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braceletThe next time you see someone wearing one of those yellow “awareness” bracelets, take a closer look. The cause could be someone’s job search.

Yesterday, I read story in the Chicago Tribune about two Florida women, Barbara Bourn and Stephanie Aucoin, who founded Aucoin was laid off from her job at an accounting firm and Bourn’s interior design business had seen a dramatic decline in revenue.

They decided to turn their attention to bracelets. You know the ones that build awareness from Global Warming to Breast Cancer to Autism? They made their own awareness wristbands with “Laid Off Need A Job” printed on them and the latest job seeker technique was created.

The idea is simple: “Our wristbands will help you market yourself as you go about your daily routine,” says the Web site. “They are attention getting conversation starters.”

And it makes sense … this little yellow piece of silicone breaks the ice and does the networking for you. You can tell people wherever you go – in checkout line at the grocery store, at your child’s school, on the bus, at a ball game – that you are looking for work.

These days when people are trying just about anything to get a job, this is a lot easier than standing on a street corner handing out resumes and a lot cheaper than renting a billboard. What have you got to lose?

Order online for you or order in bulk and pass them out to your friends and family. Skeptical? It works – take a look at the testimonials.

  1. What a great idea for job seekers. Thanks for letting us know about the wristbands. I am ordering a few today, one for me and the other for my laid off friends.

  2. I went to a job fair and two women were there handing out these wristbands. I got a few of them and I love them. Such a great way to market yourself to this tough job market.

  3. I saw these bracelets on Fox about a month a go and purchased 10 of them, one for myself and the others I handed out to my unemployed friends and gave one to my poor recently laid off Dad.

    I can say from experience they WORK. I got a lead because someone spotted mine in a store and told me about a job they knew about and plus they wanted to know where I got it.

    People, it is all about networking and marketing yourself in today’s economy.

  4. I can’t say enough about mine. I got a job from it and I wouldn’t have if I did not have it one. I wish all the unemployed people knew about them. I am so glad CAREERBUILDER is talking about them. I wish you would put them on your front page so all job lookers would know about these bracelets.

    Is all I know is when I put mine on and went out, it gave me hope. I did not feel like a loser. Thanks for spreading the word and wanting to help others.

  5. I was down in Florida on Vacation and saw all the locals wearing these bracelets. I couldn’t find them anywhere. Finally the word is getting out to all the unemployed. This is such a brilliant idea.

    I am so thrilled that a large corporation such as is advertising these bracelets. I commend you for going the extra mile to help the millions of unemployed AMERICANS. I hope the millions that visit your site are able to see these bracelets because people need more than just sending out a resume and I feel these bracelets give you hope and possible leads when you leave your home and that is what we need in our state of economy right now.

    Thanks again for some positive news and a great tip.

  6. Check out Urban Outfitters. A while back they had a really cool T-Shirt that states, “WANTED; a decent job” I wear it all the time and I get some surprising contacts from it!

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