10 jobs for wannabe spelling bee champs

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spelling-beeLast night, I was one of the millions glued to my TV watching Kavya Shivashankar spell her way to winning the Scripps National Spelling Bee. I spent three hours transfixed by the competition and was in complete awe of those composed middle-schoolers.

I actually knew one word: neufachtel neufchatel. That’s not so good for a person who writes for a living (and former sixth runner-up in the 1987 New Orleans citywide spelling bee), but at least I got one correct, right?

If you’re one of those people who can knock out a crossword puzzle in no time flat, was spellbound by “Spellbound” or corrects the spelling and grammar on everyday things like menus and emails, perhaps a job that taps into your wordy nature would be fitting.

Even if you can’t spell “laodicean,” here are 10 jobs that make the most of your love of language:
(Click on the words to find open jobs.)

1. Teacher

2. Word Processor

3. Copywriter

4. Medical Transcriptionist

5. Communication Specialist

6. Linguist

7. Technical Writer

8. Proofreader

9. Editor

10. Data Entry Clerk

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