Best and worst cities for jobs

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Location matters when buying a home (“Oh, a lake view!”) or accepting a job offer (“It’s just a 15-minute drive!”). If you don’t like the home with the lake view, you can drive a few blocks and look for a home with a park view. Or you can turn down the job with the 15-minute drive and find one near a train stop. But if you’re job searching, your location isn’t quite as flexible. You can’t say, “The local economy is a bit rough, so I’ll just pick up and move across the country.” You can, I suppose, but it takes a lot of time and money, two items job seekers can’t afford to waste.

Recently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics looked at the unemployment situation in metropolitan areas throughout the country for December 2010, the month with the most current data. Although the economy’s recovery is slow and steady, it is improving when compared to year-over-year data.

Of the 372 metros included in the study, 238 held lower unemployment rates in December 2010 than they did in 2009. Conversely, 115 metro areas had higher unemployment rates, while only 19 were unchanged.

In December, the national unemployment rate was 9.1 percent. Yet, the rate in 109 metros was higher than 10 percent, a significant improvement from 140 metros in 2009. Fortunately, one number that did rise is the amount of metros with unemployment rates lower than the national average. In 2009, 66 metros had rates below 7 percent, but in 2010 that number climbed to 73 metros. It may seem like a small victory, but if you’re a job seeker in one of these states, it’s a welcome improvement.

Michigan boasts the most improvements

Michigan, a state that has seen some particularly rough jobless numbers over the past few years, experienced many of the best improvements from 2009 to 2010. According to the BLS, “The 10 largest year-over-year jobless rate decreases in December were reported in Michigan areas.” These cities all saw jobless decreases between 3.4 and 4.8 percent:

Unfortunately, Yuma, Ariz. experienced the largest year-over-year jobless rate increase at 4.4 percent.  On the plus side, no other city saw a jobless rate increase higher than 2 percent, and even then only 24 metros experienced such jobless rises.

Who had the best years?

When it comes to who saw the biggest year-over-year increase in employment, each region of the country had some reason to boast. Two-hundred metros experienced improved employment, but these saw the most significant increases, ranging from 17,000 new workers to 57,500:

In terms of percentage, these metros saw the biggest improvements:

Who had the worst year?

Unfortunately, not every city had a strong year. These metros saw the largest decreases in employment:

Perhaps the most interesting point to be made about these cities is that Detroit saw a decrease in the number of workers, but in terms of the unemployment rate, it improved. Although there is no definitive way of knowing what is at play, long-term unemployed workers might have quit searching and no longer factor into the figure. Either way, the Detroit metro is an interesting area to watch.

And in terms of percentage, the cities with the largest December-to-December decreases were:

What you should do with this information

If you’re a job seeker, you might be wondering, “OK, so a lot of people are better off than they were a year ago, and some aren’t. So what?” Well, as a job seeker, you should always be aware of your local economy because it does affect your job search. Knowing what the employment situation is like where you live can help you understand why you’re not receiving an offer or inspire you to get more creative to stand out.

Another option that some job seekers will consider is relocation. We understand that it’s not for everyone. First, it’s expensive. Flying back and forth to interviewers, hiring movers or driving to your new city, and finding new place to live—they all cost money. Plus, leaving behind your family and friends isn’t always possible. However, if you have the means and desire to look beyond your current city, you will increase your chances of finding a job. In fact, some regions might be experiencing a shortage of workers in your industry, and you will be a sough-after applicant. You never really know what you’ll find by looking in another city.

Let us know how your city has fared over the last year. Have you seen any signs of improvement? Are things the same? Have you relocated to find work?

    • If they are using the number of people on unemployment for their calculations, the numbers hold no truth. They are not reflecting the thousands who have run out of unemployment benefits. I personally know of 2. Both are Union workers. The unions jobs just aren’t there. And non-union companies are fearful of hiring a union worker.

      • Anyone who is seeking a “union job” or calling themselves a “union worker” deserves to be jobless. I’m not against the unions, but, they aren’t very helpful in a jobless economy. They are automatically shutting the door on 70-80 percent of the available jobs. Come On! is that who our unemployment benefits are going to?

        • You actually posted that? Wow…apparently you dont know your facts. Union workers are the reason that you are safe on your job today…they are the reason that you make overtime, have benefits…some of them even DIED to get you where you are today in the workforce. Shame on you! NOBODY deserves to be out of work…you are a moron…..and btw, Im not a union worker but sure do respect em.

          • Your right Kim, but Mike makes points to some unions do’nt help the situation. Now youv’e got two union busting gov’s in Jersey & Wis who want to step back 50 years. They feel police, firemen & teachers are public servants and don’t deserve decent salaries, but they forget who the real public servants are, the politicians with their platinum health and perscription plans and we have no say, maybe we should sewlect their health plans.


            • Any farmer will tell you Pigs always squeal when you chase them away from the trough. It doesn’t concern the farmer much though; because he has a business to run. If the pigs are allowed to eat up the entire yearly allotment of food in one month the farmer will go broke trying to feed them. And that is what is happening in Wisconsin, and other places around our country. The fact of the matter is that the people of Wisconsin elected this Governor, and the Republican Congressmen because they promised to chase the pigs away from the trough, and keep the farm from going bankrupt. Judging from the amount of “Squealing” going on it looks to me like they are keeping their promise, and doing a darned good job. And it’s about time. As for the cowardly Democratic legislators involved. I say let’s have Pork Chops for dinner, and a heaping helping of Bacon for breakfast.

          • All I know is that my step-brother was an electrician with the union. He was unemployed for a year, lost his crap union health insurance too. All because he could not apply or work elswhere because he would lose his “place in line”. I don’t think anyone deserves to be unemployed but after awhile you gotta do what you gotta do and swallow your union pride and just find employment. It’s not fair that his kids had to go without health insurance even though it was crap. Another thing, if he took a day off he didn’t get paidl. He did not earn leave.

      • Actually the ignorance and failure of the American people turning out at the voting booth and taking a hands on approach to government is the reason our country is in turmoil

      • @s. stern Then why is it the Dem States the ones out of work? Chicago, San Franscisco, Ca. and Illonios…….. Texas is the only state thats working these days. It was those Liberal Dems who killed jobs since gaining power 4 years ago and Obama the great divider is owned by the Unions and instead of allowing Job growth hes only gives his Union friends money and resources and wants to tax every job out of existance and passes the cost to every tax payer and before that Bill Clinton signed the Nafta Agreement selling jobs to our neighbors north and south of the border.If you want healthcare get a job and pay for one.

        • The thing that people don’t understand is that there was voter fraud going on during the 2008 election and will continue to go on as long as he is President. The Democrats did nothing as far as pushing anything through the last two years of Bush’s term and therefore it was a stalemate. Giving people the chance to have a home, even though they couldn’t afford it was the ideas of ACORN run by Obama, the community organizer. Everyday our freedoms become less and less and our taxpayer money is going to the unions who put unbelieveable amounts to keep the Dems in office. Look beyond the trees in the forest and see the real picture.






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  2. We relocated to Tucson AZ from Orlando FL. Things got so bad in FL I was working and collecting unemployment. Things are going great now here in AZ. Many places in FL have a unemplyment rate of near 20% when you add in those who have stopped looking and those who took much less paying jobs just to have one

  3. Alusine Afriju says: doubt the process. NY most jobless city. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) collects its data directly from state and local unemployment offices. You might want to inform yourself about BLS and what it does. BLS is the source of the Consumer Price Index, Import and Export Price Index, Inflation and Prices, wages by area, and employment / unemployment data, to name only a few of the very important financial indices it manages. What formula have you used to conclude that NYC “can be seen as the most jobless city?” You should try living in San Francisco, with a population about 6.7% of that in NYC. San Francisco’s reported jobless rate is 10% (but is actually closer to 12% when you account for people who are counted twice by the BLS because they hold 2 part time jobs, etc.) It reported the highest loss of jobs of any metropolitan area in the last reported monthly period.

  4. Interesting…

    Dallas Phoenix and Minnesota are on the ‘good list’ and Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit, and Sacremento seem to be doing poorly…

    Come now. Let’s put our honesty caps on. Is anyone surprised by this?

  5. Maybe it’s time for Americans to go to D.C. and protest our government like the Egyptians did. We can demand that they “poop or get off the pot”, they can quit the “micurating contest” and posturing long enough to work out some solutions. And perhaps they can work at half pay until America is back to work, this way they will have some real incentive to get things done!

    • No affiliation with either party, but look what is and has been happening in the Middle East. Yeah they are nuts, but they are tired of their governments shit too. The system has failed! To the lawn of the White House!

  6. Lack of jobs is not a Republican, Democrat, or Independent problem. We all share in this. We, as consumers, demanded higher wages and lower prices. The companies that made products in the US decided to give lower prices, and began making their products overseas. This move cut the jobs with higher wages, leaving fewer people with income to purchase more expensive items like cars, houses, etc. We also gave some politicians, if not all, the freedom to raise their own salaries as they see fit. I once heard a firefighter tell someone that if his “annual” raise wasn’t enough to buy a $250K house, he was going to look elsewhere for employment. No employer owes employees an annual raise. So, I repeat what I said earlier, we ALL share in this.

  7. Has any one thought about NAFTA, It’s what pulled the jobs from out country. How can we have jobs when so many companies left to do business overseas? If we don’t work how can we purchase what they are shipping back in? Just food for thought

  8. Come on let’s not blame the government for the deficit, instead let’s be honest with ourselves, for those who were wise and invest/gamble on the stocks opportunities given to less fortunate and those who invested for the more profitable parties admit you gained a whole a lot. And for those of you who are allowing the finances break your bond with your love one, I have nothing to say other than you never loved the so call significant other. I come from an immigrant family, my father was always the provider and my mother worked a part time job for the past 25 yrs. However, for the past 4yrs my mother has been and is the main provider of the house hold after my father lost job and even though he is not 100% fluent in English yet he makes an effort to get the point across and still have not found a job, and they are still together going strong. My father is 59 years old and my mother is 63, the courage and perseverance both have and thought me is what keeps me going. Times are rough no doubt but let’s stop pointing the finger and work together to find a solution so that we all can be better off now and in the future. Stop pondering your energy on the negative and focus on the positive and as a whole lets come out with a solution.

  9. I find all of this data quite interesting since it doesn’t account for all of the people who have been without a job for such a long time here in Michigan that they no longer qualify for unemployment benefits. It also doesn’t acct. for all of the self-employed folks who lost their businesses because of Michigan’s self-employment tax making it impossible to survive anymore (ie. taxes of $11,000 on a $40,000 income!). All of these statistics doesn’t take into acct. all of the people who have to take two part-time jobs to survive, but lose them in 5 months so they doen’t even qualify for unemployment benefits. There are so many people here in Michigan who aren’t counted at all when performing these so called “statistics”! People are losing everything they have, their homes, their jobs, their cars, and most importantly…their dignity because we can’t even support our families’ basic needs anymore due to the rising costs of groceries, gas, and other consumer goods. By the way, didn’t the Social Security say there would be no increase in pay for the last two years because there hasn’t been an increase in the cost of living? By which information are they basing thesse facts? I come from a family that is mainly supported by self-employment now since I became so ill I can’t work as a nurse anymore. I am disappointed that our last governor put so many new stipulations on self-employment. As it is, the banks don’t want to lend the small businesses any money because small business isn’t stable in Michigan, the self-employed small business owner can’t afford health insurance and you can’t qualify for Medicaid unless you’re disable for 13 months or more, and it’s impossible to survive because when you have any type of medical bills at the present time…they want to sue you for the money! Help New Governor Rick Snyder……we are drowning! Unless self-employment taxes for the typical DBA/sole proprietorship is annuled…we can’t survive. DSoes anyone have the correct information on just how bad it is out there? I don’t think so!

  10. I went from 130k/yr to 32k thankfull to have something, but thoase in this same situation don’t show up on “unemployment” figures either.

  11. Oh by the way even though I come from an immigrant family, my siblings and I are all University Graduates, and no we have never used our government grants or financial aid to earn our education. We have all pay our dues and work hard for what we have accomplished.

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  13. I have to agree with Nikki, perhaps is not taken into account not in Michigan, Florida or any other state for that matter. I know what is like to be unemployed and making over $250k a year and losing everything you work so hard for yourself. But again I say let’s come together and collective mind come up with a solution and proposal that would benefit all of us. We all know how the system works and if you don’t you can Google it. This is the beauty of our government which I love you can always research and evaluate, that is if you want to take time to do so. There is no flaw in the system there are just those individuals who work for in the system for many years and don’t bother to come current with system changes and guidelines. This is not to say that there will be those who will attempt or have attempt to fraud the system, and it is for those individuals why the rest of us pay the price.

  14. The government gives grants to major corporations to move their jobs overseas. Good for the government and the CEO’s and stock holders, but not for the working man. Once the jobs and billions of money that is loaned to these countries are in place then the government can try to control. Most of it is over oil.

  15. Are republicans serious bush caused this mess he messed up our country the first four you racist republicans went out voted for him again therefore giving him four more years to finish messing up our country obama inherited this mess and is doing his best to fix what you racist republicans messed up in the first place. You all knew the impact that bush would make. and all that voted for him therefore contributing to this mess are just as dumb as he his.

  16. Huntsville,AL is the best place to live if you are dependent on BIG GOVERNMENT. Phoenix Industries in Huntsville will help you get a disabilty payment AND put you to work in a GOVERNMENT SANCTIONED SWEATSHOP at minimum wage all the while drawing hundreds of thousands of dollars in BIG GOVERNMENT dollars and writing it off as a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION. The rich are getting richer and the poor are staying poor. WHAT A PLACE TO LIVE!

  17. It does,nt matter if your republican or demorcrate , independent , black , white, the state of this country affects all off us . Bottom line the government is going to take all you have worked all your life for and what the federal government does,nt get the stste you live in will get the rest. all you y oung americans better wake up!!!!!!!

  18. Look, everyone wants to blame the republicans and democrats, etc… They are part of it but the real culprits is everyone! This country has gotten really greedy and wasteful. Just becasue you make a lot of money doesn’t mean that you have to spend that much. You have people buying five bedroom houses but it is only two people living in them. You have to buy a new car everyyear to keep up with the Joneses. You shop every weekend but can’t pay your mortgages. A million credit cards in your wallet for everything and you wonder why people are in debt, losing their homes and jobs. No one save, only spends. You all need to blame your selves and repent. You know who you are that have not been good stewards over their monies. This country was built on Godly Laws and Priniciples and everyone has broken them. You have not seen nothing yet. It is going to get worse. Stop relying on man and the goverment to help you. You neeed the Lord God Now. Protestors are running all over the place and it is now time to repent and stop the finger pointing.

    • Blaming average Americans for trying to “Keep up with the Joneses” is completely irrational. As a married couple with 3 kids living in a modestly-mortgaged home with 1, YES 1 car and an old rickety truck for my self-employed husband is certainly NOT trying to keep up with anyone.
      In 2008, we were lucky enough to be able to afford a NEW vehicle. With 2 teens & an 8 yr old, our 10 year old car was no longer big enough to accomodate us. So we bought an SUV. My husband has always had a vehicle for his business that was approx. 7 years old. The last vehicle was 15 years old with 240,000 miles on it.
      In the last several years, taxes continued climbing, jobs were disappearing, oil increased, gas increased, & food increased at alarming rates. My husband’s work has decreased & his salary was cut by $15,000 in 1 year, while materials & supplies for his business have increased an everage of 25%. Self-employment taxes are up, state taxes are up, town taxes are up. His income tax is 33% of his earnings. Our town taxes continue to climb – when we took out this mortgage we paid just about $1,600 a month for our home – it has now, because of real estate taxes, climbed to $2,100 a month! Oil for our house has gone from from $400 a tank to $700. Gas for cars has gone from $25 to fill a tank to $45. Groceries are also ridiculous. I used to spend approx. $250.00 each shopping trip (approx. every 2 1/2 weeks). Now I spend that in about 1 & 1/2 weeks.
      In addition to all of this, my husband suffers from a chronic health issue. Because he is self-employed, time-off is not an option. There are no sick days, no short-term disability when he’s hospitalized, no unemployment when there’s no work.
      My job is stable, but we had pay freezes so that the millionaires who run this company (whose profits have steadily been up before & during the freeze) can become more rich. We had layoffs of hundreds most were employed 5 or more years, many between 10 & 15 years. Then, after our company was allegedly on a hiring freeze, hired new employees to fill these positions at much lower salaries & no benefits.
      I don’t want to sound like a complainer here, but I want to defend those of us who work our butts off, have no “toys”, do not vacation or travel – we used to occasionally go on trips for my sons baseball team, but our last “real” vacation was too long ago to remember. Not everyone struggling with mortgages & bills is wasteful. I do not “go shopping” every weekend, (much to my daughters’ disappointment) I make “trips” to stores to get the necessities when needed. We don’t have “a million” credit cards – 1 for personal use, 1 for my husband’s business. If we don’t have the cash, we don’t buy it. I do not buy or wear designer clothing – I shop discount & department stores for all of us (TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Walmart, Target) and have ALWAYS done so. I do not buy luxury items such as jewelry, fancy shoes, fashion handbags, etc. (I don’t even wear a watch!). Our living room furniture is well-kept, but 15 years old. Our dining room set is passed down from a great-grandmother. I shop dollar stores for household paper goods, cleaning supplies, etc.
      We are hard-working average Americans who are just trying to SURVIVE.

      • Well, three kids is not “trying to survive”, that’s a significant and unneccesary financial commitment to take on. You’ve brought this on yourself- so no need to complain.

  19. I went through several interviews here in Metro Detroit area. I have been abused by Hindu hiring manager few times. They brought me for an interview just to complete their formal interview process but they had already of their hindu friend in mind to hire. They bring different origin people for an interview to show to upper management that they are conducting fair interview process.

    • Its called diversity. When they bring in a candidate that is clearly less qualified OR when they pass many many very well qualified people, in the hopes of getting that one diversity candidate, they call it diversity.

      This diversity quota thing that is going on now, may be great for the visible short term, but what happens in 5-10 years when the seasoned folks are gone…these iill-equipped, instant and overnight streamliner’s (verses those who have worked their way through the ranks), will not know how to assess and make well thought out and educated decisions based on years of experience.

      The end result will be business that fails due to “forced” diversity!

  20. Yeah, there are jobs in Texas alright. Provided you are under 30 have 15 years experience, are willing to work part-time, temporary, or contract, providing you are willing to buy your own health insurance, providing you are atheist so that you won’t ask for things like Christmas and Easter off, providing your are not sick or have any family that is sick and therefore not needing to use FMLA, and providing you will sacrifice your family life for the good of the employer.

    • Sammy Joe Billy Bob, you have been checking the mail! Damn right! And that’s not just true in Texas. In our youth-obsessed culture, you’ll find that your comment is true no matter where you live and struggle to survive in the United States.

  21. People if you want better then you must do better. Sometimes you have to step out on faith and move to a city where they are hiring. I moved from Milwaukee, Wis and the Lord God blessed me with a Government job with great benefits and no lay offs. People can not be picky when you have nothing. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to take care of your family and legally I say. People if you can’t seem to find a job where you live then it is time to pack up and start over. Unemployment doesn’t last forever.

  22. I see the uncivil war is still in full swing. While you guys are blaming who is in office and who is union and non union the real culprits, CORPORATIONS, are laughing all the way to outsourcing our jobs, getting bailouts and tax breaks, and funding the next group of sold out politicians into office. The corporate sponsors are cashing their record profits and bonus checks while you fight each other. Wake up.

    Bring your our brick. Egypt took their country back from the corrupt politicians and their corporate sponsors and we must do the same.

  23. Throughout these terrible 20years of employment; where Americans are telling their kids two weeks of company training is equal to four years of college, or those Americans that have fallen for the lie that a bachelors in Mexico is the same as Bachelors Degree from a four year American college; – I used
    this site for help and guidance. Its true even if they make ethics mandatory in America – there still will be an increase in unethical behavior.

  24. I have been trying to fill three maintenance tech positions for two years offering relo and $18/hr and haven’t been able to fill them. People are just not willing to relocate.

  25. First of all, I wish to make it clear to the American people that I am not a crook! Secondly, my fellow Americans, you all need to chill! History repeats itself in cycles. The last truly corrupt administration we had was that of Warren Harding’s. Since the end of the Cold War we’ve taken up expansionism again. The good news? Obama’s getting most of our troops out of the Middle East. The bad news? The United States of America is in a financial depression! You can dress it up to look like fried Turkey on Thanksgiving and call it a recession all you want — but the fact remains. Now, let’s all get back to our online game consoles, satallite HDTVs, MySpace, Face Book, Tweets… Repeat after me: “It’s all going to be just fine and dandy when I wake up; just like Christmas morning!”

  26. What a collection of comments. Almost ashamed to say I have contributed to this column of crap. While some make good points, pointing the finger should begin in the mirror. We have become some a apathetic society…content to allow someone else to make the rules, focusing only on self. We dont vote, we could care less about our neighbors, our schools are failing because parents dont take a stand….REALLY???? Unless you have stood in someone else’s shoes, voted and made a difference in your communities….do you really have the right to point a finger? Me? I could surely do better and I know KNOW that it begins with me….
    People in glass houses and all that…..

  27. We all are in this together! We all are responsible for having this kind of government. This government is a reflection of how we the American people think and act! So wake up and lets work together to make a better AMERICA! Let’s get rid of every politician that’s not working for all AMERICANS and not special interest groups. GOD BLESSES AMERICA and the AMERICAN PEOPLE!

  28. we are outsourcing jobs because americans aren’t willing to work as hard for all their toys to keep up with the joneses. we need to make working in america a priority and the govt. should stop pointing fingers, but we the people are the ones who put them in office, so if we want change, lets prove it at the voting booth. one of the great things about america is our freedom.

  29. The simple fact is, quoting the comic strip character Pogo “we have met the enemy, and he is us”. We are being taken dpwn by our unbridled greed. We want everything and we want it immediately, if not sooner. This not only applies to the ultra wealthy, but to all of us. Business needs to start hiring people in this nation before they run out of customers and people need to be willing to be productive if they are to earn a living. There has to be a happy medium somewhere. If wages are to stay low, so must prices for the goods purchased. I have been working at a part-time job for almost 2 years and although things have been tough at times, the Lord has kept me going. I try to do the best that I can and let Him take care of the rest. That formula has always worked for me and it will do so in the furure regardless of what situation that I encounter. There are many in this nation and in this world that are much worse off and we should be trying to help each other through these difficult times. The old saying “united we stand, divided we fall” applies to the current situation and we to be united instead of at each others throats.The current hoarding of money is not going to help our situation. I have been told by others that money is the root of all evil, but that is not true. It is the love of money that is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10). Those who have so much should be willing to help those who have little, that is the Christian way of doing things. That does not mean that we should not try to help ourselves to succeed, but that we should also be looking out for the others around us as well. The current situation in our world makes this even more imperative than in more prosperouis times. The riots currently in progress all over the world are a direct result of our, I repeat, our collective greed and total disregard for others. Will we ever learn and try to correct the current situation? Our world has enough resources for everyone to sufficient food, clothing, shelter, and work to do but no one is willing to lower their standard of living to be sure that all of us have enough. God says that we are to worship him and look out for each other, but we have failed to do so. It is time that we listened to what God has told us and act to follow His word. Enough said!!

  30. Its interesting that president George W. Bush held hands with the Saudis like his father did. He aquired huge sums of money through stock deals to support his campaiign. To me the political invironement is basicly the same with president Obama. Evan in his state of the union address he seems to be on the side of the, having no disrespect,of oil producing muslum nations. In 2001 gas prices at the pump were 1.55 per gallon. Evan with the total destrucion of the economic system,in 2008,greed has produced her ugly head to drive oil prices to record highs. Why would the 16th largest oil producer cause such a rift in prices when O.P.E.C. admits themselves they have plenty of oil to pick up the slack of Libia? Why cant we produce our own oil? We have plenty in eastern Montana and Wyoming? Why cant we produce a electric car? Maybe evan a led contained nuke car that holds spent power plant uranium?

  31. I lost my job of 10 1/2 years here in Cleveland, Ohio and have not found permanent employment since. I had to file bankruptcy and my house is in foreclosure. I have four children. We will be moving to my husband’s hometown, Salt Lake City, to live with his mother and hopefully find jobs. This recession has ruined people and broken up families. I have never been in this situation before. It is really humbling and a blatant reminder of the “haves and have nots”.

  32. I Read comments, I am worry.If is situation in U.S. that, then what expect in other country.
    Future is those in saving and racional consumption, in all pore life.
    Racional consumption fuel and food, gas, oil.This is future which is expect all people in world.
    Have old story, this story is rich man most saving, rich man don,t spend.

  33. I AM A RACIST……..Never liked or joined a union and am a Republician…..seeing what Clinton and Obama did to this country just ruined my ideals of a even arrangement …there are those who take and thos who steal…..what is the difference ??????NONE…….Look at the articles and the pictures…..see whe steals the minute they get elected…..MD….PG COUNTY…..JOHNSON ????? District of columbia….Council President…..two Lincoln cars….wasn’t the old one good enough……Guess the polition motto is…..If at first you don’t succeed….keep stealing…….

  34. Our government has its hands full with situations in the middle east, we the people, must understand that we are at war!!! as a unemployed American, a family man with children, these past 3 years have been the worst and they’re not going to get better anytime soon!

  35. the Florida Right to workl law is used to abuse workers rights. The mediation requirments are used to cover up worker abuse. The Florida legal system uses the peoples money and its legal system to make it impossible to protect ones self.The legal residence and illegal residence are both being abused. I had a good professional job and was fired because I was blowing the whistle on illegal and unethical things going on.I didnt have enough money to fight the rich Naple so called non profit organization. The Florida DPBPR is neglient in doing their job properly. Their reputation of being destructive head hunters is true.
    And yes my job was replaced by a immigrant that would look the other way. My advice is dont move to Florida,the state is not a dream it is a nightmare and misrepresented to those aspiriring for a better way of life. Yes I agee greed has taken over our country.and our elected officials are setting the example for us and our children,

  36. Live in Michigan – tried moving to virginia when both myself & husband lost jobs in MI. Husband found job ($2/hr less than what he was makingin MI). I never found a job in VA. No mortgage in MI so we move back. I have a job (making $5 less than last job here), my husband has a job (making $2 less than last job here), BUT we are working !!!

    Government – well let’s see what can we do?
    1) Stop giving 5 year Zero taxbraks to immigrents starting new businesse. After the first 5 years they sell thier business to a relative and it starts all over again. Really – this has been happening for way too long.
    2) Stop giving tax incentives to corporations sending our jobs elsewhere. We lost jobs and now we can’t buy what your making over there (where ever that may be) and the people making what we should be making (America was built on manufacturing) certainly isn’t buying it either! No one wins!!
    3) Stop allowing government officials to give themselves raises and days off whenever they don’t want to deal with an issue.
    4) Stop allowing government to take our Social Security money and use it for other things. This is OUR money, not the governments. They already get whatever we don’t use when we die. It doesn’t go to our spouse or our children. Before all of you start ragging – I understand if my husband dies, I have a choice of taking his SS or keeping mine (which ever is larger). So if I choose his, who gets the rest of mine? When we both die do our children get whatever we didn’t use – NO!! Again, I worked for this money, it’s MY MONEY. The government said I HAD to let them hold it for me. It’s MY money.
    5) Reduce government officials unbelievably high retirement benefits. You don’t want to know what they get – it would make you sick!!
    6) Increase taxes of those who are wealthy. I am very dissapointed Obama did not keep his election promise on this one!!! Come on millionaires and billionares – the common man made you rich – don’t you think you could help us out a little here until we can get back on our feet. You know, the wealthy should take a look at what happened when NAFTA allowed corporations a tax break to send our work elsewhere. People lost their jobs, so now they’re not buying anything and the economy has taking a crap. It won’t be long and the individually wealthy we feel the sting of non-spending common folk also.
    7) Ever see the movie “DAVE”. He brought in a friend who was an everyday accountant and figured out a way to reduce the deficit. I think the current elected officials should Listen to Nike – “Just Do It”. Stop worrying about whether you’re going to be elected again next go around. Do you really think the every day people would boost you out if you did something to REALLY HELP!!

    Enough, I could go on all day!!!

  37. There is a lot of truth in what people have shared here. America’s greed has not only hurt us but many other countries as well. As a newspaper reporter in the ’80′s, business leaders kept saying why it was important to have free trade. They neglected to explain that some of the countries we trade with do not reciprocate.

    I suggest that we buy American made products when we have a choice. And I recommend that we not spend money on unnecessary items made in places like China. If we don’t buy, we will force business leaders to produce products here and employ Americans.

    I am also curious why no one blames Wall Street. They are at the heart of our current problems. And if you had to pick the political party of Wall Street you would have to admit that they are largely Republican. I make this point, not to place blame, but to encourage people to read more, pay attention to what is really happening and act in your own interest. I make it a habit to vote even in elections with very poor turnout. I get involved in community activities and I try to help others.

    I am distressed by our current condition and I think we all have to work together to turn it around. A lot of debt will lead to hyper inflation. I lived through the inflationary period that followed the oil embargo of the 70′s. It was no joke. But I can tell you that continued job contraction will deepen our recession. And the more concentrated the wealth, the greater the risk that we will experience a 30′s style depression.

    Our government leaders should call upon all of the corporations sitting on billions of dollars to create as many jobs in the US as possible to help pull us out of this mess. The deficit will dwindle rapidly as more people go back to work and can pay taxes. When you hear of incomes shrinking from $140,000 plus to $32k You can see the damage that has been done in this economy. It is VITAL that we get people back to work.

  38. I sure hope everybody that Voted for a “Change” is happy! the only thing Obamamama has accomplished id more jobs over seas, only 12.5 million jobs lost since the jackass took over, HMMM only a bullheaded dem would overlook that

    • Are you stupid? Republicans had ear marked over 45 Billion dollars to Businesses with overseas operations and PRESIDENT (our President like it or not) put a stop to it. Get informed…and stop with the lies and hatred. I have been successful in everything I have done. This economy is not going to keep all of us down as long as the GOOD people of AMERICA stick together. Please GOOD people of AMERICA do not let idiots like this bring your hopes and dream down. We are still a Great People. We give more than any other country and people in the whole wide-world…We just need to stick together and bring a change to this Government through our votes and impeachments to bad politics!!!!

  39. GOD of all PEOPLE I pray for healing, compassion, prosperity and brotherly love for my fellow Americans! Please take my blessings and give them first to my fellow Americans who really, really need them. Please GOD heals the hearts of those who went cold due to giving up. I pray and turn my plate over for my fellow Americans first and then the world. I cry for I see hope, Love and charity among my fellow Americans. I will turn down my face on the floor before you GOD to beg you to bring peace and joy and charity back to America.

    This is your humble servant Bruce Murray of SC.

  40. Here is the thing kiddies..the president is clearly in over his head.

    His immaturity shines through every day all the way back to when he was elected, when he snubbed Etta James or the whole host of other things that he did to offend.
    He bows to the enemy and turns his back on out allies, he has a questionable upbringing, and a lot of gaps in legitimacy.
    Obama is a person who was elected based on something I feel is so much bigger than anyone can begin to fathom.

    I love how the Obama groupies (not as many as in the beginning), would call or suggest that folks are racist that speak out against him.
    In fact most blacks (and ignorant college kids that have been indoctrinated by their professors) call people racist that do not care for Obama…wanna talk racism, tell me the percentage of blacks that voted for Obama again? Something in the neighborhood of 98%, sounds a bit racist if you ask me!

    Race aside, the reality is that this guy has been the worst president this nation has EVER seen INCLUDING Jimmy Carter!!!
    All we can do is hope that we can undo what he and his cronies have done!

    By the way, when a bus drives off the road you have to look at the current driver, not the last driver!

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  42. Unless u speak Spanish!??? Unemployed. 2 years I’m told u must be Spanish speaking wtf I’m American cannot get a job in the USA unless I freaking speak Spanish that’s bulll!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somethings wrong with that picture

  43. Having worked in several states, and being a native Texan, Texas is not always up to par on employment legalities. In one small town, they trap their employees to remain there by threat of letting them off for part of the time, and by bad employment reference. To get ahead, it never hurts to be …’friendly’… to the owners. It has been done this way for years. Do not move to this area unless you have enough money to leave as well, if you choose not to do the local customs.

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  51. My friend lives in Chicago and had a really hard time finding work there. I feel like that could be the case everywhere. My friend ended up moving away from Chicago.

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