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Recently, had a survey about work spouses, along with an informative article and blog post(s) explaining the trend to readers.

We had an “Ask The Work Buzz!” question from someone who wanted to stay anonymous. He manages a team of people and read our recent posts and article on “work spouses.”

The question: “How do you manage these workers on a team?”

The answer: Well, it really depends on how those employees are performing. 

If the workers in question are part of a team but have demonstrated they work well together as a pair and inspire each other, it may be time to capitalize on that strength by giving them a project together.

It’s great to capitalize on the fact that the “spouses” work well together, but you need to remember that they both need to be focused on individual expectations and goals. If they do collaborate on a project, make sure you clearly define roles and expectations.

On the other hand, if the relationship is negatively impacting the team or their individual productivity levels, you should take steps to de-emphasize that relationship.

If you’ve had other changes in your office recently, it could be a great opportunity to reshuffle the physical locations of the employees (and their workstations). You can also emphasize cross-training so that those employees are interacting with other processes – and other people.

These two ideas allow you to put healthy space between these interactions without making those employees feel like they’re being singled out.

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  1. HELP!
    I hold a BBA major in accounting, minor in computer programming since 1992. Pulled out of accounting/office jobs due to mergers resulting in layoffs every 2 years on average. I got fed-up and driving truck, doing tax prep on the side. I now find myself 5 years later(planned only 1-2 years) looking for office job and never acquired MBA or pass CPA exam due to family/economics issues. (Soon as I recovered from 1 layoff, here comes another). What do you suggest I do going forward? now to get an office position? in 6 months? the next 2 years? Accounting? IT? or just forget it, its to late. I am now 53 years old.
    Is it still realistic to get MBA, CPA, IT or maybe even a law degree?

  2. I am currently on disability until March 15 – I have been offered a new job while I am on disability – is there any legal ramafications to accepting a new job while on disability with the old?

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