exist.

  40. Kudos to the man who said to trash this article. Careerbuilder and a majority of the other job boards are nonsense, a complete waste of time and energy, the jobs have expired the day they are published, a feeding ground for recruiters attempting to build their data banks with candidate names, and the boards publish articles just to continue feeding the desperate portion of society out of work and clinging to every word they read on these sites. Trust me, the best thing you can do for yourself is to get out of the house and network – everywhere! Period! Stop taking everything these sites publish as the gospel! It is NOT!

  41. What a joke. The biggest change is in technical consulting… wana know why. Cause all you damn baby boomers are going to retire, but work from home.

    Seriously you guys screwed my generation.

  42. To: Pam ‘Jobless in Massachusetts’ and David Hay

    I believe both your stories.

    What you’re experiencing is the ‘fallout’ that results from the ‘incestuous’ relationship that exists between some governments – and by extension, their ‘stooges’ in law enforcement – and corporations.

    Therefore, when you blow the whistle, you do so at your own risk.

    Everyone’s portfolio has taken a hit – even judges and police pensions.

    Therefore, when you come before them with a legitimate cause of action, they’re going to do everything they can to discredit you.

    An arrest on your record will cause employers to look the other way when you apply.

    Therefore, I recommend you do three things:

    1. Get the record sealed or expunged – expunged is preferable, but it can take longer, depending on the charge. Once done, you don’t have to answer in the affirmative to any employer that you were ever arrested, because there’s no (legal) way for them to check and find out. The exception is if you apply for a job with a law enforcement agency; “they have ways” of tunneling past a sealed record. Any lawyer can have your record sealed for a modest fee of $500 – $600. You can do it yourself, but you really want it done right the first time. Hire a lawyer to do it for you.

    2. Have your name legally changed. Again, any good lawyer can do this for you. But you may have to provide a reason to a judge. This may or may not be easy. I would recommend you get the record sealed first. Then, talk to your lawyer about a name-change.

    3. Contact the Social Security Administration, and have them assign you a new Social Security number. Make up any excuse you need to get them to help you; tell them someone was passing around bad checks using your number after you lost your wallet, which had your card in it.

    That Social Security number identifies you even if you change your name, and is linked to your arrest record; and it’s going to be worth nothing to you when its time for you to retire.

    Get it changed. Change your identity. Start over with a clean slate. Re-write your resume so that it’s a ‘parallel’ to what it used to be. Find our which divisions of which companies were bought or driven out of business, and say you were a W-9 contractor…they don’t keep accurate records on contractors, and the idiots who work in HR aren’t sharp enough and don’t have the time to really research it. This is the easy part. Lie to them. They lie to us all the time.

    If this sounds extreme, remember: we’re living in a culture with too many people needing a job, in a hyper-competitive job market, and we have WAY TOO DAMN MANY COPS looking to be seen as the ‘hero’.

    They’re going to do EVERYTHING they can to be seen DOING THEIR JOB…know what I mean? Yes, they’re under ‘layoff pressure’, too.

    And never before until now have I seen such ‘specific’ questions asked on online job applications as they pertain to ‘prior arrests’ – some even ask if you’ve been charged and had ‘adjudication withheld’, which is not a conviction…but to an idiot HR manager, the difference is nil…too many people out there with nothing ‘questionable’ in their record…apparently.

    Clearly, there’s something going on here, and I believe it’s a combination of employers looking for additional reasons to deny you a job, at the same time local governments are deliberately objectifying middle-aged/middle-class workers designated for ‘termination’ from the labor force – possibly for good.

    Why? Because they make too much money…they’re seen as a ‘burden’ on the overall economic recovery.

    The power brokers want to end your career as a highly paid engineer or software architect.

    Look at the substance of the article and you’ll see…some people are going to make it and be pushed ‘up’, and I’ve felt this ‘upward pressure’ for years since early 2002. Everyone I worked for between then and 2007 – 9 employers in all – offered me more money to take a job. I NEVER DID ANYTHING! THEY KEPT OFFERING ME MORE MONEY to take a new job…in a totally dysfunctional set of circumstances.

    Some people are going to be pushed down, and they’re basically going after anyone in a technical or engineering career field in or approaching their peak earning years, for that very reason and this – they were born near the ‘peak’ of the baby-boom. They’re the largest segment of working-age Americans.

    They’re plowing under the careers of at least 20% of the people born in 1959…that year was the very ‘peak’ of the baby boom, and the largest high school graduating class was in 1977, 18 years later.

    Looked at as a normal or ‘Gaussian’ distribution, you’ll see that the population was nearly as high in the years before, and immediately after 1959. Therefore, these people – approaching their 50s or already in them – are experiencing the greatest pressure in the job market, and on the ‘outside’ where every aspect of their behavior is being scrutinized; for the purpose of ending their careers.

    Small or ‘zero’ growth for engineers who work in support of manufactured products as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the next 8 years is a death-blow to this group and to the very concept of a ‘middle-class’…this is where all the jobs were lost…and they’re not coming back.

    Instead, we’ll add a lot of low-paying jobs as nurses and truck drivers and school teachers. It’ll be a ‘low-wage jobs’ recovery instead of a totally jobless one.

    They don’t want a large middle-class…they want a few very rich and a whole lot of poor people to pay 99% of the taxes.

    Ironic that Reagan’s ‘dream economy’ should come to fruition under a largely democratic administration.

    Until Obama decides it’s time to start protecting American tech workers, don’t look for things to get better any time soon.

    They’re still ‘importing’ 65,000 young, ambitious ‘Indians’ to take jobs under the H1B program to work for various technical firms EVERY YEAR.

    In 8 years, that’s over half a million jobs in technology.

    Why can’t Americans have them? I guarantee you it’s because they’re claiming no ‘Americans’ are qualified.

    Not true you say? Of course it’s not. Unless you count that bogus arrest as a ‘disqualifying factor’…see where I’m going with this?

  43. What an insulting BS article! I wonder if the author knows what she’s talking about. I didn’t go to college for 4 years college + 2 years grad school + 12 years of work experience so I could make a career out of being a fireman, drive a truck or work in food preparation (“Would you like Fries with that?”). Bunch of f*cking Bullcr*p!

  44. Do you believe the sweet stuff you’re spouting?

    Fill jobs with ‘Americans’. Got news for you, pal…they won’t. They’d rather have immigrants they can get away with ‘bullying’ and ‘sexual indiscretions’ with…these people are coming from places where much worse is tolerated.

    American employers love them because they walk two-paces behind the ‘white master’ and keep their mouths shut – even in the face of blatant cases of patient abuse or neglect.

    What’s happening in this country is disgusting.

  45. Eric,
    Capitalism worked very well when the U.S. had little global competition. Now things have changed with India and China on the world stage. Furthermore, China regulates payscales and quality of living such that Americans buy lots of cheap cr*p imports and China buys nothing from us. Also, there’s H1B visas and outsourcing. All cause Americans to lose jobs and that is the legacy when we let “capitalism run free” in today’s global economy. I’m not saying we should go completely to socialism but there HAS to be checks and balances. Tariffs on imports from China would be a start. Eliminate H1B visas and curb offshore outsourcing.

  46. The Great Depression of 1929 produced an unemployment rate of 25% in the middle of the 1930′s.
    The last statistic I heard put the current unemployment rate at 10%.
    As a hobby, I’ve made more winning trades than loosing trades in the commodity, stock and options markets.
    I study charts of price patterns. The current Dow (indu) 20 year chart looks almost identical to the Dow Chart from 1929.
    This recent “retracement” of the Dow,( or the economy is “bouncing back” ) is called the 50% Retracement Rule, or is affectionately known as the Dead-Cat-Bounce.
    The most recent “good times” have just about run their course. The Dow is due for a relapse.
    If the current Dow runs in tandem with the 1929 Dow, we’re going to see a lot worse conditions.
    One thing I’ve noticed on the charts is the fact that for every one year’s worth of data on the 1929 Dow Chart, it equals three years worth of data on the current chart. So if the Great Depression lasted 10 years ( the 1930′s) this Next Great Depression will last for 30 years respectively.
    You can check out any of the terms I’ve used here on investopedia.com.
    The moral of the story is; learn to live on A LOT less, get out of debt as soon as you can and don’t trust the government. Inflation is going to go through the roof!!!! Also, NEVER take the advice of a Stock Broker / Financial Adviser, UNLESS he / she can show you their list of personal trades (buying and selling) and can show significant profits!
    Most of them I’ve met have NO IDEA how to trade stocks and mutual funds for profit.
    Thanks for the article! Enjoyed it!

  47. From what I’ve heard from some of the economic gurus this is a “jobless recovery” and this isn’t a recession, but a depression. I think the media is trying to woo us into thinking that this recession is over, but really it isn’t. Kind of like when Pres. G. Bush said at the height of it all that we were just in economic challenging times, but not a recession. The advice is to “recreate yourself”. Everything has changed and the brighter days ahead won’t be like yesterday.
    In my opinion “we” got here because of GREED. AND now that this government is trying to get us to pay for abortions through our taxes, do you really think this country will survive itself? Regardless of the fact that 70% or so do not want to fund abortion through their tax payer dollars, are they listening? Yes, but they do not care. Rome WILL burn again because nothing has really changed in the human heart.
    A country that kills it’s children has no hope.
    Henceforth calamity, destruction etc… will manifest, it’s all a matter of time. Hmmmm….

    Obama care is not care at all, it is an agenda an abortion industry bail out. It paves the way for euthanasia as well. The people who voted for him need to wake up fast! IF they haven’t already.
    Do not be swooned by the media and all the good? Obama is doing because it isn’t really good. If he did care about this country AND it’s future he wouldn’t try skamming us into paying for abortions. Abortion is NOT healthcare!

    Please go to the VirtualMarchforLife.com and be added as a supporter for life as well as educate yourself concerning what’s REALLY going on with the Obama agenda in healthcare.

    Another website is AmericansUnitedforLife.com
    and StoptheAbortionMandate.com.

    Please inform yourself of the truth.

    Thank you

  48. Geo (previous post) has it right.

    With the exception of possibly two, this is NOT a list of careers that feature innovation and advancement based on creativity or thinking. It’s a list of JOBS that require people to be brainless worker bees.

    What’s happened to this country? Simple: NAFTA.

    Repeal it. And bring back strict regulation on the banks! It’s not too late.

  49. Best field related to death and tax

    Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.”
    Mohandas K. Ghandi

  50. If you want the manufacturing jobs back in this country than stop buying foreign made goods. A lot of things are Only made in China now, but I go without rather than buy their crap.
    E-mail the manufacturers and tell them you will not buy the Chinese poison that they are trying to sell you.
    Save your money and pay a little extra for things that are made here in America and demand immigration reform that limits or eliminates foreign labor being imported.
    For Gods Sake insist that the Gov’t stop illegal immigration!
    Scream loud and long; but do not sit back and just complain unless you hold those responsible for the mess this country is in to task for getting us here.
    We also need to insist that our police officers once again become “Peace Officer” not “Law Enforcement Officer” that can’t think for them selves and only follow rule books. Even old cops are getting discussed by the “By the book”, college boys that are going through the academy now.
    The job listing above sucks but is true… I also worked in healthcare but no longer because the rules are constantly changing due to insurance companies constantly trying to game the system and the Gov’t constantly changing the rules for Medicare reimbursement. They are also requiring more and more education for jobs that were once “On the Job training” positions. ($25,000 education for $10.00-$12.00/hr jobs) When are we going to say enough is enough to our legislators?

  51. Pam, I wish you and your family didn’t have to go through that experience. As bad as it is, all you can do is try to move forward.

    You didn’t mention whether you have a job yourself. If you don’t, it may be empowering for you to find a job so you can get your own appartment and you can live with your daughter again. I’m the primary bread-winner in my family, and I can tell you whether male or female, being the main provider is tremendous stress in and of itself, even without the hostile work environment on top of it. Stepping up in this situation will not only help you now, but it will help your husband after things normalize in your family again.

  52. Unemployment can reach 75% and nothing will happen, social security can be entirely eliminated for those under retirement age and nothing will happen, taxes on the lower 99% can be quadrupled and nothing will happen, foreclosures and personal bankruptcies can be multiplied tenfold and nothing will happen.

    The rich and powerful are becoming bolder by the minute because the lower 99% have proven time and again, that we will continue to support them, vote them into office and idolize them all while we continue to watch inane reality tv shows and stuff ourselves with the cheapest food we can afford. We listen to jerks on talk back radio who are making squillions of dollars on our stupidity, laughing at us and watch interviews with celebrities with third grade educations give us advice.

    Why should any of the rulers fear us or take us seriously? The lower 99% is a joke and they could round us all up and serve us as food to the farm animals and we would march into the catchers whistling the national anthem, telling ourselves we are being patriotic, offering our lives and those of our children to a greater cause. We’ll look back at these times fondly when the situation reaches those levels.

  53. Well, this was quite depressing. Who wants a low skill low paying career. I plan on sticking to serving financial needs to the Baby Boomers … there are many new ones retiring every day for some years to come.

  54. There is also Postsecondary Educators on the list. That is often a job with benefits although more and more colleges are using adjunct professors to teach classes and these people usually teach part time at several colleges to make ends meet and have no benefits. Many of those other jobs often provide benefits as well such as home health aides and customer service agents.

  55. You’re dead wrong. There are plenty of qualified Americans to do those jobs, they just won’t hire us because the foreigners are cheaper and managers can boss them around easier and take advantage of them.

  56. There should also be more (academicly) to those LPNs who have worked for years and have taken classes between raising a family. There will always be a nursing shortage in the USA.

    Some states recognize a portion of the studies toward a RN degree, others such as Georgia just make requirements difficult to even begin the process of enrollment.

  57. Hello
    American people,
    I got MBA from respected USA business school, I was struggling to get good job in USA, In 1998 when financial crisis hit Russia and my country Kazakhstan I graduated from US university and returned to my home country, I couln’t get any decent job, I was unemployed one year before I got offer from my friend to come back to US and start entry level job for 48000 a year. I did that. I didn’t have Green Card, this company sponsored my working visa. I wasn’t able to get better job for 5 years until finally I got green card in 2005. I was looking for good job suitable for my education and credentials. I wasn’t able to.
    So in 2005 I decided to move back to Kazakhstan as I felt that USA is not for me (I got parents and relatives in Kazakhstan), I got good job in Kazakhstan in big 4, after 2 years work I landed good position with British company and now I work as CFO of midsized (sales 50 mln doll.) company in Kazakhstan.
    After all these years of struggle, personal disbalance, I discovered that it wasn’t good decision to stay in USA for so long.
    It’s high competition for well-paid jobs, lots of verbal abuse at work which I didn’t need at all in my life, lots of aggressiveness, hatred not only to immigrants but to women and Asians.
    I feel much better in my own country. I feel more respect from coworkers, friendlier atmoshere at work. I got no competition whatsoever!!!!
    I think American dream doesn’t exist!!!
    God bless Kazakhstan!!!

  58. Being out of work for seven years, I can’t even get a simple office assistant position. Have plenty of education (except for the “required” Bachelors, of course).

    I think if President Obama’s health care plan goes through there will be more people looking for jobs. Why? 1) Catholic medical facilities will not go against Church teachings regarding abortion and birth control 2) Ohysicians and other medical personnel with a moral conscience will leave the profession altogether rather than go against their religious belief…that is they won’t perform an abortion, they won’t prescribe birth control.

    Don’t believe me? Just go to any reliable pro-life web site, the CCC, the Bible, and there are numerous documents from the Vatican to back me up.

  59. Pam, thank you for sharing that.

    The right working environment is something that is overlooked by a lot of people in the “pursuit” of more money. I agree with you, sometimes it is better to take a job that may have a little less pay, but better working conditions than a job that offers great rewards at great personal risk(physical, mental, emotional, etc.). You must always go with what your instincts tell you.

  60. Thats a pretty lousy list of jobs… RN gets paid around 60K, and its not easy to get to be an RN…

    Customer service rep… Is that really a career?? I though that was a dead end job for teens?

    Next thing you know, Sandwich artist will be careeer path…

    If you can not tell America is in decline as this point… I am not sure you ever will.

  61. Cyber Security jobs are not on this list. There is a huge effort to grow a Cyber Security force in this country kicking off right now! The technical requirements are very high, and the rewards, financially and politically, are very rewarding. If you are an up and coming network admin/engineer, this is the wave of the near future. Go for it!

  62. This is true about the nurses from other countries. I am a Registered Nurse and have seen this personally. Some of the nurses from other countries are difficult to understand due to their heavy accent. For an older person who does not have good hearing this is not good. It is hard for them to understand what these nurses are saying. I myself who has no problem with hearing has a difficult time understanding them!

  63. Todd,
    I agree, time to hop off of this sinking ship. The rich and greedy don’t want to pony up to cut the deficit and insist that the minorities and unemployed, which I am not BTW, are the problem while we go deeper into debt. The don’t want to give an extra dime to ensure their future income now. To the post regarding Rome burning, I see the fire starting. Its sad how sorry our country is now where all of the new jobs are service and jerk off jobs.

  64. Having only a high school diploma, I decided to go back to school but am concerned that my major will aid me in getting a job once I finish. I will have approximately 3 years and considered Human Resource Management. Anyone know if this is a good field to enter? Alternatively, where I could go to gather information. I am not looking to get one of the hot jobs now, I know when I finish that job may no longer be hot.

  65. Max, DS, DeAnna & Everyone,
    It’s hard to believe that the USA has a RN shortage (but there is one) & that RNs have to be outsourced from other coumtries (but they are). I say this because there are enough RN programs across the country, but because all the RN programs (most medical degree programs) are waitlisted…what truly interested students need to do is apply for the RN program & while they’re waiting to get in take all the required prerequisite classes for the program in the meantime & then by the time they finish all those classes (approx. 2 yrs.) their spot in the program will open up & then from that point forward they can focus on nothing but the RN program until they graduate. The Radiology field I’m in was the same way & I thought a 2 year waitlist was insane, but realistically it takes that long even as a FT student to get all the required prerequisite classes out of the way. A lot of medical fields get saturated w/ new hires May-July post graduation, but my guess would be that it’s during the rest of the months of the year when outsourcing RNs comes into play & most of them come w/ a 6 month work visa that’s why the turnover is so high. I’m sure they all work for less money, so for the medical facilities that hire them the payroll overhead is less.
    That said…most of us on this post whether you’re in the medical field or not & because of the current USA economy is why we’re all having a hard time finding new jobs because for me hospitals & OP facilities (most companies in general) can’t afford the overhead, so even if the company could employ 50 people they’re working w/ a skeleton crew of 25.
    GOOD LUCK to all of you in your search!!!

  66. I just want to say that I agree with most of these posts. Also, I disagree with the statement about tech services and sales making 70k a year. I am a recent graduate (with a Bachelors in biology) but have almost two years experience in cancer cell culture and microbiology/molecular biology techniques. It took me about 5-6 months to find a job, and I only found this job by going directly to professors and asking if they had open positions at several different schools, and I feel as if I am being underpaid. I figured out of school with a 4 year and 2 years of laboratory experience, I would start out making around 35-37k a year. Unfortunately, I won’t even be making 30k a year. I feel as if I could work at Burger King and within a couple years be in management and make more money. It’s unfortunate that skilled technical labor doesn’t get paid much and it seems as if unskilled labor can make just as much. Makes me wonder if I took the correct career path….

  67. Which subject did you receive your CCNA certification in? ie. Network Security, Design, Service Provider etc? As I’m pursuing this path.


  68. I agree that more people should go for the nursing degree, but that is an issue in Colorado Springs, CO. There is a 2 year waiting list for those wanting to get into a nursing program because there aren’t enough teachers to teach the classes in the colleges. What does one do then?

  69. Have read almost all of the comments and I tend to agree. This country is going to HE–
    in a handbag – Designer handbag. There WON’T be any jobs for any of us unless these CEOs learn how to live like the rest of us. They got where they’re at on the backs of the rest of us and they REFUSE to come off their high horses and realize that for every time a price goes up (so they can keep up their lifestyles) that someone else says that they’ll do without and not buy the item. Eventually, that WILL hurt their bottom line and they’ll try raising the price again. Just make prices fair to the people and they’ll sell more items and make more money in the long run, QUIT trying to make all your money in one fell swoop CEOs.
    Another item is this illegal immigrant stuff. STOP flooding all these states with all this cheap labor and pay the workers a decent wage for their work (U.S. citizens). I’ve heard that there is a law where if you’re caught with illegals working for you, then you get fined. BIG DEAL!!!! They made the cost of that fine and more by saving what they would have paid a U.S. citizen a decent wage and replaced them with the illegal. I have a better idea. Give them the fine and make it a fine per DAY, per illegal, and make it an EXPENSIVE one – per DAY!!!! Stop making it so profitable for these people to use illegals and MAYBE it’ll stop. Quit harassing border guards for doing their job too, and give all of them sniper rifles and night scopes. When one of them is caught sneaking in – SHOOT them!!! Why are we paying for these people to be here??? If they don’t like their country – they can change it, but don’t come here and expect to have it all handed to you at MY expense. If I have to pay taxes – so do they and at the rate all U.S. citizens do. Quit all these tax breaks for these morons (both illegals and these companies). That just makes them richer while the rest of us get poorer and STILL don’t have a job. If they build it or manufacture it out of this country – hope you can sell it there because I wouldn’t let it back in this country without a HUGE penalty attached. If our citizens get laid off just so the companies can make more money by moving operations to another country – then I’ll just stop buying (don’t have any money anymore anyway), and a lot of people are getting fed up with the disparity between them and what the government wants (and seems to get at their whim). If the “leaders” won’t listen, then it’ll be up to the people to take back what is rightfully theirs. We’re tired but willing to fight for what is ours and we will.
    And what’s up with the people in the Senate and our Representatives only working about 2 months out of the year??? For what you’re getting paid, I’d expect your tail to be at the office by 9:00 A.M.until 6:00 P.M. Monday through Friday for every day but legal holidays, just like everyone else with a job. If you were getting paid for what time you work(at the office), you wouldn’t make much, would you. We could cut a lot of “fat” from our national deficit by paying you by the hour and at the going rate the rest of us are expected to live off of. Think that’s a funny idea – try it and see how funny it is. NO MORE junkets to the vacation spot at the tax-payers expense (and in private jets and rental cars). Start driving your own vehicles and paying for it at YOUR expense like the rest of us do. That would cut some more “fat” from the deficit and we’d save even more.

    Thanks for letting me “rave” on a little. I’m sure there are more of “me” out there if you’d just admit it. We are getting tired and we WILL fight for our rights. We wouldn’t put up with it before(the Boston Tea Party) and we’ve had enough now. The time is coming for the people to regain control over our lives. DON’T say you weren’t warned.

  70. What ever happen to the trades? Who help keep this country going. Where would you be with out plumbers,carpenters, electricians, garbage men, mechanics and HVAC? With this world sitting on their ass doing office work or helping in medical who would fix the lights, take out the trash or even fix the building. Also you cant get to work if your car or truck doesnt run.

  71. Dear Pam,
    My heart goes out to you. My husband was laid off on New year’s Eve and my job was cut to 24 hours a week. i am struggling.we have been forced to relocate to a larger city with more jobs available. but we will never own a home or a car. Maybe you want to think of relocating. just a n option. sometimes you have to rethink your plan. no such thing as job security , never.

  72. Jay,
    You are the first person I read who knows what is going on. To fix the economy now (not 5 years from now, if ever) it is simple:
    1.) Get rid of all H1B visas
    2.) Tax companies for each non-American employee. Sliding scale where the more non-American the higher the tax rate.
    3.) Heavily tax any product without a percentage of the built in the USA, like Brasil does.
    4.) Change the government where we control their pay & healthcare.

  73. Jah,
    Before switching to IT, I worked for a travel agency making 39K per year.

    I took the ICND 1 and 2 so the path was the Cisco CCNA (data). I think currently that you must complete CCNA (data) before you can tackle CCNA voice or security. Personally I am now working on my CCNP. Should have it by years end. My path in a hands on Network Engineer. After I finish the CCNP is will work on either CCVP or CCSP. It’s worth noting however that ITILv3 and Security + are worth checking into if you want to do contracting work for the government. There is opportunity to work outside the US and make 110-200K per year with the first 75K being tax free. You may have to go through a security clearance investigation though. Hope this helps.

  74. I am a blue collar worker. I repair cars and light trucks in a dealership. My job can not be outsourced to india. I have seen the market flooded with young kids with no experiance.It has become a trend for employers to hire them because they will work for as little as ten dollars an hour. They are in no way qaulified to perform the job but employers hire them by the handfull. There is a very serios disease in corparate America with no cure in sight.

  75. i do not agree with this! how many times does it list nurse aides? home health aid, nursing aids, and personal home care aides are ALL the SAME job! I’m sorry unless you want to wipe someones butt for $10 an hour. I was a nurse aid at a retirement home, and I would have much rather been a trash collector or a janitor. (and i truely only make $10/hr, not to mention how badly they treat you) I really really hope this isn’t going to be the outcome for this decade, if it is we are all in trouble

  76. This article is nicely done to create anxiety among people looking for work, but few experts agree with your assessment.

    Reuter’s expanded version of the list of top jobs list reads as follows:

    1. Actuary
    2. Software Engineer
    3. Computer Systems Analyst
    4. Biologist
    5. Historian
    6. Mathematician
    7. Paralegal Assistant
    8. Statistician
    9. Accountant
    10. Dental Hygienist
    11. Meteorologist
    12. Philosopher
    13. Technical writer
    14. Bank officer
    15. Web developer
    16. Industrial engineer
    17. Financial planner
    18. Aerospace engineer
    19. Pharmacist
    20. Medical records technician

    Forbes notes that alternative energy development will create a boatload of new specialties, genetics will burgeon as a field hungry for employees, retail clerks will find it tough going as computerized checkouts mature, and since technology changes so quickly, that field will always have room for skilled, trained people.

    Don’t discount the arts – publishing will change, but will always need humans, music, performing, and sports have room for not only stars and divas, but production people and writers.

    You folks might want to re-research this and paint a picture that encourages confidence, rather than one hanging crepe all over young people’s futures.


  77. Where do I begin? Read some of the comments and we are all in the same boat — with no paddle to steer, or we are on ice and oil skidding out of control very fast! Well, as you all know, its a dog eat dog world. How did it became like this? I can give my own opinion, but I think if we dig deep down in our souls, we can find the answer.

    I immigrated to this country for a better life. Month and a half later, I started school and finished two years later, which I never worked in the field with loans to repay – how sad? Years later, I did the same and ended up with two degrees for which I barely worked in the field and with more loans. Now, I’m thinking about a different work path. Notice I did not used the word ‘career’. However, there was a time in this country long ago when you could have worked your way from the mail room to become president on the company — not anymore. Twenty years ago I said that for someone to get a job as a waiter/waitress, they’ll eventually need to have a college degree. Looks like that will become the default criterion. We’re sold on the notion that we need to get a college education to make it in this environment, but its more like earning a college degree to become someone else’s slave. Once heard my step dad said that a dollar will become notting — so true.

    Power, greed, and politics are the driving force destroying this nation and the rest of the world. Looking at the politicians regardless of affiliations, we elect them to help us, and when they get into office, they forget us and start to work for the big companies and themselves. These politicians have better life styles, better working conditions, better health care and they give us cheap, watered down health care and social services with the monies they nickle and dime us for. The politicians should be the servant but they are not. They are not the chosen ones.

    We the people are the majority and should demand that the politicians have less power. We the people need to start striking and boycotting the government.

  78. Kudos to all of you and to say that who would have ever thought that Real Estate in Florida would be what it is today! I was laid off in late 2007, having been in the title industry for 23 years and a licensed Florida Realtor and none of the licenses, degrees, customer service, etc matters when the economy goes down. I retired, am getting unemployment and my son and his girlfriend moved in with me to help them and me just stay alive. I did find a parttime job via Careerbuilder at holiday time in retail and that was great, but they would schedule me for three days a week and call the day before and cancel me. I was paying them to work! I am grateful, but advised not to get a degree in Medical as all the jobs were bing outsourced. Not Bitter! Really!

  79. Alisha, Verna, Pam, and everyone else who is having a hard time finding employment:

    There is a company out there that rewards you excellent pay for helping others with their financial situations in a positive way. You can make an extra $500-$1000 a month or more, depending on what your needs are and how hard you want to work. There are full and part time positions available, and no experience necessary to become great.

    You don’t have to give up your current job, but simply dedicate and prioritize 15 hours a week (different states and offices may vary) to earn what you need.

    Please look it up before you trash it. The company is called Primerica Financial Services. It is the opportunity of a lifetime, and if you are as desparate to earn more as you say you are, then you owe it to yourselves to at least take a look at it.

    I am based in Wichita, Ks, but there are offices all around the country. If you are in range of the Wichita area, you need to come to the office at 1425 E Douglas on Tuesday night at 7:15 pm to learn more. Dress is professional.

    Ethan Hemberger
    Primerica District Leader

  80. This job list is very grim. I am currently working in retail and let me tell you it’s no picnic and very little pay. With the bad economy commissions are very little or non-exsistant. Most people are hired on a friendship basis and therefore the attitude is out of control. Lots of talking on the cell phone and coming in late, lying, and just overall bad business. If you want your business to succeed keep the hard working no-nonsense employees and can the gossiping socialites who feel they can get away with anything because they are friends with the boss. It’s just not good business and the bad behaviors trickle down to your consumers who do not come back. There is truth in the saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” If your not kissing the right butt you are probably not going to get a promotion or your not working at all no matter how hard you work or how good you are at your job. This is retail, and it’s sad to think this is our future.

  81. If Obama is creating all these jobs, where are they? I have been in commercial construction for 23 years and this past year I have been off more than I have worked.
    The companies that are building are hiring illegals as they will work cheaper, but where does that leave the American citizens?

  82. I see no architects or engineers on this list of near minimum wage jobs, which will require a bachelors degree to be awarded. I wonder….. what is going to happen to the infrastructure of this country when everything begins to deteriorate; bridges, roads, homes, office buildings and everything else that has been built. With everyone in school for minimum wage job training, who’s being trained to repair all things listed above!! This country is cutting it’s own throat!!!!!

  83. This list is much more realistic.

    Other than 12. Philosopher this
    presents an accurate listing of decent paying
    jobs that do exist. A B.A. or B.S. in
    mathematics presents many opportunities.
    A M.S. or Ph.D is probably not required.

    Career Builder list is not accurate at all.


  84. Ethan:

    Please don’t try your PRIMERICA business with us, you are part of a big PYRAMID SCAM, PRIMERICA recruiters only look for desperate people on church, social networks, etc to get them involve.

    Every body should Please be careful, desperation is the material for scammers they use any bad situation to get you.

    I am an architect, yes I am unemployed, I do know other coworker who quit his job because PRIMERICA was the opportunity of the life time, guess what he loose everything. I glad I keep my head up even on these hard times and didn’t allow scammers on my pat.

    Well I know all of us have a hard time, to pay bills tray to hold on in to our houses even so we know the numbers no match between our unemployment insurance and our obligations but we need to have faith, faith on us, fait on a better tomorrow for us and our families.

    I will certainly consider de advice of BB, try to get some classes on CISCO or Computer Architect, I see many many adds for those type of jobs offering a good 45,000…65,000….85…120…end on…$$$$.

    Yes, start all over is hard, I love design, I love architecture, since I was a child I knew what I whant to be. But life is hard and some times is not other way out to improved, it is more hard if you late 30′ or maybe 40′ close to 50′ and you only looking for solve the equation on how you will make it when you hit 65 and on.(Health Care)

    Never is too late to start again, I know somebody that turn 82 years and he got enroll in classes again. (way not?)

    For you and me our reality maybe is no money to start all over and pay for school, how we can pay bills and stay at school? It is normal to get paralyze for the unknown, but that aptitude don’t help us to solve the big picture, so it is time for you and me to reinvent our selves even so we not 18 years old any more.

    Always good things happen for good people, don’t give up. See the wonderful person you are, visualize you dream and that will be you new reality.

    Good luck! Many blessings for all !!!

  85. Pam, I am terribly sorry to hear about your situation. In my experience, most job situations are more or less abusive, and the present climate makes it worse. I had a pretty good job (for me) a year ago, but when they started up on me I bugged out. Your story suggests that I did right. I’m getting old, but I’m in good health, debt free, and no family obligations, so I don’t have to take it. I am sorry for everyone enslaved by debt and bad health. On the other hand, if people won’t organize themselves into unions, this is the kind of thing they can expect. Thanks.

  86. Dear Good Girl from Kazakhstan,
    Thanks for your inspiring story, and best of luck to you and to your country. Thanks for your remarks about the atmosphere in too many American workplaces; obviously it does not have to be this way. I don’t begrudge you your success, because your success is our success, but please note that your American education is the reason you have so little competition in Kazakhstan, so don’t look back with anger on your time here. Our two countries can work together for a more successful world for everyone.

  87. YES! The nursing and healthcare worker population is fast moving into the cheaper, less educated, less patient motivated groups. I work in the healthcare industry and get to dozens of facilities throughout a large metro area. There is no comparing our home-grown to those coming here with the promise of a “good” life. Our own are much better trained, hands down.

  88. I see some confusion over the H1B visa. As the holder of an H1B visa, allow me to explain:

    The H1B visa system annually imports 65,000 specialist workers from overseas, for a period of 3 years. These workers are not paid any less than the going rate, as the US law prohibits them from being paid less than a US citizen. Studies have shown that H1B workers work harder, and longer hours to keep the same job as US citizens, as in New York, or any other “fire at will” state, an H1B visa holder could potentially be fired today, and deported tomorrow.

    Whether or not there are 65,000 similarly qualified US citizens to take the same jobs becomes irrelevant. However, in my experience it is never the most desirable employers that consider H1B employees, so a qualified US citizen would probably look elsewhere first.

  89. To Max and DS:

    I understand that the jobs can and are outsourced to non-citizens.

    As DS said, “That’s only because we can’t furnish enough nurses as it is…If more US citizens went to nursing school, these job will be there for them.”

    I’m currently going to night school to obtain my prerequisities to get into Nursing school. I will be finished with my AS in May. I applied to this school in November and will find out final admissions in March. The nursing school said they get thousands of applicants every cycle but only around 250 are accepted! That is ridiculous! That is for the BSN. Other schools around here offer ADN but to have a chance in those schools, you are put on a waiting list for two years and then only a few are selected. The reason we don’t have more US citizens getting these jobs is because the schools make it so freaking difficult to get in and get the education. I’m not going to blame the outsourcing, I’m going to blame the Nursing schools for making it so hard to get in. We wouldn’t have the problem we do, if the universities opened their specialized schools to more students, but not lowering their standards. We also have the lack of instructors to blame.

  90. oh my dear, you got it all backwards. yo should have focsed on education while you were yonger, then you wouldnt be in this situation. but dont worry, there is hope. instead of working your ass off on two meaningless low paying jobs, focus on starting your own buusiness. look into yourself and ask, what am i good at, what is my passion? eating you say,lol. Start your own website that focuses on local resteraunts. eat there, critque them. give it a catchy name like “my favorite eats”. before you know it, resteraunt owner will be advertising on your website. this is all just an example of course, but you can do it. i believe in you…

  91. You are completely wrong! There are always positions open for overqualified professionals. Most job openings go unnoticed because of the fact they can’t be acquired through basic education. I, myself am currently enrolled at the University of Kentucky, majoring in Biology. I will pursue a medical degree in Neurology and will have absolutely no problem getting a job.

  92. Starting back in 2003 I went to ITT Tech where I wanted to pursue a career in computer/network maintenance. I was persuaded by ITT to stay away from that and to ” take Drafting & Design, it is a growing field with unlimited job security, great wages in a professional environment.” In 2005 I landed my first drafting job making $25000/yr & within a year was making $48000/yr and was promoted to Drafting Supervisor. In 2007, Still at ITT, trying to jump through their hoops was told I could not graduate with an Associates In Drafting because I failed micro-economics, that I would have to sign up for their Construction management to stay enrolled and persue the Bachelors. I had a 3.86 GPA when I was told this. I had already bought a house & 2 cars by this point. I also got laid-off due to the slowing residential construction around the same time. I found another job, payed less around $38,000/yr working for a local Architect. By November 2008, no clients were coming in so the firm had to make cuts, I was the first to go. With no other options available I called my former employer to see if they were staying busy and He hired me back with-in the week. It was just me & him struggling through Jan- May 2009 until it was inevitable that we couldn’t sit in the office and throw money at overhead so he closed the doors. I lost my truck in March 2009, defaulted on my student loans, & am fighting with my mortgage company trying to keep my home. The Home Modification program set-up by the government has rejected every attempt I have made with them. I am coming up on a year of unemployment, with nothing on the horizon. My wife is disabled & cannot work, burger joints are not hiring. Retail stores are keeping their staff to a minimum. I am over-qualified to work on an assembly line, and yes I have been told ” you are just plain & simple Over-Qualified.” So what do I do? I have no opportunities, my unemployment is running out, the state is still taking child support. I feel screwed by everyone at this point in my life. I am thinking of moving to a secluded area of the world and live like a tribesman.

  93. I would have to agree with most nursing programs have a waiting list. My brother is attending school as we speak for nursing. At the end of this semester he shall be able to put his name on a waiting list with his first choice school and hope he gets picked soon. He does have a second school that he is going to apply to but this is Cal. for you. Everyone I speak with seems to be going for to school for nursing. I would have gone if it wasn’t for me light stomach. We need to open up more nursing programs or hiring more nursing professors to keep our US jobs for US citizens.

  94. The reason we are getting nurses from out of the US is because we can not graduate enough nurses in the USA. Colleges with nursing programs must have at least one Nurse with a PhD in nursing on staff. The PhD nurses in America are dwindling due to baby boomers retiring and less nurses with PhD’s. This is at the center of the problem. That is why we are allowing nurses from other countries to work in the USA. Just think how bad it will be if we force another 30 million people to have health care. We will not have enough doctors, let alone nurses to take care of everybody. If they continue to try to get to a single payer system with govt involved, we will really be screwed. Not enough doctors or nurses now; wait till later. Services and wait times will definitely be degraded. Hey, I was at the DMV for 3 hours yesterday. It was total chaos. Govt run healthcare will be a nightmare without a doubt. But anyway, there are reasons for bringing in foreign nurses that have nothing to do with cheaper labor.

  95. All I can say is this is so sad…
    Where is the ones that say we are getting jobs to our americans HA ,,,
    what a joke!!!! My hubby is a truck driver running his buns off we moved south to find better work and found none!!! And my hubby is gone all the time.. Why does the goverment not raise our pay fees. Stop going everywhere but right here in good old USA!!!
    Talk about going back to school… Well my son wanted to teach but your pay for teachers start out at 24,000 who the hell can live on that???? Milk 4.99 a gallon in some areas??? Maybe we would not need our teachers so badly if you would not pay them better!!!! IS IT NOT FOR OUR FUTURE????
    And white house people think of this while your there eating you lobster and high end meals
    WHO THE HECK GETS IT THERE???? why not pay better for middle class people!!!!
    the high dollars people are not making more jobs they are keeping the funds because of fear of the way your running this country!!!
    OH wait they need to keep those meals so they can raise money to pay for reporters to go sit in a box seat at the basket ball games i forgot that is much more important… YA great way to start off with,,, new people in the white house …. paying thanks to those that reported the things they wanted to be said….. While millions hav no food, healthcare or jobs…… Give it to those box seats at the games…… GOOD JOB GOVERMENT..NOT!!!!!!!!!
    we know where your true thoughts….

  96. Screw green jobs. Let’s drill, build refineries and go nuclear, too. Hey, France does it and Americans voted to be more like those social progressive countries in Europe. Everybody wants us to be like France. Why don’t we use nuclear power like they do. Instead, we think wind mills and solar panels are the only answer. You can’s even get permits due the obstructionist environmentalists and rich, powerful people in Taxachusetts who don’t want there ocean views ruined with windmills in the distance. What the hell is a green job anyway? Explain please.

  97. Once again, there must be at least one PhD Nurse on staff to have a nursing program. Those with less than PhD education can teach, but you can not even have a program without a PhD nurse on staff.

  98. My #3 daughter is a Medical Asst./Phlebotomist at our local hospital on the 3rd shift. She is attending nursing school to become an RN–her father and I persuaded her to NOT attend for LPN–just do the RN classes and get it over with! She is doing very well. She is hoping to work in a Trauma Center. She should be able to make well over $60,000 after her first year as a RN. The reason why it’s so hard to even get into a nursing program is due to the fact that instructors are few and far between. Those who are RNs can make many thousands more in a hospital-type setting than if they just taught. That’s too bad. So many nurses are needed.
    A new study just came out–not surprising, though-that most of the big universities and colleges (Yale, Harvard, UofCal, Stanford, etc.) are graduating basically illiterates. Most cannot form a cohesive sentence without some grammar and spelling mistakes. A lot of these colleges/universities are ‘dumbing down’ by raising scores to make their school(s) look ‘good’. This has been going on for a long time. The best most of us could do is go to a trade school and learn a trade that is really needed by our society!

  99. Ivy league education scare me. The crap they dish out in academia can be abhorrent. If I had kids, I would keep them away from ivy league schools with their crapola progams teaching them to hate the very hand that feeds them. It’s all more about BS rather than actually learning useful information and critical thinking. This is not to demean your education and I am sorry for your circumstances after working hard and paying a lot for your education. However, it is possible to be educated beyond the level of your intelligence, i.e., Henry Gates, BHO, etc.

  100. I am a registered nurse. I have been an RN for a little over 3 years. When I started as a new grad, hospitals had programs for new grads, training in specialty areas such as ER, L&D, and ICU. The hospitals were offering great incentives. Huge sign-on bonuses, relocation assistance, and even loan forgiveness programs. Since our economy has taken such a huge downfall, RN’s who were on the verge of retirement are staying on as long as they can. Hospitals have cut new grad programs, and instructors are encouraging students to seek employment at any facility that will hire them. From the scuttlebutt that I have heard, there are a great deal of real-estate agents seeking training in the health-care professions. WOW. Nursing is NOT for everyone. I would strongly encourage anyone who is attracted to nursing based on the pay scale to do your homework. One post stated that CNA and home-health aides make ten bucks an hour to wipe butts. Nurses, good ones, also spend a great deal of time up to the elbows in feces as well as other not so pleasant bodily fluids. The work is intense and you must chart EVERYTHING that you do, so that ambulance chasers have a harder time plucking your license when some non-compliant patient files suit and blames it ALL ON HIS NURSE. There are people out there waiting for a spot in a program who really want to take care of people and are wait-listed because someone thinks they could make a maximum amount of money on a minimum education requirement. When people ask my husband what his wife does for a living, he is often presented with this question “isn’t that a 6 week course?” Not only is it a degree required profession, most job postings for RN’s are stating “BSN preferred”. With prerequisites, a 2 year associates program or 4 year bachelors program, one is looking at six years of school. Within 6 years, a LOT of nurses who are staving off retirement to get their 401k up will be throwing in the white flag. RN may become a hot commodity as per the list above. Right now however, new grads trying to get hired on is kind of like picking up the clean end of a turd……..*RANT*

  101. You do know that envy is one of the seven deadly sins. Our president campaigned on class warfare and envy. If you want a lot of money, learn how to be a wall street “fat cat” instead of thinking that you deserve what they have just because. What about fat cats like movie “stars”? Sean Penn could write a check and pay for a bunch of people to have health insurance. Why not have a windfall tax on actors and sports stars and politicians? Why demonize wall street. It’s snowing heavily in many parts of the country. Go make a few bucks shoveling sidewalks. Some of us will never be “fat cats” because we chose different paths. If I wanted to be rich, I would have focused on being rich and followed a path to get me there. Quit with the class envy already. We’re created equal. America has tried to give everyone equal opportunities, but no one can guarantee equal outcomes. It’s up to each individual. Don’t use use the seven deadly sins to divide and conquer. Can’t poor people be greedy or only the rich?

  102. That’s right. Our God is an awesome God. People have migrated for the ability to make a living forever. It’s no different now. Though it is hard to move away from family, it’s nothing new. I’ve only had to move five times in the last 30 years from state to state to take advantage of employment opportunites. I’ve known others that have moved many more times than that. My great grandparents moved to this country from Ireland and Poland for the opportunity of better employment. There is nothing new under the sun.

  103. So I am currently unemployed. I spent 6 years in the United States Navy as a Cryptologic Technician Maintenance. For those who dont know what that is that means I worked on “very very special” computers and communication equipment. I recently came up on my re-enlist or get out of the Navy decision and I decided that I would get out since this new Post 9/11 GI Bill seemed so great. It would allow me to go to school which is the reason I joined the military in the first place and be home with my family more often. Well to make a long story short, it has been 5 months and the GI-BILL is backed up at least 4 months which means I would have to pay out of pocket to go to college and then hope that the VA would get me money for school and my money for my house. Neither or those likely of happening at this time. So I decide to go get a job until Veterans Assistance straightens this all up. It has 3 months, and apparently nobody wants to hire a 25 year old military veteran with an honorable discharge and experience working in communications and computers and asset management and supply. I have a 2 year old son and a wife that I am unable to provide for but God has thankfully been providing for me in one way or another. I have even applied for 21 part time minimum wage jobs and haven’t even heard back from one of them. So, I am now moving back in with my mom until I can find some work. I currently live in Houston where I have learned that if you want a job you need to be in the medical field or be a auto mechanic. So I decided that I would go to school for those except I dont have the money to and the VA still is backed up. 48,000 veterans did not get their money for the Fall semester until the start of the Spring semester which means they paid out of pocket. The new GI Bill pays the school not the person so how are they suppose to get reimbursed???? So what do you do when you cant go to school and you get get a job after serving your country for 6 years???????

  104. The social health care system rhetoric is BS. But I have always said that being in the death industry is a secure job always. Cemeteries, funeral homes and whatever jobs they generate are probably always a good bet for job security.

  105. Hi, regardung the Accounting career. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting as well as a certification as “Accounting Office Specialist”. I have no experience working as an Accountant, just lots of educations and training, and I can not find a job. Every where I look, companies are looking for experienced people. I have had several interviews already. the idea of getting an education is not enough any more, at least for accounting majors. Harsh reality.

  106. Learning to be an RN is NOT easy. It is very difficult to get through nursing school. I admire nurses and what they go through for extremely demanding jobs. Before BHO repealed the welfare to work legislation, many people were getting govt money to train for jobs because they would be kicked off the welfare rolls. A lot of people used their “free” education money to pursue nursing degrees and I met a lot of guys using their “free” money training for trucking jobs. Anyway, I admire nurses. There are a few in my family and close circle of friends. They all work hard and worked hard to get their degrees. Sadly, one of my cousins with a PhD in Nursing is battling cancer right now. She is only 56 yrs. old and was the PhD Nurse Administrator for a nursing program outside of Philly. Over the years, she worked with terminally children, she coordinated organ donations in the northeast, raised a family, continued her education, taught in nursing programs, and also worked at a clinic a couple of days a week because she cares.

    As far as careers, look to the fed govt right now. For some short term work that will pay well, look into working for the census. Also IT security, human resources, jobs in the sciences all looking to expand in the fed govt.

  107. I am surprised about many peoples comment about the inappropriateness of the articles, it is true that the jobs promised by the Obama admistration is taking to long. As a RN in the health sector, I have been blessed with having the opportunity of working 3 jobs because I can and because there is a need to fill the positions for which I would gladly give up to anyone who needed the employment. I think that people should be open to whatever you need to do to take care of your family. So what if the jobs are currently in the service sector, go where the jobs are. If I wasn’t an RN, I wouldn’t have a problem waiting on people. Whatever the truth is, the jobs are in the service industries right now and thats where the jobs are in the next decade and thats where the jobs was in the last decade. The onlythings new is the loss of manufacturing jobs, and jobs that could be outsourced by other countries.

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  109. I agree.

    I work as a nursing professor. I have been fortunate to have been a nurse for 20 yrs. I have gotten 2 nursing degrees for free due to the numerous scholarships available to people studying to be nurses. In the last 10 years of teaching nursing at a college, my students are 2nd career professionals such as former executives in business, MBA’s, Sales, and former car salesmans. Although nursing might not be for everyone, there is lots of other health care jobs in demand that pays rather decent like radiology tech’s, laboratory tech’s, respiratory tech’s, paramedics, EMT’s, insurance coders, medical informatics for IT geeks, etc. Check out your local hospital for job oppenings, the bigger the hospital, the more jobs available, you might be pleasantly surprised you might find a job that is not clinically focused with decent pay and benefits.

  110. I encouraged my 18 yr old son to be a paramedic. Training is done in less than 2 months, starting salary in our area is 30K He just landed his first job with a fire department. His vocational training was $750.00. This is not bad for a kid without a college education, no bills, no college loans. Now I am teaching him not to live beyond his means.

  111. I have seen similar articles as this last year. Healthcare is the place to be for a safe job etc etc. December 2009 my daughter and 5 others in adminirstration were laid off at our local Florida hospital, due to the poor economic environment. So health care is a safe place to be employed I dont think so.
    Luckily she found a new job at another hospital but that was pure luck.

  112. Its funny that the article says Registered Nurses are in demand…because I wanted to go to Nursing school up until maybe last month…To get into the program is nearly IMPOSSIBLE!!! You have to jump thru a million different hoops just to fill out an application, and when you do its a whole other bunch of BS you have to complete afterwards and after all that crap they cant accept you for blah blah reason…They obviously dont need Registered Nurses if they make it so damn hard to get into the program…if they did need them they would take in all the hard working people that want to go to school and make a good life for themselves and weed them as the program goes on… instead of lighting a light of hope and then blowing out the candle so close to the end…….a dream shattered I guess….

  113. what do yo mean by the brighter days are no longer here ? Because of President Obama we can finally dream for a better tomorrow and other countries will remember the power we use to exude around the world and the respect America use to receive. We now talk to our enemies and try to resolve out world problems. IMAGINE THAT. As for government paying for your abortions, they have been for years. Check with your local Planned Parenthood(if it is in your state) to see how much they cover. It is payed for in our state, Hopefully you will see the good intentions the President really is trying to do for all the people-even the haters, and you will open up your mind to what he is saying and think for yourself. Good luck with the future

  114. These are the best jobs of the next decade…..GOD HELP US ALL!!!! These jobs suck. Where are the spaceship pilots, lunar miners, rocket technicians, and interstellar starship engineering jobs?!?! this world is lame.

  115. I really feel for people going through these struggles. We all have needs that must be fulfilled. I’ve been working a series of short term jobs for the last 6 years. Trying to be the soul provider for a family of 5 on a working and not working basis gets to be a little tricky.

    In trying to come up with a solution for this dilemma I’ve written a software application that I’ve been using quite successfully to find my last three jobs. This period of time did include a month of not working, which I think was at least partly due to my just being moody that I needed to find another job yet again. In that one month period I’ve also had over 10 interviews with employers from the over 300 emails the application responded to. I’ve been thinking of selling the app as a commercial product, but I’m also thinking of just giving it away to people since the need is so great to connect employees with employers. Maybe I could earn some income through placing ads on the app? I’ll have to think about it. As long as I can help people be happier that’s the main goal.

    The application is a spider that crawls certain job boards and collects job ads. Then it constructs a cover letter and sends out a resume for each job ad answered. It keeps track of the jobs that were responded to and will warn you if you’re trying to contact that same employer more than once. It’s also useful for recruiters since it searches for resumes as well. But there’s still work that needs to be done on ranking the resumes.

    Would someone like to help me prepare it for distribution? It still needs a speedup, a couple of new features, QA and documentation.

    Interested parties please send email to bholtzman2007@gmail.com

    I look forward to helping you.

  116. get real people! we are no longer an innovative country! let alone a productive 1. every generation gets worse and worse nobody wants to work here any more. so more and more jobs go overseas. it is gonna get alot worse before it gets better especially with all of obamas temporary jobs that he is spending billions to create. the federal government is the largest employer in the country if that doesnt tell u right there that everything is backward ur not paying attention

  117. Hehe… Wow… Professional jobs that require one to be educated seem to be in decline. Sure am glad ye ole’ Nobel Peace Prize winner in the White House is cutting government spending for education in 2011. Hat’s off to you, Mr. President.

  118. It looks like the worst jobs are the fastest growing as no one wants to do them. Anything involving nurses aide type jobs means changing diapers on the elderly. They will always be available and are the only jobs left. No thanks, already do that and it is the worst job imaginable.

  119. Hi Max,
    Regarding your comment on outsourcing RNs….I am so angry about this. What is the govt. thinking to allow this?

    Where did you get your source of information regarding this? Is it reliable?

    My daughter had to wait on a waiting list 2 yrs. in her state, to get into the nursing program. Meanwhile her state was bringing in nurses from other countries because there was a shortage. Why don’t they just allow for more classes and more training for our own citizens and children? This is an outrage. It wouldn’t take that much.

    She ended up taking other classes and is now going for her MBA. I know that’s a good thing, however her major, psychology and social work is also outsourcing.

    I took my dogs to the same vet clinic that I’ve used for over 15 yrs. The owner retired. The clilnic is bought by foreign vets that don’t seem to know what my old vet was doing. They argued with me and I couldn’t get his regular medications..I also could barely understand the strong accents.

    I am now using a new American vet. Something needs to be done about foreigners taking eveything from us.

  120. Good for you Mary. I have been encouraging my step-son and nephew to learn EMT work. They have always shown an interest in Search and Rescue . Would a paramedic have similiar training as an EMT. Thanks for any help. Also where did your son take his classes? voc-tech, hospital…. My son has been on unemplyoment and there is stimulus money in our state for retraining with Presidents Obama Back To Work Stimulus Bill. This would fall under the category.thank you for your help

  121. That is horrible! I can’t imagine what kind of company your husband worked for. Also don’t understand about the lawyers of officers. I know know many of both there, and none of them would ever do that. They are all intelligent and very kind people. Very strange! I hope you look for help from all the agencies out there that help people with their situations (food for those that need it, and help with job searches. If you havef problems with other issues – get help from professionals.

  122. Security is either a myth or a downright lie so don’t expect it. But I’ve done at least half of those stated jobs with my Masters and had no idea that I was in the future. There can be money in waiting jobs if you know how to make people feel important and be sincere about it. Bartending is a very nice job if you can make people feel important and be sincere about it and have a sense of humor, which brings repeat customers. This may well be the age of packaging several jobs as your career. One just doesn’t work at one job but at several jobs.

  123. I am a nurse and I am telling you that I am having a hard time finding another job right now. I dont have anything on my record. Everyone is just now cutting back on staff and that includes nursing. I am now working in a rehab center but dont be fooled that nurses can go anywhere and do anything…. um good luck with that!

  124. My wife graduated May 2009 with a BSN degree and could not find a nursing job at any of the hospitals in Colorado Springs. After 6 months, she landed a job at a nursing home 50 miles south in Pueblo. I guess she was lucky in a way.
    My point is none of the hospitals would give her a chance…they want a year of experience. How can a new grad start if the minimum requirement is 1 yr experience.

  125. I worked in manufacturing for the past 12 years. My job went to CHINA. unemployed 8 months now.
    Obama wants to give “small businesses” more tax breaks and easyer access to credit so they can hire more employees.
    Does this include those industries that have sent our jobs overseas?? so they can build new facilities and hire more employees overseas??
    The co I worked for is considered a “small buiseness” but it is actually a very large global organization with plants in china,mexico,italy,philipines,etc.
    their main corp office and only two small manufacturing plants with a small number of employees are here in the us. this keeps them in the “small buisiness” catagory also they hide under the “LLC” lable so they can avoid paying the higher taxes.
    My “lay off” is trade act certified…there is supposed to be training benifits etc available but all I have recieved is a big runaround – A BIG FAT NOTHING.
    Trade Act – Reinvestment Act – jobs bill??? WHAT A LOAD OF BULL!!
    I am 48 yrs old, my hair is falling out, my teeth are gone, my eyes are going bad, I have a bad back, and I could drop dead of a heart attack at any time. Does anyone really think the state or gov is going to spend money on me for re-training????
    I have worked hard and struggled all my life. Now I am about to lose everything I worked for.
    Thanks alot corperate america!
    Thanks alot wallstreet!

  126. Reading all of these comments it’s called LIFE!
    Studying the history of USA and other nations and their birth!
    To see the issue is jobs etc and will always be-I’m amazed!
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    A job yes a job means- JUST OVER BROKE!
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    it’s all coming down to: LAST STAND AT MEGIDDO by Cliff Billings

  127. If you cannot find someone to hire you at the entry level, then volunteer to work in your field for at least 20 hours a week while you are looking for employment. Also, there is a company called Accountemps, which you should see if you have one in your area.

  128. Already checked into it. Belize requires that you have $10,000 in a savings account. So basically to move to another country for an opportunity you already have to be rich.

  129. Amazing how one person can predict the job growth in a decade. WOW are they God? Should we stop thinking about innovation? Should we just stand by and allow one person to dictate the next decade with their all knowing article? Is there an article out there 10 years previously that predicted the state of the economy today? I am sure there is not one!!
    It would be great to see articles that are positive and about those individuals/companys that are innovative and not shipping everything to
    China and India. The future is bright and wide open for innovation.

  130. You did make the right decision. Education will enrich your life, no matter what the pay. No one can take what you learned away from you. Go with that. In time, you will understand…

  131. Your postings left me feeling just a bit bewildered. You site several jobs in the medical/nursing field, could that be so they replace those they fired in order to hire ‘newbies’ who lack experience and senority? This field has been guilty of this practice for several decades. They want nursing staff, they just don’t want to have to pay them benefits. Those jobs were listed ( in order ) as 1 2 5 and 9. Reuter’s has a whole different list! So which is correct?

  132. HI, Here in Florida Nurses are Flexed down all the time. They go by censes and if there are not enough patients for the amount of nurses they send one of us home. This happens all the time. Nursing is hard work and you haveto be special to do it. Not all people have it in them.

    So tell me where all the shortages are? they laid 12 nursres off at our hospital on the mother baby unit. Sarasota Memorial hospital.

  133. BS. I’ve worked in healthcare for 15 years. They are sending nurses home, cutting hours and bennies and the new grads CANNOT find FT jobs right now. Maybe PRN or Part Time, but even the nursing schools and Allied Health, which encompases everything else like respiratory, Xray, CT, Lab and so on, are accepting
    LESS students and warning them that there won’t be a “gauranteed” job any longer.

    Stop lying about healthcare, people. Not everyone can work in healthcare.

    There’s only so many positions to go around and they ain’t building anymore hospitals.

    Be a mechanic or a plumber.

  134. Wow. Except for nurses and accountants, the rest are jobs with no future, low benefits, and will keep people in the lower to upper lower classes. 15 million jobs like these and the middle class will truly disappear. Who is going to support a family on these crap jobs? Greatest case seen yet to skip college. Men can become self-employed as criminals and women can dance around the pole. Make good money and make your own hours and no endless student loans to pay off.

  135. I’ve been a food server for the last 5 years. Those jobs are always in demand because no one wants to make a career out of watching people chew! Food service forced me back to school, thank God. I don’t even see what I’m going for on the list. But I’m not quitting because of this ridiculous article.

  136. Case in point. I took my car in for front brakes. The pads were $80.00 and about $9.00 for fluid.

    The total cost was $189.00

    Took them about 45 minutes to do it.

    Do the math. Mechanics (shop owners) make BIG bucks. The rank and file avg. about 50K a year. Not bad for on the job training.

    And if you’re sleazy like most mechanics, you can double the money.

    Been there and done that. Plus, I have friends who are mechanics and they tell me how they get over on people.

    You’d be amazed. Mikey made over 150K for himself last year in his shop………..2 guys working for him made about 50K and he performs actual labor maybe 4-5 hours a week.

  137. Unfortunately, the number of jobs across the nation in those areas will be in the low hundreds per category–not in the tens of thousands that the public is hoping for. For every hundred students who apply to nursing school, only twenty are chosen. That means that for those other eighty per hundred–their best was just not going to make the cut. Realistically, not everyone in our country will have a high paying job–as the economy continues to slacken, more jobs will be lost–unfortunately, it takes income to pay unemployment wages, and the more jobs lost, the less money there is to pay out. China owns our nation. Our society needs to march like soldiers not meander like nomads. If you want to compete–you need to academically and professionally shine above the tens of thousands of others…..

  138. Part of the problem with US trained nurses is that there are not enough instructors to teach new nurse. RN programs are impacted….it is not that there are not people out there wanting to become nurses it is that experienced nurses are not stepping up and teaching their trade to new students. This is in part due to the poor salaries that educators make. Until we start valuing those with experience and knowledge that can teach and train a new generation of nurses there will continue to be a shortage of US educated nurses.

  139. Great – our industrial base which fostered decades of technology, growth and innovation is moved to Mexico and China, and we’re left with mostly low wage “service” jobs. These are jobs that must be done of course, but that are not going to drive technology and innovation.

    NAFTA and “free” trade have allowed our technology and growth drivers to move off-shore, with virtually NO benefits to the average American.

    “Free” trade is building the communist china economy at a tremendous rate, while NAFTA continues to move our industrial base to Mexico. NAFTA has failed completely – it was supposed to reduce illegal immigration, instead it has NOT and drug trafficking from Mexico is up, along with crime at the border being WAY UP.

    CHANGE NAFTA, CHANGE “FREE” TRADE with communists, before all or our engineering, technician, purchasing, finance, legal and other top-paying jobs are off-shored 100% !!!

  140. I am a 31 yr. old lab tech and plant operator at a small refinery in the Houston area. I do not have a degree in anything, I fortunately was able to work my way up off the loading decks to get where I am now and have worked now for my 2nd refinery. The industry as oil refineries are suffering now, so there has been many layoffs for plants and so if there are any jobs for refinery lab techs or process operators, then the applications are stacked up with experienced people, most who have degrees. I have worked in this industry now for 5 1/2 yrs. Before I made a mistake of going to DeVry University, which is a technical school. I had student loans which I still pay on now, but when I was going there, after my 3rd semester the school tuition was increased. My loans weren’t covering my tuition fully, and so I had to either pay an extra $250 a month along with the loans, or drop out. I quit, and went to work in the plants. When I was at my previous plant I didn’t have shift work at first, so I went to a small community college and was going for RN. This was very difficult for me though to memorize everything I needed to for my tests, and in order to be accepted into the RN program you have to be in the top percentage of students. There were many students going for this field which is in need, but I changed my mind and was unsure if I could make the grades needed. I didn’t want to waste money. Well, I now work for a small catalyst company which is actually doing well and setting record profits, yet due to the recession isn’t sharing the wealth with their employees. So many of us are underpaid for our profession. So I have decided to go back to school for Pipe Design and Computer Drafting since I work in a plant at Houston Community College. I am curious if this field is going to be good in the future as it is struggling now. I was going to go back for RN or Ultrasound, but since I am familiar with the plants, I hear they like to hire people with plant experience. I am trying to get my girlfriend to go to school for Cardial Ultrasound. What are the future of these 2 fields? I hear engineering is going to be a very needed field soon too, but the school for engineering is just way too expensive for me to afford right now. Since I work 12 rotating shifts, and have school 3 hrs 4 days a week, I usually get only about 3 or 4 hrs sleep during the week and it is difficult. Can you tell me if this work will payoff in the end for my field? Will I be able to find work?


  142. I too looked at a career in the I.T. business. I rec. certification (mcp) & started on my Cisco. Trouth is evry case is different. I am extremly glad for you. This is NOT the norm. I know of 2 people with Cisco, MS, etc certs & still cannot get a job. When I was going through that in 2001 the best I could find paid $6.50 – $7/hr. Not enough to support my family. Bottom line is to TRY & get something you like & “fits” in for you economically & try to grow it. I got out of health care back in 1996 after 17 years. I did not like the way heaalth care is all about the money & not the patient. Having been a hospital admin & ceo of a home care agency I know first hand what it’s like to try & be a “company man” while standing by your own principles…I decided “thier politics” was not worth it especially when you are constantly pushed to ddance in that grey area between what is legal & what is not…I did not compromise my values then & I don’t now. I could really go on more but it would turn into a lot longer story than you would care to know. Thanks for your time & congrats on being able to get where you are!

  143. Notice that none of the carrers listed said anything about technical jobs, such as Engineer or technician.
    The problem I see in the future is: because of offshore “cheap” labor, the cost of many things is such that we can’t afford to repair them. Replacing them is less expensive and easier. TYhats what we have become, a throw-a-way society.

    Next item: Suing an employer or former employer. A former employer suddenly treated many long-time higher employees like crap in a move to get them to quit. The company was in financial trouble, but still solvent. So, higher pay prople first, right? One of the VPs was forced out, and sued. The company bought off the attorney so the attorney could tell the employee that he did not have a case.
    More so, the employee is “marked” as a troublemaker and could not find another job until the company finally went down the tube a couple of years later and no references to it were available publically.
    Remember, you may have a vision of getting big $$ from it, however, just remember they have $$ resources to sucessfully fight you off. Legal? maybe. (You you have a hard time proving this) Unethical, definitely.
    I was in R&D engineering. I am now a technician, at less $$. But, I am working and surviving. Gotta go with the flow, because you, alone, can’t change the system



  145. I worked most of my life in the ”Health Care Field”. The best part of the job is knowing that your giving just one patient the feeling,that you are with them, that your helping them. That’s why I went into this field.
    The most overlooked people in Health Care, and the MOST Under-paid are the Care-Attendants, Nurses Aides, Orderlies..These are the people that do what the nurses won;t do, like clean up your folks after an accident 10X a day, change beds, caterer to a demanding population..Sure alot of people are genuine and are wonderful Patients…I hope in the future these “Health Care Workers, get noticed by the CEO’s and get the monies they deserve, or 10 yrs from now, there will be no one helping people going well into retiredment like me.Borning in the early 50′s, my time is nearing, my body hurts, I am NOT what I was at 18…WHERE the heck did time go? PLEASE COME BACK, I MISS YOU!
    I hope these new positions get filled by our youth, to help us up and coming baby boomers that will soon be well into re-tirement, and in need of medical care ourselves..Thus continuing the cycle of life!

  146. why don’t you try releasing. http://www.releasetechnique.com

    your husband couldn’t handle a situation because he felt out of control and in some way he felt that he needed approval from completely insane lunatic people.

    most work situations are in hostile environments…because you are dealing with ego which are negative and never satisfied and people who are completely insecure.

    you need to start “letting go”, read the info on the website, sign up for the abundance course and then see how much better your life can be.

  147. Imagine not being good at anything that involves math — imagine being dyslexic when it comes to numbers — you reverse them all the time without even realizing it. You mess up on written or verbal instructions because you don’t always remember every little detail. You don’t do it on purpose. On top of that, everyone you know DESPISES you for it. They despise you for being artistic and right-brained, with no ability at all for nursing, accounting, or anything else that requires reading numbers. That is the story of my life. Thing is, if one misreads numbers having to do with a patient in a doctor’s office or in the hospital, it could kill that patient. If a person misreads numbers with someone’s finances, it could get a lot of people in trouble, even legal trouble. I don’t want to inadvertently kill anyone or screw up their finances. I am just not willing to take that chance with anyone’s precious lives. The world needs to allow the right-brained to be successful in their own right-brained artistic ways, because that’s all we can do. STOP TRYING TO FORCE PEOPLE INTO CAREERS WHERE THEY DON’T FIT IN. That’s a disaster waiting to happen. If you have a family member, young or older, who is right-brained and just can’t fit into the left-brained, numerical, sequential world, don’t try to force it because IT NEVER WORKS. I repeat: IT NEVER WORKS.

  148. To Ben,
    Get some experience doing volunteer work. Do several short term volunteer accounting jobs to get some experience on your resume. Or volunteer at an accounting firm in exchange for a mentor. When I went to school for computers in 92 I was told a degree is not enough you need some job experience like what you get through an internship. Also when my first job ended after 14 months, everyone was looking for at least 2 years experience. I had a hard time landing that second job. Plan to stay in your first job for 2 years.

  149. I’d like to say that I a new graduate registered nurse and I CANNOT FIND A JOB. The nursing shortage is a LIE geared at making more and more money for schools. Nursing schools pop out new graduates like the octomom pops out kids, there is a huge influx of new nurses and fierce competition for positions. A position I applied to in Northern California had 917 applicants for 32 available openings. Nursing is NOT recession proof. Perhaps in extremely rural areas more nurses are necessary, but don’t be fooled by propaganda and jump into nursing school right away – you might end up being sorry.

  150. After reading alot of the comments it appears that alot of people are definitely fed up working “good jobs” or the lack thereof these days. I used to work for corporate america and could not stand it. I survived various buyouts, outsourcing and of course good ole office politics. Until one day I decided to become my own boss and control my destiny instead of letting someone else do it for me. I was tired of someone telling me when to get up, when I can eat lunch and how much vacation time I can have with my family. Not to mention, feeling like I was underpaid for my services. They wanted me to jump through hoops just for a measley .25 cent raise. Ridiculous! I encourage anyone who is looking for something different and want more out of like to join a multi-level network marketing company. I work for a company named Primerica (financial services)and absolutely love it! I have the opportunity to make great money, have my own hours, very little overhead expenses and finally I don’t have to worry about getting laid off, fired, outsourcing…etc. While I realize being your own boss is not for everyone I would definitely recommend people give it a try because in todays economy there is no more “go to college, get a good job, work 30 yrs for the same company then retire”. Those days are long gone. It is time we take control of our lives and stop jumping through hoops to make others rich.

    Note: Even if you don’t want to try Primerica, any company such as Mary Kay, Symmetry (vitamins), Avon is worth a look. All these companies can provide you with the Opportunity to make an unlimited amount of income. Ask yourself, what do I have to lose?

    Hope this helps someone. Have a great day! :)

  151. Zoom out, to get a broader perspective. What is being discussed here is not only relevant to the USA. Shifts, changes, so-called modifications and adjustments in a variety of employment sectors, etc. are all a part of what is known as “globalization”, which is a part of the so-called New World Order. What is happening is that a so-called global elite is taking over the control of everything, not only jobs, and the remaining 90 % of people (everywhere, not only in the USA) will be the new slaves of the century, serving the so-called “elite”, under their tyranny and exploitation. Neither George Orwell, nor Huxley were paranoid in any fashion. They saw the future, with precision. For those who complain about police abuse/excessive force: watch Steven Spielberg’s “Minority Report”. Very accurate prediction, by my view.

    The future will be much worse than now. Has nothing to do whether
    Republicans or Democrats are “in charge”, or a white or black puppet is in the White House. In reality, we have only one party now: The New Socialist Party of the USA. If/when Republicans won the White House back, nothing would change. Socialization of America began decades ago, when Americans became too gready and outsourced production to China, Korea, and Taiwan. Americans themselves WANTED this, yes, to pay less for cars, tv’s, clothing, computers, etc. Now that we are permanently pregnant with these low-cost producers, we will never get those jobs back.
    What about services ? As long as nurses from India can do what American nurses do and accept less payment and don’t ask for a 401 K plan and/or raise, they will be preferred, because it so happens that hospitals love to make profit. Health care in the USA is the next “bubble”, with or without the Health Care Reform. So, if you’re willing to work hard for less, and always smile, no matter what, never ask for a 401 K plan, never show personality, never be original, just “work hard” and be “neat and quiet”, you may be able to compete with workforce from India in the USA. In the New World Order, we will be “modified” into docile, obedient, quiet, “law-abiding” workers and employees, who will serve the so-called “elite” and pay taxes to keep them wealty, and in charge.
    Individualism, Capitalism, Freedom, and such, are actually already obsolete – you just don’t know it yet, as it is not official yet.

    Zoom out. Read between the lines. And don’t believe anything you watch on main stream tv.

  152. It is ture that the economical situation in the USA has sunk the middle class people and that heavy weight is now on the lower class folks that have started sipping out into the streets by the thousands daily. Jut like a house when it crumbles the roof may crack ,but it will remain recognizable.

    Not every body is going to go broke. My advise – do not try any thing stupid when you are facing job loss. Rethink your plan B clearly. All of us believe in God.
    Let God lead the way now that you have become powerless. Find a Church – give tithes and offerings and let God handle you. Let His miracles shine upon you so you can do HIS work efficiently. Again Be patient when waiting on God He will feed you and your family in abundance.

    Use your brain, have a good night of sleep, exercise , or find time for it. Do not rush you are now in GOD’s hands – keep looking for jobs. Remember God never lies. He will feed you. DONT RELY ON PEOPLE, they will lie to you and depress you in the process. Go in your bed room ALONE ” PRAY and CRY.”
    Miracles of GOD will be on their way to you.

    In short, review your plan B, move God’s hand, keeping looking for a job, PRAY and CRY, tell GOD He NEVER LIES.

    God is the answer. Dont waste time, by trying to become what you are not – meaning do not try to become a NURSE when you do not have the guts to wipe bm. Relax – put your GOD to work for you.

    You are the winner, I am a living example and recipient of GOD blessings.

  153. I second the Cisco Networking Academy as a valid and extremely rewarding school. As a 2004 graduate, I was employed immediately, and rose fairly quickly through the ranks. It is not for everyone, but for anyone inclined towards computers, there is no better education anywhere, at any price.

  154. I get so sick of hearing about all of the health care “jobs that are available” and
    about all of the “funding” that is available if you “be a nurse” is suddenly the answer to the jobless question. Now, any and all idiots are “going to school to be a nurse”. What about the fact that these people are only going into this field for the money? Not to help others, oh gosh no. What we are getting in this field for “nurses” (or whatever) could care less about people, they are just out of thier manufacturing jobs and now we are paying for them to go into a profession that they do not want. AND so called “nursing schools” are passing these people onto a job market who are unfit, unqualified and just plain dangerous.

  155. Sorry to hear what happened to your husband and your family because of a job and his need to provide for his family at any cost. This story was touching and I hope your husband and your family are getting the help you need. I used to work with the homeless in Massachusetts and the pressure people are under can cause othe health problems. Take care and you will be a part of prayers always. God Bless You!

  156. The top ten jobs listed are all service industries jobs. These just pass money around they create no add value to help grow the economic. With real jobs products are manufactured. We are such a good green nation that we will soon fine ourselves begging other nations for help to support our economic as we continue to lose manufacturing jobs. Thank you government, tree huggers and unions for driving manufacturing out of this country and into the arms of our competitors overseas.

  157. I am a Registered Nurse. The medical imdustry is not a great choice either. Due to many hospitals across the nation closing, there is an abundance of unemployed nurses. I have a full-time job in a major hospital for 14 years. Since 2008 the full-time nurses have been forced to take more than a third of their scheduled days off without pay. So full-time emplloyees are getting part-time hours. Many nurses are no longer able to take care of their families. The majority of institutions are only hiring per diem status employees. Per diem work is not steady full-time work and usually that employee has no benefits. My sister works for a large insurance company as a RN. The insurance companies are failing because fewer people can afford insurance. I see so many new nurses, bright eyed and bushy tailed, applying for positions that will not be filled. As for continuing education, many institutions no longer pay for higher degrees status or certifications. Also gone are the days of employer paid conferences, needed to maintain licensure. The medical industry holds no solutions right now.

  158. What a sad state of affairs for the USA. Mostly service jobs. Nothing to increase the wealth of this country.

    By interesting to see what the greatest growth in job outsourcing is?

    I’ll imagine in the future we’ll be a nation of shopkeepers.

    And why spend money for a child’s college education?

  159. Trash the article. Work hard at whatever you do. Show up on time and leave late. Care about your work and you will move up where you are. NPR knows nothing about free enterprise or capitalism, only socialism.

  160. You have certainly been going thru the “dark night of the soul.” It is a scary and depressing place….I know, I’ve been in it too, although my story is different. Stayed in a job with a tyrranical boss, horrible secretary, and lost my health and nearly died. All for a measly paycheck. Went thru bankruptcy and the stress of that. It goes on and I’m only sharing that much so you’ll know, yes, I get what YOU are saying. Please hear this…it does get better…eventually. Keep the faith. I’m pulling for you.
    Lynn in N.Cal.

  161. Don’t count on landing a job, even in the top ten fields. My daughter graduated from nursing school with B.S. degree. Having been told all through school that there was a nursing shortage and she’ll never have to worry about finding a job, she was frustrated to find that many employers don’t want new grads. It took her 6 months of pounding the pavement to land a hospital job and that was WITH connections.

  162. Morning from the Mid-West. I feel for all you individuals that don’t have jobs and going through such distress, its heartbreaking. I’m very fortunate to have a job at a car sub assembly manufacturing facility, but I to have went through tough experiences within the last 10 years. About 12 years ago I was working for a Maytag manufacturing plant and it employed about 1600 people. Life was great until we had to compete with other companies that already had moved outside our country for cheaper labor rates. Long story short, the plant closed and we all had to make career changes or live on unemployement. I want to thank our President at that time for approving the NAFTA agreement and sending our jobs to Mexio, India, China and other low wage paying countries. I don’t think he’s going through all this fun that we are experiencing. Also I’d like to point out the next time you go to Wal-Mart look at the items your purchasing. The majority of these items are made in the same countries I mentioned above. Years ago we use to manufacture those toys, clothes, shoes and so on and earning a good pay check. So now that we and our future generations have these lower paying jobs or no jobs at all can afford to purchase these products at a lower price and have a better quality life. So again thank you Mr. President, congressmen, representatives and lets not forget Wal-Mart for our new future.

  163. I am so tired of seeing RN as one of the top 5 jobs, if not the #1. To be a nurse you have to be dedicated, compassionate, and be willing, not money driven. I work in Minnesota and the job market here is saturated at the least, new grads have not been able to find a job for 6+ months. Get your facts staright careerbuilder….

  164. Police officers do not go around beating people. My husband is a police officer. He has to write a report every time he uses his mace, taser, etc. Using excessive force is a big risk. Police officers get reviewed every time they use any form of a weapon. Don’t call the police if you’re going to complain about them afterwards. I know there are instances where some police officers do things they shouldn’t, but you all are making it seem like police officers are always in the wrong. Your hand won’t break from a handcuff unless you are resisting or trying to get out of them. If you hit a police officer and injure him in anyway you should go to jail. You’re crazy to think you shouldn’t. Please do not think I don’t have sympathy for some of you in these situations. I just don’t want everyone thinking all police officers act this way.

  165. To Verna, You really need to get more sleep. I know people who sleep little, but in the long term and maybe short term it will start to erode your mental and physical health. You might try your local post office for a decent paying job that will only take up 8 or so hours a day. You have to be super persistant, but most offices need carriers and sometimes clerks. Good luck, I’ll be thinking about you and others having a tough time. I got into the PO 10 years ago thinking it would be short term but its an OK job and like the last 2 days, I was done at 2:00pm.

  166. Nursing school is not hard to pass. It is hard to find. Every school out there stays full. Or requires two year of prereqs to start a two year degree.

    Oh, any form of aid or assist on that list is a min wage slave job

  167. The article is titled Where Will the Jobs Be? Small businesses were not mentioned because small businesses are not where the jobs are. As a matter of fact, more small businesses will fail in the next ten years than ever before. It’s just a fact of life: small business is being phased out by big business. And if some of the big guys can’t make it, how is a small business supposed to succeed? The answer, of course, is that most of them won’t. You might want to sell your business and get a job in one of the aforementioned top ten list instead.

  168. When I was a child and my father was a clothing manufacturer, I came to the conclusion that the only real way to attain wealth was by making and selling your own products (China’s economic success and our failure is now proof of this theory). Having said that, has anyone noticed that ALL these jobs are “service only” industries? I saw this trend 15 years ago which is why I began predicting total economic collapse of this country within 50 years. America’s superpower days are over, that is, if America will even exist at all by the time my daughter is 40 (she’s 7 now).

  169. I know how tight things are for everyone. I have my son, daughter-in-law and grandson living with me for over a year now and I am the only one bringing in any income. My son is now going to a technical school of nursing because we have 2 new hospitals in the area that are lacking trained doctors and nurses. There is no waiting list here for classes except if you sign up in middle of the classes. My daughter-in-law has to wait till May. Check out Career Training Solutions (Fredericksburg, VA)

  170. When talking about jobs and future jobs one is always overlooked. Auto mechanic or as we’re called today auto technicians. Todays auto technicians are a far cry from yesterdays grease monkeys. The cars of today require more technical skill and computer skills to repair. There will always be a need for good qualified technicians because there will always be cars that need to be repaired. Even in a recession auto repair shops stay busy because people are fixing older cars as opposed to buying newer ones. Right now there is no shortage of technicians but as time goes on there will be. A good technician in a busy shop can earn 6 figures.

  171. Danielle,
    I’m not having a knee jerk reaction here. As someone who has worked in an industry with an influx of younger workers (health care), I’ve come across a similar attitude many times. I’m still puzzled by how to deal with it.
    When I was learning my trade, both in school and when I started working, older techs were brutal and capricious, and hazing was common. I resolved not to perpetuate the cycle. Occasionally, I come across someone who can watch and learn, accept constructive criticism and direction, and show a degree of humility that allows them to integrate with an existing group, but most of the younger people I’ve tried to help have shown only contempt for my age, unfounded arrogance in their knowledge, and a tribal, rather than an analytical, approach to problem solving. I will grant that many have more facility with a computer than I do, but life and work are far more complex than that.
    If it makes you feel better, everyone in my generation hasn’t had it easy by a long shot, but I can understand how that mis-perception could have become widespread. I’d rather collaborate than compete any day, but I don’t always get the chance.

  172. What state do you live in?? Your daughter will be making “well over $60,000 her first year out of school”? I have 19 years under my belt, I’m the Nursing Director for a small rural hospital and I make just over 62,000, I’m in Fl. maybe that’s the difference.
    Please people don’t get into nursing for the money. We need hard working, empathetic, non-judgemental people with excellent critical thinking skills, not people that think nursing is easy money…IT’s NOT!!! IT IS HARD WORK AND REQUIRES COMMON SENSE AND THICK SKIN!!!!

  173. That could very well be true. However, many were saying the same thing about teachers, in the state of Texas, and I (an experienced social studies teacher, with a masters degree, and a great record) still haven’t found a job, and have been actively, and aggressively, looking for over a year. I’ve even been willing to relocate! I’m not the only one experiencing this, as I have spoken with many educators in a similar bind. Of course, what you are saying about the nursing profession, is very likely. I just tend to be skeptical, when I hear about how hot a particular job market is. Often, it’s a bit of truth, combined with a lot of hype! But, if that’s the case, then the government should be willing to train the unemployed to become registered nurses! Wouldn’t that solve our nursing shortage, AND unemployment problem, in the long run? Just an idea.

  174. Pam, You are right. We learn from life. I would say that if I would have gone with my instincts in most situations instead of being held back by some unknown fear, I would be better off. Yes. As a matter-of-fact my biggest regrets in life were not following my own inner voice. I totally believe your story. The cards are stacked against the weaker beings in this country.

  175. Until we support our own manufacturing sector we can almost forget about jobs returning. We have companies right here in the US manking shoes, clothing, toy, furniture but run out and purchase that”made in China” crap and then wonder where the jobs when. If we don’t buy their products, they soon too will have to outsource.
    As an African American female, I thought I had it made. I graduated from college , came to Boston. I couldn’t find a job…was told I was overqualified, or didn’t have any experience. I just happened to pass by an Army Recruiting place, walked in, took the test, passed and signed up for the Reserves. I spent 23 years in the Reserves and retired an officer. I have had all kinds of jobs, professional, cleaning or what ever. I have not be too proud to do anything. I have not spent anytime unemployed. Currently i work 4 jobs, 3 of which are flexible. I am always looking ….

  176. Waiting List are a common misconception in this area (North Carolina). There are no “Waiting List.” These allied health programs at community colleges are based on test scores and the competition. If you are the top of the people that apply you will get in. I know this because I have many family members and friends, as well as myself that have applied, been accepted and completed these programs. The jobs are there for these people and they pay well. The benefits are there as well. I strongly advise people to go in this direction!!! So, please don’t believe any of this “waiting list” BS. Yes, you have to have all of your prereqs out of the way and yes the programs only start each fall but it is worth it!

  177. @ Verna. I’m not sure if this is an option for you, but I had the same issue. I decided to think about things differently. Instead of making work fit my school schedule or vice versa. I cut my school hours in half by taking online classes. If your college offers online courses, I suggest starting with one online class. Then the next semester try two. The physical hours that I spend in school are cut in half and I have more time to rest. The online classes give me needed flexibility because the assignments are usually posted in the beginning of the week and I have the duration of the week to work on them. I don’t have trouble motivating myself to work in these classes because I never forget my overall goals. Also I found a job at my school. So I work there in between my classes and my now I have 4 free days of the week where before I had no free days. Hope you find some of this helpful. Take care.

  178. Hello,

    I passed CCNA last month and l am looking for a job as Network Engineer. My background is in Engineering. I used to manage IT before. Could any one tell me where are the jobs for CCNA skill set.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.


  179. I would like to add to my earlier post that the waiting list may be the case in other states but I graduated from Fayetteville Technical Community College in Fayetteville, NC and this school as well as the surrounding areas do not have a waiting list. Maybe people should consider relocating? Just a thought. I was hired before I could finish my rotations and graduate!!!

  180. “retiring for years to come” …………..with what income? go ahead, plan away……..I need to know how I am going to spend the five dollars I may actually be able to save by the time I am 80.

  181. Ryan – I just attended an Investools workshop and was wondering if you had any experience with this educational company? I am interested in learning more about investing in basic and advanced options but am not sure that the $25K they are charging for their 2 year program is worth it. I would appreciate any input that you may have as I am not confident in my prospects of retiring with a company that I have spent over 25 years with. Thanks!

  182. Pam:

    I’m sorry to say this, but the police brutality issue seems to have nothing to do with his job. I see it escalated, but sometimes you get stuck in a bad situation, or job. My fiance is in a job he doesn’t like at the moment, but it’s ‘job security’ and money. And, in this economy, better than nothing. He’s dealing with it the best he can, trying to have a positive outlook, rather than a personality change. And, I see no police brutality for no apparent reason.
    Perhaps your husband was depressed he left a bad work situation on bad conditions, but everyone ends up doing something they don’t like (job wise) at some point. I have too.

    The issue with the police and his depression is another topic. I don’t think he was mentally in tip top shape to have reacted so poorly to the situation. Everyone handles things differently.

    And in this economy, where we have struggled to find jobs after losing our own, taking a job that isn’t the best is better than no job, no apartment, no food.

  183. What the article ignores is the impact unions had on the US job market: Employers were being forced to pay marginally-skilled and sometimes unskilled workers exhorbitant wages that would not be tolerated in a free-market economy. When the US economy went global, these mediocre workers had to compete in the globally free market with higher skilled workers who were not unionized. Not having the skills to compete, they are now relegated to working in menial service jobs, competing with illegal immigrants, coming to America, craving these jobs. Welcome to America. Viva la Revolucion!

  184. Yeah… This article makes me a bitter. I’m a nursing student graduating in May. There aren’t any jobs for us either. Our professors are telling us to work in other areas until we can (finally) find one. Healthcare, particularly nursing care, is expensive. In theory, there should be more nurses (how many times have we heard the words ‘nursing shortage’?), but no one can/wants to pay for them!

  185. My daughter recently left her job in banking because of poor young unskilled Managers, treating the bank employees harshly and without any conscience.

    Now she is looking for work. She could work in that industry again,if she so chooses, but it gave her ulcers. She wants to go to culinary school, and work in that industry. It looks like one of the choices on your list! I think she would make a fine chef, yet she still needs to finish high school, and she has two children to raise ages 15 and 18. My expectation is that she will find something before her unemployment runs out. I hope she finds something quickly that might give her enough income to also pursue her dream. That may be a reason for so many carer transitions-not doing what she likes well enough. But she has also given herself experience in many areas, and she does have them to fall back on now that times appear hard.

    She is inspired by me now,her mother, to go back to school. I have several degrees, my Masters and my Doctorate being just a few. We have talked about her returning to school regularly since she stopped school and began feeling secure in her working position. But now,years down the road, that situation has changed,and she no longer has the comfortable income to live on. She has to start over.

    I am encouraged that as a parent, I never gave up on my children – I have always been and shall remain an inspiration and a role model, and she has looked, listened and taken that to heart. As old as children get, we can always teach them something along their way, show them something, and be there for them, to love them, listen and empathize with them and their situation. My other daughter is experiencing problems too, but of a different nature, and she is more responsive to me now than before.

    We three had a long separation from one another, with an occassional phone call, or encounter – because of our differences, and we are determined not to let that happen again.

    That said, for this job sector, I hope it doesn’t mean washing dishes and waiting tables. I hope there is a higher vision for that job category as well. In the meantime, I don’t see any shame in getting whatever work she can in customer service, or retail – again, categories where she has worked before. Her problem as we see it is going to be competition from educated applicants. So, she will have to show on her application that she is attending school, and desires to further her education in order to stand a better chance. Let’s be honest however, employees will see that as an opportunity to pay her less than the educated employee – or that they will realize that they can draw her more succcessfully than the more educated employee, because of the pay scale. Yet with the economy the way it is, people are taking whatever they can get – so that transcends most reasonable arguments about who will get what job.

    With the economy, and jobs, not expected to change drastically over the next 18 months, she is going to be in the middle of this whirlwind of hiring hopefuls. I pray it works out both fair and well for her. This will be our barameter of how the economic stimulus and policies can be expected to pan out for anyone.

  186. Do you folks think that writing in a post is going to change anything? All it does is give the scum that you criticize something to laugh at. Stand up people. Refuse, Resist, Revolt. When we americans are willing to take the country back from these bastards, things will change. Let’s take all the unemployed and coordinate marches, every single day. Let’s do something NOW, instead of talking bullcrap.

  187. First of all, the governmeny needs to get rid of NAFTA. Those jobs are bring lost to foreign companies hiring their citizens. The awesome paying jobs are overseas, and usually you have to know somebody or have a special skill. Those companies will train you, but you have to be willing to live abroad for a period of time. Defense jobs are where the need IS! For companies in the private DEFENSE sector. All this other piddly stuff, won’t amount to anything.
    Obama can’t fix it, and your government reps, could care less. It is truly survival of the fittest. You change and adapt, or you get washed away. Simple as that. The computer industry is flooded with computer techs, etc. Those jobs will eventually be like menial service jobs. Stay away from them, unless you go into computer, networking security. Cops, Firemen, EMT’s, rescuers, those are jobs that will need to be filled. Healthcare jobs also. But being an RN, you work your butt off. Look into it before doing this. Rn’s have 5-6 patients at a time, all the time. Burnout is big and happens quick. Specialty jobs are where its at, to make a good living. Choose a field that 70% of the workforce is not going after. Then there is good old fashion labor, which pays well in some areas, because most people don’t want to do it. The union jobs are the ones to get, because they pay better. Anyone out there that says unions are a dinosaur, try living on a wage that you don’t have a union involved. You’ll find out fast, how much that company CARES about you! Not saying all unions are great, cause there are a lot of them in bed with the company, and just collect the dues from the members, but a job paying a good wage is better than NO job at all!

  188. Sorry, nursing is not a mindless job! Bachelors degree, passing a national certification test after graduation and continuing education to keep the license is not mindless! I control what I make. Options and opportunities are endless and will be for MANY years to come.

  189. Mary,
    Do you mean EMT? Big difference between EMT & Paramedic. An EMT program is usually a one semester program for about the cost you stated. Paramedic however is a 9month to 2 yr program depending on what state with over 600 hours of clinical training required in addition to class program time (and about $8,000). Many paramedic programs also require you to have ” street time” as an EMT, prior to being admitted to a program. It’s great that your son got picked up by a department, it is a great career! I am a paramedic, however I work in an emergency room. Good pay, crappy hours, hard work and not for everyone.

  190. I am a licensed Registered Nurse (new graduate as of December) still unemployed even after putting in somewhere between 30-50 applications. Recently relocated due to husband’s employment, and am in an area where no one knows me. They see my resume and toss it aside. NO EXPERIENCE….NO JOB! I guess the education, graduating with honors, being president of the nursing student association, receiving awards for outstanding clinical performance (out of 85 other students), all while raising 3 kids, doesn’t really matter. So this article is true to some degree…..if the circumstances are right. I am excellent with my patients, I’m smart, I’m funny, I LOVE taking care of others….yet I can’t even get an interview. YAY ME! So much for RN’s being at the top of that list.

  191. With large corporations such as AT&T sending jobs overseas (India) in the middle of this recession we are not going to see a break for a very long time. People working for this and other major call center employers are now classified as ‘surplus’ workers. As such, they are allowed to take a severance package and leave while their jobs are being given to other countries. Soon the United States will be a third world country and Americans will be begging for food to be sent to us so we will not starve. As one of these ‘surplus’ workers, I am very angry at a country that would allow this to happen.

  192. Good girl from Kazakhstan,

    If it was so great there, then why did you come to USA to get that degree!
    Also, did you receive any government grants for that education or pay for it
    yourself? You need to thank USA for providing you with an education that has
    given you those opportunities. Your living the American dream in Kazakstan!
    A good boy from USA
    God Bless America

  193. To DS,
    I know plenty of nurses who can’t find work, RN’s no less. I have worked beside them in the factories around here. Most of them couldn’t find work after gaining their license. There are alot of nurses who work one or two jobs at a time and thus cut others out of the workforce. Some of the nurses worked for doctors who weren’t very professional toward their staff (enough said), and when she wouldn’t play along, out she went. Their is absolutly no reason it has to be outsourced, they just want the benefit of not paying a fair wage to an american worker!

  194. i am an RN with 8 sons. RN’s make good money. HOWEVER, we DO NOT LIVE BEYOND our means. I think many, many people live way beyond their means. then when things get tough they are the ones that are hit the hardest with credit cards bills, etc. believe me i would love to go on vacas once twice a year, etc. buy more “things” but in the back of my mind i think bills bills so i don’t always buy. look into healthcare, it really is good financially and rewarding. i have neighbors who buy their two daughters an IPHONE and they are only in 4th grade. why, cuz the “other” kids have them. Parents need to step up and be parents. SAY NO. who cares if your kid hates you. when they become adults they will thank you. parents teach your kids NOT to LIVE BEYOND THEIR MEANS. PARENTS DO THE SAME IN FRONT OF YOUR KIDS.

  195. Dave obviously has not taken Physics, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Pharmacology, and certainly cannot apply that. I routinely take care of people near death; I work in an ICU.Daves comment only confirms that some people think that nursing does not require an education, An un-educated comment at best. Dave , do your research before you write something so un-inteligent.

  196. To Pam-precious thinking of people for your Primerica Venture-people, just google the name. You will probably spend a boatload of time feeling the euphoria of network marketing hype and then reality will clash with optimism. Can people invest and buy insurance if they aren’t working-get real. As for the truck driving-pathetic.. If you do get a job it will barely put food on the table-another saturated market with little room for profit. Forget buying your own tractor in this market. I see peoples salaries everyday-most are working for the same money we did 20 years ago. As for the lady with the husband suffering from mental health issues-don’t give up ,just get the right help. . Wake up and get angry enough to vote the right people in. Yes greed and selfihsness are horrible but only capitalism and small business will bring us out of this rut into prosperity. Don’t buy the Obama hype-socialism will push everyone into low wage jobs with the Gov’t expanding their control over our lives. And no-I’m not a GW lover either-just speaking the truth. Hopefully he will do what he said at the SOU adrress and hellp small businesses thrive

  197. Jobs of the future, what a joke… what has became of this country? We’re in the last row’ sit of the global theater. I’ve had spend ten years getting a PhD and I’m adjunct faculty of a community college at my 40’s….

  198. They may be giving nursing jobs to non-citizens, but it is because there aren’t enough nurses here to give the jobs to. I am a retired RN and I still get requests to get back into nursing after ten years of retirement. They are desparate for qualified nurses and other medical techs. If there are Americans out there with nursing degrees, they will never have a hard time getting a job, here or anywhere around the world. You can write your own ticket.
    So, why aren’t there enough nurses? One reason is it is difficult work and not everyone is cut out for the emotional highs and lows that come with it. But, being a female-dominated job, there are very few loans, grants or other incentives out there to help ladies (and men) get into the profession. If there were more programs out there to help educate folks, there would be less unemployment in those areas that need people. Tell that to your representatives!

  199. It’s funny how ungrateful people get their education in USA and they run to their own countries to bad mouth USA. What it is even funnier is how they do whatever possible to get a green card and they go to their home countries and still bad mouth the USA. Why did you get your green card in the first place, so one day when your third world country gets into another crisis you will return to USA? what a hypocrite.

  200. Its sad we’re in this situation, but we brought it on ourselves. The old “red and blue” KAKA is just that…smoke and mirrors. If you’re in politics, you’ll get rich, hobnob with the rich and famous and be on the “insid,” be benefitted in some way or other. If you live in Mendocino County, CA, grow and distribute medical marijuana…become rich. If you’re able to do taxes, accounting, or good with figures…you’re in demand, etc. Get the picture????

    Honest, hard working people are not in demand…only those people who take short cuts, “work the system,” are members of an “iinsider” group or organization, are on society’s “outer edge” or “fringes.”

    This is the picture of any socialist country (Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, etc.). Nothing is produced, everything is for sale (for a price) even your justice system, legislative and executive branches of corporate America and our Government.

    Just look at the recent finger pointing from the Toyota mess, GM, GoldmanSachs, etc.

  201. Wow, unbelievable! Statistics issued by the government indicate severe problems in the employment field, but when you read these stories it sort of hits home. The US is quickly approaching a 90% debt to GNP ratio. I think it presently stands at 84%. As a country we need to make sure that our government provides us with the necessities, eliminates all waste, balances the budget, and finds a way to pay off the national debt. Banks are failing, people are unemployed, China owns us, and the American people are still accepting business as usual from Washington.
    Unless the national debt is eliminated struggles will continue. This applies not only to the National Government, but to the State and local governments. The want now pay later attitude created this monster. There is an old saying, Government fools you once shame on it, fools you twice shame on you. There is one thing we can all do and that is ‘GET INVOLVED”

  202. I think your missing the point. If you are a Yale or Harvard student I don’t think you would be looking for these types of jobs. The Jobs mentioned here were the top ten fastest growing jobs not the TOP TEN Jobs.

  203. One of you readers commented about the current outsourcing of Nuses from other countries. The reason this it happening is the nursing shortage that currently exists in this country. With the, “Baby Boomers” getting older and the increase in medical needs by this, large chunk, of the population. There is a greater need for well trained, people motivated nurses. Not to mention, if the Medical Health Plan goes through we will need even more nurse to meet the needs of our nation.
    These nurses, brought in from other countries are filling the ever growing need for qualfied personel. Would you like to have your medical needs met by a person that has a “Certificate of Completion” or a highly trained, higher educated professional at your bedside. I am not saying that personel like Medical Assisstants are not a valuable tool in fight for your medical health. They most certainly are. They provide the added eyes and ears that the RN needs in the care of the patient. I have worked for nearly 30 years along side these caring and self giving individuals. I only wish many of these assisstants would go on to further their education in the nursing field. They would make great nurses and fill the large void there is the staff to patient ratio.
    One of the causes of this current shortage, and there are many, is the lack of educators in the field. We are unable to train students or open classes quickly enough to fill the needs of the medical community, as well as, the general population. Young people need to take a look at this field as a chance to gain a Professional career and to give back to those around you at the same time. This is not an easy path to follow and there are dangers, as many new illnesses come to light and the chance of exposure. This is why you get the training, to work in this environment with caution and safty while helping others in their time of need and greatest vulnerablity.
    We need to start thinking of WE not just ME. This would give us a chance as a people to become stronger as we care for our own.
    Ed Hermosillo RN, BSN

  204. ok, i do not think that all people should have to live exactly the same. some people will make more money or less money than others. that is what makes us a free country. i would not like to live in a country that says everyone has to make 50.00. that would be a russia or china country. i am an RN. i have seen Young girls coming into the hospital to have a baby or another baby and whip out their public aid ins card. now they do not have to pay ONE CENT. but the person showing an insurance card say like blue cross have to pay something. here is an example. a women came into the registration department of the hospital for an ultrasound and she had here public aid card. they did not ask her for a dime. then a man came in with a humana card and they said you have a copay of 50.00 and the man had to pay. the gal with the public aid card OWES the hospital $126,000.00 and her last payment was $3.00. now i think that welfare was intented for people who have no limbs and CAN NOT work. i hate the fact that people 20 years old have beautiful nails, iphones, nice clothes giving public aid cards while talking on their cell phones discussing how they need to get a mani/pedi, go to the club, etc. People this happens, yes this is happening in the real world. doctors make lots of money. i brother is a doc, my parents scrimped and saved to send him to college to become a doc. they DID NOT LIVE BEYOND THEIR MEANS. my parents did not have great jobs either. they did jobs that some people think are beneath them. i hear it at the hospital i would never do that who the hell do they think they are asking me to come into work at 4:00 am, not me girl i ain’t comin to work at 4:00 am. with that attitude no wonder some won’t get ahead. yes, it is very very hard today to have a family and make ends meet. our governement may promises and no go. that is not my pres and i think it is very sad to see what our children will have for their futures.

  205. I have looked for work for 2 years now and cannot find anything. I have a law degree but not licensed to practice law, a finance degree and I am two credits short of sitting for the CPA exam. I have waitess and bartending experience. I have applied for any type of job and I cannot find anything. There are no jobs out there. I have people say will if you really wanted a job-that is not true there are no jobs. I also own 5 properties and most of the banks will not modify my loans. They give the banks all this money to bail them out and then they don’t do anything to help you out. They suck .

  206. Wow.. the Perals of Pauline! You should write a book. Make it a funny book and sell a millions copies. Maybe make a movie out it. You can’t make this stuff up! Good luck

  207. this is funny, you seem to be so sure that you are going to finds a job with PhD in neurobiology. Where are you going? academia? the competition is fierce for tenure. industry? good luck. Don’t be thinking that just because you have a PhD you have your life figured out. Welcome to the long line of unemployed PhDs, good luck

  208. Oh yea there are no jobs for new grads in nursing in Florida from what I have been told. Even RN’s. Also IT professionals can’t find jobs either.

  209. I am sorry but you didn’t take the right path. I have a master in microbiology and I have over 8 years of experience and I am making only 55K, that is why I am doing my MBA and I encourage you to do the same. Don’t get into science, it doesn’t pay, don’t even get your PhD it’s a waste of time and resources. I bet you don’t love science that much.

  210. I was laid off last May…I hold a liberal arts BA that is not doing me much good. I am now looking at LPn and RN programs and am in process of taking a medical coding class…. AGREE with all above comments re people wanting to get into nursing schoo…. and how hard it is to get in.

    I am not hearing waiting lists here…only that they take 25 out of every 125 applicants…and then you wait a year to try again. You are not on a wait list..merely accepted or not. And then you wait a year. I wish they could take more students at once or have more programs or have them stagger so they occur several times a yr rather than once a year…

  211. Every one of these jobs is in the service industry. Does no one else see that you can not have a society or an economy based soley on consumption? Where are all of these people that these people serve going to get their money? We need to have a balanced economy, we need to produce goods as well as consume them. I just don’t get how so many people can be so short sighted. All of the corporations moved jobs over-seas so they could reduce prices and sell more goods. But guess what? When no one has a job, you aren’t going to be selling anything. But that’s ok, they will just go pedle their goods in China or Brazil right?

  212. This is bull. There are no jobs out there unless you are an experienced health professional in Florida. New grads can forget about getting a job anytime soon in Florida. Even nursing graduates. The lady who said her son got a job for $30000 in firefighting. Good luck with landing a job like that. Paramedics make under $20000. in Florida. Great if you want to be up 24 hours at a time. This article is bull.

  213. I am new graduate RN and I have had a hard time getting a job due to economy. They have told me that this is because so many nurses that are more experienced have had to go back into the workplace. I hope things turn around soon so I can start paying my school loans back.

  214. This article is really quite misleading. These are mostly low paying positions, excluding the Registered Nurses. I work for a Home Health Agency as a Human Resource Manager, and the wages for most CNAs, Personal Care techs, and Home Health Aides range from 8 – 10 dollars per hour. There are no benefits and no guaranteed hours, meaning one week you may work 40 hours, the next you may only have 5. I wonder, how is anyone supposed to make a living on these low wages and various hours. Because of the struggling economy, many people have chosen to go into these fields, temporarily, to make ends meet. However, they do not last as careers. People get burnt out very easily working these kind of service jobs. This week alone we had six people leave our company for better paying, full time jobs with benefits. If you can avoid these positions, I would suggest to do so.

  215. Hear, Hear, What us AMERICANS keep forgeting is that we control our government. We control how we spend our money. Stop buying the junk, I’m so tired of having to explain to my child why the toy we just bought and played with once just broke. Stop voting your party and vote for the candidate who is in touch with what most Americans want from their government. Its time we make them accountable for their actions and how we do that is voting them out. Join one of the grass root movements that are out there. Let your voice be heard. I will be marching on Washington on April 15 with the TeaParty Movement. I want my voice heard!!!!

  216. Patricia,

    Thanks, for the information concerning federal govt. jobs.I can tell that you are really proud of your cousin and her accomplishments.It sounds as though
    nursing was not just a career to her ,it is something she loved to do .I love hearing about people such as your cousin .Sorry ,to hear about her present health condition ,I pray that she will win her battle !

  217. I am an RN in PA and not only is the area saturated with nuses, but there are hiring freezes at the hospitals and it is extremely difficult to find a job.

  218. The one thing you have to realize is that state Nursing Commission laws mandate how many nursing students a program can have with an instructor,thus limiting the number of students you can enter at a time. Couple that with schooling cutbacks that won’t allow hiring of more instructors so schools can take in more students. Instructors are harder to come by because they have to be Master’s prepared nurses, and those kinds of nurses make more in the private industry then they do in education. It is a snowball effect. iMost apply to nursing programs only to not meet the necessary gpa to get accepted. these people get angry and insinuate all kinds of reasons they aren’t allowed in, ranging from age descrimination to race descrimination, when it really boils down to the grades they received in the nursing requisite courses.

  219. the more we listen to npr type reporting the more it seems the reporters and writers they utilize are drinking the koolaid of the children of the upper middle class and upper class that done good, and so never have had to live in decrepit neighborhoods or lose a job opportunity to someone whose parents have connections. their reporting seems like lotus for the left to keep anyone from getting concerned enough to do anything constructive. if the president was serious about improving things he would fire emmanual. we think he ought to fire emmanual. from our viewpoint, in a house that is now upsidedown in its mortgage, in an area where our high school students can’t find jobs, where the only decent appearing employer for our young people appears to be the military, where food prices are skyrocketing, and if you want to buy goods made in the usa you have to visit a thrift store or an antique store, it looks like a great depression is imminent shortly. is it time for those of us who have been in this country since the 1800′s but are still struggling, to move en masse to another country? where? how many people do you know that still have good jobs, are underemployed and likely have been so since the 80′s because even though they were stellar employees, they never got moved up. or they’ve been laid off in the last 20 years, but could never get as good a job. agree with other posters, this isn’t a recent thing, has been going on for awhile, accellerated during the last 10 years. we would think the top has it in its power to create jobs for the underemployed and unemployed, and thusly government healthcare benefits for them to accompany the government job as a way to move the masses into healthcare, yet they sit on their hands whining about oppression by the opposing party. its just the usual excuse by the top cats not to really change anything. there seems to be no difference in the two major parties the last 30 years. likely the backlash in massachusetts reflects the voters’ awareness of the big picture, not of some single issue like health care. we read in the economist this last month that china is giving each family approx $ 8,800 with which to purchase an electric car. imagine that. we won’t be buying a toyota anytime soon, or any other consumer goods, and not because of the recalls, but because Behner and his cronies are being such obstructionists to progress. tell the top cats to stick that in their pipes and smoke it. it is our protest of last resort, because it is the only thing we have left to do, stop buying anything.

  220. I am appalled of reading Pam’s story, as well as, David’s but find myself to have fallen in the same situation. First, with Pam’s husband situation in regards to his feelings torwards his work place because it’s how I have been feeling at my current job. I dread having to look for something else as I have only been there for almost 2 years but at the same time, I despise the environment Im working under. I’m afraid it has changed or is changing my personality, thinking and my lack of patience when I come home at the end of the day towards my loved ones. Working with such sour, bitter, dreadful people is turning me into a person I am not and don’t want to become. I have been snotty and argumentative to one of my supervisors because they do nothing about the obvious with the peers or another supervisor. It’s a day-to-day struggle to work in there. I feel I have to fight for my job and defend myself on a constant basis. I could go on in detail but you never know who might be reading this. Ultimately, even though I’m repeatedly told not to give in, not to give them the satisfaction….I’m getting overwhelmingly stressed, sick and tired. I dread to get up to go to work now and I am hating my job. I can’t seem to concentrate and perform adequeately anymore, I don’t even want to try anymore. Why should I go and fight everyday? Why should I stick in this pathetic environment? They obviously love the constant battle, confrontations and sacasim that is who they are. Allow me to add they have no children, no family closeness and are at the job so early and unpaid because they have nothing else better to do. So, I’ve decided, “NO MORE”. I value my family to the fullest and my health. This is exhausting me beyond reason. I have decided that I’m not giving in I’m just not going to continue playing their petty games. I need patience left at the end of the day to come home to my family with a big smile and open to hear anything they need to tell me or to help with anything they need of and from me. A job should not be a dreading place you “have” to go to, it should be a place you go to render a service and get paid for it. A respectful, mature environment where everyones respects each other as such and there are no childish games. Where you go to perform a duty as you know how to through your experience and education. Where at the end of the day, you leave to go to your loved destination or to face your personal responsibilities with a great attitude about a productive day.

    As per the police experience, I also have had an EXTREMELY negative experience in two different states and my children have been left marked by hating the police. I am a humble person, never have commited a crime and even then they use such bullied force no matter who you are, no matter your gender or age and no matter if in front of your children. You end up doing what they get off of, kissking up to them begging them for mercy so hopefully it will go better because they don’t listen behind their overly, powerful ego trip they get into. I’ve had 3 different unfortunate run ins with them where I have been the victim and they turn it around. They love to yell at you to SHUT UP when you are trying to explain something. They love to put you down. They love to look you up and down as if you were nothing. They are suppose to protect up but they protect each other and think they are the law and act like savage pigs!!!

    They have full knowledge of their actions that if you don’t know, they have stickers they put in their vehicles and they give it to their families to have in their vehicles to identify each other. How clever on their part to protect each other and their own.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my story.

  221. A major reason that there is a shortage of nurses is that, after killing yourself to get through nursing school, you get a job in a hospital planning to save the world and discover that you will be the only R.N. or L.P.N. on a floor and responsible for 30 or 40 patients with a couple of nursing assistants to help out.

    They hired a bunch of new grads so they can let go full-time experienced nurses and work the new ones part-time and give them no benefits. After a very few years, only the very dedicated ones or the ones who are pretty sure they can’t get a job doing anything else are left. I hope when you are in ICU you get the former not the latter. It is a matter of life or death.

  222. we would think the top has it in its power to create jobs for the underemployed and unemployed, and thusly government healthcare benefits for them to accompany the government job as a way to move the masses into healthcare, yet they sit on their hands whining about oppression by the opposing party.

    it’s just the usual excuse by the top cats not to really change anything. there seems to be no difference in the two major parties the last 30 years.

    likely the backlash in massachusetts reflects the voters’ awareness of the big picture, not of some single issue like health care.

    we read in the economist this last month that china is giving each family approx $ 8,800 with which to purchase an electric car. imagine that.

    we won’t be buying a toyota anytime soon, or any other consumer goods, and not because of the recalls, but because Behner and his cronies are being such obstructionists to progress.

    tell the top cats to stick that in their pipes and smoke it. it is our protest of last resort, because it is the only thing we have left to do, stop buying anything.

  223. In response to DS:

    I am tired of hearing so much talk of the nursing shortage. I am an new-grad RN who graduated with high honors from a good school, passed boards with flying colors, and has applied at every hospital in the city and cannot find a job. My situation is not unique. Out of my class of around 80, I don’t know anyone who has landed a job yet. I have years of hospital work experience, excellent references, glowing performance reviews. Every hospital comes back with the form letter: “We have no new grad programs at this time.”

    They don’t want to pay for the extra training and certifications that a new grad needs, so my classmates and I are all sitting around without a job. This in a field that is always listed as THE NUMBER ONE for job growth. They are always pushing for more RNs and RN education programs, but what’s the point if you can’t find a job when you graduate?

  224. Free trade only works if there are more jobs than labor. if labor outnumbers jobs and employers are not regulated, people will just be replaced if they ask for a raise. complete free trade will lead to employers importing labor and exploiting the poor. also, we won’t be able to revolt because the rich can bribe the government and buy armies. Also the rich control what we see on the media and will/are already turning people against the organizations that were established to help them. (i’m not saying these organizations work but if they dont we should fix them instead of destroying them)

  225. Your husband’s Aviation cabinet maker position would eventually come to an end when all required cabinets are manufactured, unless he was lucky enough to remain servicing/repair somehow. Maybe he could start his own repair station (FAA certificated) following the manufacturing phase. But save money for that start up.


  227. I lost my job back in Jan. of last year and I knew i had to do something to survive. I used my last paycheck to buy poster boards and gave guitar lessons while I looked for another job. (If you have a talent or a hobby, right now is a good time to try to make money off of it). I applied at so many places online and on location and only got 2 interviews the whole year of 2009. None of those ever called back. I have a Bachelors in Business and Info Systems and most employers told me that I was over qualified for the job, which to me is just the worst excuse to ever use to not hire someone. I had literally given up. Then, last week I got a call from someone I know who works at AT&T and they told me that they were hiring. I cant believe that I will be starting work tomorrow (monday) after having nothing for over a year. My answer to everyone is to keep trying and if you know someone who has a job ask and ask some more. There are jobs out there they are just very very very hard to find.

  228. Dear Pam,

    Seek God and you will find the answers. Nothing is impossible for him. I recommend you to watch the movie ” Facing the giants”. Look for a local christian church and people who can pray for you and with you. God can chance your life as He has changed mine.

  229. The reason we have a nursing shortage is we have a shortage of nursing teachers. In AZ theres a 1+ year wait to get into a hospital sponsored nursing program (they pay the tuition and you work for them for 3 years). The teachers make less than an actual nurse but have to have the same education. Im considering pursuing this as it will dovetail with my previous education and experience.

  230. You are hundred percent correct ! The American Dream is only a night mare for the bottom 99% like they have mentioned in some posts. Sooner or later you will realize it. This country was created and thrives on the fundamentals built on GREED and personal aggression. Nobody really gives a crap in true sense about others as long as they personally benefit from it in some way. Businesses own America and drive everything here and else where in the world. There is no denying it. Government here is just a puppet and obedient slave to the BIG money that is fundamental to this country.

    So if you a working class bee I would expect u to be better off in your home land on all other grounds.

  231. This article makes me more depressed than I already am. I graduated college a year ago, have a 120 IQ, and I am working two low paying part-time jobs. To be honest, I really don’t have much hope and am just living to survive.

  232. Hello,

    I just wanted to tell you about a business that is especially made for women who want to earn extra money in a short time. Please take a look at my website and feel free to call me with any questions or concerns.

  233. I am an RN in Texas. Our hospital is one of the largest in Texas. We have had lay offs several times in the past few years and early retirement packages offered to those who made the most money and were probably going to be laid off anyway. The nurses in the most recent layoffs were nursing holding Masters Degrees obviously because they make more. We have recruited nurses from Canada, England, Australia and Viet Nam to work for less. Our hospital is always broke and has been for years. Our staff has been reduced drastically and productivity is pushed to the ungodly limits of belief. If I could do something different, I would ,but I love the patients and feel this is where I am supposed to be. Unfortunately, work conditions are horrible and many dread going to work because of the push to take more patients thank you can care for during your shift. Even chaplains are scarce and only on call only when patients die. Think of all these issues before you spend years becoming an RN.

  234. All mostly low paying jobs. America wake up, buy American as much as you can, life simpler, shop local and boycott using Wal Marts and big box stores whose model is products 80% made in China etc. We deserve what we got due to thinking it would not happen to me and a media controlling our Congress with this stupid Nafta agreement that good old Clinton says he regrets. Well, if he does then do something about it Bill instead of helping Haiti. I sent some money to help but wait until the next hurricane hits. Those tents are not going to save them. They would leave the island if they could. Of course our Christian whacho do not want to talk honestly about birth prevention with their naive thinking. A person in poverty having four kids, do not ask me to send money but to spread how to have less children. We do violence to our bodies and planet and get what we deserve.

  235. To Verna-There are many work from home customer Representative jobs that you can do that pay from 10-15 dollars hourly. You need a computer, high speed internet and VOip headphones and you are ready to go. Many are employee type jobs and some are private contractor. Workathomemafia.com is an excellent source for good job leads. I am now working from home part time and going to school to be a Medical Transcriptionist, which has steady job growth. It will also help if say, I want to change careers later to be an RN. Good luck!

  236. Folks, over the last 20-30 years, the United States has been transformed into a Service Oriented Work Force. With the permanent loss of jobs and congress allowing the H1B yearly limit to exceed to whatever the lobbyists negotiate with big-business, we are heading down a path of no return. I’m not very optimistic about the generating of high-paying jobs in the future as these jobs will never come back here. The reason for this has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans, rather, corporate GREED! We are currently owned by China and someday in the not too distant future, many of our major cities and corporations will be as well. The big-shot executives will be bought out with a sweetheart deal and then the rest of us will be left with living and working like middle-age serfs.

  237. Well obviously this article is meant for several years ahead. I am graduate registered nurse from mid 2009, passed my boards in 2009 and have been told over and over from the hospitals in my area that they are not hiring new graduate nurses. What does it matter how many we pump out of nursing schools as they have no where to go. They only bring the foreign nurses over for their year or two of experience. Hospitals don’t want to pay the added expense of training/orienting a new graduate.

  238. To Dave. the article was based on research and trends I’m sure. Green energy and security are not going to be boom jobs, and this should be obvious. We’re talking about nationwide employment, not what is politically correct or popular at the moment. So what if they’re service oriented, that’s because that’s what the demand is for.

  239. To Josh-I would recommend working from home as a Customer Service. Workathomemafia.com is a great resource to find a job that fits. Good luck

  240. this is the biggest load of garbage – im in the truckdriving business and people are going out of business everyday – there are unemployed truck drivers everywhere and counting – do your research people!!!!

  241. Your story is so on the money – staying in a hostile (work) environment is not worth it! I applaud your husband trying to stand up for himself, but in the end is not worth it: mentally, or for money. I also have had to deal with horrible bosses/work places but chose not to stay. The one downfall is this considered ‘jumping’ and hiring people tend to look upon this negatively. I wish your familly well.

  242. Since when were nurses uneducated? The level of knowledge nurses have is amazing and have saved millions of lives. when was the last time a MBA worked all night in the ICU to keep someones heart pumping or comfort a parent who just lost a child? If an MBA moves the decimal point in the wrong place when doing a budget it could be money lost but if a nurse calculates medication wrong it could be life or death. its not paper that makes a job its the value and meaning one can put in it!! BTW…there are many nurses with PhD ‘s that research that has huge impacts on healthcare !!

  243. For younger people (and age limits in some cases are higher now than previously) who can meet requirements, the military is still hiring. If you’re not interested in combat there would be less chance of that in the Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard.

    What we are seeing now is the unfortunate path toward third-world nation status. Corrupt politicians (and that would be most of them) and their corporate puppet masters have sold the non-wealthy and the country way down the river. This is the unplesant now and future. There will be no real change because the power structure does not want change. Things are like they are primarily because Congress (Satan wearing suits) wants it to be that way or is allowing it to be that way.

  244. I am in partial disagreement with the nursing shortag. I am the director of nursing in a long-term care facility. I have several f/t, p/t and prn openings. I have had nurses come in apply, and when they find they can not always start with the coveted 6-2 position, they don’t finsih the interview process. The other problem is a lack of work ethic, not just for nurses, but I am amazed at the lack of professionalism. Our company pays very well, and offeres tuition reimbursement. When I was a new nurse, I worked every shift offered, week-ends, and holidays as well. The work is out there, just finding someone who wants to take advantage of these opportunities is another.

  245. I’ve been an RN for 28 years (BS and MS). You are so right about the waiting lists – primarily due to lack of money in higher education for more professors and facilities. I’d never go into teaching at the collegiate level for what they pay (and I do not earn the 60K someone mentioned, either). Its a lot of work and the salary just doesn’t cut it. Plus, as mentioned earlier, a doctorate is required after a certain number of years. I feel sorry for the students I know who are taking 4,5,6 years to complete a 2 year Associate’s degree…due to shortages. And once they are RN’s…..they realize its incredibly hard work with some really poor work hours. But I have to say, I have never been without a job.

  246. My wife is an RN. I was telling her about this article and talking in general about the sweet gig nurses have with all of their bonuses and such. Then I referred to her as my little cash cow.

    Men: never refer to your wife as a cow.

  247. Well, the problem is that there are many who want to become registered nurses, but not enough openings in school. I’m currently trying to get into a nursing program at my local college and it is very competitive. There are 100 openings and over 500 applicants each semester. Therefore, the college keeps raising its requirements so they can reduce the number of applicants, e.g. 3.0 GPA required in all the science classes. So if you have a “C,” forget about trying to get into the Nursing Program. There are not enough teachers to teach the Nursing Programs and not enough hospitals willing to accommodate all the nursing students.

  248. This article was utterly useless. It said nothing other than the standard drivel that’s been repeated for years and then it had nothing but spam listings for Careerbuilder for each job. F this and F the author.

  249. Pam and David Hay,

    Sorry to hear about your situations. Very unfortunate turn of events. But we must realize that laws in this country are written to protect the criminals and punish the victims. Don’t think so? Just turn on your local news any day of the week and see all the injustices that happen on a daily basis. My guess is that the laws are written by those with criminal intent themselves. Perhaps they (lawmakers) are protecting the criminals so much because they want to be sure that if they (lawmakers) ever commit crimes, they are in the clear. And as far as the officers acting like punks, well they were just criminals who slipped passed the profiling at officer training/hiring. Not every officer is a punk, but too many of them are. Maybe we need a system like iRobot to protect the general populace, but even that can be corrupted.

  250. I have been an R.N. for 30 years. I have a BSN/MSN/MBA. I am very concerned about the nursing shortage and personally don’t see an end in sight. I see the people coming out of the current nursing programs who don’t have a heart for this job. Yes, a nurse can always find work and for the most part, we are well paid. However, if you are going into nursing thinking it is just a “job” and a steady paycheck, let me enlighten you. As a new nurse, you will work night shift and weekends. You can forget being home with your family on any holiday for at least 3 years. And, I am sorry to say, Nursing is a profession where we eat our young. All the training and orientation you are promised will vanish when you are short staffed (which is almost always.) And your friendly comrades will push you out to work alone and hope no one dies. Yes, we are highly educated, skilled, knowledgeable healthcare professionals. But, we are given less respect than waitresses. We not only have to know our job, but the doctor’s as well. If a doctor writes a bad order, we have to immediately recognize it and not follow through with it. Nurses hold patient’s lives in their hands. Do you want a nurse caring for you who is only in it for the paycheck??

  251. Sorry but I know for fact there are a lot of people going to school to be nurses. I was told that they have to hold a percentage of the nursing jobs for non-citizens…..dont that take the cake…..when I have children and they are ready to go to college and I cannot afford it but have to sale everything and go into a huge debt…..and than have to turn around in the same breath and tell them that non-citizens can come to med school here and guess what baby – we pay for it but you an AMERICAN cant catch a break —– hmmmm….something very wrong in this world…….home of the free — for who ???????????

  252. Hi Verna,
    Marykay is the best especially for the economic times we are living in! Not only is it financially solid and great but the flexability would work well for someone pursuing their education as yourself. You can contact me at marykay.com/lgarfield

  253. I saw a few stories about police abuse. I was once a cop, moved to IT, got laid off and now am on my way with my Army unit to Afganastan, so I can pay the bills. Sort of a threefer there. Anyway, it strikes me how cops have to go apeshit on people these days. I quit 10 years ago, and things have gotten worse. I get it why every single arrest situation can be ugly. You call the dogs of war out, and they do what dogs do. You should expect that. The gotchya in this is that if we are moving more toward a socalistic system with more and more power over our daily lives resting in the hands of the government…. do the math. Get used to the abuse. It’s just a foreshadowing of what will come to happen if The O gets his way. There is no greater entity out there that can strip away your human dignity faster than a government that sees you as a liability.

  254. Hi all,
    I live in California; I have a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration with a background in Accounting. When my employer moved my job overseas, I began looking for a job in the healthcare industry. I was told by hospitals that I had to be an RN in order to use my degree, or have 3 years of hospital experience. When I thought about being a nurse, I went to school to find out what the field entailed. I received my certified nursing assistance license back in 2003 and have been working as a nursing assistance at the hospitals and at home care. The pay for Home Health aides, Nursing aides, orderlies and attendants as well as personal and home care aides is very little. Hospitals pay is from $16 to $19 per hour through an agency; Agency’s pay $10 an hour for the same skill set and let’s not forget we are not entitled to health insurance. If you are lucky to be hired by a hospital, you will be paid a $1.50 more but will not get health insurance. I work with LVN’s who are RN’s and cannot find a job as RN’s. I don’t have the answers, but I don’t think going back to school is the answer. I’m considering leaving the country to find a job. Places like Haitie will need our skill set in order to rebuild.

  255. We have started a small nutrition club in our community and I jumped aboard 3 months ago. I work part time because I go to College, but the first month I made $500 working for about 40 hours. The second month I made over $1500 working about 15 hours each week. And we’ll see where Im at currently. We hold weight loss challenges and all kinds of fun programs that really have had a great turnout for our company only being in town for a couple of months. There are even people in our town doing this from home making just as much as I do from a club. Anyway if any of you guys are interested shoot me an email at giterdone2008@hotmail.com. I’ll help all of you out and give you any information you might want.

  256. Unfortunately, one of the most secure, high paying jobs which require no more than a 2 year associate’s degree is never mentioned. Skilled and entry level power plant operators (PPO’s) are in high demand and are paid extremely well. Currrently, the average age of PPO’s across the USA is 50. Many of us are poised to retire within the next dacade. And who will be there to replace us? Only foreign born applicants! This has been clearly happening within this field for several years due to under-promotion of the job. Though we are the ones who keep the lights on, our vocation has remained in obscurity for many years. I encourage young people to look into this.

  257. that is so crap about we need nurses -people to go to school here. I have been an LPN for 21yrs and was going to school to be an RN and I was layed off from my job because I am an LPN, they then hired 15 RNs from the Philipines to replace the 30 LPNs that are now without a job. Sure we need nurses but I know new grad RNs that cant get a job in the hospital becuase they do not do preceptorships anymore, so how does out sourcing these jobs to people from other countries justify this? There are plenty of nurses out there the hospitals only want RNs to work for them because they get bigger paybacks from Medicare if they do. So do not tell me that we need to go to other countries to get nurses. That is nothing but crap, and you know it.

  258. Wake up people. Regardless of the industry in which you pursue a job, you will have to start at the bottom. Nobody ever starts as the president of a corporation, that is, unless he owns it! All of these poor, poor underemployed people are actually sustaining the American way, which is to say we do what has to be done. Quit worrying about being rich. You’ll just be taxed unfairly! I took a 50% cut in pay to be a truck driver due to a surgery, my choice. I now have to pay for the unsubsidized portion of my employer benefit health insurance. Am I crying? Hell no. I have a job, am actually saving more money now than before because I now live well within my means. I live WELL, not exhorbitantly, within my means. Quit boohooing and waiting for Obama to make your life better for you. He won’t and Uncle Sam won’t. Go do it yourself. We are the only ones who can make this economy heal itself anyway.

  259. Pam, I feel your pain. As to those who did not see anything on small bussiness sector, welll here we go. My wife and I owned a smal business that employed 15 installers. We installed Satellite Systems for Internet across 4 states. At first the profit margins were great.But , by the 5th year and the constraints we were forced to work under. Nothing less the coercion and un fair business practices, we wahtched our margins shrink. We finally ended up closing the business down after 7 years, going thru chapter 7, laid off all employees, and are now looking for work. I have 25+ years in LAN/WAN design and management, carry MCSE, CCNP, CNE, MCP A+, NET+, but no BS (which i catergorize as a Bull Sh&# degree and no BA, which college teaches theory, not practicality. Yet, I have had some interviews and no offers…Amazing

  260. well im sorry to hear so many of you are dealing with money issues, job loss and whatever else. instead of spending time beating yourself up and writing about how life is so hard you all should be thankfull for what you do have and be happy your not in a much worse situation. life is what you make it and you cant depend on no one or no goverment to help you or bail you out. keep a positive outlook and remember if you want something like a job or money or whatever you want it takes determination and hard work to get it. only you can choose what becomes of your future. dont give up,dont take no for an answer and dont let anything stop you from getting what you want. remember KEEP A POSITIVE OUTLOOK!!! im a 27yr old with just a ged. have owned my own contruction biz since i was 19. have a nice 280k house half paid off and 3 newer veicles paid off along with all the toys ive ever wanted. i had nothing handed to me and am where i am today because i worked my butt off and never give up. sure work can get dead slow but thats when i just try my hardest. if i have to call 1000 builders just to get one job then so be it. if i lost everything tommorow then the next day id be working on getting it all back. i wouldnt spend one second crying about it cuz that wont get me anywhere. motivation and determination is all we need to survive in this day n age. id say good luck to everyone but luck has very little to do with our futures.so ill say get yourself into the highest gear you got and work your butt off untill your in the position you feel comfortable. then work even harder and get yourself in a position that makes you proud!!!

  261. To enlighten Max about American nurses. Go to the board of nursing website in any states and look for displenary or suspension. Compare how many new nursing licenses were issues and how many nursing licenses were revoke in that states. Four top of crimes committed by nurses are drugs, stealing, negligence, and assault. Some states will only report the nurse revoke license number, but state like California will report the charges, name, license, and court records on the website. However, the State of California will not post any displenary action against MD or dentist on there website.

  262. I see several people that talk about going back to school. I am graduating with my degree this May, I do believe in education, but I also believe there is a time for it. I work in student loans, and I see a lot of people who are 65+ that are “in school” so they don’t have to pay on the loans. When/if these people ever finish their degree, they will be hardpressed to find an employer willing to hire someone who should be in retirement. They then can’t pay on their debts, and the burden to pay them off will fall to the taxpayers. Us. And, unfortunately, I’m not just talking about $10k loans, many of these people owe $100k, and more.

    So, you’re welcome for paying into your social security, my generation will never see that. And you’re welcome for the free education, hope you had a good time in college.

  263. I’m 45 years old. I spent 2 – 1/2 years in college, alot of time, hard work and money training for various jobs in the healthcare fields. (1) Medical Record Transcriptions, (2) Medical Billing & Coding, (3) Health Unit Coordinator, (4) Medical Assistant and (5) Phlebotomy. I figured that if I didn’t have luck in one field, I could always fall back on another. I finished school with a 4.0 GPA. That GPA didn’t come easy, either. But, I am LUCKY enough to have a husband and daughter, who after their own jobs, picked up my share of the housework, so that after I got out of school or work myself, I was able to spend that extra time studying, because we figured it was going to benefit our future as a family. Well, it’s been over a year now, and I’ve yet to find a job or even come close. It’s very discouraging. Keeping in touch with some of my former class mates, I’ve been told that out of over 150+ people, only 4 of us have been able to find jobs. Everyone is experiencing the same thing I am, which is companies all want at least 3 years experience or they’re not hiring at all.

    Just by chance, my husband met someone who worked for years doing Billing/Coding, but had been laid off. He told my husband that a tremendous amount of companies are outsoursing so much of the transcripts, and billing/coding jobs to other countries who will do the work for lower wages, and that the lucky ones who have been able to retain their jobs, after seeing half of their co-workers being laid off are holding onto their jobs like glue out of fear that things will get worse. He advised my husband that billing/coding was not the job to be going after right now.

    Recently, I was talking to a Human Resources Director who said she has contact with medical facilities all over the country, and she was telling me that in the last 2 years or so, the healthcare fields that have always been so open, like RN’s, LPN’s, CNA’s radiology tech’s, respiratory tech’s, phlebotomy, paramedics, medical assistants, billing/coding, etc, are slowly becoming over-saturated and she didn’t understand why the colleges are continuing to “churn out” (her words) more and more healthcare workers who will have difficulty finding jobs. Between over-saturation and people being afraid to go for other jobs or retire, because of the economy, it’s starting to make things harder. She said that for every one job opening, there was probably 100 people trying to get that job. She wondered that when the healthcare fields start to open up again, if companies will want to hire laid off people that have real-time experience, or someone fresh out of school as opposed to others like myself who have a college education that was no longer ‘fresh’ plus no real-time experience. She further told me that she was afraid that unless you spend 6 years or more in college becoming uber specialized… good luck! She said she probably shouldn’t have been so blunt with me, but I appriated the honesty. Unfortunately, my family has already stretched ourselves enough financialy, and I don’t have the money for another 6 years of education.

    My mother has 40 years of nursing experience. There has never been a time, from when I was a little girl till the present, that she hasn’t continued and furthered her medical education, 6 months ago she moved to another state to be closer to her sister. When I was telling all the troubles I was having, she confided to me that for the first time ever in her medical career, she had difficulty finding work after she moved, even with the excellent references her boss gave her, and the only reason she took the nursing job she has now (working in a Pediatric Unit, even though she can’t stand kids) is that it was the ONLY job she could find, and she’d not in a low population area.

    I’ve been at the same job for20 years working as a customer service repersentative. To those paying attention, that would be #3 on the list of hot jobs for the future!! It used to a great job. Used to be! Now it’s become a dead end. Over the last 4 years, the national company I work for has closed down or minimized various departments around the country. We’ve gone from 140+ full time workers in my department, who worked either a day or night shift, to only 38 workers who have been reduced to being only night time/part time workers, and recently, even shorter hours and shorter work weeks if we want to keep our jobs. Anymore, we never know when the entire department is going to be sent home early because work is slow. That means that benifits are gone, vacation days gone, bonuses, gone. dignity and self worth… gone. I’ve been out looking for another job. Anything. There’s nothing to be had. But, I guess I’m still luckier than most, as I’ve been able to hold onto my job, (sort of) my sanity, (kind of) my health and my house… for the time being.

    I’m so confused.
    Never in the past have I feared the future, until now.

  264. I’ve worked at an automotive supplier for 25 years and lost my job exactly one year ago. I’ve been looking for work ever since. THe only thing I can find is for almost half of what I was making… so much for getting my Bachelor’s degree. Recently, I studied and got by Life and Health insurance license to try something completely different and for commission only. This is the scariest thing I have ever done but I gotta make some money somehow. I live in Michigan where there is absolutely NO jobs available and can’t sell my house to even move. Our housing market has plummeted so low and we have had over 25 homes foreclosed on in my subdivision. THe problem is that I’m just stuck in the house and stuck in Michigan. .. Really starting to get old — where are all the jobs???

  265. 25 yr old male. Working, but not a career. Holy Shite. Could it get any more depressing. Thank god (well, if there was one) I only have myself to worry about, and frankly, myself to blame.

  266. That is depressing. I have a BA in Journalism and a Masters in Management. I am taking courses in accounting now. I hear it is in demand. What part of the country do you live in?

  267. BB,

    Could you please let me know how to land a job after passing CCNA and where are the jobs. I passed CCNA couple of weeks back and looking for Network Engineer job.

    Thank you so much


  268. We are not having the shortage in nursing as they’ve been saying. They are trying to flood the market so to drive the wages down further. The wages are already lower than they should be.

    First, we need to stop allowing nurses to come in from other countries. These nurses work for less wages. With this happening no one in this country will want to go into health care. Why be a nurse when you can make more as an accountant and have less stress and a better lifestyle? You may love caring for others but not at the risk of abusing yourself.
    What does this say mentally about nurses?

    Nursing is high risk for injury, and exhausting work which impacts your family and overall lifestyle. When you get a job you become a slave to the system. A lot of nurses are overweight due to stress and not enough time off to compensate. Meals and breaks are missed or rushed because of improper staffing so they can pay the CEO, CFO, and doctors who claim to not make enough. However, if patient census is down, you will be called off, and lose the pay. Yet, you’re expected to be on-call sitting by the phone in case they need you.

    In addition, they keep most nurses prn so they don’t have to pay health care benefits. If you’re sick it’s difficult getting a day off and you’re expected to come to work caring for people while you’re sick. There is less empathy amongst co-workers ’cause there is always someone worse off than you.

    How can you work in health care and not be taken care of? No benefits, no time for rest & relaxation. Outcome: overworked, stressed, overweight, and unhealthy.

  269. you are leaving out the most important job of all time of your list here. without this job we wouldn’t even have most of the electricity we have “THE COAL MINER” this is the biggest job in the country if you ask me i think your wrong.

  270. I have a BA in Elementary Education with an MS in Education, I teach 7th grade Biology. My wife has a BA in Art and Business, a BS in Elementary Education and an MS in Health Education. I make 50,636, she makes 56,615, we work in the same school, we work 182 days a year, summers off 2 weeks for Xmas, a week for thanksgiving. Education is a great field to go into.

  271. Some of these jobs are medial jobs and they are great for support while getting a degree. But Aide work is low paying work and retail as well. Jobs are still being outsourced over seas and in the united states more companies are hiring illegal aliens and companies will sponsor visa in return for cheap labor.

    College education I think still is vital to our economy. We need to have more college educated people in science and technology towards green technologies.

    Also what is the deal with age discrimination for people over 40? People who are not on welfare or does not qualify sometimes passed over in the hiring process due to we are not a tax credit for the company.

    People who writes these articles needs to get in the real world not everybody wants to wipe hinney for a living or be a sales associate they need a reality check!

    What do everybody think Did I hit some issues here?

  272. You are correct on your statement.Myself I am not crazy about medical profession in other words not my calling but for those that is your calling that is the people I want to see in the industry not people who are their for the money only.

    I went back to college to update my skills in the IT/Networking and working on my degree and I’m scared that there will be nothing out there so I will re-enroll and finish my criminal justice degree(BS).

    Medical- people always get sick and die and births
    Criminal Justice- Crime is going up job security!

  273. Thats because nursing sucks and nobody wants to do it. People overseas are willing to accept unsafe and poor work conditions thus…we recruit them heavily to be RNs. Don’t go into nursing…get a desk job.

  274. I do not like desk jobs I am good at mathematical and science and technology and the medical professional depends highly on technology to make the hospital network infrastructure example of COW on a thin client network that provides support to the nurses to perform their job.

    My hole point to many people are rushing to the medical field and some nurses can not even hit small veins with a needle and has to go fetch the RN to complete the task. Far as overseas recruitment is that due to many that do not get accepted into the nursing program who are American citizens?

  275. If you are working two jobs and are in school that can be difficult. Have you tried applying for grants? Depending on your situation there are some grants made exactly for people in your position. Also could you apply for work-study? Or apply for stipends in your school? These options were all meant to set the student at ease (a little) while they are trying to get an education. It wouldn’t be much of a benefit to go to school and not earn good grades because of a hectic schedule. Right? Hope this helps and good luck!

  276. I appericate your feedback I do qualify for loans I get the pell and stafford as well I do my college online and most jobs of lower levels will not hire becuase they know first opportunity comes I will jump on it. I think any college student would. doing medial work is great for supporting your self while in college but most employment will not touch you if your going for a higher degree or technical degree. The reason I like working with younger people when I had job with younger people they are more accepting even when your education choice is not normal choice for a middle age woman who is a grandmother.

  277. I’m a RN I think there is not Nursing Shortage . This is an excuse to bring nurses from other countries. There are new graduates RNs in our country who CAN’T find a job and many hospitals are closing units to maintain the personnel while other nurses are trying to move to other areas with less stress. If I were to start a new career I will focus in Occupational Therapy or physical Therapyst . AND what about fitness. The money is in this field,. Is looks like who made this list don’t know much about the jobs we really need.

  278. Too many employers are ONLY willing to hire someone who *already* has so many years experience in the field they are hiring.
    1. Q: How does one get said required years of experience?
    1. A: Buy being *allowed* to get a job in said field to begin with. *No one* automatically comes with said required years of experience.
    Too many employers are totally unwilling to teach anyone on-the-job so that the employee can *acquire* said required years of experience.
    What happened to apprenticeship?

    No, don’t say get college degrees in said fields.
    That requires money, of which said unemployed person does not have in order to pay for said schooling.
    2. Q: How does one get said money for for this schooling?
    2. A: By *having* a job in the first place. Or, by getting out a huge loan that one will stay in debt over their heads for and still unable to get a job in said fields in order to pay off that loan, *because*. . . “Too many employers are ONLY willing to hire someone who *already* has so many years experience in the field they are hiring. ”

    The job market needs a total rewrite. It’s all just one big ‘catch-22′.

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  280. Dear Pam:

    I noticed you started iut by talking about , the house etc. The so called “American Dream””

    After reading your experience, I am convinced that the American Dream is truly a nightmare. I am going with my wit and will leave a job and move to the pacific northwest. American life has turned into a community of ruthless people who have no honor, no integrity and no morals. Bully employees are now rampid. Your husband needs to look for happiness. Houses, cars and expensive education are all burdens. Unfortunately, we are all brainwashed through the boob tube( of which I no longer own), computers and all media sources that you must possess and consume at rates of pure craziness in order to be worthy in a worthlesss society. Consumerism at criminal rates is the cause of mass unhappiness in America. The possessions we own will make us make poor decisions and feel trapped ( to pay for all the stuff). As you can see with the economic mess our country is in and lies about incessantly, the only way to be free is to let go of a dream that has been manufactured for you and go after ÿour happiness instead. Too many of us tie our whole life around job identity. Honest work is good work. The man or woman you are lies in your honor, your integrity and your morality. We are firstly God’s children and no phoney society created by financial gurus, who lack honor, integrity and morality.

    I suggest we all “think”something Americans are not use to doing. We go with the current fad or what everyone else is doing. Is the economy in which we live really good for us? Is our constant obssessive behavior with consuming good for us? The American “dream”as “marketed to us from birth is as follows:

    Brainwash #1
    After birth start much of your education ( not from your mother) but from media created children’s shows and tapes and other child caretakers who could care less. ( day care because you must run after the “dream”and both parents work to pay for it!)

    Brainwash #2
    Go to school where you are surrounded and educated by adults who are media brainwashed and have become drones who go along with what is proprted to be the way one should live.

    Brainwash #4
    Exposure to financial vehicles( credit cards, loans, etc) from an early age age.

    Brainwash #5
    Graduate from 12 years of school with no viable skills. Many cannot read write or compute. If you have a car you have been sucked in the upside down car “loan” an abomination that the current financial reform bill did not address (lobbyist bought off our elected officials).

    Brainwash #5 RUN DON’T WALK FROM THESE:

    Credit Cards: which can charge you uncontrolled interest (as high as 33%) and assist you in becoming trapped in an endless cycle of “buying”. This is the first financial vehicle from your loan shark “US banks”

    College loans: School advisors are often encouraged to propose this career quest to everyone…This loan is pure abomination! It will indebt you a lifetime. You may not bankrupt on it. It follows you with high rates of interest for your entire lifetime! ( because a high school education has been devalued, many jobs that formally required a H.S. diploma now require 4 years of college. A 4 year degree( many jack of all trade, master of none degrees) also next to no value and now you need a Masters or Ph.D.( more school loans) Which still are not worth what they proport to be. When you are so indebted by being in the 33% tax bracket and OWE your life to a school loan and the expensive SUV you don’t own and live in the designer house( you don’t own)at etc and etc and etc. You’ve got it! THE AMERICAN DREAM! AAAUGH!

    This equals a life in which you are a slave to a job you do not likeand work around people who are self obssessed bullies. As we know from the current financial mess, ( Trillion dollar US Debt) and American’s personal debt mess, this makes for a unhappy society with ruthless people everywhere.

    We were all blind about the North American Trade agreement which transported American jobs to populations who work for slave wages in the same jobs that were American jobs. American businesses have no honor integrity or morality. Their God is $ the dollar. Profit at all cost at the expense of human life. Gone are the companies you could have a lifetime of allegiance.

    Have you noticed how after 5 years on a job its time to move to the next job…

    Pam re evaluate what is important to you. Your life and your soul should be first! NOT A HOUSE,CAR OR OVER PRICED EDUCATION THAT REAPS LITTLE BENEFIT! Love God, yourself and your loved one’s. Run after “your true dreamlife” Not the one that surrounds you…You are in my prayers.

  281. I work in the medical profession and I see this everyday. Malpractice suits here they come. This article is of no benefit. Use your God given brain and don’t believe the hype. Its time for Americans to rebel against this mass media indoctrination.

  282. Hello I hope everyone that is having a hard time will get a break and everything works out for the good. Our economy is horible right now, I said years ago with our jobs outsourced to other countries that we were in for a rude awakening. Most people thought I was crazy, well here we are! What can we do about getting our jobs back? I don’t have the answer, I am unemployed from the mortgage business because my bank went under like so many banks. I am now working on my masters in criminal justice, I have a low paying, humiliating job where I have to suck it up a lot. Good Luck to everyone what comes around goes around and eventually other countries will demand better treatment for their labor and big companies will move from overseas back to America. How long will that take? Unfortunately I don’t know, go back to school while you can, try to stay healthy mentally and physically and enjoy being alive everything will work out in the end, it just should, shouldn’t it?

  283. A year ago, I visited a large manufacturing plant in Florida that employed 2000. They were autioning off all of the equipment after laying off everyone. All the manufacturing equipment was sold and stripped from the building. I quickly realized that this old established business will never start-up again and none of those layed off will ever work there again. This is happening everywhere and we are losing manufacturing. The empty building is still empty and most likwly will never again provide employment. How can we expect to find re-employment from these disappering businesses?

  284. This list of jobs is so sad for the USA. Have we lowered the bar enough yet? It’s sickening that we have dumbed down our country to be politically correct. This country has always been leaders and innovators. Please stop the downhill spiral by catering to this mindset!

  285. Peole should have started paying closer attention when Corporations were given “personhood”, and they were allowed to close factories here and re-open them overseas where there’d be no regulations for little things like–oh, let’s see…SAFETY.
    Should have started paying more attention when the quality of our schools started slipping because no one wants to hire people that are too smart to figure out if they’re being exploited.
    The Corporations are now able to buy–I mean contribute as much money was they want to any politician.
    Find out just who your representatives REALLY care about: you? Or their big-wig corporate ‘donors’ who pull their strings to get laws written to benefit THEM.
    Service sector jobs??? Retail jobs???? WTF!?!
    Even famers are being paid to use oil-based fertilizers and pesticides on crops like corn and soybeans…that are so far-removed from real corn and soybeans that they have to be processed into stuff they put into processed foods.
    We did this to ourselves. We’re doing it to ourselves.
    Look to the politicians who are trying to convince you that cutting taxes…for the richest 2% of the country (aka NOT YOU)…will benefit the middle and lower classes.
    Those are the people responsible for the b.s. we’re hip deep in now.

  286. The reason we don’t have enough nurses here is because there aren’t enough schools to provide the education and the length of time it takes to get certified. (two years for the RN program preceded by at least one year of pre-requisites to even apply to a nursing program) Not to mention that it requires going to school full time during the day which doesn’t allow for any kind of day job even though you’ve potentially doubled your cost of living. Even a cheap community college is about $600 a semester and they don’t even have the money to provide a sufficient number of courses for their students. So, unless you’re independently wealthy or living for free somewhere, it’s not really an option. Nurses from other countries can come in without all of the education and start working right away. But, if you can afford to spend four or five years going to school, it seems to be a rewarding career in the end. I am trying to pull it off right now, thought it would be an easy two years…my counselour burst that bubble right away. 6 pre-requisite courses, many which have pre-requisites themselves, each of those courses only allow 50 students in each class, only three classes offered each semester, only 150 lucky people get in those classes each semester, often a lottery, do the math…followed by the application process to get into the nursing program (over 3,000 applicants for 120 openings each year). Yes, the jobs are there, but getting qualified is next to impossible. Maybe we should go to school in those other countries where it’s cheaper to live anyway and come back here to start a new career sooner…???

  287. forgot to add…books are an additional $500 a semester so make that about $1,000 a semester, not including transportation, parking and the dreaded school supplies which has now become a racket in and of itself. Most important is the irregular schedule, sometimes you have day classes, sometimes nights, sometimes weekends, you have to be willing to sacrifice everything, it is not something you can do in your spare time. Science courses require lab time on the school’s schedule, not yours, and not reading a book late at night in bed.

  288. hello hello.i am saying to all country who is not in the our world I will say to themm New country has been rep. of kosovo is in the middel of europ who dont know near ALBANIA near Montenegro serbia etc it is the best country in the world come on and see what we havee here to present for turist.Thank you USA that help kosovo everytimee.

  289. I dropped out of UCLA in my 4th year due to the inability to balance both a very stressful job and a very stressful school curriculum, and even more stress from home (dad going to prison, new baby in the household.)

    I started looking into alternative ways to make money, ideally online so that I could work from home. I had an entrepreneur mindset and that was the key. There are many opportunities to make good money if you are clever; one such way is Internet Marketing.

    I recommend a lot of you who don’t have jobs to get into it, as you can work from home 24/7 and make more money marketing than you did at your old job.

    As for me, I can say that after just 1 year at this I am making more money for my family than I ever could have getting a 9 to 5 job anywhere else.

    What I do now is make websites for businesses and bring them customers for a commission or a setup fee. There are plenty of ways to go; keep your minds open and never give up. Have faith,

    God bless you all

  290. LRoy

    Give me a break.

    Not every physician, PA-C, NP or RN works at a Catholic hospital/clinic. And of those that do, even fewer work in a field that provide services for abortions and/or prescribing birth control. My guess would be almost none of them do.

    Your ridiculous comment overexaggerates policies that might come from “Obama Care”. Nobody will have a gun put to their head–required to practice a medicine they don’t agree with. It never has. It never will.

    It will remain a choice. Simple as that.

    Whatever source(s) you may have found to back your thinking has a flaw… you actually have to believe in God and Christianity to agree with it. And science and religion haven’t always played nice.

    If you would like a clearer more accurate view on a wider portion of the medical population I suggest you look at websites and articles outside of ones pushing conservative, pro-life propaganda.

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  295. The US is in a “jobless recovery”. This is exactly what an economic depression is. Big
    business, the government and a decressing
    portion of the population function economically. The people of Japan know this
    since they are in their second decade of economic depression. Their real estate lost
    85% of it’s value. Jobs are extremely hard to come by, no matter what your education level. US is headed in the same direction. Economic
    policy and big business is the sole engineer
    of the plague that has fallen on the US. Misinformation a major component. Jobs will
    not come back for 10-15 years, if at all.

  296. I have been out of work almost 3 months now,I have sent out at least 30 resume’s.out of which only 3 received interviews with,still no job,Why do these employers get your hopes up and call for interview then after not hiring you.The qualifications are good,what is it,not pretty enough,to fat.to skinny,to black,to white,wrong age etc,I think they should at least call or e-mail back to let you know something.

  297. Also at least i/2 of the jobs I applied for have been posted again,why do they keep posting if they have people that need jobs and are qualified

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  300. all started years ago when our co-founders started asking some honest questions: Why should women have to endure the emotional and financial sacrifices that accompany the endless search for the “right” accessory for every event, wedding, and dinner party?

  301. You could certainly see your enthusiasm within the paintings you write. The arena hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. All the time follow your heart. “The point of quotations is that one can use another’s words to be insulting.” by Amanda Cross.

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