Like magenta and dislike yellow? You’re in good professional company

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At a glance, you can quickly see that our culture is fixated on tests. From tests for children whose overachieving parents want to get them into exclusive day cares to students playing the college admissions game, people are filling in bubbles left and right these days. And I guarantee that most of us have had the sniffles in the past decade, only to immediately search for our symptoms online and take a quick self-test. Turns out we might have the seasonal flu, a flesh-eating virus or a rare case of malaria that has been dormant for a century. We know it’s probably the flu, but the tests are so easy, how can we not take them?

So the concept of assessing your best career choices by clicking on colors seems fun but, well, too simplistic, doesn’t it? I think it’s fair to say the average person (if I might call myself average) is skeptical of the process. The whole idea of CareerPath’s Career Color Counselor sounds odd: You go to the site and follow the instructions to click on colors that you find most and least appealing. Then after five minutes of clicking, you get an assessment of yourself and what careers are best for you.

Some of my co-workers and I took the test. Our results were fairly similar, and under normal circumstances that would be problematic, but we all have creative backgrounds so they should be similar. And although I don’t understand how color preference is indicative of career options, it seems to hold true for everyone. CEOs who took the test showed similar traits. It wasn’t as if they all chose the boring, primary colors of power ties as their favorites. Says USA Today:

[When] 877 members of USA Today’s CEO panel took an online personality color test, they were three times more likely to favor magenta than the public at large, three times less likely to select red, and 3½ times less likely to choose yellow.

And, as USA Today points out, the test might highlight some qualities of CEOs that we don’t consider.

[The] color test shows that the typical CEO is more sensitive and private than the typical person and is less likely to be a perfectionist or to be dominant and more likely to be emotionally unstable.

You can take the test here to see if the results reflect your current occupation or if they suggest a career you’ve always wanted to try but have been unable to. The fun of the test is that it takes five minutes and might remind you of untapped talents that you’ve forgotten about over the years. Or it might suggest careers you hadn’t considered. When you’re looking to change careers or find a job, you need all the inspiration you can get, and this is one more tool to get you there. (Or, at the very least, the next time you’re standing in front of a wall of paint chips, trying to choose a color for your living room, you’ll have even more reason to doubt yourself!)

Try out the Career Color Counselor and let us know what your results are.

  1. I am an “Organizer” and it is so true! But why am I having such difficulty in finding a job that fits my “color”?

    I am still working on my quest to find a job and get hired.

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  3. I find it strange that CEOs are “more sensitive and private than the typical person and is less likely to be a perfectionist or to be dominant and more likely to be emotionally unstable.” Even if that’s true, it doesn’t look like what traits would be good for them to have. I don’t trust these color and personality tests anyway. BTW I like shades of golden yellow and orange the best, feh.

  4. I live in the boonies and the last time I talked with a Lawyer it cost $275.00 per hour
    , a local CPA $75.00 an hour……Where do you get your figures? Bob

  5. Dead on ball accurate. I am a creator with option 2 as researcher! So true is was scary. This means I am on the right path.

  6. I took the test and then my wife (Psychology Degree) took it. She and I varied on our career paths. She then suggested I take it again and this time click on “Female” and low and behold my career paths changed to what she had selected, even though we picked different colors.

    She indicated that the test has nothing to do with color.

  7. How accurate is the Career Color Counselor test? I’ve been belted in the rear end of various vehicles I’ve driven 6 times since 1991.The 7th accident in May 2009 resulted in my right hip being replaced as I was a passenger in a car that was totalled out via hitting the car ahead of us. As I spent 88 days in the hospital I have had ongoing impressions to follow up on writing as a mid life career change.I chose to take the Career Color Counselor test and WRITING came up as one of TWO major career choices.I say take the test.I further propose take the Career Color Counselor self-test and get some SERIOUS food for thought on pursuing a career that is worth pursuing

  8. It says I’m creative. That is true, I am an artist(on the side) and have lots of creative ideas and such. My job is far from being anything creative and it’s too late in life to switch now, lol.

  9. Whoa! So far off on the first category! I’m more into arts and languages by both training and career choices. All the career options in the first category gave me chills. I’d be stifled in an office and I could never do any of the technical, math oriented “highly organized” jobs they suggested. It’s true, I like some order around me, but I’m no good at maintaining it! And I love cool tones offset by the drama of a little warm color.

  10. This was totally off base. I am NOT a creator and would be interested in only one job out of the whole list of careers under creator. I am not the second one listed for me either. In truth, I am an organizer and flourish at doing that type of work, both as a volunteer in my personal life and in my career. I was not impressed.

  11. My results are yes and no. I hate to be center of attetion. Im am a very priviate person. I do love my my desk its all about my personality RED & PURPLE but it has to be the right shades, Not just any red & purple go together family and baking cakes. I work for an Insurance co

  12. this was interesting…my results were no where near the career I have had for
    the last 32 years, and which I really like. However, it did accurately describe
    my personality traits. The only actual part that was wrong..the test said I would
    hate sales, but I love sales and love the interaction with people. Other than
    that it was pretty right on. Very interesting!

  13. It says I’m a creator and a doer. Somewhat true, I started my own dessert business last year which I guess falls into the category of both. I’ve taken many personality tests one being a test called Birkman, and the results of the color test somewhat coinsided with it. I’m glad it said that I was creative, my last job never seem to acknowledge the creative side of my talents.

  14. Creator. Yes that’s exactly what I would love to be doing. The problem is, only one out of 2 million musicians ever make it. While I would love to live that dream, and tried it in my youth, I have kids to feed and bills to pay.

  15. I went through the whole thing, but when I clicked on the Process button at the end, my web browser locked up. That I think means you are destined to become homeless. An outcast of society who must survive on the scraps of humanity. Constantly scavaging for news paper and cardboard for warmth and shelter. Slowly becoming derranged and confused with the only therapy coming from those worse off than you. Soon the rage takes over and killing becomes reasonable in your twisted mind. You are eventually caught and sentenced to death by letha injection. All because you took some silly web-test about colors.

  16. This is eerily right on the mark for my top two career preferences — spanning my entire career life (I’m 58).
    p.s. And when I have not followed those choices, I’ve been unhappy!

  17. Umm, hate to tell you, but malaria is still going strong in this world and kills millions of people. It’s only in the western world that has the luxury of “malaria that has been dormant for a century”. Maybe smallpox would have been the better option for a humorous quip.

  18. This is a load of crap. I really enjoy what I do, and yes I do enjoy being creative, but have not produced any piece of art since grade school. Also a fail on the 2nd most likely category

  19. AMAZING – Bull’s eye prdicting what I do- even identified my best work location as “Office in my home” –And that’s exactly where I work. At 62 years of age, I very happy wiht my carere as a Research/design mechanical engineer.

  20. The results read like a psychic’s cold reading. Its paints with such a broad brush its bound to hit a few things that make people believe its doing something, but really its a bunch of crap.

  21. husband and myself took this test, we couldnt be more different from each other, and we chose different colors, but we got the same answer, creator for1, and persuader2.

  22. I took the test and came out “Organizer.” While I am practical, I dislike all of the listed occupations (banking, accounting–blech!), and no one would ever describe me as organized. My second occupational category is “Researcher” and that describes me perfectly–independent, self-motivated, reserved, introspective, and very curious. I don’t like group projects or selling, just like the description states. I research everything to death before making decisions. So, I would say the test is somewhat accurate. (I’m an RN by trade.)

  23. It said I was a researcher as 1st choice then a doer for 2nd. I don’t think I am really either one except with the researcher it did say college professor & I would like to teach one day. Also if you consider being a nurse as part of this then maybe it is somewhat accurate.

  24. Not surprising, I got Creator for my results. As someone who is creative in several mediums, I would’ve expected nothing less. What I don’t like is the fact that I can’t let my kids take the test. Even after I cleared my cookies and deleted my temp Internet files, it keeps giving me my results. So silly. As if more than one person can’t use the same computer. *sigh* Maybe tomorrow it’ll allow my boys to try the test. I already knew where I excelled.

  25. I’m looking for some advice from some more seasoned workers who have the experience to know. I am 25 years old with a trade certificate in Information Technology from a vocational high school in 2003 and havn’t used it since. I worked a few automotive jobs as an uncertified mechanic and parts counter sales for little pay but I loved what I was doing. When I was 20 I fell into a job as a Drop Forge Operator in a factory forging steel which I have been at for 5 years. It’s a union job, 1’st shift, making $17.41/hr plus overtime, health/dental/life insurance, 2 weeks vacation, matching 401k & a pension. Plus it’s a relatively low stress job and I love my boss. My dilema is my job does have a lot to offer but there are not many factories in my area with Drop Forge Machinery and I don’t have any other skills. I fear that if my company eventually closes or outsources that I will find myself older and unskilled making it very difficult to find a good job. Especially as I get older as I know age discrimination is all over the place. Should I get into a new line of work while I’m young enough and most likely take a hit in pay and benefits so I can have a more secure career or should I just take the $$$ now, build up my pension, and worry about it when it happens? I have considered night classes, however if I stay at my current job for too many years my training will be outdated (like my IT cert) so there is no point if I stay at my job. What would you do?

  26. I think this is probably about as accurate as the daily horoscopes published in the newspaper. They say a few flattering things, and a few things that are common to everyone, or traits we wish we had.

    I suggest taking it with a grain of salt.

  27. I have taken the test 3 times. It just keeps going back to the beginning of the test when I click to get the results. Very frustrating!

  28. I loved this test. Stated I am creator and non-conforming which is why I am so very unhappy at a health insurance call-center…no creativity, basically spewing words that I do not agree with at people who are unhappy about their health insurance. I am constantly looking for ways to be creative this can’t be done in a call center. I am a people person an love to work in groups or as a team…not so with a call center. You sit by yourself and penalized for being social. Reading articles such as this helps me validate that I need to listen and move along. A sure sign.

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