Do you have a career resolution?

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Goals 2014It’s 2014 — have you decided how you’re going to improve your life this year?

Perhaps now’s the time to take that class you’ve had your eyes on, or maybe you’d like to test out some healthier eating habits or kick a bad habit to the curb. Or if you’re like 18 percent of full-time workers and you’re dissatisfied with your job, this may be the year to revamp your professional life with a career resolution.

Even if you’re not unhappy with your current situation, you’ve probably thought about where you’d like to be professionally a year from now and what it will take to get there. This may mean pursuing that coveted promotion, growing in your current role or looking for new opportunities with new employers.

To prepare for that next step, ask yourself:

  • So what am I learning today to prepare for my next role?
  • How am I moving closer to reaching my personal goals each day?
  • If I could accomplish one thing at work this year, what would it be?

Career resolutions from around the Web
Your career resolution can be as simple as getting to know your co-workers better or as lofty as moving up the office food chain. Challenge yourself to think big and be specific about what you’d like to accomplish. And if you need some inspiration, members of CareerBuilder’s social media community are here to help. When asked what their 2014 career resolutions are, they responded:

“To work in a position where I can make a positive impact and have the opportunity to reach my full potential.” – Mihaela D., Facebook

“To do some volunteering while job searching to build a better résumé, since I am a recent college graduate!” – Nessa D., Facebook

“To work in a position where I contribute my full potential and in turn I reach my chief aims and goals — one of them being able to afford to send my son to college anywhere in the world.” — Kim J., Facebook

“To work in an occupation whereby I make a positive difference in another person’s life.” – Madeleine H., Facebook

“Excel 100 percent beyond projection. Leave nothing on the table, however small.” – David O., LinkedIn

“To find a long-term career … not a job.” — Todd G., LinkedIn

“To find my employment home. A place [where] I feel welcomed, happy, fulfilled and even occasionally frustrated; that’s an employment family.” – Mara M., LinkedIn

“To find an environment that encourages personal and professional growth.” – Siobhan W., LinkedIn

“To begin anew with a stable company that wants a loyal, dependable and experienced employee who will be there for them for many years to come.” – Lisa N., LinkedIn

“Eagerly searching to start up a firm of my own.” – @Marcsod, Twitter

“I just want a JOB. A nice, cushy paycheck with some benefits and security. #missionimpossible” – @m_dymond, Twitter

You’ve had time to think, and now it’s your turn to sound off: What’s your career resolution for 2014? Let us know in the comments below!

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