10 Spooky Jobs

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halloweenHappy Halloween Week!

I know, I know — most people don’t devote a whole week to celebrating one holiday — except for me. In my book, big occasions just can’t be celebrated in one day.  Every September, I have a “birthday week.” When my friends get married, it’s their “wedding week.” And now that Halloween is just 5 short days away, it is most certainly “halloween week.”

To get all of you as excited about Halloween as I am, I thought we could start this week with “spooky jobs” for other Halloween fanatics. The following jobs deal with matters from corpses to violence to death to the supernatural. Fellow Halloween Lovers, consider one of the following 10 spooky jobs:

Why it’s spooky: Coroners observe corpses and investigate the cause, time and manner of death, mostly when it happens under unusual circumstances.
Scary salary: $41,123

Ghost hunter
Why it’s spooky: Ghost hunters use scientific tools to measure and collect evidence of paranormal activity in areas that are said to be haunted. Teams of these people are called paranormal investigation teams.
Scary salary: N/A

Mystery fiction writer
Why it’s spooky: Mystery writers need the creative mind to develop scary plots, suspenseful story lines and twisted characters to comprise compelling novels for their readers.
Scary salary: $57,335

Why it’s spooky: Morticians (also known as undertakers or funeral directors) oversee all funeral arrangements for the deceased, including details of body preparation for viewing and preparing the body itself.
Scary salary: $57,247

Witch doctor
Why it’s spooky: Witch doctors are healers through magic and witchcraft. They believe illnesses and injuries are caused by magic and witchcraft and so they are best treated that way.
Scary salary: N/A

Why it’s spooky: Embalmers prepare corpses for burial or cremation by washing, drying and disinfecting the body; releasing excess air from the lungs; draining blood from the circulatory system and replacing it with embalming fluid and applying cosmetics to create a more lifelike appearance.
Scary salary: $46,564

Crime scene cleanup
Why it’s spooky: Crime scene cleaning crews sanitize and clean the aftermaths of crimes on all levels, from murders to domestic violence.
Scary salary: N/A

Grave digger/Cemetery worker
Why it’s spooky: Grave diggers work in cemeteries digging graves before funerals, often times working late into the night or early morning hours. Cemetery workers assist in the upkeep of grave and memorial sites.
Scary salary: $37,505 for grave diggers

Obituary writer
Why it’s spooky: Obituary writers are responsible for writing summaries of the lives of the deceased for such publications as newspapers, magazines and Web sites.
Scary salary: $41,516 for newspaper writers

Crematorium technician
Why it’s spooky: These technicians incinerate corpses and collect the ashes to give to family and loved ones.
Scary salary: $70,294 for managers

  1. I have actually written resumes for an embalmer and mortician. Yea, kinda creepy… but what would we do without them eh?

    But the spookier thing to think about here- is how bad do you feel for the HR Manager having to read thru all of these kinds of resumes? :)

    Just a thought!

    Do you have a spooky job? Need help with finding another spooky job? Hit me up, I’m the Resume Chick. Google Me!

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  7. Sadly, theresumechick (the poster named Karen Flowers, above) is a scam. She leaves comments and writes short articles like this everywhere she can to promote a sense of legitimacy.

    Her service consists of accepting your money, copying your resume over into another format, and then ceasing all communication when you ask for a 2nd draft.

    Google theresumechick scam and you’ll see that she’s taken advantage of plenty of other job seekers. There are complaints on file about her on the BBB website as well.

    If you’re on the fence at all, do not fall for theresumechick scam and please use a trusted source.

    • the resume chick is a scam and plz plz dont use her. she takes your money, does a poor job for the first draft and then you can not find her after that. she needs to be put in jail for scamming ppl who have no job and no money but desperation of getting helped.on her url there is no contact number and no address. she has a lot to hide. BBB give her C on a scale of A-F. she is scam. shame on you!

      • The resume writer, resume chick, roxy, ava, etc (she/he goes by a different name in each state) ripped me off recently,too. I paid the $50, sent my info back to her and still haven’t received a thing! She promised to get a resume to me by August 18th, now it’s the 25th. I have disputed with paypal, sent several emails to the resume services, with no response at all. Such a bummer that there are so many people out there that are careless–like really no compassion for others at all. What a sad way to live! I feel for these people and how insecure they must feel about themselves to be so cruel to others. I am sure they think this whole scam is hilarious…wow, they’ll get a swift kick in the ass in the end!

  8. I just checked the BBB and there is NOTHING about the resume chick and I used url, email & phone number to search. Any thing I found through google search says exact same word for word as you put here so appears you lied about the BBB. Is she your competition or something?

  9. The resume chick is a scam, exactly as been burned posted. Please call pay pal and file a complaint. I at least got a partial refund. feel free to email at brianponder (remove me) @gmail.com

  10. I am a resume advisor. I have to honestly say I have never had any clients that were in any of these professions. My client base is business executives. I guess there is a first time for everything so I better prepare myself for if that day ever comes. LOL

  11. I tried filing a complaint against this woman with the BBB – unfortunately, it was impossible for me to do so online because I don’t have her address or location. The url does not show up in their database. Her url is under private registration, so it’s difficult to trace. Stay away!


      • I just got totally scammed by Karen Flowers, Resume Chick, as well. Sent a crap resume (with other peoples info left in which she failed to erase when she copied and pasted my info). When I asked for revisions, she just sent the same copy again…which took her a day to do. I wasted an entire week trying to get a good, professional resume.

      • I wish I read this site before using her. she took my money and did a poor job on the first draft but disappeared from there totally except when I ask for refund she contacted me.but I might get my money back since I paid her via paypal and paypal is only a payment processing service and they have very little power over things like this.

  12. After doing some more research, The Resume Chick is also Super Resume Girl and Boston Resume Writer. I’m sure they have a ‘chick’ coined resume writer for every major city listed on craigslist. The company is ASG Resume and Writing Services…when you go to paypal from all these sites, it’s ASG. And if you call the number listed on ASG, it’s an Australian dude. Considering I got all my emails from them at 1am, I bet this is an foreign company….not Boston, etc. TOTAL SCAM!

    • These negative posts are false and are coming from one person, which I have been told via email is a competitor in one of the cities I advertise in. If this information I just said is false then I challenge the poster to post the transaction ID here from his/her order in the open and stop hiding behind the anonymity of a computer screen, Its time to put up or shut up.

      • This comment is fascinating. I mean, YOU know you’re lying, and the rest of us know that you’re lying. And you know that we know, too. It’s really bizarre getting to watch a sociopath at work…I have to wonder how you can do this without feeling bad about it.

        I take consolation in the fact that, somewhere inside, you know that you’re just not a good person.

        Theresumechick is a scam.

      • you are a lying scammer. I have just being scammed by you and if there is anyone wants to contact me feel free to do so I will tell them exactly what happened! she needs to be locked up for scamming ppl!

  13. I read the reviews here, so i contacted the resume chick, as I did like her style, after a few emails back and forth, she actually offered me a free resume so as she said I woulc see for myself the resume was perfect i even have a couple of interviews set up from the resume. I decided to send her the payment of $50 for the service anyway, just to say thank you. I found her nothing but helpfuly, and I think she is based outside of Dallas.

    • Yes, yes, we know, we know, for every ten people the resume chick Karen Flowers scams she does a great job for one, and they ALWAYS come and post the most glowing comments about her.

      It’s very believable, all these other people MUST be lying

      • Again bill or whatever you name is,

        I gave you the chance to post your tranID here, and you haven’t so you have discredited yourself further.

        So once again, as you wish to use a public forum to discuss this..post your transID so I can see who you are, and I will publicly discuss your resume here to resolve this.

        I have also requested this blog owners for the IP’s that posted the negative reviews of me.

        So Brain, Heather and Danielle… I am calling you out on your claims. I want to see who you are as I can’t find any complaints from people with these names in my files.


        • I will gladly post my trans ID, although I sent it to you several times asking where my product was. I have heard nothing back. When I paid I got a return email by some marketing company, but when I clicked on the tracking link, the site doesn’t exist.

          This is just mean! Taking advantageof people who are just trying to get a job and probably need the money. Not to mention, all the personal info of mine you now have.

          • I retract my previous comment. I was able to webchat with a rep from the company and she issued a refund. It was a mix up with scheduling me to have the work done. I cannot evaluate their work, but can vouch that they didn’t scam my money, as they issued a credit.

          • she is cruel and heartless human being. Taking advantageof people who are just trying to get a job and need the money! she is mean!

            • Really NH? (more hiding behind Letters)

              Read above your comment. I can help once you post the Trans# or contact me, these groundless, fact-less claims smell of a Sour competitor. Prove me wrong so we can see if we can fix this


  14. Karen Flowers/TRC – You seem to be following this thread pretty closely, so here is my story about getting ripped off by you. My name is Lisa Ramaci, and you scammed me for $50. I sent you the money, you sent me the questionnaire, I filled it out and sent it back. You claimed you never received it, so I sent it again through both Yahoo AND Hotmail. Sent to myself as well and it worked perfectly, so I doubt your claim that you never got it. Wrote a third time asking for receipt confirmation, and never heard a word from you again. You are indeed a scammer, a total bloodsucking lowlife POS, and anyone who entrusts a single dime to you will never see it again – sort of like that resume you promised me in a “48-hour turnaround”. Don’t try claiming I’m not a client, or you have no record of this transaction, or any of the other crap you’ve written in these posts – you know damn well you are a thieving waste of skin, and whatever bad hand Life ultimately will deal you, well, baby, you deserve all of it, and probably more. (Oh, BTW, the fourth and last email I sent you asking you to please contact me and tell me what was going on was dated July 25, 2011, if you want to “check your records” – heh.)

    Anyone who wants to lodge a complaint with the BBB against “Karen Flowers” – if such a miserable creature even exists – should do so utilizing her d/b/a/ name, ASG Marketing INC/The Resume Chick, 16 West Main Street, Newark, DE 19702. There are two closed complaints on file for this company, each for “Problems with Product/Service”. Can’t access them once they’re closed, but I’m guessing they were both for the same thing, taking money and giving nothing in return.

    You lying piece of filth, how do you sleep at night?

  15. I have used the Resume chick – and she was great. After trying to send my own resume out and getting no responses, I finally caved and used her.

    I was between jobs and did not want to spend a lot of money on my resume. She did a great job for me.

    People, whenever you get a resume, you always have to do some tweaking yourself, that’s just the nature of the game. She gave me a great resume in a very nice format, and I was very pleased…

    So much so, that, when I actually got a job writing resumes for another company – and not I’m not advertising – I would recommend her for people who were on a tight budget. Yep. And nope, I did not get any commissions or anything like that. I just simply passed her name along to people I thought could benefit and did not have the money for a personal consultation resume, etc.

    So there you have it. She treated me well. Are there people who might have been dissatisfied? I suppose. Bu my experience was very positive, especially for the price.

    Why people think they should get gold-plated anything for $50 is beyond me. Resumes take work to put together! $50 is very, very, very, very….to infinity and beyond cheap!

    • Thank you David & Tiffy for your kind words -

      With regards to you Lisa Ramaci – I have checked my records for this – I received from you on July 29th 11:23pm

      “Oh Karen, do you really think I did NOT check my email closely? The problem, after I looked at the header info you included, is this – you sent the documents to my gmail account, while I was writing you from my Hotmail account, and THAT is where I was looking for a reply and my resume. Since I opened the gmail account solely to get replies to my resume, it never occurred to me that you would send the documents there, I just assumed you would link to one of the emails I sent you from Hotmail.

      I do sincerely apologize to you for the over-the-top email from hell I sent, but the reality is, that was a test, not what I really believe. You did not reply to three days worth of polite emails from me, which asked that you get back to me one way or the other as to whether or not you had gotten my resume info. All I needed was something short and sweet in reply, like “Got it, working on it now”, and I would have been very grateful and patient. But when I received nothing from you at Hotmail, I went online and found a number of blog posts from people who said you had taken their money and then vanished. Given that, I pretty much figured that if I sent you a raving, curse-filled message that also mentioned the Better Business Bureau you would either a) ignore me, in which case my wondering if I had been scammed would have been correct, or b) finally get back to me one way or the other. Crude methods, I admit, but as I saw it, my attempts to be nice weren’t working.

      Given that, I must thank you for the email, cover letter and thank you letter. I only paid you for a resume, so please tell me how much I owe you for the rest of the package and I will get it to you immediately. And again, I am very sorry to unleash such an assault on you, but it was the only way I knew how to find out if you were for real or not. (And no, I certainly do not wish upon you anything even remotely like what I said. I am really not a lunatic bitch, I swear.)

      Lisa Ramaci”

      BTW the extra cover letter and thank you letter was a free item to you. And all this for $50.

      I believe this clears up this matter.

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