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culinary schoolBy Paris Jordan, freelance writer

If you’re interested in changing careers and want a job that is rewarding and well paying, you may want to consider the benefits of the culinary arts. Choosing a culinary arts career from top cooking schools can provide the knowledge that can boost your earning power and give you plenty of opportunities to work in a restaurant, hotel or at a resort facility. While a degree is not essential, most professional chefs have earned at least an associate degree in the field. It usually takes two years for a student to graduate with their associate of arts. A bachelor’s degree is another option, and the course of study may require four years of study at an accredited institution. Chefs and food service managers are two of the career options that graduates have when they are interested in a culinary arts career.

Choosing a culinary career
With a variety of different choices, you can find a career that matches your talents and provides you with a rewarding way to earn a living. Programs usually offer basic information and cover fundamental cooking techniques that are crucial to landing a career as a sous or executive chef. Other students may be more interested in the management aspect of a restaurant, and a culinary school provides more details about the features that make a successful establishment. If you choose to enroll in a culinary arts school, you can pick from programs that cover:

Culinary arts career opportunities
A culinary school graduate has a variety of options for his future career, and you can find employment as a cook, baker, pastry chef, sous chef or food service manager. While you can enter the field without earning your degree, having a certificate or diploma can enhance your résumé and provide you with access to a range of rewarding opportunities. An executive chef is in charge of the operational aspect of a restaurant, and they may create menus, oversee the cooking staff and create new dishes for diners. Sous chefs are usually responsible for preparing meals on a daily basis, and they may be in charge of line cooks and prep cooks. A manager may work directly with an executive chef and oversee the front and back of a house.

Salary outlook
Choosing a culinary career from top cooking schools is an outstanding way to gain access to a rewarding paycheck and find abundant employment opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual median wages for a variety of careers in the culinary field are:

  • Head cook or chef — $42,480
  • Food service manager — $47,960
  • Cook — $22,030

If you’re finally ready to expand your earning power, you may want to apply to a school that gives you access to a culinary arts career. Professionals can find work in a variety of settings, and you can prepare meals, create baked goods or manage a restaurant.

Paris Jordan is a writer who focuses on career-oriented writings and brings great information to his readers. He loves cooking, eating and writing about food in his free time.

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