Who’s hiring right now?

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We like to think you come to The Work Buzz because you love our personalities and feel that a day without us is like a day without sunshine. However, we’re very aware that, in addition to advice on job-seeking and workplace issues and discussions on current events, many of you are also looking for jobs. Simply put, you want to know who’s looking for hard workers.

Well, to point you in the right direction, here are 18 companies who are hiring companies in March. Seriously, this very minute they are hiring new employees. Follow the links to view their available positions.

ADT Security Services (TYCO)
Industry: Security
Sample job titles: Commercial, small business and residential sales, customer care associates, installation and service technicians
Location: Nationwide

All About Staffing*
Industry: Health care
Sample job titles: Registered nurses (critical care, ER, OR, L&D, telemetry, medical, surgery, NICU), directors, managers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, speech language pathologists
Location: Nationwide (including Florida, Texas, Nevada, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee)

Alliance Data
Industry: Financial Services
Sample job titles: Call center collection positions, roles in Finance, IT, mid- and upper-management
Location: Nationwide

American Family Insurance
Industry: Insurance
Sample job titles: Insurance agent, agent in training, agency sales support, marketing specialist, customer service representative, claims, actuarial and customer care centers
Location: Various states (currently operating in 19 states)

Century 21 Real Estate LLC
Industry: Real estate and sales
Sample job titles: Real estate agents
Location: Nationwide

Hooper Holmes, Inc.
Industry: Health care services
Sample job titles: Phlebotomists, business analysts director of marketing, production scheduler, executive assistant, technical support specialist
Location: Nationwide (including New Jersey)

ICF International
Industry: Energy, environment and human services consulting
Sample job titles: IT PMO deputy program manager, meeting planner – juvenile justice, senior computer systems analyst – child welfare, java developer, associate – energy efficiency HVAC systems, research assistant – fuels and technology, research associate/malaria analyst, senior conservation biologist/planner
Location:  Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., California

The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.
Industry: Finance/banking
Sample job titles: Financial advisor, impaired loan accounting, mortgage loan officer, relationship manager
Location: Nationwide

Providence Health & Services – California Region
Industry: Health care
Sample job titles: Nurse, occupational therapist, physical therapist, pharmacist, respiratory therapist
Location: California

Red Ventures
Industry: Online marketing
Sample job titles: Web developer, sales, customer service, accounting, recruiters, online marketing, management
Location: Nationwide (including North Carolina, Florida, and Texas)

ResCare, Inc.
Industry: Human services
Sample job titles: Direct care, LPNs, RNs
Location: Nationwide

Savers, Inc.
Industry: Retail
Sample job titles: Store managers, operations supervisors, production supervisors, sales clerks, cashiers, on-site donation attendants, production team members
Location: Nationwide

Securus Technologies, Inc.
Industry: Telecommunications
Sample job titles: Customer service, work force managers, call center supervisors, sales, territory managers, account managers, marketing
Location: Nationwide (including Texas)

Superior Technical Resources*
Industry: Various
Sample job titles: Senior spacecraft systems engineer, senior mechanical engineers, senior software engineers, senior avionics software developers, global controller, director of global treasury, environmental health and safety manager, data model consultant
Location: Virginia, Florida, Arizona, Iowa, California, New York, Texas, Ohio

Time Warner Cable
Industry: Telecommunications
Sample job titles: Account executive, customer service representative, installation technician, engineer
Location: Nationwide

Industry: Consumer products
Sample job titles: Supply chain, finance, manufacturing, research and development, marketing, customer development
Location: Nationwide (including New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Missouri)

Valvoline Instant Oil Change
Automotive service retail
Sample job titles: Customer service advisors
Location: Nationwide

Warner Chilcott
Industry: Pharmaceutical, sales
Sample job titles: Pharmaceutical sales representatives
Location: Nationwide

*Staffing and recruiting employers find workers on behalf of companies and organizations across various industries.

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  2. I just wanted to comment on the higher education aspect of the NEW Workforce. I am a 55 year old Army vetern, who decided to serve his country for over twenty years instead of going to college, like most of my friends. After the service, I worked for Wal-mart and serveral others until I got into Manufactured Housing. We all know where that went. Well, I’ve been laid off for over a year. I live in a small NW Ohio community that has lost more than half the plants. Most are going south of the border or overseas, so where does that leave us. I can’t afford to go back to school, because I put my daughter through college and still has a bill, that I can’t pay off. You say that the job market is going to education to employment specific hiring. Well, like the article says, most employers don’t want new kids fresh out of school. And people like me are too old to hire because we might not be around long enough or have medical problems that they don’t want to deal with. This is not a perfect world, and alot of us out here just want to work. Maybe we are just letting technology run the common man out of a job all together. I have nothing against technology, I love my computer, cell phone and such. But it’s like going to the doctor. You don’t have just “A DOCTOR” anymore, everyone is specialized in one field or another. And if their not sure what’s wrong with you, you could end up going to a dozen different doctors before you find out what’s wrong. Like I did for my back years ago. We need to think about the common man who just wants to work. I don’t want to be CEO, or even a member of the staff. I just want a job. And as far as looking to the future, my 401K disappeared with the economy and my job. I look day to day because no one out there gives a damn about anyone who doesn’t make 6 figure a year money. Thanks for nothing.

  3. I have something to say; I can not believe or will not accept that the “SYSTEM” is “CORRUPTED” and a lot of “BUREAUCRACY” going on this this office or department; that is very shameful of how the system is running or what is going on and how “MINORITES” are been handle at this department or office.

  4. Hey Jerry,

    Can’t live on your 50% pay (that’s the 20-year Army retirement) with benefits that continue for life?? I know lots of people living in central Kansas – near Ft. Riley – who retired at 38 after 20 years. They are happy to do volunteer work for no salary: they draw a liveable wage with health benefits. If you really want to go to a university, you also get those benefits. Get an education and don’t worry about a job. Do something you like, and you should be able to get by fine. Do whatever you want – secure in your continuing salary, and if you really want another paycheck you’ll meet people and have plenty of opportunities.

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  14. In this world, nobody really cares if you make it or not…you just have to continously try to adapt and react to each event as it takes place. There is no “end all” solution to employment. I guess you just have to know the right be people or be in the correct situation at the correct time.

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