Where to find a job in a stalling market

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For the second month in a row, despite economist predictions and public hopes to the contrary, there was little recovery in the job market.

In June, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly employment report, the economy added just 18,000 jobs (about 87,000 fewer than predicted by economists) and the unemployment rate rose to 9.2 percent, from 9.1 percent in May. The report included revised numbers for May that were also disappointing — while the initial report released in June estimated that 54,000 jobs were added, revised figures put the number closer to 25,000.

While the BLS numbers are seen as a key indicator of the nation’s economic progress, they also paint an overly simplified picture of a complicated job market that is experiencing growth, stagnation and decline all at the same time. CareerBuilder CEO Matt Ferguson described it as a “multi-speed job market” on a recent appearance on CNBC.

And — since we know that if you’re one of the millions of people out of work right now, it doesn’t matter what the job numbers say, you’re going to continue your job search regardless, because you need a job — we decided to break the job numbers down by industry, to show you which ones are growing and which ones are weakening.

Growing sectors:

The industries that are experiencing growth are largely in the private sector, which added 57,000 jobs in June, according to the BLS. (As an aside, the monthly private sector jobs report by business services outsourcing firm ADP showed a more optimistic 157,000 jobs added.)

  • Mining: According to the BLS, employment in mining and related support activities grew by 8,000 in June, for a total of 128,000 jobs added since the industry reached a low point in October 2009. Unemployment in the broader BLS sector of mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction was 5.2 percent in June, much lower than the national average for all sectors.
  • Professional and technical services: The industry — made up of occupations like advertising, computer services and consulting — added 24,000 jobs last month, for a total of 245,000 jobs since its low point in March 2010. This goes hand-in-hand with CareerBuilder’s Mid Year Forecast, released yesterday, which found that employers are experiencing the largest shortage of workers in the areas of information technology, customer service and communications.
  • Leisure and hospitality: Leisure and hospitality, comprised of jobs in arts, entertainment and recreation, and accommodation and food services added 34,000 jobs last month. Monthly job openings in the industry have gone from a low point of 183,000 in November 2009, to 384,000 in April 2011, the most recent month from which data is available.
  • Health care: Health care, considered the employment haven of the last three years, grew by 14,000 jobs in June. The growth, while good, is slightly slower than the industry average for the 12 months prior, when health care grew by about 24,000 jobs each mont

Steady sectors:

These industries aren’t experiencing significant growth, but they’re not losing jobs, either.

  • Manufacturing: After gaining more that 164,000 jobs between November 2010 and April 2011, job growth in manufacturing was flat in May and June.
  • Temporary help services: A subsector of the BLS’ larger professional and business services sector, and seen by some as an indicator of overall labor demand, growth in temporary help services has been flat all year.
  • Construction: The construction sector may not be losing jobs, but it’s not exactly healthy — the unemployment rate in the industry is currently a high 15.6 percent.
  • All other private sector industries: Growth in all other private sector industries, like publishing, telecommunications, data processing, finance and insurance, and wholesale and retail trade, was little changed last month.

Declining sectors:

Month after month, it’s the public sector that persistently experiences declining employment.

  • Government jobs: The public sector — which includes jobs within local, state and federal government, as well as advocacy, grantmaking and civic organizations — shed 39,000 jobs last month, including 14,000 federal jobs. Positions in state and local government continue to account for the majority of jobs lost, though, and have been on the decline since 2008.

What are your thoughts on the most recent job numbers? Let us know in the comments section.

  1. I am an Accountant with over 26 years experience, I have my Bachelors degree. My position of Assistant Controller was phased out due to the economy. My biggest problem is finding a job that pays somewhere close to what I was making at my previous position. Everything I interview for is $20 – $25 thousand less.

    • I agree with you. I got laid off from a $50.00 hours job and found was offer $18.00. At this I was offered $12. I have an MBA with 12 years oat Director levels. It is very sad and depressing . However, don’t give up and in the future hopefully it will change. Right know I tell myself the $18.00 pays for the house and utilizes and the saving will last longer. I would be happy making $20.- $25.thousand less than before. Take it and continue looking.

        • Is she applying for a job here? No, she’s posting a comment on a news article. What does the one have to do with the other? Nothing, moron!

          • To: bbob: Your post advising elke to assist a preferrably non public institution to learn correct grammar is offensive, unnecessary, and irrelevant. I suggest you pay a little more attention to your manners. Rudeness will get you nowhere fast. Thank you.

            • He is correct, proper spelling grammer etc… is always importent. You will have a hard time getting people to listen when you don’t have enough pride in what you are saying/writing to take the time to make sure it is done well. Proper grammar is always necessary.

              • I have to agree; it is too important to be mindful of your spelling and grammar no matter what or where you are writing. Even postings should merit at least a once over to check for errors.

                • Lynne,
                  The intelligent gentlemen asked,”shouldn’t the question mark be inside the quotations?” The english teacher replied, “yes, the question mark should be inside the quotations.”

                  • I’m assuming NONE of you in this pointless conversation have jobs because if you did you wouldn’t be making smart@$$ comments to spite others! Worry about your own path and stop worrying about others. Jeez was grammar, spelling & punctuation this serious? We all need to focus on whats important, which is the article and it’s information.

                    Leaving comments are great and add multiple perceptions to the content, but when conversations begin to belittle others based on frivolous matter, it gets really annoying. We are all entitled to our opinions, but if you have nothing good to say, don’t say it at all. Although my statements go against my purpose and belief of internet commenting, I truly felt this was needed.

                  • Maybe we should all worry less about spelling and grammar and more about finding a JOB?? And why are we crying cause we don’t make $50.00 per hour any more? Jesus people be happy that you have a job that pays you ANYTHING!!! Learn to live within your means. There are many people out there who would kill to make minimum wage let alone “20-25 thousand less.”
                    Boo Friggin Hoo… my suggestion, live within your means, downsize and be happy with what you have instead of always wanting what you don’t have. Think about where you would be with out a job instead of complaining that you dont make $50 and hour any more.

                    • It is hard to imagine someone getting paid $50 per hour making so many spelling and punctuation mistakes. What is our country coming to? Getting any job that pays sounds modest enough, but not when you have $40,000 in student loans. How can I manage on half of what my occupation specialty suppose to pay when I have to repay student loans, build six months emergency funds, contribute to retirement, etc.

                    • I have a Master’s Degree and have been working for 18.50 an hour. When that didn’t pay all the bills, I found three part-time jobs (one for 5.00/hour plus tips) Welcome to the real world! Many people aren’t fortunate enough to make 18.50 an hour in today’s economy, much less find three part-time jobs. Whatever your circumstance, it can usually be much worse, so be thankful. If you are healthy enough to work, take whatever job you can get, and do it with pride!

              • I hate when people say there are lots of jobs available, there are also lots of people applying for them. Experienced and inexperienced people are applying for the same job, sometimes hundreds of resumes for one position; for those of you who have been blessed to get opportunities, don’t try an knock others. People interview, send out resumes and do everything that’s right but they can’t get a job. It’s not because of a lack of effort, it’s because sometimes the system is just not fair. I have noticed a lot of companies are hiring their friends, neighbors and family members, that’s fine if they are qualified, most are not. Don’t get cocky so soon, no jobs offer stability these days.

                • I know exactly what you mean. I left my job as an Administrator in 2009 because of health issues, now cannot get hired anywhere. I have a degree, but am 50 years old. I have applied for more than enough positions where I have the experience and credentials, but get overlooked because the job has been “customized” to fit a friend or relative. Now everyone wants someone with a degree, they just don’t want to pay someone with the experience. The college kid who could care less how well the job gets done gets the position because he can be hired at a lower rate.

                  • Nancy you must be wrong. You know there is no age discrimination, that’s illegal so it just can’t be. (Sarcasm) I know what you mean, everyone wants experience at an entry level price. A large part of the reason the economy is in the shape it’s in is because wages haven’t kept up with inflation. Therefore it’s not rocket science to deduce that if the cost of everything is going up and wages are not, less people have money to pay for anything but essentials. Any CEO knows that one has to put money back into a business to keep it running, but what has been lost is part of that has to be in wage increases or the people working for you won’t be able to buy your goods or services.

                    • @Tim How right you are! D.C. keeps telling us that there is no inflation going on. Try explaining why my food, utilities and everything else keeps rising. Thank heavens my husband has a good job with one of the few American companies left, but his paycheck has not gone up either in order to keep up. Since they are dependent on housing, I don’t look for any raises in the future. I get tired of employers saying they cannot find qualified people for jobs. Well, my home is paid for, why in the world would I move somewhere for a job that may only be there for a few months and end up getting stuck with a fresh mortgage.

                  • @Nancy, I agree with you, its not about experience anymore, or willingness to learn the job. These companies want to hire a grad right out of College with a degree in Basket weaving to do a job they have no Idea how to do. It does’nt matter if they have a 4 year degree in compitition swimming and apply for a job as a sales manager, and I apply with no degree with 10 years experience in sales, they will get the job over me, because they spent 4 years learning how to cheat, and party!

                    I spent 12 years in the military, I have supervisor skills, people skills, Computer literate, in programs and software, mechanical skills, customer service and much more, but If i apply for a job that relates to any of those, and the guy next to me has a degree, my life experience is thrown to the side because he furnished a paper that says, “Me or my parents are in debt to get me this 10cent paper product, so I am more qualified” and they hire them because, they are usually single, and have less responsibilites that family or elderly people have, kids, schools, doctor appointments, etc.

                  • My boss laid me off after back surgery, even though I was released from my doctor. He was afraid “I would get hurt on his watch” just because I had the surgery. I am 60, so go figure. I will promise you, there IS age discrimination. I only had to work 2 more years, he knew that.

                    • I guess I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum. I’m fairly young and most companies I interview hire older applicants. Obviously this is based on experience, but how will I ever get experience if no one gives me a chance? But I have used this downturn as a positive. It has really allowed me to prioritize my life, focus on my passion, and look for work in more stable fields (in my case, education). Everything happens for a reason. We really have it good compared to other nations.

                • I agree. I lost a good paying job a year ago. Now I have only been able to find jobs making just over Min. Wage. I have a Family and Two kids, a House, Two Cars Both Wife and I work, Two Jobs. This Economy Sucks. I agree to downsize, as I have as much as I could. I also agree to be happy I have a Job, and I am, But when you see these companies hiring friends, or realitives, and some even ex Cons, to work for them in positions you are more than qualified for, disgust me. I have even come across job postings in my line or field of work that I may not have 100% experience in, but know I could do the job, that specifically states, “if you dont have the experience in the job, do not apply” but then the benefits say, “paid Training”, well if you have the experience to apply, why would you need the training? I feel that is unfair, and companies have gotten lazy, they want people that have all the experience, but dont want to pay them what they are worth, and the good people that can learn the job and more than likely succeed and do well for half of what the other person is working for, they pass Up. I have applied for well over 20 jobs this past week with only one response, “Thank you for your application, at this time we have sought a more “qualified” Candidate”. Really? and this Whole affirmitive action employment… please thats a whole other realm… Just my Vent. Thanks!

                • To Keith Foreman: Your opinion is most likely valued by some person in this feed but your disrespect is not appropriate. You must not have been a college graduate? Well, neither was I. Never let what the next person do in their life be of an interference in yours..

                • You misspelled with “mispelled”.

                  OMFG! Can we quit with the comments on spelling and grammar? That has next to nothing to do with the article. Sure, you’ll say getting a job needs proper skills, but this article isn’t talking about getting skills.

                  As for Elke…did anyone consider this person might not be from an English-speaking country, and, therefore, not be very good at it? Perhaps Elke is from Iceland or Poland or Germany and is really good at writing in that language where it matters.

                  As for me…I got laid off from a $62,000 job Sept 1, 2009, and have submitted nearly 2000 job applications. I have had 7 phone interviews, 1 face-to-face interview, and one job offer for $27,000. I had to decline because they weren’t willing to help me with relocation of over 1500 miles. My unemployment benefits have expired and I am struggling on my wife’s income to raise 3 kids.

              • I agree w/Acelia…it is impossible for rudeness to generate a positive result. Ever. (and is also a sign of lower intelligence (as are large foreheads and pointed eyebrows). Unfortunately I must disagree w/k and jogg re:spelling, punctuation, grammar et al. Apparently you’ve not worked in the high tech industry. Already in possession of a lexicon that is over-ballasted with acronyms, engineers (even the 8 years in college type…actually, I should say especially the 8+ years of college type) were clearly so overworked in their days on campus that they could not attend a single language arts class (in some cases their entire academic careers from 1st grade on). They even mispell the words that they speak.

                And, for those of you that were paying attention, yes…I did that on purpose.

            • I’m pretty sure the person remarking on spelling and grammar is correct. Even if you work with numbers and even if you aren’t applying for a job on this site, it seems reasonable to be able to construct a sentence. Only in our mediocrity-laden world is having a standard for a reasonable grasp on the language considered ‘elitist’. Seriously? And I have a great job, btw.

            • I love how people just assume that people can’t spell when something is spelled wrong. Did it ever cross your minds that maybe they just aren’t the best typers. And really, do you people have nothing better to do than nit pick at the little stuff. They are not applying for a job here and most likely not for a typing job. Im sure no one expected the spelling and grammer police would be out in full force, wasting everyones time. Think maybe you should stick to the problem at hand and get off your high horses. And by the way.. I hope I messed up most of this post. I don’t spell or type well. Which is why I have a resume service that takes care of all that, and spell check if I need it. And guess what.. I don’t give a (ahem) what the grammar patrol thinks here.

              • sheila: I hire staff for my company and I always look at the resume for spelling and grammar mistakes because if someone cannot spell nor use proper english as a language, he/she certainly cannot write correspondence, use excel, nor correspond with clients. If I am going to use your resume builder to do the activities I hired you for, why should I hire you and not them? By the way, you are correct; you did mess up your post.

                • @ rml. Why don’t you go back to work if you hire people? Maybe one of the unemployed on this thread can get some help. Not from you obviously. This is not a resume..

                • “Thats wat’ I’m tak’n ’bout!”
                  Recruiters seem to have trouble understanding what I’m say’n.
                  If I put down (for example) :’ I built and tested government quality mainframe parts.’
                  They will turn around and ask me what I built. Because ‘I built’ is not a complete sentence.
                  I was taught that in this situation the comma was optional (by a certified teacher (in a good school)).
                  Wouldn’t it be nice ..if we could stay together. No! I mean, wouldn’t it be refreshing to have someone review your resume who actually understood the … job? Pardon my grammar.

          • Hey Mr. Obvious, If you cannot spell you probably can’t speak or do any job very well either. Many of the problems with job seekers today is ignorance or being lazy. Too many people satisfied with collecting unemployment rather than continuing to improve their market worth even if the pay is comparable to what they receive sitting on their butts at home. Your skills diminish and you become less desired. As a former business owner I would take the less skilled who wanted to improve rather than the person with experience who was satisfied with being out of work and collecting benefits. Lots of jobs out there and like anything you have to go for it. The gap will continue to get wider.

            • I was out of work for 18 months. I have an MBA in Finance, a BS in Accounting, and I had been working in the IT field at the director level for 8 years. Before that I owned my own consulting practice and traveled the country. I did collect unemployment until I took the first job that I was offered at less than half of what I was making. I applied for everything from entry level clerical to director level positions across the country. I had only had about 5 actual interviews and was finally offered a temporary (3 month position) at less than entry level pay. We are NOT all lazy and willing to stay at home and collect. In the 18 months I was unemployed, I paid off all my debt (except my mortgage) and have actually starting to save toward retirement. So I live on a tight budget and have given up all luxuries. I take offense to all of you post these types of comments.

              • Let me tell u all something I have been telling anyone smart enough to listen to me. The difference between people with advanced education and those without it is that potential employers will listen to those with advanced education beg for a job, whereas those without it won’t even get a chance to beg. Now – don’t take me literally – I used the word “beg” to make a point because frankly – begging won’t work. Just remember – what u want out of the job and the fact that u were making more at ur last job doesn’t even come into play. What comes into play is what the employers wants to offer – so take any offer and keep looking! As for my “mispelling” of certain words – I know how to spell and type – I just take shortcuts.

              • SH, so what if you are offended. I get so tired of people crying “you hurt my feelings, boo hoo” so what! Get over it! You know, if everyone in this country would stop being such cry babies, worrying about someone else disagreeing with them, insisting that their way is the only way. I’m so sick, literally, of hearing all the whinning. My 1 year old doesn’t whine as much of all you so called adults! The problem with the last 2 generations has been the parents giving their children what ever they want, trying to be buddies and bff’s instead of parents. Sickening! Wake Up America!

                  • I’m with you tom. These people who have it “easy” or expect the world to be unfair always want to get mad at someone who voices their opinion or struggles. You simply stated how you have the; experience, intelligence and capabilities, as well as how you made the best of your situation. Then two D-bags comes around dumping on you to make them feel better about themselves. What a shame. For the fact were on a job website, I’ll assume their in a crummy job position as well.

            • You must work at a job where you get the most credit for spelling.
              Oh, I turned off the water cooling the core. My, bad. Well, at least I spelled it correctly. Next job please.

          • It doesn’t matter if she’s applying for a job or not. Taking time to write well in any circumstance shows that you care about how you sound to others.

            Duh! Moron! What does one have to do with the other? Why don’t you put your little thinking cap on and try to come up with an intelligent answer to that one.

            • Spelling is important but it’s tacky and a waste of energy to nitpick grammatical errors in online forums. Stick to the point.

        • I was thinking the same thing. I realize English wasn’t her chosen field, but really, if you don’t know the difference in utilities and utilize, I’m concerned about other things this person missed in the classroom.

          • The problem I witness is that people are discouraged to put forth an effort into anything that may or may not have a rewarding result. It’s a lack of risk taking in an environment with little to no growth occurring.

        • I totally agree with you. How can this person be making 50.00 an hour with horrible grammar and spelling like that? Must be nice. I am currently working a part-time job, but am still looking for full-time. The hiring processes at some of these companies is ridiculous. It used to be where you would just apply and then interview. Now you have to take tests, have phone interviews and face-to-face interviews and then go back for second and third interviews. And you still might not be hired. I know I can perform these jobs I am applying for, if just given the opportunity. I only apply for jobs I am qualified for. The people who came up with all this nonsense probably never had to go through it to get their job.

        • Chris, I agree with you, as I read Elke’s response I couldn’t believe someone “speaking” / writing in such a way could have ever been employed
          making 6 figures! Hideous.

        • Elke? Hmmm…Sounds like Elke may be a German- American who speaks two languages, maybe not very well, but certainly better than the hundreds of thousands of people who have flooded over the border with Mexico and refuse to assimilate. Many Europeans are also educated and take the time to learn English and obey the law and become resident aliens ,or citizens the proper way. A much better form of immigrant ,on average,than the flood coming from Mexico, which is really a ‘peaceful’ invasion, and an act of cultural warfare,(because the illegals refuse to assimilate,although I DO realize there are exceptions, but please come here legally) I would say. Hello, Elke, am I close?

          • Don’t be racist and stereotypical. I’ve spent years studying cultures with a special interest in Latin America/Caribbean/African cultures (Ph.D in Culture, Learning & Diversity) and for someone to assume EVERYONE from an ethnicity, nation or region is the same is ignorant and disgusting. There are clearly stupid/ignorant people everywhere, not just Mexico (I’d hate to know what you think of other nations). It’s people like you that make the U.S. such a horrible place. Keep those personal comments and racist BS to yourself.

            BTW I’m not Hispanic but I take personal offense to any form of racism/sexism/discrimination towards others

      • elke, your grammar is atrocious. go back to school before looking for work. i’d suggest a non-public institution for better results. you were probably fired because you seem so stupid.

          • and!!!!—learn it–went to germany 12 years ago–spent 11/2 years learning how to read, speak, and write the language

        • Perhaps you should learn to construct a sentence correctly. Where I come from, we CAPITALIZE the first letter in every sentence…. but, then again, I’m just a cook with a high school diploma….

        • I’m sorry, but in reading through some of these comments when did the point of the story at hand go from where to find work to English 101? We all get the point that you shouldn’t criticize someone for something you do yourself… Anyway, it is a very, very tough market. Most employers want someone who will work 70 hours a week for the least amount of compensation. I spent four months on unemployment last year due to cutbacks. I know how hard it can be. I was lucky to get the position I am in now, even though it upsets me because I am being paid in the less than 10th percentile category for my position in my state. If you are finding it hard to get something, anything, then stop being so set in mind that you MUST make $X per year. Change your lifestyle and adapt – you DON’T need four bedrooms when there’s only three of you in your family. You DON’T need a $50,000 car. Just make the necessary changes to make the new position and paycheck work. It’s the only way you will survive.

      • Not that I am a grammar teacher, but I had to read your post 3 times to understand what you were saying. Your spelling is horrible. Maybe that is why you are being offered less money.

      • elke: For someone with that high of a degree… Im pretty sure the reason you are only offered $12 is because you cant even write a proper sentence or at that spell right.

      • Elke –

        There is no way you had a $50/job in the United States of America, if you can’t write a coherent sentence with basic punctuation.

      • Welcome to the “One World Order!” To compete on a global scale the playing field must be even and since owners and management will not compromise their wages who do you think will suffer? This is only the beginning.

        • Charlie, you are sooo right! The cutbacks ALWAYS come from the bottom. The directors or EVP(Executive Vice Presidents) and owners are not having to downsize their life. Their 600k salary isnt effected, however they want you to work more, for less. It is sickening. We recently went to an awards function for a company my wife works for, at the company owners house. Where he said that the company is struggling and everyone will be making cuts in order to succeed as a company and grow. While I was listening to this, Im looking at his 5 acres of land, 5,000 sq ft house, with flat screen tv’s in every room to include a personal gym in the house, a full movie theatre, real hard wood floors, wooden sculptures, marble counter tops, wine cellar, pool with pool house, two extra houses for his staff a personal live in care taker for kids that are old enough to take care of themself, a room just for his dogs, 4 cars in the drive way 4 car garage, full home automation, to include video cameras, surround sound, the works. And I’m like really? and my wife is taking a $2000.00 pay cut for what? We have to make the cut backs in our life so you can live up yours? It is sick. I understand he owns a buisness etc. But his EVP’s have not made these cut backs either, they still live in fancy houses, drive new cars, etc. Makes me wonder what has become of this country. I fought for this country. What happened to the working class living the american dream. Now the american dream is if you got money you will make more money, if your poor, or bearly middle class you will always stay that way.

      • You’re lucky if you can find a job that will pay your bills. Unfortunately as an executive assistant who used to be paid $24.00 an hour I can barely find anything to pay $18, even less in most cases. That won’t pay my bills and I don’t even have a luxury lifestyle. I have a ten year old car that is paid off and a cheap small apartment. I am screwed!

      • Really, I cannot even understand what $50.00 hour job even means, or the other descriptions. The communication ability is atrocious. And the dismay of the idjits pointing out that “this is just a comment on a news story” is irrelevant. Making sense is mandatory, otherwise silence is required.

      • Perhaps your inability to write a complete sentence that makes any sense would have something to do with the fact that you can’t get a decent job. Did you get your MBA from the back of a cereal box?

      • Just remember that if you apply for a job making that much less than you were making before, the employer may realize you will continue to look and hesitate to hire you for that reason. They would be shooting themselves in the foot, so to speak.

        It’s a catch 22 situation but I don’t recommend trying for jobs that you know you won’t be happy with and don’t plan to stay at. It looks bad on your resume in the long run.

      • There is something that happens when you are laid off for a long period of time. It is forgetting how to spell the most simple words. how to write sentences. Even interact in public. I read all the crap about your spelling. All the comments are rude, YOU SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF where are your manners. This is why America is falling apart. there is no reason to brow beat some one to death on spelling. It happens when your emotions are high. At 59 I was laid off for 4 years. When I did go back to work,Ii had forgotten how to use Excel, Word, and even Outlook. When the first ressecion went through the unemplyement was 23%. I never in all those 7 years did I see so many people so ready to hang some one. IThere is no compassion, no concern, and no respect for people who are having the same issues. WE ARE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT FOLKS START PADDLING TOGETHER AND WE MIGHT JUST ALL SURVIVE THIS RUFF TIME TOGETHER! OH BY THE WAY THERE ARE SOME MISSPELLED WORDS IN HERE. BUT I AM HUMAN!!!!

    • Atleast you have experience and are getting job offers. Try graduating in today’s economy without any experience. Not to mention I’m sure graduates today needs to repay MUCH more back in student loans than you needed/need to (assuming you graduated over 10 years ago). I’d count your blessings..

      • Well! That was interesting? I’m glad I’ve got SMELL check on my pc!
        I have heard, somewhere; that 80% of people over 50 yrs old, looking for a job will never find one, and 50% of people over 30 yrs old, ditto. I have not heard what job hunters over 70 are doing except still looking or hoping.
        Jobs are where you find them and most people that have a job today should consider themselves very very fortunate.

        • I feel bad for younger people but I feel worse for my generation. I am 53 and we are forced to take care of the younger generation who can’t find decent employment plus we can’t even support ourselves. At least the young people can get low paying jobs in entry level or fast food situations. I can’t even get that. I am “overqualified”. I have been unemployed for 2 years despite constant searching and interviewing. At least a young person isn’t going into retirement age in this situation. There is a lot of time for them to “catch up” if things should eventually improve. Not so much time for my generation.

          • The older a person gets the worse the problem. I am 70 and retired in 2009 from a consulting position which paid over $200,000. You would think I would have it made but that is far from the truth. Most of us retirees have seen our retirement savings and investments dramatically shrink in the last few years; mine by over 50%. I must now work as a part time security guard at $10 dollars an hour just to keep my head above water and to try to keep what is left of my retirement funds available for my wife who will outlive me. This is not the retirement I had envisioned and certainly has my children concerned about what the future holds for them. Our political and financial systems have certainly failed us all and it is our fault for believing our government (politicians) would protect us. We need to return to the spending and saving habits of the 50s and 60s; that means the government and individuals (this includes buying American and creating American jobs; most good jobs have been sent to China, India, Indonesia, Columbia, etc., etc.). Maybe then real jobs will return. (Get rid of all the Walmart, KMart, Sears, Penny’s, May Co., Best Buy, Toyota, Toshiba, HP, etc., etc. products which are nearly 100% made in third world countries by labor which are taking our jobs,)

        • I’m not surprised at those percentages. I’m living proof. Of course, this is largely because I’ve moved from a city in which I had many contacts to one where I know no one. We’re here for my husband’s career, but it still irks me when know-nothings denigrate the unemployed!

    • Hows that Hopey Changey thing workin’ out for ya?

      Where’s all the “Green” jobs?

      AAHAHahahahahhaa……………suckers !

      • It’s working great for me, working for a windpower company for 85K a year and we are bringing 100′s of jobs from Europe to the US. Every 7 windturbines erected creates 1 full time technician position at $20 per hour to start. We need more of these jobs.

        • Windpower is one of those things that is big now but not in the near future. Look at the size of them and think about the size of most original technologies: cell phones, satellites, etc. Physics ever evolves and the novelty of modern-day windmills will evaporate. Don’t count on them to last.

        • I would love to find a job in the windpower industry. I hope it starts growing in Texas. Even if it paid $15.00 per hour, that’s more than my unemployment. I keep searching for jobs, at even close to minimum wage; but, when they see I retired from a job, it’s a give away on my age. I would prefer to be working, and I know there are some jobs I cannot physically do anymore. I am trying to save a little of my UB so that if I have to, I can try to establish my own business. But saving like that will depend on my job hunting expenses (gas for interviews, dry cleaners for suits, etc.) and being able to pay my utilities. I’m not going to quit looking just because I’ve been out of work almost two months and am over the age of 50.

          • Ken,

            I’m 10 years older than you are…. been unemployed almost two years now….

            Do not hold your breath.

            My resume is somewhat like yours…. it’s fairly easy to determine my age…
            I have extensive experience, patents, education…. all for nought. Employers appear to be adverse to hiring anyone over thirty years of age.
            (and try proving age discrimination…. not possible)

            I am in the process of developing a new business venture…. by next year I will be self-employed.
            Self-employment appears to be where most of those in our age group find jobs in this market.

          • ken – have u considered driving for a parts supplier or something like that? I retired and don’t HAVE to work but I pick up some extra “gas for my motorcycle” money delivering parts for pep boys at the starting rate of 8.85 and hour. I also found another driving job that pays 10 an hour, so for now , i am working both jobs part time. Check craigslist also. As u can see, I am working my way up the pay scale and will continue to do so. I was a degreed accountant in my main career but driving ain’t a bad way to make some $$$$$.

      • @Patrick:
        However, I wouldn’t elect a person based on the colloquialisms she uses. Expect some analysis, logic, reasoning and solutions. Expect more.

        As well, there cannot be much “hopey changey” going on when the two parties only argue and do not earn their pay solving some difficult problems.

      • Actually, the green market saved our house. My partner shattered her wrist and sold her chiropractic clinic. After years of trying to re-invent herself she became a solar leasing consultant. Now her income is the same as when she was in practice and she is helping people save money with no out of pocket investment. A real win-win situation thanks to a push for energy alternatives. Thanks for asking, Patrick.

    • Unfortunately it is what it is. I lost my job in 2007 and every job I’ve had since was making $25k less than I did in 2007. I was an account manager in the mortgage industry. My industry is all but a bust at this point and now I am starting over. Good luck to us both getting that $25k back!

      • To Lynne: At least you’ve had job offers in any sort of reasonable range; as a former mortgage person myself, I’ve had to work for 1/2 and less my former salary, and not even in my field.

        • At least you’ve found employment! I have been unemployed for 2 years and still can’t get a job no matter what I do. I am an executive assistant. I used to make $24.00 an hour. Now I can barely get considered for jobs making $15.00 an hour. I can’t support myself on $15.00 an hour and I don’t even have a luxury lifestyle. I have a ten year old car and a cheap apartment, and no family that can help me out. And I can’t even GET the job making $15.00 an hour. It’s ridiculous. Consider yourself fortunate!

          • My husband is a roofer and he makes $15.25 per/hour. We have 2 sons, 2 older but payed for cars, we rest a 3 bedroom old mill house and we survive fine. My children are on medicaide, and we cant go to the mall to buy $60.00 jeans…but we eat decent, we go out as a family twice a month, my sons are dressed well sometimes name brand and sometimes not. They have everything they need and most of what they want. I just graduated with my AA and am looking for employeement…it’s hard…but one income of $15.00/hour is do able..it’s a matter of cutting back and priorities.

      • Hi Lynne: I am with you on this one. I have been a self employed real estate appraiser that was making a comfortable living a few years ago. Now I can’t even afford to celebrate my granddaughter’s 13th birthday. We used to go to a concert once in a while, go shopping and maybe have lunch out but my income has declined by over 75% in the past two years and I have not eaten out in months. As an employer I am sick to death of having someone stab a knife in my back, I had a long term employee (9 years) who I found out was totalling screwing me over..I paid her a good wage, she could come and go as needed for her kids but I still got screwed. The viewpoints from all sides are justitified here, too bad society has placed such little emphasis on live and let live, now is just all about the money…

    • I am sick to my stomach that the ecomomy continues to be so bad and the very people responsible for this keep trading bonds and stocks while people are losing the very homes they have had for twenty or thirty years….

      Wake up people….Send e-mails and letters. Our economic recovery is not happening and the numbers don’t add up.

      • In my opinion, getting hired for a job has never been easy, so I don’t blame the economy one bit. What I have learned to do is to come across as someone who is thriving whatever the economy is like – potential employers love that.

        • You can live in that dreamworld if you want to. The fact is that I used to have several job offers in only a few weeks before the recession whenever I looked for a job. Now after 2 years and constant searching/interviewing/networking I have not been able to get a job. So believe me and the rest of us here that it’s the fault of the recession!

          • Then how come I can still get job offers if I tell the potential employers what they want to hear? I could actually go back into accounting now at about 50 k a year but – frankly – my days of sitting in an office that is too warm for me are over. I prefer little jobs like driving where I can set the temperature to exactly how I want it and listen to good music on the radio. Let me give u one clue as to how to succeed in an interview. Rule #1 – the people interviewing u r mostly likely idiots! U can’t “win the game” over an idiot?

    • Friends!
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    • what are you complaining about, Ms Green? At least you had a job offer in these days of no jobs. Some of us would absolutely JUMP at the chance to be GAINFULLY EMPLOYED, even if it was for 20 grand less. So you have to tighten your belt a little. WAAAAAH! WAAAAAH!

    • I just turned 50 this year and I was self emloyed. I have been out of the employed workplace for 5 years. What I am very good at businesses say I am to old. I don’t feel like I am ready for a round-a-bout but how do you prove it to them. I work hard, I am dependable, and I maynot have a college education. What I do have is life experence, See what you think- I am a mom ( daycare provider), wife ( human resources), bill payer ( accountant), Cook ( not really a chef but can get the orders out quickly and tasty), I do laundry, clean, wash dishes, shop on a budget ( sometimes very skimpy) and a listener ( psychoanaylist) I think. I am older but a mom of 7 with another 7 to 10 that come to me for support ( not always money). But applying for a job, well they don’t take all that in consideration and just see I hadn’t been employed for 5 years. So being self-employed isn’t even part of their equation.

    • The problem here is that we as the working class need to learn to budget our money so that we can lose a high paying job be able to take a cut and know that some money is better than no money. I don’t care about grammer or puntuation spelling or anything on a site that I am just replying to on this site.

      • u r on the right track. it is not what u earn – its what u SPEND that u have to restructure. In the 50′s and 60′s, people got along without cell phones and internet connections and many other things that are available today but CAN BE DONE WITHOUT if u can’t pay the mortgage.

    • My neighbor is in the same boat! She has an accounting degree and has been laid off for some time. The only thing she can find is temp jobs paying $12.00 per hour. It’s really sad, but sometimes degrees mean nothing! It just depends on what job industry you are in.

    • Hey I would love to have a degree in accounting but I can’t go back to school until I pay of my loans because I could not hold a job for 8years and I am 2 1/2 years from finishing my architecture degree that I was wrongfully directed by my mother and schools systems. My pay rate has been from 7.25 to 18.50 an hour. So I say this you people stop argueing and start fighting for your jobs. I say this NAFTA bill out, pay increase for political parties out put a cap on it. Illegal Immigrants with expire green, blue what every color out. Increase taxes out, The rich pays as everyone else in.

      • Damn that’s a hot mess of unbalanced debt/income ratio. Your just screwed. Get your backpack and just hike the Appalachian Trail. Clear your mind & start again.

    • I understand what your saying, Kerri. My issue is that I only have a two year degree with 25 years experience. I have since gone back to school, but that isnt enough for employers. Im finding that most want to see current education over years of experience.

      Its tough, I have a family that have built our life around my steady income, how do we start over. Im almost to the point of getting out of accounting all together and going into something else. If Im starting over, what do I have to loose?

      Good luck to you. I hope things work out for you!

    • My sister was laid off, she was a manager at All-Tel until it was bought out by Verizon. Verizon told them they would be able to keep their jobs, then laid them off six months later. She couldn’t find another job at what she was making, so after going on unemployment, she took a job at 8.50 an hour and almost lost her house.
      The stupid part is that she was making more on unemployment than she was when she went back to work at 8.50.

    • This is no surprise. Every company is doing this “Let’s see who needs us” transformation. What they are doing is letting everyone who makes money go and hiring in, a much less qualified person to do your job for 1/2 your salary or less & have a “unqualified” chief train them from printouts. Those that need them stay because they “have to” and the company them makes them do the job that 3 people or more would have to do. For the same pay of course, because, they now know you are on your knees. They are trying so hard to drill this one comment “We need to be thankful we have a job in this economy, there are NO jobs out there”. That is not only a lie but a scare tactic they use and they have all manager, supervisors & coporate heads saying it. HERE IS WHAT YOU DO: JUMP WITH BOTH FEET. You HAVE TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Don’t be scared, be organized, knowledgeable and detail oriented. No one can pay you or treat you betterthan yourself. No one can fire you, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, you make your own hours, you do only as much work as you need or care to. It was the BEST choice I could have made. I’m so stress free without all the politics.

    • In a poor economy, beggers can’t be choosy. Take the job thats offered and when things improve and demand for the position grows, move to a higher paying job. Go home and tell the wife and kids they can’t spend the way they may have in the past. Sacrifice now and reap the benefits later.

    • Sheepeople,
      I’m guilty! This is just another planned “fake” recession!

      As an executive, I have witnessed laying off our employees just for the sake of getting cheaper labor even though we are a solid company and have cash on hand! None of us remaining employees have taken pay cuts and never will as we are part of the brotherhood.

      We have kept our bonuses, high end cars, lavish Christmas parties and lavish executive retreats with all expenses paid. We have shown zero loyalty to our employees as they are not part of the secret brotherhood.

      I will confess today that I and millions of executives are part of the Dogma of Demonic Masonic’s and have bitten into the “Forbidden Fruit”!

      I pray to my new LORD Jesus Christ to have mercy on my soul that I will never again be that kind of person. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that the “fallen angel” is real and is inside many of the high level executives around the world.

      If you want a better understanding of whats happening in the world today, please read the best selling book ever written: the “Great Wisdom Book” from start to finish,….how many of you have done that in your lifetime!


      • 2 things u all must remember.First – the company owes u NOTHING. 2nd – - because of that current way of doing business – u owe them even less – haha! give 2 weeks notice to a company u r leaving? haha! the only way i would give even one second’s notice is that it would somehow benefit me – not them.

    • Sheepeople,
      I’m guilty!

      This is just another planned “fake” recession!

      As an executive, I have witnessed laying off our employees just for the sake of getting cheaper labor even though we are a solid company and have cash on hand! None of us remaining employees have taken pay cuts and never will as we are part of the brotherhood.

      We have kept our bonuses, high end cars, lavish Christmas parties and lavish executive retreats with all expenses paid. We have shown zero loyalty to our employees as they are not part of the secret brotherhood.

      I will confess today that I and millions of executives are part of the Dogma of Demonic Masonic’s and have bitten into the “Forbidden Fruit”!

      I pray to my new LORD Jesus Christ to have mercy on my soul that I will never again be that kind of person. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that the “fallen angel” is real and is inside many of the high level executives around the world.

      If you want a better understanding of whats happening in the world today, please read the best selling book ever written: the “Great Wisdom Book” from start to finish,….how many of you have done that in your lifetime!


    • Well if you are old enough you would remmember that in the 80″s there were ‘horror’ stories such as PHD in English driving Taxi Cab in New York, or flipping burger at Mc Donald. So maybe it is just adaptibility to the situation? Myself i wish i could get hired, even for minimum wages..and i have a BS in Accounting..boo hooh!

  2. I agree with you. I got laid off from a $50.00 an hour job and found a new one which offered me $18.00. This was the best offer I gotten. Some where $12/hr. I have an MBA with 12 years experience at a Director’s level. It is very sad and depressing . However, don’t give up and in the future hopefully it will change. Right know I tell myself the $18.00 pays for the house and utilizes and the saving will last longer. I would be happy making $20.- $25.thousand less than before. Take it and continue looking.

      • Momof4: Since we are evaluating others, I believe technically you are referring to elke’s grammer, primarily, rather than her spelling.(Yes, the word “know” s/b now). Now for something constructive…that’s the point….

        Elke, if you have not, have you looked at the current average pay rates and growth in your prior job area? This may help to explain some of the salary adjustments and may either reinforce the reduction in pay or help you to be determined to regain the levels you enjoyed before. Good luck.

        It’s a new market and world. Competition

    • elke,

      You need to learn to speak correct English before applying for any job. That is the first thing employers look for – correct speaking. Your spelling improved a little, but your grammar is horrible. Perspective employers use any reason for not hiring – you have to be perfect – better than average.

    • If I took a job making that much less I would not be able to support myself. Unfortunately if you weren’t making a very high salary beforehand you’re not going to be able to keep a roof over your head if you take a substantial cut in pay. I am seeing temp. jobs for admin. assistants as low as $12.00 an hour but in my area even with a very low overhead you can’t live on that no matter how you “tighten your belt”.

  3. I had my Subway store stolen from me by the s.cumbags at Subway Corporate and now I can’t find a job. Like on South Park, “They took my jerb.” I’d be happy for a job just about anywhere.

      • “North Dakota is full of jobs”. That is a bunch of crock. If you are looking for $8 to $10 per hour unskillled labor jobs, maybe, but otherwise no.

        If you like working out in the oil fields, roughneck country, with no place to live and everything costs 25 to 50 percent higher. Go for it.

  4. Rather than depend on others, why not use your skills to create an income for yourself? Another opportunity that can be more lucrative is to help local businesses (e.g. restaurants and farmers) increase their sales and take a percentage from their sales in exchange. Click on my name to check out the site that enables this. There’s a Contact Us link under the Help menu. Use that to ask for opportunities for job seekers. Good luck.

      • Thank you. Too many people are forced to live a routine and the risks of losing job. We are enabling the flexibility and opportunity for the jobless and also small businesses across the nation. If there is adequate demand from job seekers, we will do a Webinar on the job opportunities we are enabling across the country. So, if interested in learning more, drop us a note via the Contact Us link and we will send you the invitation to the Webinar.

  5. Since most co’s are now going to only PT positions with about 20 hours to save $$ at our expense – try looking for TWO PT jobs @ 20 hours each. At least an alternative

  6. Well having a job isn’t all that either these days. Employers are cutting back so much, where if you do hold a poisition somewhere, your doing the job of 2-3 people at less pay. This whole Economy has everything in an up roar. It’s all about the Almighty Greddy Dollar!

    • Jesus, where did you people go to school?! Most of you can’t even spell-check yourselves, let alone hold down a decent job….and I’M the moron?!?!

      • Derek,

        Are you employed? If so, are you just on the board to police everyone’s writing skills for your amusement? Once you point it out, you don’t have to go on and on.
        It is really pointless. Goodness, I hope I haven’t misspelled something.

    • Right on CHED, I work as a tire store manager. I am also the office manager, the cashier, the tire tech (the ones changing the tires), the ONLY one who works there. I asked the owner last year for some help, he said it’s a one man job. I’ve been there now for four (4) years and i’m just about worn out. The owner is not only greedy, he could care less about me. So the moral of the store is… do your job, shut up, get paid, and you stay out of the unemployment line. Come on people, toughen up! Quit bickering back and fourth and just get along with one another. :)

  7. Wake up people, if you lose a job and are over the age of 50, these companies don’t want you. They can hire some college graduate at half your pay to do the job. Experience doesn’t count for much anymore, it’s all about the mighty dollar that goes to the top three or four officers in a company. If the overall trend to create a society of haves and havenots does not change soon, we all might as well move to Bangladesh and work for under a dollar an hour. At least we’ll have jobs.

      • Disagree!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am 62, 63 in September and have people contacting me on a regular basis to come to work for them. Depends on how good you are in your field. If you only wanted a pay check in your career you probably never aspired to be the best of the best. Not the route I took, feel sorry for you but probably hit the nail on the head.

        • To RJ Norton: Glad to hear you are doing well at your age, but it’s not the norm these days. Any research will show you that age discrimination is ESPECALLY alive and well during these times. I have a fabulous background and education, interview well… but as soon as I have to show my b-date on that “alien” form that is everywhere, I don’t hear from them again.

          I, am in my 60′s and am a RN. Just a few years ago, I would have a job most places I applied to… 60′s or not. They might either want me to do the job of 3, or think I’ll get sick. MANY foreigners and green cards in nursing positions!!!!

          Sorriest economy ever. Obama could have been such a hero had he prioritized it rather than waste so much time on his bogus Health Care Plan!!!!

          • I have a single friend who is in her 60s. She needed a new job after getting laid off, so she died her grey hair blonde (close to her original color), bought an “interview” outfit that was more modern than what she usually wore, and practiced interview questions with friends. She found a job. This might work for we who are young at heart and are job seekers.

            PS: Instead of looking at hospitals and doctors’ offices, think about becoming a school nurse if you like children. Some larger corporations might have nurses on duty, too. Wishing you all the best!

            • BTW: After posting this, I saw that I spelled “dyed” incorrectly. Please do not correct me; I apologize for my error.

            • I am 53 and look 10 years younger but it hasn’t helped me. Plus I am fashionable and present extremely well. So it doesn’t work for everyone, sorry!

          • I have to agree with you, Anne. It is NOT the “norm” for those of us over 50 to be finding jobs. VERY few of us are finding jobs. Getting a job right now is like hitting the lottery only worse because you first have to be PERFECT for the job. And I think age discrimination only makes it even harder. Younger people are seen as more maleable and more accepting of lower pay. It’s those of us with the most and BEST experience that are having the toughest time getting re-employed.

            • Ronnie -

              You are absolutely correct. Studies have been done for the current climate and if you are even 45 or over, the chances are very slim that you will find a job. They want younger people to whom they can offer much lower salaries. This is the way corporations are lowering the salary standards across the nation. We are so hungry for work that we are happy when we find a job paying thousands less. Many of the younger people may still live at home so it doesn’t hurt them as much. Some of us who are over 55 and 60 will probably never work again. I feel just a bit of outrage for corporations to deem me not useful at 58.

              • This Nation of workers is going to have to look at organizing again. Yes, unions. I keep hearing the same replies over and over. Bosses say it’s a one man job. No, you can’t have a raise. Benefits? Nope Can’t find a job that pays a decent wage. Etc, etc etc.
                We are having our wages brought down to 3rd world levels and are going toward a two class society. Haves and have nots. Sorry, but the younger people think that $15.00 an hour jobs are just great and they can live on that. Sure they can if they are living at home with mom and pops.

          • To ANN…Your comment hits it on the spot……I am also an RN (early 60′s)..hightly experienced, fluent bilingual, strong work ethic, lots of energy, etc., etc., was laid-off 2 years ago……guess what??? still unemployed after submitting hundreds of resumes (with cover letters) and such………any responses or even acknowledgments of receipt??? none, zilch, nada….not even the courtesy of an electronic “thank you but no thank you”…..in the past, not so long ago, one would present in a HR office of a particular medical facility, have a face to face initial meeting……today, it is an electronic scanner that looks at your resume…..there’s no idea who the person is, personality, demeanor, etc…..It is sad that today a person’s worth is judged by words in a piece of paper……machines are taking over and robbing us of our humanity!

            • @ Isabelle. I am so very surprised with your qualifications you cannot find a job as a nurse. Here where I live, in Virginia, they are paying high wages for your experience. I have a friend who worked as a nurse for a cruise ship line. I saw on the news a job posting for 5 nurses here starting at $40.00 an hour.

    • Don’t move to India, just yet: we will be a third world nation soon enough and the jobs will come flooding back.

      • That’s the solution to our problems–become a third world country!! Works like this–we do not need the higher wages, so we can underbid everyone else and work for less money. Jobs will come our way because those countries will be outsourcing to us.

      • yea – eventually people will b complaining about us stupid americans who answer the phone when someone contacts customer support – for now – we complain about getting foreigners who we have a hard time understanding – haha!

    • Yeah, wake up and smell the coffee?! i am 55 plus, has a degree in Accounting, but was a stay-at-home almost all my life. Now, i have to go back to get a health class in order to get an entry job, because no one will hired an old lady for accounting work, even a clerical position. Depressing, yes!

        • If you’re over 50, here are a few hints: stop thinking of yourself as “over the hill” and for pete’s sake, don’t call yourself that! Learn some new skills, most especially be technologically savvy – you must be adept with cell phones and computers. You must be able to sell yourself.

  8. It’s been more than a year and still looking for work. With big media declining while social media thrives, cannot seem to find new opportunity. Social media does not pay the bills when insurers and banks come calling. Give me a lead fellow bloggers on new gig as I look for redemption.

  9. I’m a graduate veterinarian with 30 years experience. My current job pays $11.50/ hr with no benefits. That translates to a gross income of $450.00/week. So if anyone has an idea that somehow the job market is going to improve, I guess that it has no where to go but up from here.

    • DrJim,

      Unfortunately… I made more on Unemployment than the amount you just posted. And unfortunately with a BS and 14 years in the field I am starting a job tomorrow for $10 PER HOUR, which is far less than I made baby-sitting in High School and college.

      Good Luck to us all. We should all look at markets in the UAE. They’re flourishing, pay well and provide housing.

        • Right now, I will be glad to receive $500 in unemployment. But, I will be working on opening my own business, or searching for another job. I was making $13.00 an hour with 13 years in the legal field. I was laid off on yesterday by my supervisor at the state of Georgia because she didn’t like me. I had more experience and took that job after making $80,000 at a previous job. I wasn’t happy but I was professional. People making different salaries act differently. Unfortunately, people who make more money are more professional than those making a lot less. Right now, I don’t know if I should be mad or thank her because now I have an opportunity to do other important things rather than be stressed at a job, helping people who don’t appreciate it.

          • Melissa, I am severely offended by the fact that you think a low-wage cook is any more unprofessional than you are! I take a great amount of pride in feeding the”professional” people of this country.What an arbitrary and severely biased opinion!
            Don’t come to my place of employment or you will be subject to the term ” I reserve the right to refuse you service”

            • oh, by the way- I have NEVER been laid off/fired/unemployed “on yesterday”- nice grammar- can’t imagine why you were “letted go” lol

            • Good cooks practice a very respectable craft. If u don’t realize that – try eating the crap someone who doesn’t know how to cook prepares. ( it would be ok if u were a dog – maybe)

              • My name is Tom, by the way, but u all can call me “The T-Man”.How did I learn to take over a room like I am already doing here? Well, 18 years as an independent disc jockey didn’t hurt.(Of course if u don’t have the brains to begin with – ain’t nuthin gonna help ya – well – ALMOST nuthin).

      • Please move to the UAE if it’s so great- more jobs for folks like me who just want a paycheck- not the great salary we ALL want, just enough to keep my house and feed my kids

      • Dear E.Ro.Ka: WOW! More than $10/hour babysitting??? I remember making 35 cents an hour while in high school, and was thrilled when they bumped it up to 50 cents! (And no, this was not for my family; that was the going rate back then, and I not only watched the 4 children, I cooked dinners, washed dishes, cleaned the house, and had everyone in bed after reading story after story.) Boy! Have times changed!

    • Jim – come to NZ to practice. I have lost faith in NZ vets; they are not too bright. You would be a breath of fresh air with your skills/intellect. It would be a treat for my animals to have an American vet. We have chosen an American doctor too, because NZ doctors are just HORRENDOUS & they will kill you with their stupidity!!! I am an American trained nurse and my education from the USA is better than the doctors education here…it is like the 1950′s. Vets are in high demandin NZ, but the pay will be less than the USA. Pay is literally about 20% of what you would make in the USA, but somehow the food and outdoor life are much better than America.

      Lots of skilled people in America – sad that the job situation is so bad..it’s like this everywhere, on a global scale.

    • Dr. Jim
      This is the first time I have been on this site and not sure how it works. If I understood your email, you are an unemployed veterinarian. I maybe able to help you. I would need more information.

    • OMG!……..that’ a travesty……unbelievable at best…….how’s is it possible that you would earn what a young 23 y/o cashier earns at a grocery store?? I am so sorry about your situation!…hang in there, indeed theres’s no way to go but up (I hope so)

  10. I hold a doctorate and I am looking for employment in another country. I have friends that are teachers and are moving overseas to teach. Better pay. This economic is making some of us look elsewhere to work and live.

    • I too have an advanced degree (BS) Bioscience. After trying and trying to re-employ with my degree I found no such luck after many, many months. Becoming broke and depressed was not my thing….. Now I sell Cars and gross about 1,800.00/week.(no kidding) It’s about the money, people. Try something outside your Degree. I know it sucks but…..Cash is King:)

  11. I have a BA degree and I’m working as a security guard at $9.25 an hour. My meltdown started in 2005. Now, its impossible to find anything. Trade jobs are still in demand — plumbing, HVAC, buiding maintenance or any other repair services. Its not sexy but what else is there? The corporations need to busted and broken up. They are the culprit! Unfortunately, the U.S. is a safe haven for these “snakes” that send jobs overseas. Now that Communist China owns us, we’re never coming back! God bless America?

    • Buy American (even if it is used) make one if you have to or do without.

      If no one will buy the imports the demand will be met by domestic companies.

      Need a garden tool, look up farrier/horseshoer or local machine shop in your yellow pages and describe what you need and he has the ability to make it or repair what you have.

      Antique tools that you find in garage sales and antique stores are worth the money. They may need polish and oil but they will outlast what you buy at home depot.

    • ey robert, i’m a plumber 25 years laid off 10/09 ,every job i apply for weather plumbing or maintance ( looking 1st or 2nd year apprentice ) I” E” min wage no benies and expendable, guess our grandparents were right over 50 over the hill and out to pasture. Hopefully i’ll find something down south.

  12. As we shipped jobs and money overseas at a blistering pace in the 80′s/90′s and still even today, what did you think was going to happen to our country folks? When you buy forgein products and services it doesn’t bode well for your economic future. Think about it.

  13. I’m surprised that there is a decline in fed jobs.I myself just landed a fed job with the USDA,(food inspector).They say they have openings in all 50 states and from the sound of it they have a hard time getting anyone interested in the job.The pay and benefits are not to bad. P.S. i’m over 50.

    • I feel terrible for and empathize with those searching for a job. I am a recent graduate and I just finished my second week at my first full-time job! However, this comes after over six months of applying to jobs within a 50-mile radius. In May, I graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Spanish. Even though I am trilingual, have an extensive work history (particularly for someone my age), have a degree, and have excellent references, I had to apply to over 250 jobs before I got the job I have now. Because companies can afford to be choosy, they can demand certain requirements from prospective employees. Many positions I looked into (Assistant Manager and Supervisor positions) require at least two years of experience in a supervisory capacity, if not more. Here in the southwest, many companies have resorted to eliminating their HR departments and instead use computers to analyze and filter through resumes from applicants. I did not necessarily want to do what I am doing now. However, after applying to over 250 jobs, I am completely and utterly grateful to have the job I have. No, I am not making the money I think I “deserve” or “want”; but I realize that is unrealistic. I fear many others do not want to come to this realization. It is unnerving that the report only shows 9.2% unemployment. It would be much more accurate if the report included those who are not actively searching for a job and those who have run out of unemployment.

      To those searching for jobs: hang in there! I hope you find one very soon!!!

  14. When I was flying tours over the Grand Canyon I qualified for food stamps. As a pilot with peoples lives at stake how is that possible?

    • It’s because of greedy air touring companies that think their workers can live on air and cardboard boxes over our heads. It truly is time for a revoltion. I am a pilot also, but have never flown for a living except when teaching students to fly. i have a flight instructor rating, but not many people came to me because I am just a girl, and in SE Kansas where I taught flying, girls didn’t fly. In fact, if they could have it their way, we women would be wearing burkas and not allowed to have jobs or drive cars.

  15. There may be fedeal jobs out there but finding them is another story. I too am over 50 college grad. – laid off and been looking for a job for a year. I cannot even get Merry Maids to hire me!!!! Our only chances now days is to find a home business.

  16. True the Feds are down sizing but if you look in the right area there are still jobs. I to work for the govewrnment (DOI-National Park Service). Started working for them in August of 2010 as a seasonal employee and now am full time. Some times you just have to adjust your outlook and even your job market. I never thought I would be working for the government, but I am

    • hey – i worked 20 years as an accountant for the county government and I now get 1,800 a month pension from that job. I also get social security. I told my family that when my time comes – they can hook me up to life support so that I can still get my checks and give it to them – haha!

  17. Dee; Go to usajobes.gov this is where I got my job, it will probably take you several weeks to go through all that is listed on there.

    • I have applied at over 50 jobs at USAjobs.gov (even in other nearby states) and no one has contacted me. I have applied at so many federal jobs and have not had any response. I was beginning to think the federal, state and county government are only hiring their dumbass relatives and friends who probably didn’t get a diploma or a degree.

      • this is what u must do. start to get involved with ur local politician.do whatever they need (well – not whatever – lol) they will then recommend u to a local.state,etc. government agency who has a job opening

  18. Yes, the economy can be sooo depressing. I live in Vegas, we have gone from the top (the big boom) to total bust! Realistically, I know everything that goes up must come down, but, so fast, and hard? jeez! People are leaving this city like you wouldn’t believe, so many in fact, the government won’t tell what the true numbers are, they are afraid it will freak the rest of us out!! LOL! So, the only jobs left are in the Resort/Casino’s corporate machine. No one outside of it can understand how corporate it is! your just a number, and they could care less about you. The failing economy has had a huge silver lining for these jerks, they can try to bust up the unions, jip us on our contract, etc. They keep poor mouthing about how they are losing profits etc, and yet the CEO’s all make over 10 million -34 million a year!! poor babies!!
    My family has been hit hard, my husband was in construction, and went from working 50-60 hrs. a week to being on call, losing his benefits, and getting maybe 20 hours every two weeks. I carry the financial burden, work at one of the casino mills, and am also a realtor! That’s another joke, everyone wants to buy off the bottom, tons of forgein cash buyers, no one wants to spend more than 50K, and they all think there is a ton of houses like that! which there is NOT. The banks are holding on to their foreclosurs, and won’t release them to the market. It’s a nightmare!!
    So, the solution? We have decided to think outside the box. There is a ton of work in N. Dakota, the oil fields are booming, and they pay excellantly. Yes, the winters suck, no housing etc, etc. however, there is OPPORTUNITY galore!! Even, the fast food places pay over $12.00 an hour. Construction $20 – $30, but working 60-70 hrs per week. Tons of OT. My husband is working there now, and we will follow in the spring. He says he’s met lots of guys who have degrees, and were making the bucks until the recession hit. Now this is how they had to make a shift in their thinking. The guys working in the oil field make 80K to 120K a year!! Also, I agree, as long as we don’t manifacture anything in this country, and have sent all jobs overseas, what kind of economy are we supposed to have. It’s all service or consumer based. You can only buy so much crap, eat out, etc. I’m just saying….

    • My brother is working in ND driving a truck for $20/hr and puting in 60 – 70 hours per week. Lots of jobs in the Eastern part of the state too. The state has 3.2% unemployment and the oil fields have less than 1% unemployment.

  19. It started with Reagans amnesty for 2.5 million illegals and staffing services.I don’t have anywhere to turn as a white english speaking US citizen except Canada.

  20. There are (which means, “something plural exists,” NOT “They’re,” which means, “a group is…”) grammatical errors in almost every one of your (meaning possession, NOT “you’re,” which means you ARE) postings. Most of those that are well written were posted by the “old” people (what does THAT say about our educational system?).

    As you all seem capable of using a computer, why not make use of a web site that will correct your (meaning, “It belongs to you.”) grammar? Have none of you heard of Spell Check? Why don’t you educate yourselves in this subject?

    I am in the same boat as you are, and the economy is horrible, but if you really want a job, start by presenting yourself in the best possible way. If your resumes are anything like your postings, I wouldn’t hire most of you.

    • you people who post that “all you need is a little hard work and there’s lots of jobs out there mumbu-jumbo power of postive thought crap” are so punitive and arrogant. you must not live in LA with all the illegal immigrants and housing bubble devestation! come on by and i challenge to find a job! anywhere! how about Target? even they have a hiring freeze!

      i am a $100K a year person (interior designer)who is now working for $40K with two part-time jobs. it took me seven months to find those. i don’t even want to discuss the resumes sent.

        • Yea, it is poor baby, and for good reason. It’s not like people who had decent incomes can sell their house to reduce their expenses to meet their now shriveled (or non-existent) income – homes aren’t selling, and those that do sure aren’t selling at a rate that could help the homeowner get out from under the mortgage. Downsizing your cars is the same issue. So your credit gets tainted during this process and now potential employers think they have a right to pull your credit report prior to hiring you and guess what? There goes that offer…it’s a completely vicious circle. As Time Magazine wrote about, we are definitely looking at a lost generation here.

  21. Advice from an old man , Times will get much worse, try picking apples,for five cents per crate , so come follow me and I”ll l learn Ya the trade.

    • Walter, I miss the 50′s. In these following respects 99% of us had these qualities: we respected our parents, grandparents and elders, unconditionally. We went to school and God help us if we were failing, did not do our homework and tried to goof off in any way if it was in our power to do the three preceding things. And God? Why, we all knew Him in one way or another through the mindful instruction of our parents, God bless them, and in my America, we were taught to respect everyone’s Religion even if it was not our own, it was God afterall, the One and only. We were taught to love and have gratitude for our country. To be proud of all the people we, our people have died for to help save from the persecutions our forefathers escaped. How many actually know the words to “My Country Tis Of Thee? The lyrics are nothing but gratitude and humility for a land to be free in, and the very last verse attributed to God. I admit, the greedy pummelled the weak, our poor Indians, even now are disrespected, and slave trade unreprehenisable, but the true beginning settlers were so grateful to flee tyrrany and did not want fighting but peace. It was the greedy ones that brought the hate and I believe there was so much land at that time that without the greed we all could have lived side by side peacefully. I realize I go on too much. I love America. I have very many memories of fun and play and a whole lot more self discipline I see around me now. It seems everyone is out of control, the better car the better everything and even welfare recipients feel they should have these things while being lazy and complacent. They talk about being green? Hey, just come back in time a little. We had one tv, which we had to actually get up to change the channel, and we had to share that set. We hung our clothes on a clothesline.We had one phone in the house. We cooked our own meals and they did not come out of cardboard boxes.My Dad worked so hard it made me cry and worry for him, but I sure was so proud of him. We were always fed, always clean and always housed with NO federal help. We were all taught to be resourceful, never waste anything unneccesarily, that’s why when we dropped a piece of penny candy we could always kiss it up to God and still eat it, that was the easy one, the other stuff was a bunch tougher but it taught us how to survive. One rule, you never give up, no matter how difficult, how many falls, you get up again and once again try. I am now 56 yrs old. I am a female, There are three other sibs. We all work, own our own homes and have successful kids, thank God. Everyone of us knows what it is like to feel deprived, get slapped by life alot, too, but none of us ever caved. I am the least successful, I guess, yet I awe people because I make the majority of my own clothing and they look designer. I am not bragging on myself, but on my folks because they told me if you want to learn how to do something apply yourself. Well, my folks could not buy me “designer clothes”. So, I decided to learn how to sew and I am now my own designer and all my fabrics are made in the USA and my friends can not believe these are home grown. It is a pity how the Americans have voted in such weak and greedy leaders. To me, Obama loves America like OJ loved Nicole, along with the rest of them running the show. They just quit our space program?!!! Do you realize the wonderful technology that has come from NASA not to mention the 20,000 jobs that were lost yesterday and the fact that the US govt has just given away our capacity to defend our own land? I’d bet most do not even realize Obama just extinguished it or recognise it’s importance.Free trade is utmost but selling ourselves out is not. Tarriffs, and control on welfare recipients including aliens are extremely important to America’s survival, and a love of God. three out of four of my Grandparents were immigrants. None spoke English, got housing , food or medical at arrival. They had to work, speak the language and make their way. That is why it is the land of opportunity not the land of gratuity. Jobs are not created because they are taxing corps to the point that they see overseas opportunities more welcoming, not to mention all the rules and sometimes idiotic regulations. Are the corps greedy? Yes and no. They give us wanna bes a chance to work, they have the cash to start it and keep it going, if they are not gonna get alot ahead why stay? It is greed but one that we have no choice but to swallow so we can have jobs and maintain our personal dignity.Why has Mr Obama just financed S.A. for some 3 billion dollors to get oil? Can we not use our own tax dollars to help us develop our own vast resources?How many jobs would those bucks have generated? Now, that is corrupt, the father stealling from the children. And OMG! this is just one example! I am an independant thinker and independant voter. It is my hope the “tea party” wins as I am so discouraged those voted in speak word and deliver us to betrayal. Hear comes my Lib side… Bob Dylan, “Don’t follow leaders and watch your parking meters” Sorry Walt, had to have this long say,Now, if I spelled wrong or did not use proper grammer or punctuation sorry, I am only a dedicated H.S. grad. Peace

      • Found your words very inspiring, thank you. These are times for re-inventing oneself. But take heed, from what I hear, jobs that went to China (thanks Clinton) may be coming back because things are getting expensive over there. And, as a side note, wanted you all to know that English is my second language and I can spell better than many of you proud Americans posting here. Please go back to school, learn to use dictionaries or at least learn the differences between:

        To and Too
        Your and You’re/You Are
        There and Their
        or as I saw yesterday……..Trader vs Traitor (Lord!)

  22. This economy is an outrageous disaster. While the article is trying to be helpful, it isn’t. People CAN’T jump from one sector to another (a displaced teacher should look for a job in the technology sector???). No one will hire someone with no experience with respect to that kind of extremity.

    • wrong charlie
      I have spent all my life working in the mining field. I always have and still do hire people from diverse work backgrounds. Everyone deserves a chance to earn a good living.

      • Heinz, you are good man and that’s sweet, but not realistic. Charlie has a point,. I can do four things for a living (three bore me but I will do them) and nobody’s eyes light unless they are looking for exactly my skill set – trying to transfer your skill-set is not easy. and i can sell sand to the Suadi’s and used to be a Ford model. should i become a plumber now that I an interior designer? i have worked every angle

    • It is hard to go from one field to another. I am usually told that I am over qualified. To those people I feel like saying “Do you want to hire a moron who can screw up things for you?” I just want a job. I am not interested in climbing the corporate ladder, etc. I am over 60 andtoo oldfor that stuff.

    • good point! also, it is so dumb that to be hired in many fields – they want someone with experience in the software they r using. As if it so hard to learn it on the job! And in 6 months – the software changes anyway!

    • I am now retired but was a manager of a midsize firm. We certainly hired people from differing career backgrounds. What were we looking for. Self-confidence, enthusiam, positive attitude, intelligence and ability to speak well, comprehend complex information and write well. Every workforce is different and every employer is unique in some way. Put your best foot forward and recognize that a job is better than no job.

  23. I love most of the comments on here. When I say most, the comments that I don’t like are from the Grammar Police. Seriously, why do you feel the need to criticize people and their grammar? Why does it seem to bother you so much? If it didn’t bother you, you wouldn’t be criticizing and pointing it out. People are just making comments here, so perfect grammar isn’t necessary here.

    • I don’t care if someone on this site knows his or her grammar or not. My point was, that if they are complaining that they can’t find a job, perhaps brushing up on their grammar, etc, might help. Did you even read the entire posting?

      • I agree. I would not hire someone who did not use appropriate language. Just like I would not hire someone who wore their pants down below their hips. When people work for me, they are representing me as a person and my company. I want my company and reputation to be shown in the best possible light. I want people to feel that they can understand my staff and me, and that we are well educated. I want people to have confidence in our services.

    • Re: Grammer Police – if you cannot express yourself correctly, if you cannot speak correctly, then the image you present of yourself, of the company you work for, is one of ignorance, bad education and frankly, a low class background.

  24. folks to get a job, get off and net and walk in the door, get proactive !!
    or start a home based business..it is possible and doesn’t cost that
    much. I did..it is working out great ! best of luck, Rose in NV

  25. Sorry for all you folks. Sometimes it pays to be retired (even if age comes with it). Not worrying about any of these things. Good luck all!

  26. I see a lot of desperation in some of the postings. There are jobs if you posess the right skills. May I suggest that you goto to any of the Job boards and see what they are looking for. Just browse thru the postings and you will notice that there is a need for technical skills. If you do not posess those skills then go get them. I know that sounds cold but it’s what is required. I was a engineering manager that got laid off and that is what I did. It sucks but it worked out well. I am working for somebody considerably younger and for less pay but I love my job. I just convinced my boss that I was not after his job (I am not) and I can provide him with maturity and experience. Stop whining and go get the skills that you need. You will feel better for it. This does not only pertain to technical fields. There are other fields that are going without people with the right talent just do the research and pick your target field. BTW I am 56.

  27. First off, I just went back to work after a year and 2 months of freedom from the stress ridden work place. I retired in 2008 at the tender age of 53 and embarked on a search for a new career.

    I went back to work about 2 months later in a different industry but under the same discipline umbrella. I worked quick and frantically to find a new job and found one with realative ease (gas was $4 a gallon then).

    The bottom fell out of the economy and as a “nubie” in the aviation industry I was released after exactly one year. After some quick and furious work on my job search I was employed once again in the food packaging industry, bad economy and all, within 3 months.

    This company was moving out of my travel range and I left after 6 months. At that point, I put out a half hearted search for work required by EDD and spent over a year without results.

    I started to put some more time and energy into my job search a month ago and low and behold, I picked up a new job that I will start in a week. The point to this story is, the more I put into the effort, the more opportunities availed themselves. You get out of it what you put into it.

    My first new job was for $4 an hour less than the previous, the next $3 less than that. Now I’m heading back up the financial food chain and picked that $3 back up with potential to pick up the $4+.

    I am now 56 years old and while age can at times determine what level you may start, If your worth your salt, you should be able to make some gains and get back up to reasonable speed.

    Everyone needs to get real and accept that the economy dictates ones value, not their out dated education which smells expensive, when all employers are looking for value. If you have skill sets that are needed you can be succesful as long as you stay(ed) on top of them.

    I’m in the industrial maintenance trades and there is plenty of work there for one who stays current in technology (ie.germain software knowledge). Got a degree? How old is it and how current did you keep your knowledge base and certs? did you just get comfortable and let your career go into cruise control?

    I know everyone didn’t get get lazy, but a lot have forgotten how difficult their first few years of job seeking really was. If the same vigor was put into the quest as was when they were younger, they would be surprised at the results. If you look older, there are ways to improve that and your chances of finding work. I think appearance trumps chronilogical age anyway.

    There is hope for everyone if they are realistic about their current skill level status. If they need some help, go back to night school and get some certificates that are in line within the trade you wish to work.

      • Tom Feleck,

        You are right. The hardest job is trying to get a job. After 19 months of searching, I finally landed a contract engineering gig in Saudi Arabia. During that 19 months when I was out of work, it must have been that I applied for 1000′s of jobs, had contacts with tens of recruiters,and so on and so forth.

        Must have dedicated 60 + hours a week in looking for work at that time. Given that I am close to 60, as age progresses, it only gets tougher to find work.

        After this gig, I will probably retire, and do part-time/seasonal/temporary consulting engineering work in the USA. That is where the demand seems to lie right now, for companies do not want to take on full time employees due to the cost of the benefits packages. Just have to go with the flow..

        • and do whatever u can to change the flow to suit ur particular situation.Finding a job today is way easier than the pioneers of this great country had it. They had hostile enemies, sometimes they couldn’t even get/grow enough food/water to eat/drink, etc. People HAVE to look at the current scenario as a challenge to their great American spirit and they MUST figure out a way to win at this current “game”. Just remember – I didn’t make these rules but whatever the rules are at any given point – one must learn – no – one must MASTER them and do whatever it takes to succeed under those rules/circumstances.

    • To Ron,

      That’s great news! Now, please send President Obama an e-mail notifying him of your retirement, and suggest that he encourage 40 million other government employees to quit their jobs as well, then he will be able to reach his goal of cutting 4 trillion from the fedeal deficit without having to impact essential programs like Social Security and Medicaide or the thousands of pork barrel projects that Congress is afraid to cut out of fear their political careers would end as a result.

  28. I have read all of your posts and all of you are correct. It’s not only about being under or overqualified, graduate or undergraduate, and over or under 50. I’ve been unemployed for four years and there’s no finances left for me and my family. Every time someone with a Muslim name does a terrorist act, I get caught up in his or her actions. Businesses are prejudicial based on someone’s name without even knowing the person and regardless of their qualifications. If you’ve been out of work as long as I have, your credit is in the toilet. I have been denied employment just because of a poor credit history. I have several things working against me, poor credit, no recent job history, my name, and over 40. I just want the opportunity to work and be able to support my family.

  29. What a sad state of affairs….Obama: YOU`RE FIRED. Unless we bring our troops home and use the billions to generate new jobs and manufacturing interests, the only ones with a great paycheck will be: Johnny Depp, Angelina, greedy oil barons, bankers and ceo`s. The rest of us have to fight for the scraps. Politicians are corrupt, immoral and since they`re mostly lawyers, a bunch of decieving liars. God please end this now.

  30. Just wait, the military is downsizing. They are “right-sizing” and “force-shaping”, which means there will be tens of thousands of out of work Vets pounding the pavement shortly. I know, my husband is one of the first affected by PTS and ERB. There are plans to cut 15,000+ Sailors in the next year…and that doesn’t count the Marines and Soldiers who are going to be without livelihood soon. Many of them are 12-15 yrs into their careers and planned on being lifers but thanks to high attrition rates due to the suck economy there just isn’t money for them anymore. We’re trying our hardest to find jobs and get ready for civilian life after 14 years of being military. We can’t stay at our current station, it’s just too expensive here (Hawaii) and it’s hard to get a mainland job when you live in 5000 miles away. Without any job offers we don’t even know where we should go. We both have degrees and my husband can launch a tomahawk like nobodies business but we aren’t turning up much. I feel for all you who have been out of work for months or even years; looks like we’ll be joining you on the breadlines soon. And get ready for more unemployed, homeless Vets….coming to a street corner near you.

  31. 24 years with a major retailer and I was no longer meeting company standards? Never had a bad review until this year, when they want you gone, you are gone, no matter what you do. What I had under my belt was 6 weeks paid time off, nice 401k, pension plan, good salary. I was almost 59 years old. You figure it out. I was one of 9 in my store, all were 50 or older except one, who were eliminated. So now the store employs mostly people from other countries, part time and under 20. Good luck getting GREAT customer service there.

  32. 49 Million College Grads cannot find work: and HS students do not peform the lawn service–illegals do as do fast food. Thus entire segments of our youth have been cut off completely while our government continues to apply no laws to foreigners or illegals while the youth’s parents are outsourced, off-shored or just plain removed from their livelihood…
    Once gone: manufactruing will not re-appear–so the money for job training is a waste–since those doing it are bureaucrats–retired on the JOB–as usual!

    • I believe 49 million out of work college grads would put the unemployment rate at 30% – 35% for the USA just using the college grads. You may want to check your numbers, last reports had us at 9.2% unemployed.

  33. As usual there are a few well thought out comments on these blogs and many that are not. But it is an interesting topic. If I had the time I would start a “kick butt” over 50 job seekers club. Base on my middle aged experience 54 and still employed in a “young persons” corporate sales job and doing well- You have to stay as healthy and fit as possible if you want to be one of the employed older workers, it’s not fair but it is reality. You also need to have a mindset of learning new things, being interested in life. If you can’t manage that -then you need to be the best at what you do and in demand. Many of the older workers I see out of work look like they just steped out of a time warp machine from 30 years ago. Many have let themselves go physically to the point they look like walking heart attacks. Older workers have a lot of value, but you have to present yourself in a package that shows that. No one wants to hire a smoker. If you smoke quit. Not fair but reality. Image does matter and it does not have to cost a lot of money but you do have to make an effort. I am saying what no one else wants to say or admit. Cold hard reality. Also workers need to look outside their chosen field. Companies do not owe us lifetime employment and I never expected that. I have always lived below my means preparing for the day when I get the boot. At that point I will open my options to different jobs. But since I never thought any company would keep me until 65 I never spent every penny I made. THerefore I have options. I wish everyone luck, however we make our own luck through effort, time and trying again. Also older workers might have better luck in smaller companies where they can not afford to hire so many experts. For those of you out of work, when you get back on your feet, try living on less and saving more-you will soon have big smile on your face knowing that you alone can take of you –no matter what because you have savings and leverage to take jobs on your terms. Now that’s freedom.

  34. its a matter of getting off your duff, getting out to as many people in hiring positions as possible, and never ever giving up. Go to it. Its a numbers game, whether we like it or not, there is not a lot of jobs, but there is a job for everyone, it just takes time, energy, effort, and persistence to find one. It may mean you have to take less pay, but at least you’ll be working, and you can look for a better paying job, while you are working for the lessor paying one. Go for it.

    • Harry, this is why many of us with experience CAN’T get hired: companies know we’ll be looking for the better job and will bolt at the next offer. I can’t even get a job as a p/t clerk at Walgreens – believe me, I’ve applied. Also I think they want to keep salaries low – they may be able to get experienced workers in the door low, but assume we’ll be making our case for a raise within a certain timeframe.

  35. There is a new reality. Things will never return to the way they were. Those that understand this now and ADAPT early may overcome, but you must economize in every way of your life.

    I went from $55K a year, lay offs, new job 4 days later at $40K and happy to take it. 45 of my fellow, mind you, “american” co-workers sat on their butts and took unemployment instead. Only 3 found jobs 1 year later. I could not believe their lazyness. Now all complain much like many here.

    I suggest you see some documentary films: Demographic Winter and Demographic Bomb. Also won’t hurt to see Inside Job, it won an Oscar.

    Once you understand the new reality, you will understand. The older workers will not be hired in any significant #’s, they are not able to adapt to new technology based job skills, cost to much. You will have to self employ. The housing market will NOT rebound, USA does not have a large population to buy large, numerous baby boomer homes. The stock market will continue to go down, again, no large working class proping it up by infusing $$ into it. Demograhic series will explain this easily to you.

    Accept any job salary and benefits.
    Move to where the jobs are, in USA or outside. (often your skills in other countries are valuable!)
    No job is beneath you now, accept it.
    Downsize and economize.

    Immigration is actually one of the solutions, believe it! But racism is getting in the way of seeing how they can contribute in a faltering economy.

    I had two cars, I now have one economical one.
    I cancelled newspapers, internet, land line, cable TV and use library for books, DVDs, Internet and entertainment.
    I sold off nearly everything I no longer use.
    I rarely buy anything, but if I do, on sale, craigslist, used.

    And I am planning and preparing everyday for things to actually get worse.
    if you are prepared, it won’t catch you off guard.

    • I totally agree with you there David. There are a bunch of lazy people out there who get paid just to sit and watch TV or whatever. The way I see it is that most people are too comfortable with what they had when they were making the big bucks, and to them its hard to adapt to the economy now. Your right technology is moving fast and no offense but some of the older folks can’t keep up with it, so why keep them around. Companies are looking for young and fresh minds to take the place of the older employees who been with the company for a long time, so they can learn the new technology quicker and undersrtand it better.That’s how I see it here and I’m a Fuel Tank Specialist. I don’t make much but its true have to adjust your budget so that you can adapt to what’s going on around you.

      • Laziness is a form of mental illness in my great opinion – haha! I mean – who in their right mind could even put up with watching the crap they have on tv these days . Once in a blue moon – i watch something that actually holds my attention, but how many times am I gonna see a car explode and a great big fireball in an action flick and still think its cool?

    • David Madigan: Where is it stated anywhere that poorly monitored immigration and illegal immigrants are NOT taking over a lot of native-born as well as legal and qualified immigrants jobs????
      Think of the “Dominoe effect”, which plays a HUGE role here as well.
      All my research has told me that poorly trained or illegal immigrants are indeed affecting our WHOLE job market adversely! Common sense!!!
      Only in America!!!

    • I am waiting for gas to cost 20 dollars a gallon – lmao!I got my motorcycle which gets 48 mpg and I can get an electric bike for 400 dollars. I will occasionally ride in my minivan when the weather is really bad – haha! I will buy in bulk and might even start my own “store” – haha!

  36. I am an accountant, alsowith an MBA. I have been unemployed for three years. I have over 30 years experience and have now exhausted my unemployment benefits, for which I applied for the first time in my life. It is difficult, when you need to depend on friends since I don’t have any family left. Yet, I would be more than happy to accept a minimum wage job. Employers are reluctant to hire you, since you are over qualified. Said to think about what the under qualified are going through. I have not lost my hope, I know there is still light at the end of the tunnel.

    • CPA here…and in same boat. Unemployed almost three years and now 55 years old. The continuing education requirements become pointless and now I feel the career is over. Time to do something else. Looking forward to a change.

      • Davefe-

        If you’re looking perhaps this site could be of some assistance?

        Must do a 1099 form at the end of the year upon making more than $600

        Watch 140 movie previews and commercials a week. Rate the commercial on a 5 heart scale and earn money, prizes, and coupons on your favorite products. Coupons are like cash in this economy! Get your friends and family to join for more money.


        • if u really need money and have an accounting background (which really isn’t necessary in my opinion) – in the fall – look for ads that will pay the cost of the course so u can learn the tax code as long as u work 4 that firm by doing income tax preparation work 4 them. these jobs are always in demand and u can make some nice $ in a few months. Expect to live – haha! at their office, tho, until tax season is over.

    • Tell the employer that u took early retirement and are bored sitting home. They like that!.U are not lying! haha! u actually did take early retirement – u just didn’t take it on ur terms – haha!

  37. First off Don’t worry about my Grammar!

    Alright peoplle here it is: It”s called Survival 101.
    Who’s the hungriest? People now have to pick up and try to find work where they do not realy want to live. Sound familiar? or You Stay and Fight! This has been coming for years and our Government knows it because they let it happen and encourage it.
    Back in 1982 we had a mild recession: I was working construction and a Friend of mine called me and said he needed my help. The Union Thugs had come and shut down his job and his workers were scared. He needed to get the job done that day and he gave me the pay I wanted.I was hungry and I wasnt about to let my children go hungry. So here is what I did. I got to the job it was a hot tar roofing job. the kettle which you heat the tar in was down the ally. I fired it up sent 7 buckets of hot tar up to the roof and had the seven worker put them along the edge. The owner of the Building was there and said what should I do. i said you got a gun if so give it to me. he went and got it and I put it in my Belt and I had the axe which we cut up the tubs of hot tar and held that. The Union thugs came back beacuse they could see the smoke from the kettle. 5 big goons came down the alley. I stoof there and told them to stop and look up so they did and seen the hot buckets of tar above. and I showed the gun in my belt. AND I TOLD THEM MY KIDS ARE HUNGRY AND IAM DOING THIS JOB AND I WILL DIE TODAY IF I HAVE TO BUT YOU MAY TOO THE CHOICE IS YOURS!!! They could see I was serious and they made the right choice and we finished the job. The Union rep somehow got my home phone # and called me the next day and offered me a job . Which i said thanks but no thanks but we had mutual respect and he liked my grit. IS THIS YOUR COUNTRY OR NOT? IS THIS YOUR HOME OR NOT? THE BATTLE IS HERE NOT OVERSEAS!!! THE REASON WE ARE IN THIS POSITION IS BECAUSE AMERICA HAS LOST ITS HUNGER AND WE LET THE GOVERNMENT AND CORPORATIONS SELL US OUT!! aND HUNGRIER PEOPLE HAVE CAME HERE AND ARE WINNING BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT FIGHTING BACK!!! AND YOU KEEP ON RELYING ON THE SAME GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO SOLD US OUT TO FIX THE PROBLEM!!!

  38. I have read most of these posts and I have to say that I was an accountant for 26 years and was laid off last June, I went back to school and completed a fast paced 9 month program and I now have a new career in the medical field! I may not be making the same wages I once made but I have a job and I love my new career! Sometimes we have to reinvent ourselves in order to succeed, wake up people and go after what you want and make it yours no matter what it is!

  39. davefe, you are right time for a change! I to am in my early 50′s my career change was the best thing I did for myself! Good Luck in whatever you do:)

  40. In May, 2009 I was at a dead-end minimum wage job I’d worked at for over 2 years in a small Coastal town. The owner of the business decided to cut my hours for no reason, then when I defended myself, reminding him I’d been with the company over two years, he cut my hours even more. It was then that I decided it was time to make the change I’d been planning to make.

    I bought a one-way airline ticket to Las Vegas, put in my two weeks’ notice, and moved to Las Vegas with just a backpack & a suitcase. The locals I met asked me why I had moved to Las Vegas, and tried to tell me there were no jobs. I had a job within 7 weeks.

    My first job did give me a cut in pay (from $8.55/hour to $7.50/hour), but I was working fulltime, and I was working at the Grand Canyon. By the time that job ended that Fall, I had enough money saved up to get my own apartment and I had a job offer from a major resort on The Strip at over $16/hour.

    I then had a family emergency and had to relocate last Fall temporarily to Illinois. It was a small community with high unemployment, but I found a temporary job within three weeks of looking.

    When I returned to Las Vegas in March I found a fulltime job at another resort exactly one month to the day that I arrived. I have been doing better since I left the dead-end minimum wage job. There are jobs out there, you just have to be willing to take one you wouldn’t normally take. You are more employable when you’re employed.

    • What you said! i had to relocate from Florida to chemical Alley in Louisiana and Texas. There are jobs out there if yo are mobile, even if you have to rent a room and your kids and spouse are back in another state.

  41. Interesting perspective from most people that don’t work in health care or Gov, where most of the jobs have been for the past several years. I work in physical therapy with a 2 year degree and am making more than most people with Master Degrees, that is sad, but the tide is turning on people like me too, there are a lot of jobs with what I do, I mean a ton but now they are dropping salaries some because of the uncertainty of Obamacare and the overall economy. We have to get this man and his job destroying policies out of the White House and get somebody anybody that knows how to run a business successfully,this man is an unmitigated disaster, if he is re-elected you will see more and more people out of work and things will get even more out of control, its sickening to me that are tons of people that don’t see this, these are bad times, but things can and should get better once certain things are put in place. 1. Drop the corp tax rate to at least 20-25%, the lower the better, 2. Lower tax rates across the board on everyone except the nearly 50 % that don’t pay taxes, they need to pay something in federal taxes don’t they, 3. Drop Obamacare like a bad habit and start having companies compete from state to state and you will see rates plummet. 4. Drill, Drill, Drill, everywhere in US, off coast, AK, wherever and get off Mexican, Canadian, Saudi Arabian, wherever else and somebody anybody tell OPEC to go to hell. Do at least these 4 things alond with getting spending in DC under control and get more TEA congressmen and women, I guarantee you things will change, and that is not a platitude from our esteemed so-called leader PBO.

    • Right now companies are competing and my health insurance premium went up $101 while the COLA said I get no raise in my $1730 take home federal pension from my job as a Civil Servant Nuclear Engineer for the Navy. I don’t think you know what you are talking about.

      • You think its bad now, wait until this monstrosity kicks in, and its a basic supply and demand law the more companies compete the lower the prices will go, with Obamacare they are trying to get rid of all health care companies, that is their goal.

        • just remember – if obama goes – the next president will prolly b even WORSE haha! the problem is that people still believe the lies that candidates tell to get themselves elected. They mostly run for office not to solve OUR problems, but to put themselves into position where they can get 10 grand a speech after leaving office – hahahaha!

          • @ tom felock. Please stop with the ha ha ha in every post. Most of your posts are good, but the ha ha is so unnecessary and getting old. What’s with that anyway?

      • look at the bright side – if gas remains at its current level – that should affect the C.O.L.A. positively. If gas goes up to 20 dollars a gallon, then anyone getting money affected by the C.O.L.A. should get a whopping increase! (just don’t use any more gas than u absolutely must!)

  42. I thought it was interesting and honestly a little surprising. I’m in the healthcare field. However, I’ve read a book byPaul Zane Pilzer, over the next 10 years two industries are going to collide and that’s wellness and network marketing. I was introduced to an amazing opportunity and would love to share it with you. Please call 303-332-9833. Diane

  43. I lost my job as a Federal Nuc. Engr. for the Navy when my shipyard closed back in 1994. The most I ever made was $60,000 a year. To hear people complaining about having to take a pay cut from $50 an hour is a bit much. I took a 25% pay cut to find a job in another field and now live on $1730 a month pension. Some people are just too highly paid, like 4 police sergeants in my town of 60,000 who hauled in last year over $230,000. Ridiculous. City pay sure beats the heck out of federal pay at least in California.

  44. I recently became unemployed and to the bitch that let me go I hope you get hit by a truck. Anyway, that’s all I have to say.

  45. I am a professional wrestler with 15 years in the bizz and I must say I am still bringing home a decent living. Thankfully I never suffered from alcoholism or drug abuse and was able to invest my money for capitol gains I can live on. Being gay, I don’t have to worry about supporting a family and all I earn is mine to keep.I have to thank all the fans for spending their hard earned cash on the shows.
    Without you I would be living in a tough economy such as the sheeple that post here.

  46. Jobs. Right where at? Jack in the crack. For $7.50 a Hr 15 Hrs a week.
    I know some one that was making $60.000 a year. THey Can’ed her. And got someone to do the Job for $10.00 Hr. With little are no medical Ins. And now Bozo wants to take are SS money and spend it on crap. All of the fools in D.C. Can go to hell!

    • This post explains the “job crisis” perfectly:
      If you can be replaced by someone making $10/hour, then you were NEVER really worth 60K per year. This is a rough wake-up call, but that is the message: many people have been wildly overpaid for many years…

      • Alloyd – not necessarily. Anyone w/o experience or an education would be glad to take a $10/hour job with potential career benefits over a minimum wage job; that doesn’t mean the person who formerly held the position was overpaid. It just means the company is willing to sacrifice quality on several levels, and will wind up paying for it in other areas (loss of customers due to poor service, excessive training needed to bring new employees up to speed, and time lost while employee gets up to speed on the specific industry). The longer you are with a company, usually you tend to get raises (assuming you are doing a good job, which is why you are still there) – then you reach a certain age or have a family and the co’s portion towards health insurance starts taking a higher hit than for a single 22 yr old. There are a variety of factors that go into bad decision-making, all of which we won’t touch upon here.

    • If the obstructionists in Washington have their way, America’s joblessness would disappear vitually overnight. All of us would be offered minimum wage jobs and we’d have to “take it or leave it”. Profits would soar even higher. Americans would be reclaiming jobs that are now out-sourced to workers in foreign nations, and the fat, greedy cats would still have their liberal tax breaks, their corporate jets and yachts, and their multi-milion-dollar bonuses for squeezing even more blood out of the proverbial turnip – us !
      “Less government” is just a call for fewer restictions on corporate greed which gives a damn only about making more profits by any political means necessary. Lying to and misleading simple-minded voters into thinking that they don’t want taxes raised on the American people . . . . Do we keally know which American people they are talking about? And, too, with all of the big profits that big business makes now, why aren’t they creating more jobs even under the most favorable tax breaks they’re getting right now?
      Why keep taking from the poor and the middle class while allowing the rich to have to give up absolutely nothing?
      Hey, slaves had jobs that paid next to nothing. Amerca’s poor and middle class
      are about to become slaves if we don’t put our thinking caps on and vote for folk who are working in OUR best interest!








    • Here here Jim! And once that business gets going well then you can hire people who are unemployed to help the economy. I myself am trying to start my own hand made items business where I work with my client to get exactly what they want in the hand made item. I work with the client on the patterns for the jewelry and all of my knitted, crocheted and many other items. Now as far as the spelling of some people in these posts. I have to tell ya I get to typing and a lot of the time my fingers get to fast for my brain to keep up. Thank goodness for Spell check lol. Now as far as the people with the experience and degrees not being able to find a job in the pay range of what they were making before they lost their job. My husband is a licensed journeyman plumber in the state of Oregon. You have to go through 4 years of college to become a Licensed Journeyman Plumber. If you can’t find something in the pay range of what you were making then you should do what my husband did. He found a job that pays less but it pays the bills and he is still looking for a job that was in his pay range. Unfortunately new construction is at a stand still. Which is what he was mostly doing in the plumbing field. Now he is a Service Tech which actually believe it or not pays a heck of a lot less than the new construction field. What I am advising is that you take what you can get and keep your eyes open for something better down the road other wise you will be in debt up to your eyeballs and it will be very hard to get out of it. Yes my husband was getting those unemployment checks for a while but while he was getting those checks he was not lazy in the least. He was out there looking for work and since unemployment doesn’t even come close to covering the bills especially when you have a family to feed that includes 2 teenage children he was doing plumbing work on the side for anyone who needed help. I even took up babysitting because I am cheaper than a day care center and started selling my crafts which I have actually done pretty well at. Because I have done pretty well at selling my crafts to people I know and to people on line that is why I am starting my own business in it. Once I get more clientele then I can hire some people who can do or want to learn what I do to fulfill the orders.

      • The company in Oregon that my husband and I worked for closed three years ago leaving approximately a thousand people without jobs or benefits. In a very short period of time two other major employers also closed. Luckily I qualified for “retraining” and went to the local community college and got an education. I have been fortunate in the fact I do have a job after that, where as the majority of my classmates do not. Getting an education does not guarantee that you will get a job, when you are graduating with five hundred other people with the same degree as you have, and the job market has not approved. Not only that, but the majority of the jobs want not only the degree but three to five years worth of experience and will still pay less than I was making before our company closed.

        My husband spent almost two years before he was finally able to get a job, however this job is in another city and for far less than he was making before, but at least we have medical insurance again. So for the last year because we can’t sell our home in this market, we have a mortgage payment that is way over the top, a rent payment and all of the associated utilities that go with them.

        Still we’re lucky, we have jobs. Yes our family life sucks, as we don’t get to see each other often. We don’t make anywhere close to our previous income, and I work three part-time jobs just to try and make ends meet, All of this to be responsible and pay off the debt we accumulated while we didn’t have jobs. However we can’t wait until things get better and we can live in one place again…

    • To the Fallen,

      Your last sentence sounds ironci (Keep voting Republican).Regardless to what you are saying, I still blame the Republicans for this mess. The Bush enacted tax cuts did not encourage investment or jobs in the USA, but these wealthy fat cats who got the biggest benefits from the tax cuts invested their money to build factories in China, and technology centers in India.

      I am an American Engineer (and I might add a dissabled Vietnam Veteran) whose job was outsourced to India a number of years ago, and know this first hand. First it was the Indian H-1B’s (foreign guest workers who came to the USA to work), then they went back to India to train their own and became high level employees of American technology multinationals like HP, Oracle, Cisco, IBM, etc. which these H-1B’s originally worked for in the USA running the Indian branches of these American multinationals.

      But you do make a good point in having America go broke. By going broke, we will NOT be able to buy HP Laptops (with software developed in India and manufactured in China), and the multitude of foreign made goods and services from these countries. We cannot be a consumer of these foreign made goods and services while American people are not working at a livable wage.

      As the day is reckoning as August 2, 2011 gets closer, and if the Republicans continue not to budge on their stand of not raising taxes on the wealthy while the Democrats offer spending compromises, we will officially go broke as a nation. It is not going to be pretty if it happens, but I think the Republican special interests will be the ones most to suffer if it happens due to the lack of sales of Chinese and Indian goods and services having an American Multinational Brand name. And I hope they do. They deserve it.

      • @ Henry G. If the Bush tax cuts were so bad, why then did the democratic congress vote to keep them less than a year ago? Most of what you say is true, but neither party is going to “fix” this in 4 years. Both party’s are liars to get elected. This whole mess goes back way farther than Bush, he is just a good slamming board!

  48. The best way to make what you think you “deserve” is to start your own buisness. Especially a service business that has low overhead.

  49. The continuing disparity in wealth and power between the upper 10% and the lowest 65% of the population is obvious. I believe that the seeds of a Revolution are taking hold in minds of millions of Americans, and that option is now replacing the idea of competing for non-existing jobs that provide
    non-livalable wages, no benefits, and no future.

    Let’s face it; no meaningful raises in wages for close to 35 years, and an intentional destruction of our industrial based economy. Globalization and Free Trade Agreements are only tools for the corrupt Political Class and their supporters to redistribute the wealth to the Elite!

  50. Join the Army. We are still hiring…
    No? Too hard? Requires too much sacrifice?
    Maybe you are not “all that” bad off after all…

      • The Army is not “the last resort”. I was in the Army back in 99. It has changed very much since I was last in. Everyone that I knew and is still in can’t wait to do their time and get the hell out.

  51. Oops!! Sorry. I hit send before even typing anything. Jobs are definitely out there if you have the skills that are wanted by employers. I work both in healthcare as a clinician and also have a second job as a hair stylist and makeup artist. I do urgent care shift work during the week and then do weddings and fashion shows on weekends. There is a huge demand for MLP’s in healthcare right now and hair and makeup positions, especially for fashion shows and weddings, are plentiful. Also, you have to place yourselft in a part of the country where jobs are located. The middle of nowhere USA is not the place to work in the beauty and medical industries. You have move to LA, NY, Miami where the fashion and beauty industries are located along with large numbers of health clinics.

  52. Techology has evolved to the point were it is indeed the fundamental way to compensate for financial loses. If your serious to change that current lifestyle enviroment you dealing with now…touch base with me.

  53. I work in the unemployment office and I must say that people are very reluctant to take jobs for less than they previously earned. In this job market, take whatever you can find. You can always upgrade later. Too many people are waiting until their benefits and extensions run out before looking for a job. Many HR directors are saying if you haven’t worked in the past 6 months, you don’t really want to work. ANY job looks better on your resume rather than unemployment. Don’t worry about ‘messing up’ your benefits, if you don’t take that lower paying job, you may end up messing up your life for quite a while.

    While we are only replying to a news article and not applying for a job right now, it’s always a good idea to practice good grammar all the time.

    • Wow! Amazing how Elke struck the match, that lit the flame of vocalized expressions of opinion, huh?
      Freedom of speech is , uh, well one of our supposed American rights and yet still…… nobody really listens to a damn thing anymore. Such a shame but credit due goes to Elke for her /his grammatical errors to keep it burning. Pretty amazing strategy and marketing skills don’t you aggree? { who knows maybe this was a secret plan and ploy somehow for their benefit.} Seriously look at how many people responded to an error someone made discussing an unemployment issue, etc. Improving one’s grammar/spelling and vocal skills would definately gain better employment status and opportunity, if those of us could find a job at all.
      And yet the United States of America is employing people over-seas, taking away the rights of the Americans and any opportunity to provide for our own. They can’t speak our language but I heard grammatical skills have been waived. Plus our goverment is most likely getting a cut on importing S.Africans and others to work here, which again adds to our employment opportunities.

      By the time I have dealt with a customer service issue left unresolved, I’ve dialed 911 which intern costs us taxpayers money for treatment of traumatic stress disorders. (that error was on purpose) And the world keeps on spinning, going
      around and around….in circles.
      BTW: I’m selling hearing aids should anyone decide they need to hear the noise that’s been coming from the mouths of ignorance. Glasses are 50% off all day.

      Musically Speaking that is….
      ~~~~Peace Out~~~~

    • Bethany,

      When I was laid off about two years ago (due to my job being outsourced to an Indian engineer), I did try exactly what you professed. As a laid off engineer making about $ 95 k a year at my fomer job, I was willing to take half that amount due to the bad economy (yes the economy was worse then two years ago). I was willing to even move out of state for a job, and was willing to pay my own relocation expenses. The problem that I faced though is that I had a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering, had a Professional Engineers (PE) license and had 25 years of work experience in my field. and age 57 at the time, nobody would even consider me for $ 47,500.00 a year.

      The reasons… age (employers won’t admit it, since age discrimination is theoretically is illegal), being overqualified for the jobs which I was applying for, having a Vietnam War service connected disability of 80 percent, the fear that employers had with respect to higher salary requirements if the economy improved, and the non-believablity of employers that I would pay my own relocation expenses ( I a single, and did not own a house that I lived in so my relocation expenses are low).

      Due to this, I was out of work for 19 months (and in certain contexts that HR people may consider you lazy if you did not get a job within six months after you lost your last job), and after that 19 months of being out of work, landed a contract engineering job for a one year contract working here in Saudi Arabia. The job pays well, I enjoy the job, but I am overworked.

    • It doesnt matter for how long one has been unemployed. One always needs a job. Life is unpredictable. It is unamerican to reject someone who has been unemployed for more than six months. One is free to do what one wants with his or her life. If one wants to work, works. If one doesnt want to work, its ok too. Then, 1+1 = 2+1. One is oneself plus circumstances. There are many factors in life than one cannot control or predict. Many people want to work but there are not enough jobs in the market. Should they commit suicide? are they forever useless? Is this the kind of society we want for our nation?

      This nation was built on just dreams.

      We should never lose our capacity to think out of the box. We should be proud of our freedom. People deserve a second chance not matter where they come from or what they were or what they did or how long they have been unemployed. Besides, its a way to waste our resources. Each person is a world in itself. Anything can happen to anyone. We need a safety net in our society to be able to be creative. Wild capitalism is not the answer.Oh… we should bring those overseas jobs back to the US or become like China. We would have plenty of work.

  54. Why are stupid people graduating from college? And why are they making 50 dollars an hour? Hi, I make 50 dollars an hour because I file some papers and can add…This country deserves another 4 years of Obama…

  55. I am middle -aged and found that, if I dyed my hair and dressed younger, I was more likely to get an interview. Right now I am working in a contract because a lot of companies aren’t hiring permanent employees.
    The one thing going for a middle-aged job candidate as opposed to a younger candidate is that ‘millenium’ generation employees come to work with lots of drama. They are more apt to complain about things, as opposed to generation x employees who get to work and keep their opinions to themselves, and go the extra mile. There are exceptions to the rule, of course, like young veterans.

  56. I laugh at how an article on Bad Job market continued on to become a argument between people who probably never will meet about spelling and grammar. Theres the problem, duh….focus grasshopper

  57. I have read most of the comments and replies posted. I received my BA in 2002, and have not utilized my degree. I do not have experience in the area I received my degree which does make it more difficult to find a job in the field. In the last 4 or 5 months, I have submitted job apps and my resume to companies to find a job in the area that I received my degree. After all that hard work, why shouldn’t I? During these months, I have been called once for an interview. I made modifications to my resume and got a few more hits. So to the point, after reading all these postings, at least I can still have hope because I’m not the only person in the same boat. So instead of criticizing anyone for their opinions, I’m just relieved I’m not the only one.

    • John – LOL!! Great point!!

      Tabbi – I agree, perhaps it’s defeating to read all this bad news, but it’s also comforting to know I’m not the only one in this sinking boat. And not to make your plight more frightening, but with experience and a degree, I’ve only had 7 interviews in 3 years. Now finishing up another degree to be more marketable and terrified of how I’m going to pay back the student loans if I can’t find even a reasonable paying job — two p/t job salaries won’t cut it, they will put food on the table for the kids and pay the electric bill.

  58. This post has to do with credit and background checks on potential employees. I have no criminal history; but, I do have a bad credit record due to medical bills that even someone earning $80-$100K a year would have a hard time paying along with living expenses. For some jobs, that could be a factor in determining if I get hired or not; but, when it keeps someone from getting a minimum wage job, there’s a probem. My wife didn’t decide to have the major health problems she has, she inherited nearly every one that runs in her family, and that has been confirmed by more than two doctors. Two years ago, one hospital bill (not counting x-ray techs, specialists, and doctors coming in) was almost $180K. How do you pay the deductible, doctors, prescriptions, and living expenses on the $26K a year I was earning at that time? Not angry, just stating the facts in my case. Anyway, as I said in a reply to a post, I will not quit looking for a job just because of my age and other reasons. I will continue to seek employment.

    • Ken,

      Had a similar experience with a 3 day private hospital stay about two years ago. I collapsed in a class that I was taking at a local community college, the EMT’s whisked me off in an ambulance to the local private hospital to stabilize me (but I requested that they send me to the local VA hospital since I was a service connected diabled vet, which the EMT’s refused to do). Futhermore, I had no private medical insurance since I was unemployed, and I could not affiord the $ 1200.00 a month private medical insurance premium for a $ 1000.00 deductible policy (I had preexisting conditions, which required for me to go into the high risk pool that is why the rates were so high).

      My hospital stay was relatively cheap conpared to your case ($ 20 K), but I was unemployed at that time, and had no unemployment benefits, as they ran out. The only income that I had was a service connnected disability payment of $ 1500.00 a month, which I could not settle the bill on that income. Tried to get for Medicaid to pay the bill, but I had too much in the bank at the time to qualify for Medicaid. Then I tried the VA, and the VA originally refused to pay since they originally did not consider this to be a true “emergency” and that I shiould have sought care at a VA facility (which I originally requested the EMT’s to take me to the VA faciility, but they refused).

      After about a year of haggling with the VA that this indeed was a true “emergency” I did finally get the VA to settle with the hospital what was left of the bill which I did not pay out of my own pocket (my out of pocket costs were about $ 4 k). The VA settled for another $ 4k in payments, and the case was closed.

      Even as a service connected disabled vet, if you cannot get to a VA facility for emrgency treatment,you may be stuck with a considerable hospital bill if you have to get private hospital care, and cannot afford private health insurance due to your service connected disability and being out of work. It could have been a lot worse in my case, but fortunately it was not.

      Hope Obamacare will fix this by subsidies in 2014 for low income people to buy private health insurance, but the way the budget battles are going with Congress right now,and the Republicans striving to get rid of, or defund Obamacare, I think that these subsidies will get cut or eliminated. If this happens, will just have to continue using the VA for my health care needs if I do not have employer sponsored private health insurance, and hope that I do not get into further “emergencies”.

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  60. I believe it is important to spell correctly. However, to the person who states that many people are willing to take unemployment rather than work. I got news for you asshole. I have been diligently looking for work in a meager economy for years and have not found anything worth a shit. I have gone back to school, have a degree, and do legal work as well. No body is hiring, and there is a great deal of people out of work. There are no jobs. Call it global economy. The private sector has outsourced job to foreigners overseas which leaves many U.S. citizens in dispair. This country is a trainwreck and will continue to be a trainwreck if people do not get out there and protest for better, equality jobs. The U.S. has a certain standard of living and wages are not compensating for what expendures have to be paid out. Can you really live off $12.00 an hour when a decent place to live cost $800.00 to $900.00 a month? Can one afford health, dental, life, short or long-term disablity insurance, groceries where a one pound roast cost $12.99, a chicken $8.00, Tide laundry detergent $15.00 and electricity, water, gas, should I continue to go on . . ? This freaking country in falling a part and no one really gives a damn including the freaing president, republicans and democrats. And to top it off, Casey Anthony get all the freaking attention on the news! She is idolized for bad behavior. I am appauled, feel so sorry for the younger generation due to a bunch of U.S. citizens who do not give a damn about their country. Even more, during Memorial Day, July 4th and special holidays for our soldiers rarely do I see U.S. flags hung outside of residents, and that is because American do not give a shit. Every home should have a flag representing our nation and the people who fought and died for it. I get it. Yes, it is nice to have the holiday off but how selfish to not consider the dead. Rest my case.

    • @ Tina. Amen girl, thanks for coming out from the Gut.
      @ Stephanie, use what you like! I like Tide also and will not switch. I have a large family and this is for a 170 fluid oz. bottle. How much is in your $2.99 bottle?

  61. I believe it is important to spell correctly. However, to the person who states that many people are willing to take unemployment rather than work. I got news for you asshole. I have been diligently looking for work in a meager economy for years and have not found anything worth a shit. I have gone back to school, have a degree, and do legal work as well. No body is hiring, and there is a great deal of people out of work. There are no jobs. Call it global economy. The private sector has outsourced job to foreigners overseas which leaves many U.S. citizens in dispair. This country is a trainwreck and will continue to be a trainwreck if people do not get out there and protest for better, equality jobs. The U.S. has a certain standard of living and wages are not compensating for what expendures have to be paid out. Can you really live off $12.00 an hour when a decent place to live cost $800.00 to $900.00 a month? Can one afford health, dental, life, short or long-term disablity insurance, groceries where a one pound roast cost $12.99, a chicken $8.00, Tide laundry detergent $15.00 and electricity, water, gas, should I continue to go on . . ? This freaking country in falling a part and no one really gives a damn including the president, republicans and democrats. And to top it off, Casey Anthony gets all the freaking attention on the news! She is idolized for bad behavior. I am appauled, feel so sorry for the younger generation due to a bunch of U.S. citizens who do not give a damn about their country. Even more, during Memorial Day, July 4th and special holidays for our soldiers rarely do I see U.S. flags hung outside of residents, and that is because American do not give a shit. Every home should have a flag representing our nation and the people who fought and died for it. I get it. Yes, it is nice to have the holiday off but how selfish to not consider the dead. Rest my case.

  62. Yes, Americans have lost their way in many respects. Americans lost their way when we failed to support the air traffic controllers during their strike in 1981 (Carter and Reagan). After this moment, our government and American businesses began to unravel the gains made by labor unions. Things got even worse with the passage of the NAFTA trade agreement in 1994 (Clinton and Bush). However, nothing can compare to our support of the Military-Industrial Complex, even as our young countrymen and women sacrifice their lives daily (Roosevelt warned us in 1961). Sadly though, we allow ourselves to become distracted with silliness, all the while as our standard of living is forever lowered, and that my friends will take some time getting accustomed.

  63. That first comment at the end of the article by the reader with a Masters degree was shocking. How does someone get through grad school with such horrific grammar and spelling?! And then go on to make $50 an hour? Unbelievable…


  64. I read the comments regarding the spelling mistakes. I have no intention of
    correcting the mistakes of my potential competitors. At one place, a bank, the
    person who interviewed me, stated that my resume was the first one he encountered, out of a couple of hundred, that did NOT have a single spelling mistake. Six months into the job, I sat with my boss, and asked him what was so special about my resume. He stated that it was devoid of mistakes, and, that I did not exaggerate when I described my technical abilities. He also added that he
    was very impressed that I would attend a technical conference on my own dime.
    He was kind enough to reimburse me for it also. The job I got, paid 90K. Prior job, 76K.

  65. Guess what? For every person who says that have a certain level of experience and/or education there is someone else with more experience and more education in the same boat as you. GET OVER IT!!! WHAT YOU DID OR HAD MEANS NOTHING! Stop making fun of grammar and realize that any person has the ability within to manifest success. You make fun of people who work for $12/hr. until you realize that many of them live debt free and own everything they have! Worry about yourself and what you need to do to get yourself back on track. Jobs are out there. I have never been unemployed because I continue to create my own opportunities and I concentrate on the important things in life. Life goes on. Complaining and making fun of other people in an attempt to make yourself feel better is not going to get you a job either. Oh yeah…I don’t claim to have perfect grammar, but I am happy with my life. The person with the grammar issues could have a wonderful attitude and be more attractive to potential employers because they remain open to learning and new experiences. So stay grumpy and condescending if you want to stay unemployed. My “hopey changey thing” is working very well and will continue to do so in 2012!

  66. Where is the love?
    The toughest thing to do here, is to not find work even though the government supplies you with welfare assistance to those in need. Where is the love for those starving and without shelter in places like Africa?
    So please do not complain about being jobless or getting your salary cut because trust me, I am sure those living elsewhere would rather switch places with you anytime.

    • On the contrary. People should complain because they don’t want to end up starving and without shelter. You have to fight to maintain a way of life. If you do nothing you get nothing. Sometimes they take what little you have.

  67. I have been out of work for 100+ weeks. I constantly post my resume everyday.
    I have been an assisted living “dietary aide” for 10 yrs. in Ca. & Az.
    I do not understand the “why” I do not get hired.
    I’m not asking for much, just a job to help pay for my husband’s medical bills.

  68. The majority of people here can kiss their jobs good bye. Businesses in this country are giving their jobs to Asia and other countries where they can pay less for the same level of education or better.
    The government has also hung you out to dry by allowing businesses in this country to outsource manufacturing and technical jobs without penalty.
    Your best bet is to band together and start your own business/company/corporation and keep the jobs created in this country.
    The wealthy in this country are the same people that fill the senate, the house, and the white house. They control everything.
    I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m a realist. No one wants to give up their money. I’m a guy with no degree working in a city government job lucky enough to still have it and a small pension. If I can see what’s happening I’m sure you can to.
    Good luck to all of us. Vote!

  69. Well I don’t know about anyone else but I know around here in CT. things are looking pretty grim. I have thirty years in construction and maintenance all managing positions and not just running the jobs doing them as well. I got hurt last year and was just released by my doctor to back to work. What work? I started college while I was out. I have never had so much trouble finding work I get interviews I am either overqualifed or a new one for me I could not believe my ears when a person I was interviewing with me I was too old. At 52 I still have alot to offer all the companies I have worked for have either closed or are laying off. I don’t know where the job market is any better I have applied to companies at les then half of what I was making and still nothing.


  70. Manual labor is where it is at and most humans need it to realize what it means to go to work!!!!!!!!!!!!
    People need to start working hard for the money they earn! Stop expecting to sit on their &$$e$ in front of a computer and thinking that having an MBA or a Bachelor degree is going to get them the big $$$’s!! I started at the bottom making low income. I built up my integrity in my profession at the same employer and 15 yrs later I can say I am blessed for my hard works pay. Go out drive a taxi, go out dig a whole for your local cable company, go out and work at your local dealership and repair cars! Heck if “out on luck”, time to get out dad’s hunting rifle, duffle bag stuffed with a tent, sleeping bag and MRE’s live in moonshine country and live caveman style.
    It’s your choice!!

    • Wow, I hope you are joking here. All I can say is if you have had a job for 15 years, especially a so called manual labor one, you are lucky. Most of the manual labor jobs went overseas or were taken by Mexicans long ago. I worked in manufacturing in furniture and textiles and have been through several plant closings and layoffs since the early 90s. The reason people talk about desk jobs is because that’s about all that is left in this country. I think it’s really sad to see the nasty comments on these posting from those people who have been lucky enough to keep a job…it shows a total lack of understanding. It’s not because you are such a great worker that you are still employed…it’s just pure luck. People aren’t losing there jobs because they aren’t good, they are losing them because in the end they are just a number on a balance sheet and have been deemed unprofitable. I’ve known of many people who were layed off BECAUSE they had been with the company a long time and it was profitable to fire them because they made more money and bring in someone new at the bottom of the salary rung. Have some compassion for you fellow man for goodness sake.

      • THIS.
        You are very lucky that you didn’t suffer some major debilitating injury during your years of manual labor. It’s unrealistic to tell a 58-year old female former executive to get a shovel and dig a hole for work. You may be comfortable at the same level of physical work that you were at age 20 but many people would be unable to do that type of work just because of years and injuries taking a toll.

  71. You also have to go to where the jobs are. Must be willing to relocate and do what it takes to find work. If you live someplace where the unemployment rate is 5% or more, think about moving.

  72. Might also want to consider sharing housing to cut expenses, living someplace where you can use public transportation instead of owning a car, a second part time job to make ends meet or get ahead. Look at where a $12/hour job can take you in the future, not just what it’ll get you right now.

  73. I didnt realize we have a huge population of Spelling and Grammar Police out here, WOW. I think the comments are WAYYYYY off topic of what it should be…just saying

  74. For those who think they are going to ‘replace’ their previous job/salary levels with something comparable are in for a rude awakening.

    As others have said here, for many people who have been out of work for ‘extended’ periods of time (and,to a lesser extent, for those who’ve been out of work for shorter durations) have an already low chance of finding work period. The possibilities of finding work at a rate of pay that is comparable (even close to comparable) to what they earned at their last job is literally almost zero. Don’t spend months on end skipping over open job opportunities (or offers) that come with lower pay thinking that something at the same/higher rate of pay as your last job will come along – because in all likelihood it will not come along.n

    It’s a brutal reality that job seekers need to acknowledge relatively early on in their job search, otherwise they are just setting themselves up for a long, long road of disappointment – and extended unemployment. The longer you’re unemployed, the lower your chances oif finding work again – the and the salary expectations decline right along with those chances of finding a job – any job.

    Not advocating this – or saying it is right. It is just reality that many of the nation’s long term unemployed didn’t recognize until long after it was too late. Don’t make the same mistake unless one of your options (and one of your expectations) is to not work at all.

    Denver Unemployment Examiner

  75. Scott Johnson I can feel your pain, because I’m in a similar situation. I’ve migrated here from Jamaica as an accounting clerk. I’ve been here seven years and had to take a job as a house-keeper at a nursing home in Florida. I was getting $7.65 hr. as head of housekeeping, but it was paying the bills, although was living hand to mouth (better than nothing). Last year I strained my leg while putting the garbage in the dumpster,and was sent to their doctor, who gave me metaxolone and naproxen for strained muscle. That same day at work I took the medication and had a TIA. I’ve been in and out hospitals ever since, and I can’t get anyone to listen that the tablets caused it. I haven’t been able to work since and I can’t get workers compensation, because my supervisor told them I quit the job. I threw all those tablets away and is doing a lot better, but my back and left leg keeps going out on me. At 53 years old it is hard to get a job, and who would employ an invalid anyway? Just wanted to get that out of my system Scott, because you’re not alone. angie.m.king@hotmail.com

  76. I totally agree. It’s very rough out there, and when you’re used to making $20/hour-plus and being offered $10 if you’re lucky enough to even GET an offer is a very bitter pill to swallow. Younger, inexperienced employees come pretty cheap. It’s easy to get by on $10 an hour if you live with your mom, but for an experienced person it’s just not going to cut it. In this economy, the attitude seems to be “you’re lucky to have a job at all”. I’m hoping – eventually – that the pendulum is going to swing back the other way and make employees more valuable to employers again one of these days.

  77. grammar is important when applying for a job, however, in this case we all are commenting on posting so what difference does it make if we miss a word or two the bottom line is that we all know how the misspelled word suppose to be spelled, i dont want to get away from the topic, i been looking for a job for a year, sent out hundreds of resumes and got maybe 3 interview out of the hundreds of jobs i qualify for, there are so many folks in the administration field looking for work and therefore the competition is steep, someone said its not what u know its who u know and i agree with that

    • msdiva – there is another saying besides – its not what u know – its who u know – but I won’t say in here because this is a place where u shouldn’t post unsavory comments.

  78. Kellly my advice is to swallow that bitter pill and move on. Learn to make yourself more valuable to an employer or potential employer than the next guy. You might not want to live with your mom, but get a roommate or housemate. That $10 an hour job builds a consistent work record, can make contacts, may lead to more work, may lead to a supervisory position, etc. Just hoping that the pendulum will swing the other way – just hoping something’s gonna change – that’s the worst kind of inaction of all.

  79. Jobs? Where? I have a post graduate education, but was in the IT industry. I supervised a handful of people on projects with half million+ dollar budgets. Then I got laid off in 2002, and haven’t seen a good job since then! This was after having my resume done by a professional, tapping my alumni association services, offering to go anywhere in the US at my own expense…it goes on and on. For reams of paper.

    The only blessing, for me, in this recession is that now everyone knows what the IT industry (and manufacturing before that) went through before. I currently work for less than 1/3 what I made in 2002. I can’t afford to finish graduate school, but I “make too much” for any sort of help. I went to “retraining” places, they looked at my resume and universally said “We have nothing here for someone like you.”

    And I’m supposed to be glad I have a job at all…I could’ve been a high school dropoout and work my current job. All those years and thousands of dollars in college wasted…

  80. On the other hand, my cousin was also laid off and refuses to work anywhere for less than what she had been making, which was upwards of $80k a year. To be blunt, she is almost 60 years old, is used to working her own hours, and used to a high-class lifestyle. Not only is she now jobless, but her unwillingness to compromise also means that she is now about to lose her cobra healthcare. Not to mention this basic reality – employers are simply more willing to hire those that have jobs than those that are unemployed. Even if you have been laid off, there is always that question of why your last company chose you to be the one let go, unfortunately. I was surprised at this, but there are a lot of articles about it.

    • not all people in hiring positions condemn u if u were let go. u just have to keep searching until u find someone who thinks the way they should. they may be in the minority – but they exist. u may even come across someone in a hiring position who was themselves “let go” and understands ur position completely.

  81. My sister was laid off, she was a manager at All-Tel until it was bought out by Verizon. Verizon told them they would be able to keep their jobs, then laid them off six months later. She couldn’t find another job at what she was making, so after going on unemployment, she took a job at 8.50 an hour and almost lost her house. The stupid part is that she was making more on unemployment than she was when she went back to work at 8.50.

  82. I have some great info fperezsr @gmail look no more the time is now something is more then nothing!! Its yours if you want it?

  83. Blue Collar guy here…

    We make things happen not you College Book Smart Dolts. I enjoy it when
    College dummies cry job stinks, I am a manager and have to do everything. Bums you are. Many of you thought less of the blue collar workers, it’s because of you guys were in this boat. You guys come out of College and
    then go through training to become a Manager, then all hell breaks loose.

    Rotten, scum and punk college idiots. Suffer at your jobs, work to the bone.
    Karma is a bitch isn’t it!

    I represent the blue collars workers at least most of them!

    • Hey Keith,
      You know, you think you know it all; but guess what you don’t. You want to piss on the college grads; well i was a police officer in San Diego for 10 yrs. and now i’m back in college; i just think you can’t make it as a college student so you are going to down grade the smart guys. Little heads up i have been unemployed now for over a year it’s rough either way you look at it; with or without a college degree.

    • his statement is crude but he has a point in his sentiment. A lot of college graduates who are inexperience, and focus only on moving up the ladder, tend to do things that will save a company money even if it menas cutting corners and firing people. I’ve started as a blue collar guy and worked in corporations as a manager, its two different worlds…if your managers never got their hands dirty, then its very hard for them to understand the working man, who makes the company happen.

  84. I am surprised sometimes how snobby people are about not taking jobs that are beneath them. I worked for a great corporation for ten years and left to take care of a sick husband. Well, that sick husband was an alcoholic and the situation got so bad I am now filing for divorce.

    I just moved to a new small town to be near family. I got a job working at a local convenience store for $9 an hour in one week. Yes, that is less than half of what I used to make and I will be looking for a better job. But it’s something. I think it is better to work than to sit around waiting for the right job but I know I am in the minority. I think a lot of people I know would mock me if they knew I was working there but I am proud of myself for doing SOMETHING. At least my savings will dissipate much more slowly this way.

  85. So many people took advantage of the two years of collecting, not taking whatever, and now the tear drops are all out, there no job, I can’t do this or that , no jobs, bo ho. Dunkin dounts is hiring, do something for yourself insted of crying about how hard things are.

  86. I was laid off from my job in March. My husband told me he wanted a divorce in May. I have been looking for a job all over the county and the world, not just in the town where I live. According to AARP, I’m considered a “Senior”, but don’t feel like one or look like one. I have teenagers who are in college.

    So to summarize: I’ve been laid off, I’m getting divorced after 33 years of marriage, and I have 2 boys in college. I collect unemployment, but in the state where I reside, it’s barely enough for gas and groceries.

    I haven’t had an offers for interviews although I’ve held a secret security clearance, worked for the government in two separate capacities and I’m a veteran. Oh, I’m female also.

    My perspective is, I may never find another job again. I may have to wait to collect Social Security, if it is still in existence, when I turn 62 years old. It won’t be much because I was a stay at home Mom for 16 years.

    So, everyone out there has their own personal tale of woe and despair. I’m only one of the millions. I just keep on looking. I hope and pray that I will be offered a job one day that makes financial sense to take it, rather than stay on unemployment.

    As you can see, I can write and spell correctly and construct a grammatically correct sentence. Those essentials were taught when I was in elementary school. There are probably more people in my age bracket looking for work than any other since there are so many of us (by us I mean baby boomers).

    • I was laid off this past June. I am the type of person who loves to work and will be at work regardless of how I’m feeling. I am a single mother of two kids, my oldest is 12 and youngest is 2. I live in California so the job market SUCKS out here. I am also a vet. I have gotten to the point where I feel like this is it.. But when I read that there are many others going through the same thing and sometimes even worse I don’t feel “alone”. Thanks for sharing your story.

  87. I just have one thing to say I have read these post and see person after person complaining about being over qualified for minimum wage and lowerl paying jobs. Guess what easy solution leave your fancy degree off the resume becomes it comes off as your trying to show off because very few people will hire you if they see you have better credititials then them. If you can just put previous jobs that relate to the buisiness even if it was your first job 20 years ago most those minmum wage andlower paying jobs wont check anyways. Then when you get the job you can prove yourself to be more capable.

  88. why are you people so.. dumb. Just let it go. Whatever one person writes has nothing to do with the other. They just need to express how they feel. Simple as that. Don’t make more of what it is.. JUST A COMMENT!

  89. I find that one must not put up road blocks when looking for work. There is work; just not what you might want. Do anything: temp work, part-time work, 2 jobs, or even 3 jobs. Do everything you do to the best of your abilities even if the work seems like it’s beneath your abilities because it will all add up. With the right work ethic; people will want to hire you. With the right attitude and willingness to learn and get dirty, you can make a statement to other employers that will be heard.
    As for spelling and mechanics mistakes; it’s important to take note of those mistakes and not repeat them. As for anyone who is above making those kinds of mistakes perhaps, you can find work as an editor. I hear editors make more than people who correct message board writing.

  90. The company I work with is doing better today then a couple of years ago. Their profits are up and the people on top are enjoying life better then ever. They realized in the last couple of years that they could still get the job done with less employees and the employees will do whatever they are asked because they are afraid to lose their jobs. So, they work longer, take a salary cut, get less benefits, move in smaller facilities and pushed to do more to better the company. They have a job and if don’t don’t like it, leave. This is what we were told and you know, you suck it up and continue to do whatever they want because you know you need the job. The bad economy was the best thing that could have happened for employers. Americans were always overpaid, lazy employees that now know what we are worth.

    • It is the same at my work. The difference is i get paid by what i do and not by the hour. No benefits no anything. Either bust your butt to make a decent wage or get nothing. At least it’s a job but it is physically hard and u have no medical insurance. Good Luck to everyone looking.

  91. Immigration drives wages down.Spanish happens to be the language that drives a wedge between US citzens and job oppurtunities.Sorry folks but the libtards in Washington have done it again.

    • I agree. I have no experience in the field that I got my degree. There was a job in the accounting field which I’m confident I would have been a perfect candidate because the company was looking for someone without experience because the Company didn’t want any bad habits brought along, but Spanish was a requirement. Not preferred but a requirement. So maybe I need to take a Spanish class to better my chances to utilize my degree.

  92. I just relocated so I could be closer to my children, since my husband had a massive stroke and I needed the help to care for him. I have always worked and was blessed to have good jobs ( no degree) but since we moved I can not find anything that will pay me more than 9 dollars an hour, don’t get me wrong I am glad to have a job but since my husband can no longer work and we have to fight for Social Security it makes it pretty tough. I have worked as a business manager for 18 years in the auto business, I also was manager for 2 motels at one time, so I do know how to work hard and put it alot of hours. I feel the problem is my age. I feel employeers and hiring younger people over the person who has the know how. I have applied for jobs in and out of my field with no good out come.

    • Hi LR, I know exactly how you feel. I had my own business as an interior decorator that I worked very hard for. I became divorced during that time and  supported my self  my 2 sons and my Mom. Took over my Moms house payments and helped pay for my daughter’s wedding. I was very proud of my accomplishments as my Ex would always tell me to get a real job.  He didnt like that I stayed at home to raise my kids when they were young ,even though I was taking in sewing jobs so I could buy them clothing and things they needed for school. So needless to say I was proud of what I had become all on my own. UNTIL, the disastrous economy plummeted no thanks to our banking industry and gov’t. Now I’m too old at 64 to find a decent job and cannot get my business up and running again due to lack of funds also I’m living with my daughter and husband, which makes it even more difficult. I’ve become very depressed. The only jobs i have is hosting at an Olive Garden restaurant and help my friend out stuffing envelopes. I think its time the banks start helping the middle class out and not be giving any tax breaks. They should be the ones giving back to the people who bailed them out. Instead the make it very difficult  to buy a home or help those who are losing their precious homes. They put the economy in the hole in the first place.

  93. A lot of people in other countries do with less and have to accept it no matter what …I know I know but we live in America and if they were as intelligent and modern as we are then their situation would be better ……wrong , when it gets bad for us here in the more enlightened part of the country it gets even worst for them , we are to papered and believe that just be cause we went to some fancy collage or any for that matter we deserve that slice of the American dream …..NO, the reality is that after all those student loans and all that studying and getting in debit over the course of however many years you went to collage there is no job waiting for you in this economy it was all an illusion. I mean look at those Cleveland police academy cadets that were laid off because of a budget cuts. it’s not safe for anyone now a day. All that is left is for families to ban together and support one and other, if all are working then there is a chance. So you can’t get that Lexus you wanted or Billy can’t go to college, make due. A lot of people can’t even get dental care and I mean basic dental. All I am saying is that if we don’t adapt to the current situation we will perish.

    • fyi – college is a racket started by some rich guys who didn’t want to do a real job anymore. They figured they could become professors and make some easy money by lecturing ( notice I said “lecturing” not “teaching”) on a lot of mostly irrelevant things and drag out to 4 years what they really could condense in one year at the most. This is not sour grapes – as I got my degree just to play the game.

  94. Rdng is as imprtnt as spllng. You hv to undrstnd wht yre rdng whthr or nt yu spll it crrctly. If yu cn rd ths yu undrstnd.

  95. I am not the average woman. I have worked in the Agricultural Equipment Sales business for the last 10 years. Which is not easy to get into for a woman. I started off in sales then went into service. Yes, people women can be mechanics too. My job ended and I have been hunting a job in sales or service for local dealerships. I have had great interviews where I thought I had the job then nothing. My last interview went along the lines of them pulling that I am a woman and that men (farmers) would not buy equipment from a woman and they asked me for a rebuttle. I was in shock about it, for we all know this is illegal but I am not a woman who would play that game. So here is the rebuttle I wrote to them. Tell me what you think. (for good reason I have put X’s to the names in this letter)

    A rebuttal to farmers not wanting to buy a piece of equipment from a woman or from me.
    Here it is:
    It’s a known fact that women pay more attention to detail, things a farmer says for example. Women are more organized, we manage homes, kids and jobs and we make it look easy. That is why I told you that I always like to learn and know more. That is why I find this easy to be in a man’s world. While a man is thinking about something right in front of him, I or women are always multitasking.
    Farmers in my opinion yes, at first look at me being a woman but after the initial shock, love the attention, they want to know your there to help them, they want to know they will get service and parts, and have someone they can contact. Sales is about building relationships, about passion for your product and that flows to the customer. It is not gender oriented.
    I came to XXXX because I believe in the product, I believe in their goal to gain market share. I feel that I can contribute to XXXX, to the dealership and to the customer.
    As I said before in Indiana/Ohio/Michigan, when working for XXXXXX, I only represented service. With respect to the territory manager of the area. XXXX XXXXXX first then XXX XXXXXXX. So to talk to farmers around the area, they will only see my service side.
    Here is the one thing that I’m not saying you XXXX personally are missing but XXXX Corporate must be. The definitive thing whether you’re a boxer, a service manager or a sales person is heart, attitude, persistence, the ability to react and respond and creativity. I possess all of these traits that is the reason why I achieved the outstanding sales award for XXXXXXXXXX. For developing a new territory from scratch where farmers nor dealers could not even pronounce the name.
    Once again call XXXXXXX XXXXXX- XXXXXX Inc. They have been and still are the second largest XXXXXXXXXX dealer in the United States and it all started with me.
    I don’t question my abilities to succeed and to help XXXX succeed in a new unchartered territory. Give me 6 months and if I’m not meeting my personal goals and your goals then I will be the first one to call it quits and thank you for the opportunity. I have never looked for a free ride and it’s always been important for me to be value added to anyone that gives me an opportunity to work for them.


    Mara H

    These to me a troubling times.

    • u forget to mention that women usually end up with the hardest job in the world – the job of raising the kids from infancy to however long it takes. I am great because I had my mother as my mom. Her name was Catherine and to this day, my brother and I refer to her as Catherine the Great. (By the way, we are NOT “mama’s boys”.) Catherine was as sweet as they come – until u offended her – haha! My God – the words she came up with to those who offended her – haha!

    • You could do without the first paragraph, don’t fall into the game of man versus woman, it can be used against you.

  96. Want to get ahead in crony capitalism?

    Do like the MAJORITY of the wealthy have!

    Either inherit it..or..


    IF you have morals, are ethical and honest?

    You WILL fall behind the rest of the criminal capitalists that will do ANYTHING for profits…. just the sad facts folks…

    • Thinking such as this is what makes people hate capitalism. Yes, some of the rich are bastards…but not all of them. Many of them created a business, worked hard and earned the money they have and they have the right to enjoy it. Your argument will go against anyone who is wealthy, such as baseball players, celebraties, journalist, independent contractors, individuals who saved and invested etc.  To many youth in todays society have an entitlement mentality, you don’t want to work hard, you don’t want to try you don’t want to put the effort in, you just want what you want without ever working towards it. And if you don’t get what you want, oh, it’s the governments fault, it’s the rich people’s fault. Yes, there are problems, yes, some of the rich or corrupt and don’t give a damn about society…yet, there are plenty of wealthy individuals who care, who have companies running not only to insure that their way of life is secure, but they want to provide a way of life for someone else who is willing to work for it.  The majority of todays college graduates, future college graduates are spoiled children who are becoming spoiled adults and throwing tantrums when they don’t get what they want.

  97. You know, one has to persist. Getting a job has to do a lot with luck as well. Anything goes and anything can happen. Dont lose your hope. You can get a job anytime but one has to be persistent. One can get hired for any reason, with good grammar or bad grammar, it doesnt matter. If they like you, they like you. Good experience, bad experience, degree or non degree, old or young….its all a game. They just want to hire the best for the lowest price. Thats all there is. BUT you never know and you shouldnt give up. Your best job can come up in the worst of the crises. They also want to push people to become self-employed and take the unemployment rate down. Those younger than 30 are very nice to have because they are cheap and educated.

  98. I had the opportunity to go to college in the sixties, fully paid. I turned it down, not being able to stand four more years of classrooms, to go to a two year tech school. When that school became accreditted, I applied for, and received, an Associate’s degree. After going from job to job because of business failures or no work available, I finally latched on to a union job that has proven to be very successful in a major industry. Our company has the good sense not to throw its business out to overseas workers (although they have bought foreign operations and made them profitable!) like others who do and destroy the economic base that would and could afford to buy their products. In this jobs market today, you must have many skills to accomadate what jobs are out there. I am lucky in that I can do nearly anything electrical, electronic, and to a point, mechanical, even be able to write about it! The more versatile you are, the easier it will be to find work. I know that to replace my present income and benefits would be a monumental task. I would have to take a pay cut for sure as jobs like mine are scarce. Being in my 60′s is no help, either. I would try to get the highest paying job currently offered and stick with it until the economy improves. Temp jobs are another possibility to broaden your job skills while generating an income for the time being. Good luck!

  99. Hi I worked as A steelworker & Ironworker, iv been disabled at 34 & know IM 56.now And steal disabled.Im knot going to bore you with any of the details.But S.C.F.!!! Is a joke. And Im not laughing .The state oked .A pump full ove moriphen.And its been 20 years beening on the drug!!!And its made me opioid depenit.the pump has giveing me.A much better life iv tryed to work deferent types of work but i just could not be depenable some days i could not get out of bed from pain in my legs.!!! And know the state would like to take it out of me thease head hunters say im knot in pain!!!how in the hell whould know just by looking at me Iv have plunty of xrays to prove it please help!!!!!!

  100. Wow – I’m in my late 50s and looking for work. Like so many others, I was unjustly eliminated, after 10 years with the company. I happened on to this site. It’s really depressing out there, but I’m finding no solace here. Do you have to resort to name-calling and diss & piss on each other over grammar? Is that the kind of place you want? There is no nobility of character in demeaning and maligning others — ESPECIALLY in times like this. Can’t folks lighten up here?

  101. I do think this is just about the most vital information in my situation. And i’m glad reading your article. But should remark on few general things, The website style is perfect, the articles is really excellent : D. Good job, cheers

  102. This article fails to mention that most of these jobs, although hiring, are extremely picky about who they hire now…they are all looking for reasons not to hire and many of the hiring managers do not know or appreciate a person with vast work knowledge, anyone presenting with the ability to perhaps out do them at their job are rejected.

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