MiracleWorkers.com, The New Resource for Health Care Workers

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As the health care field continues to grow, a larger number of job opportunities will be available for workers of all education levels and backgrounds. To service the growing number of  health care workers, CareerBuilder recently launched MiracleWorkers.com, a new resource for those employed in — or searching for employment in — the medical field.

Besides providing job listings, the site serves as a resource and information center. Consider these statistics, pulled from recent articles appearing on MiracleWorkers.com:

  • As the country’s baby boomers age — all 78 million of them — there will continue to be a shortage of qualified health care workers. In all, the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration projects a national shortage of more than 1 million nurses and about 55,000 physicians by 2020.
  • Federal health experts have designated more than 6,200 “health professional shortage areas” for primary care providers across the country.
  • In addition, 4,230 areas lacking dental care providers, and nearly 3,300 areas in need of mental health professionals have been identified.
  • The Allied health field, which excludes doctors and nurses, includes several million health care workers in as many 200 careers, from genetic counselors and nutritionists to medical assistants and athletic trainers.
  • Allied health workers represent about 60 percent of the nearly 14 million health care providers in the U.S.
  • Bilingual workers are especially sought after in the medical industry, and should have an edge in getting health care jobs.

Interested in starting a career in this quickly expanding field? Find positions you might be interested in by searching one of these terms, which are currently the top  job-search terms on MiracleWorkers:

For a complete list of job opportunities or to find out more information about working in health care, visit MiracleWorkers.com.

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