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john_krasinski27Well, it’s almost Friday and, if you’re like me, weekend brain is probably already starting to take hold. That being said, I’m not going to rattle your brains too much today.

Instead, I’ve opted for a fun little quiz that I found in the Chicago Red Eye earlier this week. As a side bar to an interesting story about internships, there are eight celebrities and the dirty work they did before they made it big.

Can you match the star with the internship? Take the following quiz, as seen in the RedEye:

A. Ryan Adams                   1. Helping with Vogue photo shoots

B. Sean Avery                     2. Intern at the Great Lakes Theater Festival in Cleveland

C. Lauren Conrad              3. Mail sorter (for a day) at BlackBook Magazine

D. Bill Gates                        4. Working for celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz

E. Tom Hanks                     5. Page in the U.S. House of Representatives

F. John Krasinski              6. Working with wild cats at the San Diego Zoo

G. Mary-Kate Olsen          7. Running errands on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”

H. Brooke Shields             8. Organizing runway shows for Teen Vogue

How did you score?
Scene-stealer: 6-8
You’re the intern supreme, the go-to guy/gal. The team looks to you because you’re smart, confident and contribute often.

Copy-maker: 3-5
You’re not quite ready to be trusted with the big tasks but you can be relied on for faxing, filing, mailing and typing.

Coffee-maker: 0-2
You don’t have the chops, kid. Diddy called — he needs that cheesecake, stat.

Answer key: B-1, E-2, A-3, G-4, D-5, H-6, F-7, C-8

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