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If you live in the Midwest, you were slammed by a healthy snowstorm this weekend. It was brutal and it surely did not inspire you to go outside and walk through your neighborhood. It made you want to catch up on your DVR and eat junk food in the warmth of your home. And that’s precisely what  many people are doing as 2010 comes to an end. They’re tired of the job hunt and ready to take a breather.

As we told you yesterday, stress is supposedly at its lowest point in a long time. Let’s be clear: We don’t think the average job seeker–or even American–is in a stress-free place. The economy alone is enough to make you bite your nails now and again. But if there’s one time of year you should try to relax and stay calm, it’s the holiday season. Otherwise you end up beating up people in the toy store and crying as you shovel snow. So don’t let your job hunt be another cause of stress. Instead, hunt for an hour or two each day–whatever can you fit in. You want to stay focused on your search without letting it overwhelm you.

So take a few minutes to see who’s hiring and get your résumé out there. To help you, here are 10 companies hiring this week:

1. Dollar General
Industry: Retail
Sample job titles: Store manager, warehouse supervisor

2. Fidelity Investments
Industry: Investment
Sample job titles: Global bond investments operations manager, fixed income valuation vice president

3. Princeton Information
Industry: IT
Sample job titles: Technology project coordinator, Web application vulnerability tester

4. The GEO Group Inc
Industry: Health care
Sample job titles: Nurse practitioner, medical records clerk

5. Charter College
Industry: Education
Sample job titles: Career services officer (student relations), instructors (various subjects)

6. NFI Industries
Industry: Transportation and delivery
Sample job titles: Diesel mechanic, warehouse operations lead

7. Humana
Industry: Pharmaceutical
Sample job titles: Pharmacy analytics consultant, business development manager (pharmacy)

8. Comcast Cable
Industry: Sales
Sample job titles: Enterprise account executive, retail sales representative

9. IBM
Industry: Consultant
Sample job titles: SAP CRM consultant, senior DB2 solution migration consultant

10. Kelly Law Registry
Industry: Legal
Sample job titles: Legal nurse consultant, attorney

  1. “Take a breather” from job-hunting? Only those presently employed have that luxury; the rest of us are looking (or should be looking) every waking moment.

    • Hi, Duane-

      I didn’t mean to imply that job seekers should slack off on their searches. We just recommend that job seekers pace themselves because spending 8 hours each day, 7 days a week looking for a job can quickly lead to burnout. Not only do you mentally wear yourself out, but also you can begin to make mistakes (like not catching typos or applying to the same job twice) that hurt your search.

      As always, we recommend each job seeker trusts his or her instincts.
      Thanks for the comment.


  2. I am an unemployed former Executive Director of a non profit that had a budget of $700,000. I did all the development and have an enormous amount of knowledge about development,grant writing and special events co-coordinator. I have managed volunteers and over saw the work of 10 employees.
    I have completed several programs through evening courses to enrich my abilities.
    I am either overqualified and am 57 yrs old and a woman. Careerlink is a good resource but hasn’t helped me. So good luck everyone,we need it. Companies are looking for young talent and us old knowledgeable work horses are left out in the cold!!!!

  3. “Take a breather” I hear the Black market is doing great these days. Goverment seems to be thinking about helping “we the people” by raising tuitions, even though it been shown w/ simple a Bachlor Degree or tech. training folks are more likely to hire you. I hear come spring some may have to worry about homeland security because of bill s 510 passing. we wouldn’t want to stave off famine with backyard gardens. IS that’s why we increase school lunch program cause canned veggies are cheap but not a healthy a fresh veggie. As it is the price of perishable food like veggies, Cheap protein like eggs are on the increase. But hey there are scholarships for illegals and if your some poor American kid, that lost your parents due to drugs or violence, LOL getting an education higher than High School. But that’s if you can make it in High School where teacher’s have to deal with kids that can barely read at times. But Hey turn on the idiot Box..Cable company is hiring…And Don’t forget to pick up your kids from 1/2 day school and remember “tuesday” there is often no school. Ever wonder why chinese kids are doing better in education maybe it has something to do with the time invested to educate them and the culture that values an education. Yes, there is an element of time to apply for work and wait for a response, but before you get into mindlessly watching a screen, consider our Founders, Study, Read, get involved “We The People” can make a difference Stay Fit mentally and physically. Addiction follows depression…Depression is fought with sunlight, exercise, purpose…and HOPE. Stay Strong, Stand for the America..That are Founder’s Believed was possible..Soldier’s led by George Washington endured, persevered. Please try to make each day be exchanged for a better tommorow

  4. I agree with Sandra, I am a 58 year old insurance professional with a diverse employment history and my choices are slim to say the least. I have applied for everything I am even remotely qualified for, yet the only responses I have had are for Commission Only Life Insurance Sales, you know the kind you use your vehicle, your time and money and if you sell anything we’ll share the commission with you. Like Sandra says,employers are looking for young talent. Call it what you will age does have some consideration and it is not positive.

    • I’ve been job hunting and am getting discouraged. I even pursued a career change and at 40 can’t continue to go to school with no income coming in. I found one position that sounded great until I kept reading: 75% travel time within Western Mass, must have own reliable transportation…. the kicker??? It only pays $10.00 an hour!!! One is expected to live off that, use their own vehicle, pay for fuel, insurance and not to mention the wear and tear…. You have got to be kidding!!!!

  5. I came across this link in attempting to update my resume. Seems interesting enough. I do agree with the previous posts; age does have a definite impact on hiring decisions. I’ve been unemployed for the past 18 months and have unsuccessfully applied for jobs that I’m more than qualified for. At age 51 I’ve had a solid 10 years in the customer service/call center field and am a college graduate. It definitely does get frustrating at times; now attempting to focus on another area of training to increase my chances.

  6. SNAFU, FUBAR, and KISS the government IS the problem! Larry — Too many people are stupid and believe we live in a demon-rat-sy. Schools have “dumbed down” most of the USA. The biggest key was 1958 Bloom’s Taxonomy (classification) the MASTER education book based on Karl Marx! See

    We must MAKE our own jobs is spite of the “progressive” bastards in Washington DC!

  7. Sandra Walters Weiss I too run a 501C3 Publicly Supported Charity. The bastards in the government diverted 99% of the altruistic money into illegal criminal, SO-CALLED Charities, like Neighborworks, Hope – and Acorn – just to put “progressives” into power -the government – as a self fullfilling democracy (mobocracy) to destroy AMERICA! Email me if you’d like to help with the charity – LEHenson2010@HOTMAIL.COM

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