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Growth industriesWhat do ferryboats, tattoos and running 26.2 miles have in common? According to some experts, they are just a handful of industries that are showing the most promise these days.

Over the last two-and-a-half years, we’ve written a lot on recession-proof jobs and the future’s most-wanted workers, but boy were we missing some. Some of today’s thriving industries include interactive technology, wellness and family entertainment.

Check out these 10 surprisingly recession-proof industries on the Huffington Post. The article points out that Americans are spending less on “essentials” like education and funerals and more on things like checking that marathon off their bucket list, pampering their pooch and getting some fresh ink. “Perhaps mounting frustrations and anxieties about the economy have shown a new side of human nature,” mused the writer.

Inc. magazine also points to industries ripe for would-be entrepreneurs, including environmental consulting, vintage clothing and even cupcakes. As more long-term unemployed consider self-employment and starting their own businesses, this piece provides some fresh ideas.

If you’re looking for that next great opportunity, try searching some of these growth areas as keywords on, or check out for advice especially for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Have you thought about starting your own business or pursuing a career in a new industry? Tell us your experience.

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  5. I started in IT over a decade ago precisely because of IT growth. But I’m not sure that is always the best advise for people to go where the jobs are at. Sometimes it’s better to go with your heart.

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