Where are the jobs? We’ve got the answer

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If you’re a job seeker, then you probably follow employment news pretty closely. You probably already know that the economy added 192,000 jobs in February, and you’ve likely read the surveys  that suggest hiring will pick up this year. What you might not know, though, is where the heck all these job openings are.

We know that you’re wondering this because, here at TheWorkBuzz we get asked, “Where are the jobs?” almost every day.

In the past, we’ve answered this question by analyzing data from sources like the BLS, CareerBuilder job postings and third-party surveys. And, as phenomenal as we’d like to think our manual analysis has always been, a high-tech tool will now help us more easily and accurately tell you where the jobs are.

CareerBuilder’s new Supply and Demand Portal will pull data from national employment resources such as CareerBuilder.com, Wanted Analytics and Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc., accessing more than 45 million jobs, 40 million résumés and 140 million worker profiles. Then, based on the number of available jobs and available candidates, the portal identifies occupations and corresponding markets with the greatest supply and under-supply of candidates. (We’re good, but we’re not that good.)

The following is sample data from the Supply and Demand Portal, from industries where there is a growing gap in the number of workers needed to fill job openings.

1. Nurse practitioner — .23 active job seekers for every position

Baby boomers begin to turn 65 this year, which will have twofold implications on the health care industry. First, it means that a large part of the population will begin to retire at a faster rate, leaving jobs to fill in health care. At the same time, the country’s aging population will have a greater need for health care services.

2. Database administrator — .26 active job seekers for every position

Most companies long ago traded their file cabinets and paper trails for database systems, but the digital information just keeps piling up.  Demand is high for workers who can not only manage this flood of data, but who can extract necessary information from it.

3. IT security — .59 active job seekers for every position

In the last year alone, companies like Google, AT&T and Gawker Media have fallen victim to hackers. Employers aren’t taking any chances with their network security.

4. E-mail marketer — .69 active job seekers for every position

Right now, your e-mail inbox is probably clogged with newsletters, coupons and promotions from every company you’ve ever shopped with. Because you’re inundated with dozens of these e-mail messages each day, there’s high demand for e-mail marketers who can create eye-catching, engaging messages that make recipients actually want to click “open” instead of “delete.”

5. Financial adviser — 1.2 active job seekers for every position

Post-recession, Americans have a new appreciation for the value of a dollar, and people are concerned with building their emergency funds and getting retirement accounts back on track. As baby boomers start to retire, the need for financial advisers will become that much more urgent.

6. Environmental engineer– 1.25 active job seekers for every position

You’ve heard of blue collar job and white collar jobs, but “green collar” jobs are currently one of the country’s hottest employment areas. In addition to a national trend toward the environmentally and eco-friendly, a variety of government initiatives introduced last year — like the $2.3 billion clean energy program and the $2 billion in loans given to emerging solar power companies — have contributed to substantial job growth in the green jobs sector.

7. Sales engineer — 1.72 active job seekers for every position

Salespeople directly contribute to a company’s bottom line, so is it any wonder that these roles are some of the first that rebounding companies are looking to fill? Sales engineers take the role one step further, managing more complex deals and partnerships, and providing customer service along the way.

8. Social media manager– 1.78 active job seekers for every position

According to a report by research firm eMarketer.com, 80 percent of U.S. businesses with more than 100 employees plan to make social media a part of their marketing campaigns this year. Social media managers monitor user engagement, create content and analyze metrics for platforms like corporate blogs, and Facebook and Twitter accounts.

9. Compliance analyst 2.52 active job seekers for every position

Post-recession, companies are being held under greater scrutiny and must meet with more stringent local, federal and state regulations. Organizations — in particular health care and financial firms – need people who can understand relevant laws and help in establishing policies and training programs for employees.

10. Writer (technical and other)– 3.31 active job seekers for every position

As technology gets more complex, someone has to explain its nuances to users. Technical writers clarify new products, upgrades and features in user manuals, brochures and online help centers.

Thoughts on this new tool? Let us know in the comments section, below.

  1. Your tools are good, and open new avenues for job search. But sometimes when utilizing job seeking tools I realize that I’ve been there, done that.
    Jobs for me have come, and gone. Retirement is not an option. So, what do I do to stay employed? Job loss has affected the entire spectrum of workplaces, particularly in hardware technology and its related industries, semiconductors, for example.

    For me, that’s reality. I am a mechanical drafter. I’ve come to accept the fact that I will keep a job for nine to fifteen months, and then to avoid going belly up, my employer will cut back employees. I assume they pick their victims first by pay rate, then by value. Then it’s anyone’s guess: seniority, office politics, who hangs with whom, or who can be bullied out with least resistance. I fall into that last category.

    Whatever the reason, I, along with hundreds of others have experienced lay-off. After the initial sting of shame wears off, the job search itself becomes a valued job skill. We write resumes to kill for and our performances on interviews are worthy of Oscars. We become self-assured, confident, and more educated. We hone our job skills and broaden our knowledge bases. We practice with Toastmasters and Dale Carnegie until we rival Leno and Letterman. We are suave and charismatic.

    But even the toughest among us can become discouraged. Consider us whose skills are less diversified because our work was industry specific. We spend hours working up our courage reciting self-promoting monologues all the way to another interview. We arrive on time, if not early, and smile nervously, even though the interviewer’s face has panned from boredom. We feign control with artificial animations as we are escorted out the door.

    I suppose it was my own fault I was chosen for lay-off. I think back to ponder what I could have done differently. I usually stayed close to my desk, finished my work, ate lunch there, and didn’t claim overtime for working through. Perhaps I should have mixed more, and relaxed like the rest of the group.

    On my last job, that would have required coming in late and hung over, painting my toenails at my desk, then chatting and texting with relatives (I have 11 siblings). After that I would spend a couple of hours outside shooting hoops with the guys, and several more day-trading, emailing, and shopping on line. This would all be done to the blaring of a ‘banned for content’ radio station on a co-worker’s computer. Maybe I should have worn short skirts, flashed skin, or flirted, fondled, fought, and cursed with them. And gossiped. It never ceases to amaze me what people say. much less believe. Sadly, those are the employees the company kept. I wonder about its future, and worry about Cheney’s pacemaker.

    Actually, I’m glad to be free for a while. I don’t miss the nervous rancor of uncertainty, my head doesn’t ache, my stomach has settled, and I sleep well. Forced frugality has slimmed my figure, and time outdoors has strengthened my heart and nourished my soul. I’ll find another job. And I am now wiser about co-workers and corporate dysfunction. I’m staying closer to home this time ’round, and looking for ways to turn my hobbies into income. I continue fasting a meal a day, and wear more clothes indoors as winter bares its teeth. But my will is my own, my personal safety isn’t jeopardized, and I have self-respect. Most of all, I am at liberty to shout, “Praise the Lord!” whenever the Spirit so moves. I am also studying in another discipline.

    • That is so true Mavis. I often look back and wonder over the co-workers whose work I had to do and I was let go. But as always we look for the silver lining. I have been ramping up my Bible studies and looking for things to be grateful for.

    • I just want to commend you on this! I can relate so much with what you were saying and I even experienced the office politics while going to a technical school! Seems like all the grown people who behaved like elementary school kids and I mean even down to being threatend to be beat up at 3:oo I had a 4.0 GPA and had to assist with many of the students reading yet they were asigned to all the best externship sites, I got asigned to a place I won’t even describe.. I visited the school’s wall of sucess and there they were employed in hospital and major medical centers and i have 30 day until my new license expires because I have not been offere a job yet!!! I have been out of school for a year this March 22, and have been applying. Maybe it is true that good guys finish last, but anyway I intend to do the same as far as discovering my own talents and creating my own income.

    • Mavis,
      Keep on keeping on. For a second I was wondering if you were a co-worker using a fake name, you pretty much described an environment I am extremely familiar with.

    • I just wanted to say that I just came across this page and I feel so much better now. Here I am wondering what I did wrong and the bottom line is nothing. I am an RN and I can’t for the life of me understand why I am now unemployed technically this March makes a Year.

      I came in during snow storms, treated my patients to the best of my abilities even without support from management…got along with peers, mind my own business and yet here I stand. Jessica I can really relate to you because I too am looking to see where I am in my walk with God and trying to read and really search what God has for me.

      I know He did not bless me finally to become a nurse to sit home and not do nothing with it. I guess I am not the only one who does the right things and still yet those who goof off or are not compassionate about what they do get to keep their jobs. God has a better plan than I could ever have and I have to trust Him to open the right door for me.

        • A Registered Nurse today is not as it was years ago when we were respected for the knowledge of patient care….Today much of our time is spent on the computer for charting several times the same information in one hospital program just to rechart it in another program so the administration can find it. also the hiring of a registered nurse has become almost like that of a unskilled retail sales person…adminstrations often extend offers then cut hours or demand that the person work shift uncompatable…ex…hired one shift that was eliminated known by adminstration…only shift available night shift…This same hospital now has 13 open positions in their ER lucky them let the over educated administration fill them…Trust me when I say adminstration at CMC big brains no balls..Charlotte NC

      • I am a Clinical Manager of a Home Health Care Agency and I am having a difficult time finding nurses that CARE …Please find a homecare agency and apply. We really need good nurses that are compassionate..Some of the nurses I am in charge of work for the $$$ that is it…I am so disappointed in my new job that I have had for the last 10 months….Please compassionate nurses apply for a Homecare position..WE NEED YOU….I NEED YOU because I am also getting discouraged in this present workforce that I am in. We muxt not give up..We can change things…

          • Right on the nose…. I know so many students that are now saying im going to be a nurse or along those lines. My own daughter and son in law are on their way down that long road to becoming surgeons. And a few of their friends that are on the same path. I myself went the route of a chef. and now owrk at a private school. thought that everyone has to eat, and everyone poor or wealthy goes out to dine somewhere……

    • The most importatnt think in life is your lord and saviour, and you have him, he will never leave you or forsake you, just keep praying. p.s very good writting.

    • “I am a mechanical drafter”

      Truth is jobs like “mechanical drafter” are finished. Drafter, programmer, project manager, tech sales support all fall under the same role now.

    • Mavis,

      You are right on TARGET. I was laid off from my job as a mortgage auditor for a federal bank 2 years ago. My job was OUTSOURCED to India!!!! The people that did not get laid off were the cry babies, gossip girls, and my favorite—-The Office Patrol. They have time to report every move everyone is making, so they are NOT doing their job!!! I never had time to watch what other people were doing, because I was responsible for the MOST number of files in the office. (No Way to even out the ABC’s–I get 1500 files, she gets 400). I try not to be bitter, but it’s so hard not to be. I try to think positive, but their are those moments that I want to just scream “Why ME”, but God knows best, so I try to be positive and move forward!!!!

  2. This is unbelievable in this time… I quit my job…. last Juy. Tha action was inspired from long hours.. low vacation time (one week after 11.5 years), constant bickering in the atmosphere. I so needed to feel finished with one project so I could go on. I decided I could get finished and breath. I felt I could pull in one direction when my emoplyer could not.

    Out of the pot and into the frying pan. I am a student now.. this article caught me of course. What do I want to be when i grow up? I am studying accounting and looking at the medical field. Where are the jobs?… overseas?

  3. mavis, i really appreciated your comment. never being able to relax is big and it contributes to bad health in so many ways. i like that you refer to your current status as being Free but i do hope you find work that will allow you some peace of mind and take you into retirement.

    • yes we have to start making all those items that we made in the past our government should put a stop to all those containers coming from countrys unfriendly to our products we really have to start manufacture the little stuff, do the big companies really care for the people of the united states of america? i guess not manufacturing industries have to find ways to make it profitable to make it in america and save its economy we as american should restrain ourselfs from buying made in CHINA products even if we have to pay a little bit more for that made in america.

  4. Mavis, why aren’t you writing. I would definitely buy your book. Keep the faith, don’t let anyone tell you you CAN’T and PRAISE GOD for NEW OPPORTUNITIES AND TRUSTING IN HIS SUFFICIENCIES!

  5. What fantasy land is this author living in??!! IT Security, DB Administrator?! Those jobs were some of the first white collar jobs to go overseas (still are). Plus, in this lousy economy you definintely DO NOT want to be in sales OR marketing.

    This article is junk!

  6. I have been unemployed since May of 2009, and have been looking for work. The good Lord has provided for me duing this time, today I was feeling down and your praise has lifted my spirits…keep it up.

  7. “Where are the jobs”? How about “COMMUNIST RED CHINA” Where corporate America and their Ploitical lackies in Washington DC conspired to send them.So much for Bullshit while the American people have been BETRAYED by America’s GREEDY billionaires and POWER lusting Politicians.

  8. By the way. AFTER billions in additional tax breaks for the SAME billionaires— in January–within THREE weeks 45 MORE manufacturing firms had been SHUT DOWN and the jobs sent to COMMUNIST RED CHINA.YES the SAME China that KILLED our troops in Korea AND Nam.I am a Nam era VET that knows Korean war vets who’s eyes well up with tears at every mention of RED CHINA.These super GREEDY RICH Bastards have been GIVEN the peoples money and NOW the SAME corrupt Politicians want to CUT the damn hell out of programs that WE the people WORKED for and EARNED—Social Security—Medicare—and Medicaid.”IF” those GREEDY Bastards PAID their fair SHARE of taxes and those Politicians PAID theirs and STOP raising THEIR pay–there would be no need to cut the deficit on the backs of WE the PEOPLE.I have spoken.

  9. Mavis,,your verry talented indeed! Intelligent, witty,,well spoken,,I would also enjoy more of your “input of life according to Mavis” please publish something! I would indeed pay to read such refreshing works,,ty,,,RG

  10. I too got laid off one year ago this month. It is quite humbling, as I have never been laid off or fired before. I am an x-ray technician and although part of me needs to stay in the medical field due to making more money, I am kind of tired of it. I’ve been doing this all of my life and would like to try something different. The bad part is, applying for anything out of the medical field-no one calls you back because you are applying for something that has nothing to do with medicine. My unemployment will run out soon and sometimes I think God has forgotten about me. I try so hard to keep my chin up and constantly pray that I will find something-anything. I was glad to hear I’m not alone. I wish all of you good luck in your search. -Tammy

  11. Many good comments. At my age, (59) what’s the point of trying to get a job here in US anymore anyway? The rich sent their factories overseas & all of the jobs over here are now filled with Asians. I’m want to emigrate back to Europe before the Asians & Mexicans take over Amercia (if not already). But I hear Europe is suffering an explosion of radical Muslim immigrants. Any suggestions where to go?

    • Well….I have no idea what your skillset is, but I was hired at the age of 62 here in Wyoming and I plan to be employed until I can neither walk of talk anymore.

  12. Mavis is right on. Reading these posts help. Saturday will be my 1 year anniversary of lay off. I had my 29th job interview yesterday. Yes folks #29. Already received “the” email stating thank you for taking the time but we regret to inform you we chose a candidate that more closely fits our needs at this time. I was employed for 17 years as an Office Manager with the same employer. I had an interview with Alaska Airlines a couple of weeks ago and I found out what the job truly was for which I was told paid $9.88 an hour was ticket agent, baggage loader, de-icing the plane, and pushing the plane out, I was told “they do it all there” for some reason I cannot explain, that interview made me finally realize that most of the recruiters & HR Personel are not even paying attention to the applications, resumes & cover letters. I know I will never make or come close to what I made previously. I have also confronted the reality that employers are not paying honest wages. Most ask “what are you looking for in wages”. They are fishing for the most desperate. Another interview I had was to manage 2 offices. On my 2nd interview the question was asked “what wage I was seeking”. When I responded with 55k, and that is low wages for the position, he told me they were paying $700 a week salary. So disheartening when they knew my previous wages, experience & education. I keep tredging on and never give up. It is my faith that sustains me through this most difficult time.
    It has been an education for me. The questions that some interviewers have asked have been unbelieveable. I have been asked where I previously worked and what I did there. This person did not have my application/resume in front of him. He had not a clue. Not prepared. And to think, this person is employed and makes decisions. Scary. Remember everyone. You are not alone. Hold your head up no matter how low you feel.

    • Mavis is so right. Wonderwoman, I agree 100 percent with you. I have been out of work since September 2007. I used to be a Telephone Systems trobleshooter with over 15 years experience. I’m not ready to give up!!

  13. Ironically, after spending 6 years dealing with several health issues, which I have finally now completely resolved, I have now reentered the job market only to be told by Robert Half that I am unemployable. I have 20 years of experience and a BS and MBA from a top 25 school. Being a conservative I never once took a single handout or “entitlement” program handout and funded all of my medical and living expenses myself from my 30 years of savings and all of the equity in my fully paid for home. Now that the medical profession has saved me from early death, I find my employment prospects so bleak that I may well end up dying from exposure and starvation in the street. I have tried innumerable things to find employment and even tried starting my own business. Unfortunately nothing has produced anything. I was amused by the truth behind Mavis’ comment … it is pretty much exactly what I have experienced when I used to have a job except I can add in, as a single person, having to do all the work for people who had to leave on time to pick up their kids because I supposedly had no reason to leave and have a life.

    • John,
      I have been in the work force since I was 16(1963). My longest period of unemployment was 4 months. I have a 4 year degree in physical geography with an expired teaching certificate. I have not taught since 1995. I have been employed as a service advisor in several car dealerships, owned my own business, worked in radio( that’s my current position) as well as retail(jewelry store) transported motor homes. I was not enamored with some of these, but they did provide a fairly steady, but small by most folks standards. If I were you, I would de-emphasize the education aspects and concentrate on your potential value to an employer. Of course, the trick is to find out what the employer needs before the interview. I wish you well.

  14. where are the good jobs for those that have some work history but not alot? because im looking for those jobs for 10.00hr so i can get out of where i am now. if any one can help me out or just point me out in the right direction then please do. thank you

    • do not feel like that because their are alot of people out here that feel the same way the officials who make up protocol and requirements are the ones responsible they fail to remember that 1. they use to be here once upon a time and 2 the dont realize that it could be him/ her one day SOON.

    • in the near future thousand more will be looking for work in fields that have gone south,(nafta),possibly 40,000 + – , just in logistics along our southern border on our side, not counting the u.s. truck drivers that take the loads from these facilities to there final destination in the u.s. or canada and back.

    • I feel u and i feel that michigan has let us down i like alot of people want to leave and never look back before i end up homeless on something and without my family

  15. I am frustrated because they are prejudice to x felons i have 13year plus experience in janitorial, i am a ross medical graduate, american career academy grad entreprenuer and yet i cant keep a job because of my felony 6 years ago raised a college grad how could this be? When people work with me they say i am great a hard worker easy to teach yet when my background come up i am fired. Employers hire me on the basis of my experience work ethics and personality and that blimish comes up and i am out the door i cant seem to make enough from my business to make something stronger i cant get the money to pay for expungement cant get the job cause of the record a vicous cycle now i may lose my house and i only get 442.00 a month till that runs out i missed up a long time ago and the work force is telling my life is over why wont dedicated hard workers get a chance to work hard instead of penilized permanantly.(is that spelled with an e? my badd)

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